I’m having my first art showing this coming Saturday and lemme just say I’m freaking out. I’ve worked for this my entire life and have pushed for hundreds of hours to do the best work I can.. And I’m really proud. I think I have a right to be pleased in myself.
If anyone wants to come and visit me, I’ll be painting and showing my art at The Nest in Carrolton, with about 25 or so pieces (mostly the ones above)! If any of my friends or followers came to visit I stg I would cry.

Thanks for all the support so far!! xx

You know, I’m really shocked.

Seriously Strange Magic Fandom, thank you. 

The past fandoms I’ve been in, I’ve been one of the kids that’s kinda sitting in the background just admiring. I’d post stuff and a lot of people would skim it because there’s better artists, with much better social skills. But then I get to the Strange Magic fandom. And I actually really love the movie, and like to show people my art for said movie. Even though I’ve only really drawn my own version of Modern!Bog and Marianne, you guys love it and it means a lot! :) This may come off as silly, but you guys are getting me so excited to go on Tumblr. So thank you again for being your accepting, wonderful selves! <3 

learn your shit- when to vote

Alright people. Tumblr’s (and I think the internet’s) fan favorite for next president is Bernie Sanders. With so much talk about him in our inner circles, he has to stand some sort of chance, right? However/unfortunately, we are a large group of (mainly) younger voters, people that no popular candidate would dare attempt to rake in, because our numbers at the polls are so low. We don’t effect jack shit when it comes to elections. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote?

Everyone knows election day falls in early November. in 2016, it will be November 8th. That is not the only day you can vote! In order for Sanders (or your chosen candidate) to even make it that far, you need to vote in the primary elections. This is sort of a “what’s up in the polls” survey that tells the government who’s voting, and for whom. It narrows down the playing field. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote in the primaries?

Go to and check that shit out. Search by state. Get some sort of “facts” about what’s up. It’s not a government affiliated website, so it’s not completely accurate about stuff I’m sure, but there are DATES you need to GET ALL UP ON in order to VOTE in both the PRIMARIES and the GENERAL ELECTION

Thanks, good luck, be prepared, have a nice week, love, Jake.

p.s. Also please check out wikipedia to learn more– figure out if your state holds open/closed primary elections. Depending on state, you may not be able to vote in the primaries as a registered independent. 

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Dude just read chapter three. You must be stopped that is taking emotions hostage




Excuse me missy but have you been to the streams you’ve been hosting the last few days????? 

Someone back me up here, PLEASE

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Hello everyone, Dank here! Hope all of you is doing great! Well, I started this blog two months and a half, and we already here. Oh, well, I wanted to thank you for the support. This means seriously a lot to me. So, yeah, now I’m gonna do like a list thing, I probably forgot about a lot of people…but, I never was good at those things…

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Alright you crazy kids. I have lawn work to do in the morning. so I’m heading off to bed. dont do anything too fun without me. And thank you for the 200 followers. all 200 of you are incredible people and I love you, okay? 

alright. take it easy. and have a nice night/day. 

I just wanna say thank you to all the people, even the anons, that have filled my ask with nothin’ but support and understanding messages.

Yesterday was horrible. I let things get the best of me that shouldn’t. My brain and my addiction won. It makes me sick to think about, on top of the after affects of the drugs and pills I consumed.

Y'all have been some of the most supportive people I’ve ever known. And when y'all say I can reach out, I don’t just take it lightly. I really appreciate that you guys are willin’ to listen to me rant/vent and offer to help. It means so much to me.

I ain’t gave up yet. I went to see my bipolar doctor & my addiction one. My pills are gettin’ switched & I’m goin’ to be attending more meetings and such to attempt at preventing another relapse.

I haven’t gotten high yet today. After seein’ the looks on my best friends & my family’s faces, I don’t even want to…

I started typing up a thank you post to all the people who have been so kind and helpful to me these past few weeks but then I realized I was stretching the page just by listing them, and I wanted to talk about them too and just – wow.

Which I mean that’s an amazing thing to me because there are that many people who are willing to help out what is ultimately a stranger over the internet, whether you’ve befriended me and talk to me everyday or not. It’s absolutely incredible and beyond astounding.

So, if you have ever sent me a nice message whether I was upset or not, if you have ever sent me a message to try and distract me or cheer me up, if you have ever sent me advice when I needed help, if you have ever just been there for me – this is to you.You are what makes my tumblr experience so enjoyable and what keeps me looking forward to being here for quite a while. To those who have been my friends for a while: you are a blessing and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. To those who I’ve just recently met: I hope we can talk more soon and get the chance to be good friends because you are amazing. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by such wonderful people and I love all of you so so much ♥

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First of all, No Harm No Foul was amazing! As a fellow fanfic writer, I was wondering if I could ask your advice? I used to write quite smutty things when I was younger, and I'd like to get back into it for a couple of reasons but I'm finding it really difficult. Just seems like whenever I try to get down anything beyond making out, the writing gets awkward and stilted and it turns into a weird mess. So... how do you write such good smut? D:

o-ohlord oh gosh okay uh you can do this agony okay uh gosh agh

a-anon, you are far too sweet!! :’D i’m so pleased you enjoyed No Harm, No Foul and am flattered into the ground that you find my smut agreeable! while i can’t vouch for the quality of my advice, i’ll do my best to babble a bit below the cut! 

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