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hi I just found your awesome and cute oc named grimplier! I have a few questions about him! if that's ok? is he grim reaper? (sry if that's a dumb question) what is he like? and finally will you ever do a comic with him?

Grim was inspired by the subgenre grimdark, that is in this comic homestuck (tho some changes where made that is not the same with some things of the comic) he’s not the grim reaper of course :P 

He’s calm, shy, introvert and protective. He’s still a ‘dark’ in a way but he changed a lot. He has anxiety which sometimes doesn’t help his psique, and he’s more likely to have attacks cos of it

I’m not going to do a comic of him since i don’t have a concrete story for him, but i do like drawing him doing stuff and interacting with other characters.

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Just imagine...Spartos haven't a household vessel, have a metal vessel. We haven't seen he use a household vessel power, so...why don't dream? Isn't a bad idea,I think.

*Approves this idea with the speed of light*

Okay, but why didn’t Spartos show his djinn if he’s probably the strongest general of Sindria? The answer is simple:

He didn’t have as much luck as his dad or Koumei when it comes to Djinn and is too ashamed to wear his equip.

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I feel like the Eeveelutions would grow like a Chao in Sonic Adventure 2. Like if an Eevee is exposed to something and starting to change, you can reverse it by exposing it to something else and it'll go to that instead. I dunno.

I could see that. I think Eevee are extremely susceptible to environmental influence, and could theoretically start reacting to one stimuli, and then react stronger to a different stimuli later on. But I think there’d be a “point of no return” at some point where the changes couldn’t be reversed. Cool thing to think about though. Or like, if an Eevee started down one road, but then was exposed to something else and the changes weren’t reversed, but adapted to the new stimuli as well - hybrid Eeveelutions? 

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Yoook for the Boombox guys do you think that they have any insecurities with each other? Like I feel like junkrat would probably always think that he isn't good enough for lucio, even if he's with him. Lucio I honestly don't really know with him

I definitely think Junkrat would feel that way! Lúcio is just this amazing ball of sunshine that brightens the room whenever he enters and everybody just loves him and he’s a famous celebrity and he’s adored by Rio and by most people and he’s sweet and caring and kind and sexy and Junkrat just

looks at himself in comparison with his burnt hair and lanky figure. The grime that acts as a second skin and the smell of smoke that’s like a cloak he can’t ever take off. His peg leg that he personally adores and how it probably annoys Lúcio with how he hobbles around.

But Junkrat likes those things about himself. He thinks he looks cool and… he’s never really given a rat’s ass what people thought of him. But he sure does give a fuck what Lúcio thought because he was amazing and Junkrat wants to be someone who can stand beside him and not feel inadequate and unworthy.

But he likes the flaming tips on his hair.

And Lúcio had to like that shit, too, right? Because otherwise… why were they together? Lúcio never told him to change, to put on clothes, to get a proper prosthetic leg. Lúcio just kissed him and held him and treated him better than anyone else ever had.

So… was it okay? He didn’t want to mess this up.

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Pidge making everyone a white noise machine- Lance's if first ater Pidge finds out he has a hard time sleeping because its so QUIET. His is the sound of rain against a window, and wind rustling leaves, Lance falls asleep remembering sitting up with his big brother watching a storm roll in. Shiro is next, the sound of a bamboo fountain and the glass bell windchimes, Shiro remembers summer nights at his grandma's house in the country when he was little <c>

<c>Hunk is next, the sound of the ocean and creaky wood floors, He feels like he’s home again and his mom in checking in on all of them before going to bed herself. Keith’s is the sound of crickets, Coyotes in the distance reminds him of the first place that was completely HIS- the hideaway he and Shiro would go to when they were in school together. <c>

<c>Pidge makes their own last, a dog snoring, and whispering muffled through walls, muffled snoring too, HOME, Home before Matt and dad went missing, mom and dad chatting into night in their room across the hall, the dog sound asleep on Pidge’s feet, their brother’s bed just on the other side of the wall.

First Part
Second Part

These are such comfy headcanons, thank you so much!

Lance’s had me all fuzzy inside because that’s exactly how I like to sleep too. Just listening to the rain hitting the window, aaah, great feeling. But also, Keith’s? That had me smiling because it honestly must’ve been so good? Being able to go outside at night and look up to see

From this video.

Speaking of white noise, are you familiar with this chrome extension? I sometimes use it at work when I want to disappear.

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person a taking care of person b for the day and person b feels like a burden??

When I told Binna about this prompt she suggested a sequel to this JefferMads fic and I was like HELL YES!!!!!! So here we go, kiddos! Buckle those angst seatbelts ;))) <333

“You really don’t have to do this,” Thomas said with a sigh as Madison fussed over him. They were sitting on their bed, Thomas still tucked in, Madison up and dressed.

“Yes, I do, Thomas. You’re my boyfriend and I want to be there for you. Besides, how many times have you nursed me back to health?” Madison gave him a stern look.

Jefferson had to bite his tongue to keep from saying too many to count. His sass levels got higher when he didn’t feel well. And he really didn’t feel well.

“I’m not sick like that, though,” Thomas grumbled, crossing his arms. “I should just be able to get out of this damn bed and––”

“Stop berating yourself, babe,” Madison said with a gentle shush. He ran a hand through his boyfriend’s curls. “Let me do this for you. Please?”

Jefferson shut his eyes and sighed, leaning his head back against the wall. “Fine,” he mumbled.

Madison kissed him on the forehead. “Thank you,” he said softly. “I’m going to go make breakfast.”

“Not hungry,” Jefferson said, turning over onto his side, facing the bedroom window, after Madison got off of the bed.

The blinds were open. They hadn’t been open in days, or maybe weeks. He’d stopped wanting them open. He didn’t have the energy for all that light. But James had insisted on them being open today. Who was Thomas to deny him such a simple request?

“Eat what you can, but you need to eat something,” James said firmly.

Thomas only grumbled in response. In what seemed like no time, James was back with a glass of orange juice and a plate of toast and jelly. Raspberry jelly, too. Thomas’ favorite.

“Sit up?” he said to Thomas, who begrudgingly did as he was asked. Madison set the plate on his lap and the glass of juice on the nightstand. “Just eat what you can, babe,” he said softly. “I’m going to go get mine.”

Madison returned a moment later with his toast–– rhubarb spread instead of jelly–– and glass of water. He settled on the bed next to Jefferson, though he sat on top of the covers while Thomas was still tucked in, and turned on the TV, selecting Netflix from the menu.

He picked a show they both liked and chomped into his toast. Thomas got so caught up in the show that he didn’t realize he’d eaten all of his toast until there wasn’t any toast left to eat. He was surprised with himself.

Madison turned to him when the show ended, a grin on his face. “You did great, babe!”

At that, Thomas’ face fell. “It was one meal, James. Out of how many? It’s not worth it.” He shut his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall again.

“What’s not worth it?” Madison asked, clearly confused.

“Me. I’m not worth it. I’m not worth your time. I’m just one huge burden you have to baby and take care of and tiptoe around and why should you have to go through all of that stress?” Thomas’ head was suddenly pounding. It felt like it might burst, though he wasn’t sure why. Everything just felt like too much.

“I don’t have to do anything,” James snapped. “I’m doing this because I love you, Thomas. Clearly you don’t love yourself right now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving you. I know it’s hard for you to give up control or admit you’re not okay. I get that. But you’re not a burden for needing a little help, babe. You know what you are?”

“Weak?” Jefferson asked, his voice cracking as tears began to roll down his cheeks.

“No!” Madison exclaimed. “Human. It makes you human, Thomas.” He leaned over and kissed Thomas’ cheek, catching a tear on his lips. “And I love my human boyfriend.”

A sob ripped through Thomas and he crumpled forward, but James caught him in his arms, pulling him close and letting him cry on his chest. He rubbed soothing circles on his boyfriend’s back and rocked them gently back and forth.

“I don’t deserve this,” Thomas hiccupped. “I don’t deserve you.”

“Oh, baby,” James said sadly. “Why can’t you see that I want you? I love you, Thomas. I love you so much. And you deserve to feel better. You deserve to have someone who will help you feel better. And I’d be honored if you’d let me be that person.” He coughed nervously. “Will you let me be that person?”

Thomas was silent for a moment, save for a few sniffles. He took a deep breath. “Yes,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” Madison said, burying his face in between his boyfriend’s jaw and shoulder. “I love you.” He kissed his collarbone.

“I love you, too,” Thomas said. “So, so much.”

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How about a Gavino-a-mon. A Gavin pokemon. Obviously a bird pokemon. Maybe flightless Set's itself on fire a lot Can't think of a good name for the Gavin pokemon tho... Maybe you can think of one

Name: Gavino
Type: Flying/Psychic
Ability: Flicking the Bean
Favorite Move: Confusion
Most Noticeable Feature: It has a brightly colored tail that consists of a middle long feather with one shorter feather on one side and two shorter feathers on the other.

Pokedex Entry A: Known for its wide range of noises, it lets out a series of high pitched squawks when agitated or startled.

Pokedex Entry B: It has an odd ability “Flicking the Bean” where it shows off its bright tail to the enemy pokemon who then, for unknown reasons, goes into a rage that makes it much more susceptible to confusion.

Imagine Losing A Bet Against Sam

Request: Heya! I was wondering if you could do a Sam X Reader where they make a bet over a game of Mario kart or smthn and the loser has to wear the others clothes for like 3 days or what have you (honestly you can change it I just love the thought of Sammy stumbling around in heels omg ❤️😂) Love your blog btw! keep up the good work! love y'all!! - Anonymous 

Author’s Note: Thanks! While I also love the idea of Sam wearing heels, he’s also 6’4 and built like a freaking horse so there’s no way a normal pair of heels could fit him. But, I hope you like what I came up with! – Haley xx

“Are you freaking kidding me?” You groaned as another red shell flew from under Luigi’s cart. You pulled Peach over to the side, avoiding the shell Sam’s character threw at you. “You ain’t that slick, Sam.”

“I’m sorry, what?!” Sam asked, tossing another one behind him. This one actually hit you and Peach and her cart went tumbling off the track.

“What the hell?” you yelled, tossing the controller away from you.  “I was so close,” you mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” Sam whispered, leaning across the couch and planting a kiss on your check, “but you weren’t that close.”

“UM! I so was! I was right on your ass, Sam Winchester!” You pushed him away. Sam started laughing. “This is my game, Sam. You’re not supposed to be better than me at it.”

“Then you shouldn’t have made me play it with you. I can’t help it if you’re a sore loser.”

“Oh my god.” You grabbed your controller. “Those are fighting words.”

You restarted the game and picked everything out the same. Peach was your favorite and she never let you down. She was your way to win while Sam picked out Luigi again. “Let’s make this interesting,” Sam said.

“No,” you shook your head. “I wanna start this so I can kick some ass.”

“So pushy,” Sam whispered in your ear. “Do you want to hear my bet or not?” Sam wrapped his large hands around your waist and pulled you into his lap, pressing a soft kiss behind your ear. You squirmed in his lap. “I bet: I’ll beat your ass.”

“And I bet you won’t,” you said back. You faced him and Sam smirked at you.

“If I win, I get to do whatever I want to you in bed.” His hazel cat eyes were eating you up as he smirked again.  You shivered at that thought, but rolled your eyes anyways.

“I guess you’re going to be pretty lonely and frustrated because I’m taking you down!”

You had moved off his lap and onto the floor, sitting too close to the tv. You two were almost to the end of the level, one more lap to go. Peach and Luigi were neck to neck when Sam got ahead of you. You pushed the analog stick harder; you had to beat the damn smirk of his pretty face.

A banana peel was thrown and you were spun off the lap. Sam drove Luigi’s cart right to the finish line.

“Son of a bitch,” you muttered, tossing the controller again. You heard Sam laugh from behind you and you didn’t bother to look at him.

You felt Sam’s arms pulled you up and haul you over him shoulder. “Sam!” He laughed loudly, holding you securely against his body while carrying you to your shared room.

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re: ficlet prompts 22 or 26 for bokuaka 14 or 27 for kuroken

22) I can’t do this without you

“Hey! Glad you made it.” Tetsurou greeted as he opened the door and loud music boomed behind him. To Keiji it felt as if the whole building was thrumming with music. He wasn’t surprised; it was New Years after all. 

He found himself in the lounge. The normal warm lights that usually welcomed him were turned off in favor of a weird lighting system. Strangers and not so strangers danced, chatted and drank. 

“Isn’t Yamamoto-san with you?” Tetsurou shouted as he steered Keiji towards the kitchen where he hoped it would be quieter. 

“He had a Skype meeting tonight. He apologizes for not coming.” Keiji had to yell back. 

“Crappy timing. New Years!” Tetsurou scrunched his face and Keiji smiled. 

“So me being here isn’t enough, is that what you’re saying?” 

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if you haven't done it yet, how about a royai dragonslayer au? if not it's okay, i won't urge you to do it!

Oooh I’m totally down for this! Thank you for sending it, Nonny!

“You lied to me,” Riza Hawkeye hissed as her hand tightened around the throat of the man she was straddling. You tricked me.”

The man, who she knew as Roy, made no attempt to fight back, instead watching her with an impassive expression.

Her grip on the knife she held in her other hand tightened as she raised it above her head, as though preparing herself to plunge it into his heart. She stopped, however, as her hand began to tremble. “I trusted you,” she whispered as the grip on his throat. “I believed you were on our side. But now… Now to discover what you are. What you’ve done…” She swallowed thickly. “And all of the people you have killed.”

He laid his head back and exhaled, small plumes of smoke escaping his nostrils as he did so. Closing his eyes, he murmured, “It was never my intention to lie to you, Riza.” 

Her heart chose to skip a beat the moment her name left his tongue, and she hated it. Hated that she had given her trust to a cowardly beast that had cloaked himself in human flesh to hide what he really was.

When he opened his eyes again to peer into hers, they were somber. Sincere. And her heart began to beat wildly as she remembered the time her eyes had first locked with his, and all of the times before they were led to this point. She had given him her trust… and her love. 

With a disgusted growl, she pushed off from him and rose to her feet, dropping the knife onto the ground beside him. She turned her back to him, feeling his eyes on her, no doubt a perplexed expression on his face. Just imagining it made her want to laugh. He had known all along what he was doing. What he could become. And yet he had the audacity to feign ignorance and drag her along with him, making her believe whatever he had wanted her to believe.

Swallowing back her anger, terror, confusion, she uttered, “You have until sunrise to vanish entirely. To never be heard from again. If you choose to resign yourself to a life without ravage or murder, I will not pursue you, and will not expose what you are.”

She heard him shift and rise to his feet as well. “Riza…”

Turning to look over her shoulder at him, eyes burning and stinging with the tears that had now threatened to fall, she growled, “Do not approach me. Be thankful I have chosen to spare your life, beast. But make no mistake,” she added as she turned her focus back to the entrance of the cavern she had discovered as his home, “If we are to encounter again under circumstances that suggest you have not given up your ways, I will not hesitate to cut out your heart.”

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I may have some idea of what lucio could be insecure about? Like maybe not something boombox related, but like I have an idea that maybe he's insecure about his ability to help people? Like yeah he spreads peace and he has helped a lot and can heal people with his music, but he's not anywhere as close as mercy. She can resurrect people if need be. And like maybe there was an incident or few where Lucios healing wasn't enough. And it kind of hits him hard? I don't really know this was (1/2)


You actually reminded me of something! I know I’m not the only who mains Lúcio and has had that moment of three teammates dying and wishing you could switch to Mercy to revive but lol tough shit, those fuckers overextended and they won’t protect you if you do

and I remember having this exact thought. Lúcio doubting himself because he doesn’t have this magnificent power like Mercy.

Lúcio being a little hesitant to go on missions without Mercy. He’s going to be supporting six people at once and he’s SO NERVOUS because what if something goes wrong? What if they get ambushed? What if he’s not fast enough, close enough, or the music’s not loud enough to–!

And Junkrat just pats him on the shoulder. ‘Ya ready, mate? ‘Hog and I got your back. No worries.’

Jamie’s coming with him.

What if he can’t support his boyfriend?

Lúcio gulping, gripping his weapon tightly, wondering if it’s too late to ask Mercy to substitute in for him. ‘Sure, no worries,’ Lúcio says, all smiles and laughs. Cool as a cucumber on the outside.

Total hell on the inside.

I would go into SO MUCH more detail on this but there’s another ask I got that would probably be better for me to expand on this particular Mercy and Lúcio dynamic that’s going on. Does it bother anyone else that they don’t talk to each other? It really bothers me and I need the supports to support each other.

Please give them all voice lines that are like ‘Good luck out there. We’re gonna need it.’ Just being salty toward the team or like ‘We can do this!’ or Lúcio going ‘As long as Zen throws those balls and I drop sick beats, we’ll be just fine!’


Anyway, I also think that Junkrat keeping shit to himself and not talking about his feelings would bother Lúcio. I mean, Lúcio would be as open as he could be, telling Junkrat how he feels about this or that. Junkrat wouldn’t at first, and I can see that being a problem during the beginning of their relationship when they haven’t really established trust.

But if Junkrat didn’t come to Lúcio for attention and started to be distant, Lúcio would immediately ask him what’s wrong, what’s going on, and Junkrat would just keep quiet and it would turn into an argument and a battle of sorts. Lúcio knowing that Junkrat’s hiding something and Junkrat wanting Lúcio to just take a hint.

And it would take a while for Lúcio to get it out of Junkrat. He’d of course think that he did something or said something but Junkrat was always loud and rude and quick to say ‘Oi, what did ya say, mate?!’ He doesn’t take shit from Lúcio and he’d probably call him out or say something so…

Lúcio just angrily venting to Roadhog. Junkrat doing the same. 

Roadhog just wanting to read in peace. Roadhog getting sick of the fighting and forcing them to talk it out.

Little bits of insecurity peak through Junkrat’s demeanor and Lúcio picks up on it quickly, realizes, hugs Junkrat tightly and never lets go. Starts to hammer in his head that he likes him, that he wants to be with him, that he’s amazing and smart and wonderful and sexy and creative and–

“Okay! Alright, I get it,” Junkrat says, arms crossed, lips puckered out in a pout. Lúcio just holding him tighter.

“Do you?” Lúcio asks. “Or do I need to keep sayin’ it?”

Junkrat going silent, thinking on that. “Maybe… keep sayin’ it for a little bit.”

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Okay but imagine Allura's dad being pan and so after Alluras mum dies coran is there to help the king in his sorrows because he's his best friend (and crush) so then like 2 years after his wife's death Coran and Alfor start dating and they happily raise Allura together

this is such an angsty thought thinking about allura’s mother dying but also just super lovely because coran helping out king alfor? i was just thinking how pure that would be them two just raising allura coran would be such a wonderful goofy dad?? i can see him giggling around with allura and alfor just absolutely in love with coran adoring them two.

i dont know why btu i have a need for alfor just breaking down being a mess and coran coming in talking him through making him feel whole again and spending so much time around each other feeling so comfortable oh god

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We’re not dating, no! :’D But last time we skyped we said that it was only a matter of time before one of us got an ask like this and omfg I’M SCREAMING! But hey, is it even a friendship if you don’t make people think you’re dating? ;) 

Hi! How would the Sakamaki brothers feel about a girl who doesn’t care about her appearance resulting in her wearing baggy clothes and one day they realize that she is really beautiful (ex. they saw her at a formal party wearing a dress and being very feminine…you got the idea).Thank you! Asked by anonymous. 

Not to sure if this is what you meant but here ya go~

Shu: The blond is quite surprised at your new change in appearance. It does please him and he most probably will have some fantasies later about it, but he doesn’t want you to force yourself to look perfect, he wants you to be comfy and happy with your appearance.

Reiji: He would be incredibly shocked to see you all dolled up and neat. It took a lot from him to get past your usual ‘style’. It pleases him greatly and he would defiantly push you to put more effort in your appearance.

Ayato: The redhead would definitely have a hard time trying to get his eyes off of you. He might actually blush t so much he is not used to you putting so much efforts in your appearance. Although he truly loves seeing you all pampered up, he likes seeing that side of you only on special occasion to not spoil himself.

Kanato: The moment those purples eyes of his land on you, you are screwed!!!! Seeing all dolled up, Kanato can already start imagining all the cute outfits he is going to want you to try out for him. Although he does likes in your usual style he is still really going to want to dress you up once in a while.

Laito: The vampire would be smiling from ear to ear at the sight of you. He might even call you beautiful without a hint of teasing in his voice, or any perverted comments. The vampire could very well be left speechless and craving to see more of what your body might fit in so nicely.

Subaru: His eyes might actually pop right out with how surprised he would be at the sight of you all made up in fancy clothing and hair all done up. The sight would definitely bring a nice smile on his face. Perhaps you will even get a compliment or two.


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This is probably my most favorite blog on earth. Thank you for your drabbles, thank you for your reblogs, and just thank you. I have fallen for Kastle and you are my savior for anything about this ship lmao. Sorry. It's just very nice to find kastle blogs.

Originally posted by sweetteaandthesec

I have to admit, this blog is pretty self-serving :D When I get obsessed with something I REALLY get obsessed and I feel the need to compartmentalize, and I had to make a side blog to contain the obsession. I love seeing all the wonderful fanworks for that ship in one place, and I’m so so so so grateful to all the people who take the time to make graphics  and edits. They are truly beautiful.

These are also some lovely blogs that I follow, for kastle, but also for the other wonderful things they blog about (I end up reblogging a lot of their stuff on my personal blog too):

@lightofpage, @captaincastle, @ejunkiet @carry-the-sky, @holysmitten, @simplytherose, @evilbunnyking, @edisonknope, @penny-n-dime, @edourado, @special-agent-sarah-walker, @lawofavgs, @indeepship, @wholemeasure, @nagia-pronounced-neijia, @phenomenaaa, @agents-galore @crunchydragon, @emmer05@shipsabound, @kastletoe, @tacohead13 and then for an extremely organized place for fanfiction (bc they tag EVERYTHING by type and what not) there’s @kastlelibrary. And even though I’m not really sure how tumblr networks actually function there’s @kastlenetwork (which i’m sure is a good way to find lots of quality kastle blogs).

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I wish you could write a fic where cat noir is able to turn into a cat and be able to get as many hugs and petting and love possible from people without them knowing


a lot of hogwarts aus have that and i love it so much

the cat boy deserves all the love <3 <3

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”

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About the whole smut to-be-or-not-to-be problem & under the cut type things, would you consider a Side Blog where you can post smut, So it's a choice and would probably make everyone happy. (I hope this made sense) (I hope you have a good day, ily)


Thank u so much for this anon!!!

I will let you guys know the url soon! 

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Daily reminder: You all are beautiful and amazing, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise -Carrot Anon. :)

Aww thank you so much Carrot anon these are so sweet ic ant handle it omfg

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