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Thank you so much :)

How was your first kiss?

Terrible. It was given under force and it is something I do not like remembering. However I had a few nice kisses afterwards. I did hear from a few friends that their first kisses were terrible, too, so whoops?

What do you love about yourself?

Not a lot at the moment but I am trying to work on that! I think I am a good listener and I can bake somewhat well? I give good hugs and I have very nice friends who want to be my friends and so there must be something that’s nice when it comes to me? I like my hair, too.

When’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire?

Easter, each year :) We make a huge fire ourselves and I love warming my hands there.

Would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset?

Sunset because I can eat while doing so and am not super tired!

What’s the best thing about summer?

That you can wander around aimlessly without fearing you get cold. You can just walk and don’t have to look back, you have everything you need with you.

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Can you write a Niall blurb where he comes home from the studio not feeling very good and you kinda play it off thinking he's just tired but later before bed he starts getting sick and his stomach hurts a lot? Thanks darling!

Thank youuuuuuuuu. I made a little bit different. I hope you enjoy it love!

“Babe? Is that you?” You call out, hearing the door open and close. No answer. “Baaaaabe?” You shout again, now getting up and walking towards the door. You see Niall’s wallet, hat and phone strewn about on the floor and follow the trail to see him barely lying down on the couch, half his body out. “Ni? What’s wrong? You okay?” You hurry towards him. “I d’nno, not feeling very well.” He mumbles, eyes still shut. “Have you got a fever?” You place the back of your hand against his forehead to see if he’s warm. “ fever. Hmm, what else could it be..Fever, Headache, Stoma..” You bite your lip and start listing the possibilities out loud. Niall suddenly sits up, startling you. “Actually, I’m feeling much better. Just tired y’know? Long day at the studio. Them recording sessions really take it out of me. I’ll just head to bed, ‘kay?” He says, rushing through his sentences.“Ni, you sure? Are you not telling me something?” You ask him, concerned. “I’m great!” He laughs awkwardly, getting up to walk towards the bedroom. And just as he’s about to disappear, you see him hold his stomach in pain. You were of course concerned, but you both had only been dating for 3 months and you didn’t want to be too pushy. It was just recently that you both had exchanged keys, and he’d started to stay multiple nights at your place, like tonight. So, you shrug it off, clean up the doorway and get back to finishing your work. An hour or so later, you head back to the bedroom to check on Niall and see him bundled up in bed, with a bucket beside him. “Oh god, what is that smell? Is that..? Have you been throwing up?” You ask, standing at the doorway. He groans from under the covers. “What’s going on? Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” You walk towards him, covering your nose. “I’m sorry for throwing up in your bedroom babe. It’s stomach’s so fucked. And I tried to make it to the bathroom, but it’s just too far to go so many times.” He groans, clearly embarrassed. “Ni, that’s okay. Why didn’t you tell me you had a bad stomach? How did you..Oh my god” You gasp, realising what caused it. “It was the chicken wasn’t it? The one I cooked this morning? I knew something was wrong. You had that funny smile on your face while eating it. Oh my god. Niall! Why didn’t tell me? I’m so sorry!” You start ranting, getting up from the bed and looking at him lying there. “Look at you! I can’t believe I did this! I’ve poisoned you! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Your hands on your forehead now. “No, babe. Come on. It’s not your fault..I swear, It’s not that bad” He panics, getting up to hug you. But as soon as he sits up, he goes pale and reaches for the bucket.  One hour later, his vomiting stops and he’s lying in bed, with you sitting beside him, stroking his hair. “Feeling better?” You ask, and he grunts a yes. “I’m sorry Ni” You sigh. “Babe, I swear it’s okay. Will you just do one thing for me?” “Anything.”. “Answer me this, why did the chicken cross the road?” He asks, smiling, his eyes still closed. “What?” “Why did the chicken cross the road?” He asks again, his smile getting wider. “Uh, to get to the other side?…” You answer, beyond confused. “No, it crossed the road because you didn’t cook it” He says laughing. “Fuck you! You’re such a dick!” You start laughing, getting out of the bed. “Aww, c’mere” He lifts the covers, inviting you in. “I’ll be fine babe. Goodnight.” He whispers, giving you a kiss on the forehead. 

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I'm currently trying to decide what to wear on my Quinceanera and I was wondering if you had any tips for choosing a coordinate? I'm not quite sure how to make to look extra special against my normal lolita coordinates without it seeming too costume-y. Thank you so much darling <3

When I think of Quinceanera dresses I think of something big, fluffy, and extravagant. I would say to choose a dress that looks extravagant but takes it from details other than a print and then make it even more elaborate with the right accessories. BTSSB and AATP have a lot of dresses that fit the sort of idea I’m going for. Just to give you an example, let’s take the Lace Masquerade JSK in red. It’s gorgeous and has great details like the lace overlays and the pearls. I could see it with lace tights, pretty heels, a tiara with pearls, pearl jewelry, and if you want to really go the extra mile black opera gloves for a really royal look. 

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I just wanted to say! As a pretty new witch, it was nice seeing all the info on your blog :0c I was a little scared abt finding other witches on here but your cute SU spells andcute info posts really made me feel more comfy!I hope your week goes well

thank you darling, i’m always glad to hear that. you as well!

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You’re the best A. Ham ever.
Always Accepting  ( sweet nonnies )


This is so sweet????????

I’m certain there are better A.Ham’s out there?  But this is still so sweet??????  That you’ve basically turned me into a giant question mark??????

You are super darling, nonny!

Thank you!

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✨ = a blog rate

10000/10 everything you do is GREAT

🌷 = favourite blogs

@svthoshi @the-proest-of-tatoes (he’s my best doofus don’t judge lmfao ily) @kirbaes @danavibangme @klefkitoyourheart @xanthonian just to name a few!!

💕 = tumblr friends

@svthoshi @the-proest-of-tatoes @kirbaes @danavibangme @xanthonian @lettuce-not @shit-villagers-say @waterpulselaser ahhhh there are too many but there are some!

thank you darling!

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everytime i get a notification from you im so happy i have a huge smile on my face and yeah finally bucky gets to meet his son but im so afraid of what could happen next btw you're amazing and this plot is really good it makes me want more each time

Thank you so much darling, it’s always a pleasure to rely on your kind words when Ignonit is updated.

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Ignoti Nulla Cupido (15/).


FYHM’s Challenge 28: Growth

↳ Snow and Regina’s relationship.

prompt by a super cool anon:ย "I guess weโ€™ll have to share the bed!โ€œ

read it here on AO3

โ€œThree rooms, please,โ€ said Dean with a thin smile. He rubbed a greasy hand over the back of his neck, hoping that the air conditioning in his room was better than the wheezy, stale coughs of air coming from the grill over the reception desk. Behind him, he could hear Sam scuffing his feet on the floor in impatience, and he sensed Cas standing close by his right shoulder, sighing when the receptionist took his time to respond. It had been a long, long case out under the hot Arizona sun, and the last thing any of them felt ready to deal with was poor customer service.

โ€œThere are two rooms available,โ€ said the receptionist in a reedy, nasal voice that cranked Deanโ€™s temper up one more notch.

โ€œOK, well, weโ€™re gonna need three beds,โ€ he said, trying to maintain his smile.

โ€œThere are two rooms available,โ€ the receptionist repeated.

โ€œYeah, I heard that part,โ€ Dean snapped. Sam cleared his throat, and Dean took a deep breath. โ€œI meant, what kind of rooms are they?โ€

The receptionist gave him a dead-eyed, weary look, chewing mechanically on a piece of gum, before tapping the keyboard of the aging PC gathering dust on the desk. Dean wiped his hand across his forehead; he needed a drink and a long sleep.

โ€œOne twin, one double,โ€ the receptionist finally droned.

โ€œWeโ€™ll take โ€˜em,โ€ Dean said immediately, pulling out his wallet. โ€œCas, you can take the double and me โ€˜nโ€™ Sam will take the twin.โ€

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Benedict Cumberbatch picking up CBE.

“It’s a unique occasion and I feel very privileged to be here and flattered to be recognised in this way. It was wonderful, it was the first time I’ve ever met her and to meet her and be honoured by her was extraordinary.

Thank you Cumberbuddy for the video