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I just wanna say thank you. I love the way you draw Isabela because she's one of my favorite DA characters and your style makes her body kind of look like mine and I NEVER see any art of people who look like me so u__u I have the feels.

bela sends her luv to you anon ♥

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44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” Thank you!

44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you,” Louis murmurs into Harry’s chest. They’re standing in the alley behind Bommel; not wanting to risk saying goodbye inside. 

“’M not gonna die, love,” Harry whispers into Louis’ hair. 

Louis pulls back, just far enough to look into the eyes he has spent the last week memorizing. Every gold spot committed to memory, every break of green serving as a direct line to Louis’ heart. “How do you know?” Louis can hear the crack in his voice, the pleading quality to every word, and he doesn’t care. 

“Because I was promised a kiss from a beautiful boy, if I didn’t die,” Harry says. And he’s so confident, so sure of himself.

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Do you have any aus from arranged marriage aus? From a modern angle?

here you go!!
  • we’ve known each other since we were kids and we knew we were getting married, but when we actually did I don’t think I can go through with it
  • we’re married but we don’t know each other very well so let’s go on our first date

  • I thought we were a perfect match but then you said you wanted a mickey mouse themed wedding and nope I’m out

  • “wait mom, where did you find my fiance? a website??”

  • we made a deal with our parents that if our ‘trial marriage’ doesn’t work out, we can call off the marriage, but only if they can choose what kind of dates we go on

  • I’m you fiance and you don’t actually like me but we put on an act for our parents

  • you’re going to marry me in a few weeks but I found at a party and you were flirting with someone? um excuse me??

  • “Wait, so I’m not actually meeting who I’m marrying until my actual wedding day??”

- jo

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Akira and Haise would be something straight out of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A Juuzou/Haise combo? That would be some unholy combination of Airplane!, Beverly Hills Cop, Rush Hour, and Police Academy that somehow WORKS, with their feats being so legendary and ridiculous that most people don't believe it at all. And you know Arima and Akira had to show up to the aftermath of an operation to find Juuzou and Haise dressed as girls and their only response is, "Nice dresses. What happened THIS time?"

I read the words “Juuzou and Haise” and “Airplane” and I needed no further incentive.

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HC: the crew adopts a teAM DOG ! (I just want to see everyone's reactions to it 😍💕

heck YYEEAHHHHH. the dog is a big dog and their name is Peanut


  • Lance is a dog boy my guy he’s basically a puppy himself so you can imagine his tail wagging when they find a dog-like alien creature
  • his family probably had a dog back home so it makes him feel all nostalgic and he definitely is so happy he’s tearing up
  • Lance suggests they name the dog after Queen Bey. Allura totally thinks Lance is talking about a real queen, until Hunk explains to her that Lance is talking about a cultural icon
  • the big floofer is super excitable so whenever they see how excited Lance gets they get even more excited and pounce on Lance, whose lanky frame can’t withstand the power of a big dog and Lance gets crushed on the floor, lovingly
  • Peanut can tell when Lance gets sad and goes to comfort him whenever he gets the sniffles. sometimes Lance just sits there for a while hugging them
  • Peanut always steals Lance’s things because they like to play, and Lance can almost never get his things back because he doesn’t have enough strength in his noodle arms to wrestle them from Peanut’s massive bite power. he as to call Keith or Hunk for backup
  • Lance paints Peanut’s nails blue. they have matching nails


  • Keith doesn’t do well with high-maintenance animals, but he has to admit having a dog on the team is pretty therapeutic
  • when they first met, Keith kept trying to throw stuff to get Peanut to run in the opposite direction of him, but they just thought it was a fun game of fetch and always got the Thing and brought it back to Keith, all slobbery and chewed up
  • tbh who would win a staring contest Peanut or Keith? I don’t know
  • they both have super keen senses so in battle, Keith finds out he works really well with them both in sleuthing and combat. Keith can’t believe he’s bonding with a dog but before he knows it Peanut is his right hand pup
  • Keith shares his food and space juice with them because they’re pals who cares if they’re a dog
  • when they’re out on different planets, Peanut brings Keith a random souvenir. sometimes it’s a speckled rock, other times it’s a piece of tin. Keith keeps the collection in his room


  • this is a big fluffing dog guys…they’re probably as big as Pidge and much heavier than her. Pidge can stand up straight and look Peanut in the eye to assert her dominance
  • when Peanut goes on missions and Pidge is being reckless again, sometimes they swoop in, grab Pidge by the paladin Collar™, and drag her out of the line of fire
  • Pidge made a collar with a tracking device in it so if they ever run off they can find them again. she calls it the GPPS—Galactic Peanut Positioning System
  • when Coran makes gross food she’ll sneak some of it to Peanut under the table
  • tbh Pidge is probably the happiest that they found a dog in the far reaches of outer space. her family had a dog back on earth so having a dog on the team made her feel a little bit closer to them
  • Pidge was behind the name Peanut, because, peanut!!!
  • also because it reminds her of peas, and her dad loves peas


  • Hunk has both the best and the worst doggy voice. he’s a super sap and baby talks to the pupper and whenever he does, Peanut howl-talks back
    • “Did you hear that guys?? Peanut just said I Love You!!! Awwww good dog”
  • Hunk likes to make experimental dog food, which Peanut loves 100% no matter what
  • unlike Pidge, Hunk likes it when Peanut is there while he’s tinkering with stuff. he’ll teach Peanut which tool is the wrench so they can fetch it for him when he needs it
  • Hunk likes to give Peanut all kinds of nicknames. Pea, Snow Pea, Peanut Butter Pup, Slobberface…
  • Hunk is the type to be casually flirty, even in a platonic way?? he’ll act like Peanut is his df like, he’ll call Peanut his Boo and when he gets back from missions he’ll call out like “Peanut I’m home didya miss me??”
  • when the team asks him about Shay he’ll get nervous and is like, “I can’t hear you guys, Peanut is calling for me. sorry know how it is with the bae”
  • Hunk can kinda lift Peanut but it’s way too much work and he’d rather let them knock him over so they can lay on the floor and relax together


  • the dog is a huge comfort to Shiro. Peanut can tell when Shiro is feeling bad and they’re always there to comfort him with licks and nudges and cuddles
  • Shiro is the only one who fully commits to lifting the pupper, though not for too long. Peanut takes advantage of this and whenever they want to be coddled they’ll act like the tiniest puppy and jump at Shiro so he’ll cradle them like a baby
  • when Shiro is giving out orders, the dog gets really excited and likes to boof in the background as if they, too, are giving orders
  • whenever Shiro tries to scold Peanut, they think Shiro is being playful
    • Shiro: oh no….Peanut did you chew on Lance’s slipper? Bad dog, that’s not a play thing
    • Shiro: *tries to grab Lance’s slipper*
    • Peanut: *pulls back like it’s a game of tug o war*
  • Shiro tries to be mad at Peanut, he really does, but they’re just so relentlessly cheerful that he can’t not smile at their antics


  • okay just kidding Allura is the other person who can lift the pupper, except it’s even easier for her, especially if she grows
  • Peanut likes to stand in line with the other Paladins, which Allura finds absolutely hilarious. she’ll be giving a completely serious speech to the Paladins about perseverance, and then as soon as she looks at Peanut, sittin there acting like a defender of the universe, she loses all her composure and starts giggling. she rolls with it though and gives Peanut instructions and training sessions alongside the team
  • Peanut is her special Puppy Paladin
  • she is the second-worst offender of the doggy voice. just imagine her bending down to hold the sides of the puppy’s face and just going all googly over them
  • she does get frustrated with them at times though. one time she caught Peanut peeing in the halls of the castle and she released a horrified screech and a slurred, relentless stream of No’s
  • she might love the pupper with abandon but training them is so tiresome. when they don’t listen to her she needs someone to steady her before she blows her top off
    • Allura: okay puppy, you’re going to jump through these three hoops, crawl through this tunnel, then tuck and roll onto the landing mat, okay? I believe in you!
    • dog: does Not That
    • Allura: The Level Of Disrespect
  • when she just needs time to relax and get away from the stress of defending the universe, Peanut lets her sink into their side and they just lay there together, napping. sometimes she’ll vent to Peanut about missing her home, and even though Peanut doesn’t understand a word, the shine in Peanut’s eyes in response is fairly reassuring


  • Coran likes to use nunvil and mold Peanut’s fluff around their snout into a mustache
  • “why don’t we call them Coran Jr.?”
  • Peanut likes to steal Coran’s socks and make him chase them around the castle
  • tbh Coran is just really happy that Peanut likes his food
  • “At least someone around here appreciates my cooking”
  • the other Paladins help take care of Peanut, but a lot of times they’re out on missions or tired from said missions, so Coran doesn’t mind stepping in
  • bathing Peanut is a MESS. Peanut splashes around everywhere and can’t sit still, and then before Coran can dry them off they do the Dog Shake. imagine that scene from Beethoven
  • Coran tries to train Peanut to be a showdog. he’s unsuccessful, but Peanut’s attempts to march around the room like they’re showing off for judges are really cute

AU: Ashton Irwin was known as the nerdy boy in your college. He was assigned to show new students around, and it just so happened that you were one of them. You and Ashton’s friendship bloomed from the first day, and even something more sparked after that.

A/N: the gifs are all differently sized oops but as usual, credits to the gif makers! this was a request by an anonymous homie, thank you for the idea! drop an ask if you want to see anything happen!!

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Soooooo I just saw a frat boy version of the 7 deadly sins and was wondering if you perhaps had any thoughts on a FAHC version?

Oh man. I have so many thoughts, this is absolutely a suggestion I can get behind, I adore that idea. So I picked what I thought were the most obvious roles for them all and came up with: Sloth: Ray, Lust: Gavin, Gluttony: Ryan, Greed: Geoff, Wrath: Michael, Envy: Jeremy, and Pride: Jack. But they didn’t all fit quite right and i ended up changing my mind and deciding i wanted  to put them in less apparent roles instead, so sorry for that! (Also you could argue that Gavin’s is still cliché but I challenge you to tell me which of the seven he doesn’t fit in because I wrote him in all of them before I settled..). 

Sloth -   Geoff, who never goes the long road, who dropped socially acceptable behaviour in a heartbeat when he realised a couple of guns and some loose morals would let him short cut his way to the top. Who takes care of tricky problems with the finality of a bullet, who grew his empire just to delegate; finding mercenaries and drivers, specialists and charmers, bringing them all together and putting them to work. Geoff who sits back with a drink and a dangerous smile as all his little worker bees buzz around him.

Lust - Jeremy, who knows all about longing, about unrelenting desire, who saw the FAHC and wanted, saw the FAHC and took. Who makes a life of crime look easy, look like an adventure, like the time of your god damn life. Who can give and give and still leave you yearning, desperately clamouring for scraps. Jeremy who seems straightforward but smiles like sunshine, laughs bright and joyous and blinding, knowing just how distracting unquenched hunger can be.  

Pride - Ray, who has never been more sure of anything than he is his own abilities, who’d rather rely on himself before any others, who has always respected the ability to hold your head up high and sell it no matter how dire the situation, falsified indifference in the name of saving face. Who knows just how well he’d survive on his own and exactly how well his skills compare with others in his field. Ray who can doubt everything about himself except for his talent with a gun.

Gluttony - Michael, who has never learnt restraint. Who is all or nothing but mostly all. Who cannot be contained, constrained or repressed, revelling in overindulgence, in needless waste and unnecessary destruction. Who will get his heart set on something and refuse to back down, seeking pleasure or joy or amusement without a thought for tomorrow. Michael who knows exactly what he wants and refuses to feel even the smallest twinge of remorse for taking it. 

Greed - Ryan, who didn’t become a mercenary for charity. Who might not flaunt it like Gavin but is still sitting pretty on an untouched fortune, hoarded like dragon’s gold. Who is always wanting, never satisfied, forever reaching for bigger and better and always more; more weapons to use, more threats to whisper, more blood to spill, more lives to take. Ryan who jealously guards his ever-growing collections, be it wealth or memories, possessions or people; it doesn’t matter as long as they’re his.

Envy - Gavin, who wants anything and everything he doesn’t have, regardless of who it belongs to or how little need he truly has for it. Who draws in jealousy like flies, constantly surrounded by those who covet his talents, his looks, his infamy, his wealth. Who desire his attentions, his affections; fleeting and fickle but so incomparably addictive his victims would do anything to get them back, a desperate kind of dependancy more dangerously destructive than any narcotic. Gavin who wants for nothing, who wants for everything, who twists desire so expertly he could sell sin to a saint.  

Wrath - Jack, who waits. Who keeps it together, the analytical centre, the visible calm in a sea of hotheads. Who doesn’t lose her temper until she absolutely does. Whose anger burns hot and fast and unforgiving. Who will destroy buildings, burn bridges, rend flesh from bone with gritted teeth and no regret. Who lets her reputation work for her but is never defined by it. Jack whose true fury is infrequent but unforgettable, utterly devastating and entirely unrivalled. 

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I was so nervous to ask this >>~<< but I've never seen a yullen fic with Kanda's hair getting cut/ burned off, and I kind of wanted to know what you would think Kanda would react to that and how Allen would try to help?

Thank you for sending this in!! It’s a cute idea to think about!

I’ve seen a few fics mention it in passing - something like Kanda wondering if he should just cut it off because it’ll grow back near immediately anyways (though that always made me wonder how they envisioned this because Kanda with rapidly growing ch-ch-ch-chia hair is horrifying lmao). There is one fic I know that actually does cover this topic: amenokuma’s series Life After War, though the specific fic this occurs in is Change. This is a very beautiful series and I highly recommend it! It’s so heartbreaking, because it takes a very real approach to what the consequences of Kanda’s and Allen’s Innocence and Experimentation will do to them. 

I’ve actually never considered this on my own terms though, because I love Kanda’s hair. So much. It’s just so impractical and does not suit Kanda at all - it’s hilarious. Honestly if Hoshino were to ever cut off Kanda’s hair I might literally drop dgm. But seriously, if something were to happen to Kanda’s hair?

I think Kanda would pretend he didn’t care at all. In the heat of battle, I don’t think he would even largely notice. But, when the fight was over and they’re dragging themselves home, I imagine Allen would tear up at the sight. Anything permanently marking Kanda would be frightening. 

And it would hit Kanda when he bathed for the night that he was…done. He didn’t have to spend an extra seven-ten minutes going through all his hair. That was it. And it would leave him feeling off, because change does not come easy to Kanda.

He’d towel off and sit in his room and realize that the cut was not even and he’d need help doing the back properly. (and since this is yullen) He’d ask Allen to help him, because fuck if he’s going to ask a finder. Allen stands behind him, tenderly touches the sheared and torn ends, and cries again.

Kanda sighs, and, really, how can he be sad when Allen is doing it all for him? Tells him to shut up and Allen threatens to really make him bald since clearly he doesn’t care at all. Allen would try to keep it as long as possible, but it’s just that impossible length that wont stay in a ponytail but will get in his face when he fights, and so, because Kanda is mostly practical, he’ll tell Allen to cut it shorter. And shorter. 

Until it’s short enough that it won’t fit in a pony tail at all but won’t get in his eyes, and Allen is just red in the face, upset at the change. Kanda sighs, turns around and marvels at the way the ends tease his neck, and looks up at Allen from where he sits. “It’ll grow back,” he’d say. 

But it would take a long time (for the length, on an average person’s hair, I’d say around three years) and it would be a few weeks before Kanda adjusted to the new length, and probably a week more to stop reaching for his hair tie. It’d make it’s way to his wrist, or maybe the hilt of his sword, because even though he’s a man of few possessions I think he’s clingy to what he has. Or maybe Allen would steal it and keep it close. Keep it around his wrist (because red looks amazing on Allen), tied around a belt loop, and - if this follows canon - eventually to tie his own hair. 

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Golly - I like your face

This is a follow up to Can I Kiss You.


“I like your face.”

Holly has to pick her jaw off the floor before she can speak. “Really? That is what she said to you?”

Gail smiles as she replays the memory of her wife Elena’s first ever words to her. “I know. I was surprised too.”

Genuine laughter floods out of Holly that she is unable to control, and the joyous but familiar sound hits Gail like a freight train. She has missed that laugh, she realizes. Missed laughing with her, at her, but mostly with her. They were always good at that part, the laughing.

“I can’t believe that line worked on you,” Holly says as her hand finds its way to Gail’s thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm,” Gail hums, acutely aware of the warm fingers caressing her leg. She knows Holly doesn’t mean anything by it, that it’s not a come on, but it doesn’t stop the butterflies from buzzing around in her stomach; it’s been a while since she has felt the fluttering. It’s good to know that Holly can still cause butterflies. Placing her wine glass on the coffee table, Gail reminds herself that she can do this, that she wants to do this. That she needs to stay in the moment. “Well, she did say it in Italian, so…”

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