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Hey, I saw a post of you that talked about porn bots. Well it happens that I had Tumblr previous week, and my five followers are all porn accounts. They clearly aren't here for what I post and that really bother/ embarrass me. I'd like to know how you react to those type of profile. I'm sorry if it bother you but I had to ask someone. Thank you (ps: I absolutely love your account!!!)

Well for me personally (this is Lucia speaking) i feel like Tumblr needs to devote more time into getting rid of them because 1) think of the children…. like this website is targeted age 13+ and i don’t think they want or need to be seeing these blogs in their notes and 2) since they’re getting “smarter” per se and straight up reblogging posts now it’s concerning because it’s way easier to accidentally click on a virus or other dangerous link

edit: my response is to block & report them asap when i see them! until tumblr cracks down on them the only thing we can do is keep reporting bots so at least they know it’s a bigger issue than they think

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Could you reblog some of your oldest posts? Or do you like to keep the latest stuff at the top?

We don’t really reblog old posts because we queue everything, so it would take a really long time for them to post, and it’d be days of just old posts. We do have tags for our posts that get the most notes though!

100 notes, 500 notes, 1000 notes

Maybe for a milestone we could reblog some of our old posts and our Top Hits ™ if people were interested!

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Jimon “Must be a day ending in y."

(special thanks to @sonhoedesrazao for helping me with gift ideas. <3)

Jace has never really had a serious relationship before. He’s been with a lot of people, but he never sticked around any of them for more than a month. Not letting himself get emotionally attached to other people was one of the hardest lessons he ever had to learn, still, it was one that stuck with him.

Despite his best efforts, despite every precaution he ever took to separate sex from feelings, this nerd still managed to waltz his way into his heart. With his bushy eyebrows and stupid glasses. Who smiles big and bright, unguarded. Never holds back about anything. Who wears his heart on his sleeve like he’s not afraid someone will pluck it out of him and destroy it.

For the first time in his life, Jace felt like he couldn’t let go.

So, no. Before Simon, Jace had never done the long term relationship thing. Never had to remember birthdays or anniversary dates or any of that corny mundane stuff. Never had to worry about buying a gift, which is why he’s freaking the fuck right out about this. 

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Happy birthday!!! (I'd totally draw you something butit'ssuperlateandyoudon'treallyknowmeandI'msoweirdand-AAAAH)

jfjdslhfjkdshfk IT’S OK NOT WEIRD UR FINE

also, since this one is anon, i’mma take the op to say thanks again to everyone who sent messages shjghjkghdkfj. hella overwhelming [in a good way \;0;/] my bday weekend was great :’D! and then on my actual bday on monday i got sick………. loooool 

[@ my body]

but yea my friend made some of my fave foods [bulgogi, okonomiyaki and some orange rind cookies she makes from scratch every year lmgsdhgjhgdjksoooogood *n*] and then my in laws made a strawberry cake ;0; logging on to all these messages was nuts, so thanks everyone, really ;0;/

Passing Our Affections

Request: hey ! I was wondering if you could do something with jughead involving desk notes ! they’ve been sitting next to eachother in the back of their english class for so long and they always give each other side glances when something happens and just a bunch of fluff my man ! thanks !!

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This is such a cute idea! Thank you for the request!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by riverrdxle

You look cute with that frown

You immediately flushed, giggling softly to yourself and you quickly wrote back on the piece of yellow paper. Your pencil scrapped against the thin sheet of paper with excitement as you grinned at yourself and your own comment.

You staring at me?

You watched your note buddy for a reaction, immediately happiness flooded through you when you saw him grin. It wasn’t often Jughead grinned and when he did, it was usually because of you, which you loved.

This has been going on for weeks, months even. Ever since the new semester at school started and you so wonderfully chose English AP. At first you hadn’t even really made the connection, that obviously, this would be the class Jughead would choose and since there wasn’t many AP-ers for English, it meant a small fun class. Even more fun with Jughead. 

You felt the light piece of paper smack on your desk and quickly opening, you flushed again. 

Yes, because you’re beautiful

At first Jughead wasn’t quite like this, but soon enough the two of you begin to flirt with each other. It almost came naturally for the two of you and you loved it. You’d shortly after the start of this class developed a crush on Jughead and now were just waiting for the perfect moment to say anything.


You drew back, watching as he rolled his eyes and gave you that little cute smirk of his. You stuck your tongue out at him, enjoying teasing him and how naturally it came for the both of you.

What a reply…

You snuck a look at him, shaking your head. 

You’re welcome!

The piece of paper flew back at you quicker than you thought it would, you quickly made sure the teacher wasn’t looking before quickly opening the sheet of paper. Immediately your face grew red and you smiled despite your embarrassment.

So… Pop’s tonight pretty lady?

It wasn’t odd for you two to hang out at Pop’s but it was the way he wrote it that you knew it wasn’t just a regular hang out session. And if the sly smirk on his face had anything to do with it, you’d figured you were right.

Sure :)

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you know how in the REALLY early stage show michael crawford would layer blue contacts over his right eye to make it seem like a blind/glass eye? i think it'd be neat if ALW!phantom was actually missing the eye on the deformed side of his face (how he lost it- or if he was born with it- is up to you)

Ooooo, that’d be super interesting! 

I’m actually a huge fan of the phantom having different colored eyes myself, but hey no eye at all is pretty unique too! Also it’d be an interesting concept for the stage show because then we as the audience could wonder if he was born that way or if it’s from traumatic injury!

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i keep playing at the idea that dark needs something to hold him to this plane of existence, that's why he needed mark. every so often he needs to get hold of a soul in order to stay apart of this world, and the longer he goes without it the glitchier he gets. that's why he would be so desperate to keep hold of anyone he could possibly get a soul out of. he wants to stay.

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HC: the crew adopts a teAM DOG ! (I just want to see everyone's reactions to it 😍💕

heck YYEEAHHHHH. the dog is a big dog and their name is Peanut


  • Lance is a dog boy my guy he’s basically a puppy himself so you can imagine his tail wagging when they find a dog-like alien creature
  • his family probably had a dog back home so it makes him feel all nostalgic and he definitely is so happy he’s tearing up
  • Lance suggests they name the dog after Queen Bey. Allura totally thinks Lance is talking about a real queen, until Hunk explains to her that Lance is talking about a cultural icon
  • the big floofer is super excitable so whenever they see how excited Lance gets they get even more excited and pounce on Lance, whose lanky frame can’t withstand the power of a big dog and Lance gets crushed on the floor, lovingly
  • Peanut can tell when Lance gets sad and goes to comfort him whenever he gets the sniffles. sometimes Lance just sits there for a while hugging them
  • Peanut always steals Lance’s things because they like to play, and Lance can almost never get his things back because he doesn’t have enough strength in his noodle arms to wrestle them from Peanut’s massive bite power. he as to call Keith or Hunk for backup
  • Lance paints Peanut’s nails blue. they have matching nails


  • Keith doesn’t do well with high-maintenance animals, but he has to admit having a dog on the team is pretty therapeutic
  • when they first met, Keith kept trying to throw stuff to get Peanut to run in the opposite direction of him, but they just thought it was a fun game of fetch and always got the Thing and brought it back to Keith, all slobbery and chewed up
  • tbh who would win a staring contest Peanut or Keith? I don’t know
  • they both have super keen senses so in battle, Keith finds out he works really well with them both in sleuthing and combat. Keith can’t believe he’s bonding with a dog but before he knows it Peanut is his right hand pup
  • Keith shares his food and space juice with them because they’re pals who cares if they’re a dog
  • when they’re out on different planets, Peanut brings Keith a random souvenir. sometimes it’s a speckled rock, other times it’s a piece of tin. Keith keeps the collection in his room


  • this is a big fluffing dog guys…they’re probably as big as Pidge and much heavier than her. Pidge can stand up straight and look Peanut in the eye to assert her dominance
  • when Peanut goes on missions and Pidge is being reckless again, sometimes they swoop in, grab Pidge by the paladin Collar™, and drag her out of the line of fire
  • Pidge made a collar with a tracking device in it so if they ever run off they can find them again. she calls it the GPPS—Galactic Peanut Positioning System
  • when Coran makes gross food she’ll sneak some of it to Peanut under the table
  • tbh Pidge is probably the happiest that they found a dog in the far reaches of outer space. her family had a dog back on earth so having a dog on the team made her feel a little bit closer to them
  • Pidge was behind the name Peanut, because, peanut!!!
  • also because it reminds her of peas, and her dad loves peas


  • Hunk has both the best and the worst doggy voice. he’s a super sap and baby talks to the pupper and whenever he does, Peanut howl-talks back
    • “Did you hear that guys?? Peanut just said I Love You!!! Awwww good dog”
  • Hunk likes to make experimental dog food, which Peanut loves 100% no matter what
  • unlike Pidge, Hunk likes it when Peanut is there while he’s tinkering with stuff. he’ll teach Peanut which tool is the wrench so they can fetch it for him when he needs it
  • Hunk likes to give Peanut all kinds of nicknames. Pea, Snow Pea, Peanut Butter Pup, Slobberface…
  • Hunk is the type to be casually flirty, even in a platonic way?? he’ll act like Peanut is his df like, he’ll call Peanut his Boo and when he gets back from missions he’ll call out like “Peanut I’m home didya miss me??”
  • when the team asks him about Shay he’ll get nervous and is like, “I can’t hear you guys, Peanut is calling for me. sorry know how it is with the bae”
  • Hunk can kinda lift Peanut but it’s way too much work and he’d rather let them knock him over so they can lay on the floor and relax together


  • the dog is a huge comfort to Shiro. Peanut can tell when Shiro is feeling bad and they’re always there to comfort him with licks and nudges and cuddles
  • Shiro is the only one who fully commits to lifting the pupper, though not for too long. Peanut takes advantage of this and whenever they want to be coddled they’ll act like the tiniest puppy and jump at Shiro so he’ll cradle them like a baby
  • when Shiro is giving out orders, the dog gets really excited and likes to boof in the background as if they, too, are giving orders
  • whenever Shiro tries to scold Peanut, they think Shiro is being playful
    • Shiro: oh no….Peanut did you chew on Lance’s slipper? Bad dog, that’s not a play thing
    • Shiro: *tries to grab Lance’s slipper*
    • Peanut: *pulls back like it’s a game of tug o war*
  • Shiro tries to be mad at Peanut, he really does, but they’re just so relentlessly cheerful that he can’t not smile at their antics


  • okay just kidding Allura is the other person who can lift the pupper, except it’s even easier for her, especially if she grows
  • Peanut likes to stand in line with the other Paladins, which Allura finds absolutely hilarious. she’ll be giving a completely serious speech to the Paladins about perseverance, and then as soon as she looks at Peanut, sittin there acting like a defender of the universe, she loses all her composure and starts giggling. she rolls with it though and gives Peanut instructions and training sessions alongside the team
  • Peanut is her special Puppy Paladin
  • she is the second-worst offender of the doggy voice. just imagine her bending down to hold the sides of the puppy’s face and just going all googly over them
  • she does get frustrated with them at times though. one time she caught Peanut peeing in the halls of the castle and she released a horrified screech and a slurred, relentless stream of No’s
  • she might love the pupper with abandon but training them is so tiresome. when they don’t listen to her she needs someone to steady her before she blows her top off
    • Allura: okay puppy, you’re going to jump through these three hoops, crawl through this tunnel, then tuck and roll onto the landing mat, okay? I believe in you!
    • dog: does Not That
    • Allura: The Level Of Disrespect
  • when she just needs time to relax and get away from the stress of defending the universe, Peanut lets her sink into their side and they just lay there together, napping. sometimes she’ll vent to Peanut about missing her home, and even though Peanut doesn’t understand a word, the shine in Peanut’s eyes in response is fairly reassuring


  • Coran likes to use nunvil and mold Peanut’s fluff around their snout into a mustache
  • “why don’t we call them Coran Jr.?”
  • Peanut likes to steal Coran’s socks and make him chase them around the castle
  • tbh Coran is just really happy that Peanut likes his food
  • “At least someone around here appreciates my cooking”
  • the other Paladins help take care of Peanut, but a lot of times they’re out on missions or tired from said missions, so Coran doesn’t mind stepping in
  • bathing Peanut is a MESS. Peanut splashes around everywhere and can’t sit still, and then before Coran can dry them off they do the Dog Shake. imagine that scene from Beethoven
  • Coran tries to train Peanut to be a showdog. he’s unsuccessful, but Peanut’s attempts to march around the room like they’re showing off for judges are really cute

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Might be a weird question but how's the Les Amis Sitcom script going? Have you publsihed it somewhere?

Hey yo thanks for asking! It’s going well. Right now is Hell Month at uni so I haven’t had time to sit down and transfer the pages to screenwriting software. Though every time I get an idea for a moment/joke/episode it gets jotted down. I hope to post a spec script for a random episode on here at some point in April!! 

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i couldn't pick between “You’re not gonna cry, are you?” and “I’m fine.” so you can choose or do both ;-; thanks in advance! i love your writing so much, thank you for all your nijiaka!

omg no aaaa thanks so much for your kind words;; i’m not sure if this is what you wanted but i hope you like it ;A; (also i’m guessing the pairing you wanted was nijiaka :)) )

The bar gets busy these hours so no one really notices when a boy, no older than seventeen, pops in and demands the drink the unconscious guy in the far corner had consumed.

That is, no one but the bartender himself.

“Right,” Nijimura says slowly, unimpressed. He steers back a little and cocks his head, grabbing the attention of Himuro, a co-worker, sharing a look with him only to receive a shrug in return. The rag falls from Nijimura’s hands, draping over the counter as he crosses his arms.

“How old are you again?”

“I’m twenty.” Unblinking eyes stare back at him.

“How old are you really?”

Nijimura almost jumps when a ten thousand yen note is slapped on the counter, the supposed adult’s gaze narrowing just so.


Nijimura said nothing. So did the boy, but Nijimura notices his jaw tense and the ice-cold fire in his spectacular crimson eyes, contrasting heavily with his false smile. He scans the area for a moment before sighing.

At least the kid looked satisfied with the drink.

Nijimura takes his money, gives him the right change, and glares when Kid protests.

“Just this once,” he says.


His name, Nijimura later learns, is Akashi Seijuro, and he has a freaking Wikipedia page. The next time obocchan visits (he’d been expecting it), the first thing he asks is if he had known that.

“I do.” Akashi replies without flinching, “although someone finds humour in changing my family name to ‘Brat’ every Friday.”

“Yeah that’s me right there.”


“You’re not gonna cry, are you?” Nijimura asks Akashi when he looks particularly down one day. “I’ve had enough babysitting for this week and no ten thousand bill is gonna stop me from kicking you out.”

“I’m fine,” Akashi says although he’s not. “I’d like a drink.”

The bartender looks sceptical at first but relents when his gaze is returned head-on. He places the drink he had prepared earlier on the counter and finds he isn’t disappointed with the furrow of Akashi’s eyebrows.  

“What is this?”

“It’s a drink.”

“This is not what I want.”

“This,” Nijimura says sharply, “is a chocolate milkshake. It is what everyone wants.

And,” Unfazed, Akashi stares at him. The man rummages through the hollow of the counter until his hand closes around a cylinder object. “You get one with cream,” a swirl is professionally produced atop the glass, “and a cherry.” He places it on the tip of the swirl, an image that is worthy of their brochure if he’d say so himself.


“Free of charge. Lucky you.”

“Lucky me.” Akashi says in monotone.

“Yes, lucky you,” Nijimura snaps, feeling some vein in his forehead tighten in exasperation. “Drink.”

Akashi complies. Nijimura has jut his hip to rest comfortably against a chair as he watches, a sight that, Akashi thinks, competes with the drink’s sweetness itself.


Akashi smiles, “a bit.”

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Besides the Empty, do you have any other plans for spirits and shades? And are there inverses as well, like a spirit driven by loyalty or goodwill? I know it sounds lame, but I was a bit curious.

Well, spirits really only stick around if they have unfinished business or if their negative emotions are stronger than the draw of StarClan, so the closest you’ll get to a “positive spirit” is Petalfall (even then, it’s debatable if she’s actually dead or just magic). I do want to get more mythical characters in at some point, but depending on where we are in the Redux it may not happen. I don’t want to add in stuff that could mess up past chapters, namean?