PSA; Semi-Hiatus

So, I graduate from college in four weeks (or so) and I’m panicking. I NEED to give up RPing for some days, but being here is also one of the few things that keep me sane. SO! I decided to organize myself like this:

- I won’t answer to threads during weekdays
- I MIGHT answer some asks during weekdays

- On weekends, I will work on some threads (if they’re not very long)
(long threads will be on hold UNLESS my weak heart decides to answer… I have a weak spot for Edward Nygma so I might continue those threads on the weekends)

- I will keep reblogging memes and such.
Feel free to send as many as you want! Answering asks after a long day of work can be pretty relaxing, not to mention it can be fun and entertaining after being under so much stress because of work. Of course, I will answer them as long as it’s something SHORT. If it requires more effort, it will have to wait until the weekend.

- I will be online and reblogging stuff, yes.
Cus I will be online on MOBILE. If you want to talk, I’ll be here :) 

- In case you want to talk… here’s my Skype.
wiifanita_spears (please let me know who you are ♥)


No, calm down, I’m not giving up on it omg.
All of this will also apply to that blog, I might take a bit longer to work on stuff there, but it will definitely be slightly more active on weekends. 

- I will DEFINITELY answer asks throughout the week.
But I’ll be slow, so bear with me.

I graduate on August 19th

(or some day around that week. Yeah, I don’t even know the EXACT date.)

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my life after that, so… I don’t know how active I’ll really be after it happens. But listen, I am NOT leaving, I will definitely work on things during the weekend on BOTH BLOGS, and I will work on a couple of asks on weekdays (at night).

That would be all c: if you could press that smol heart at the bottom-right corner to let me know you are aware of my situation and how my blogs are going to work for the next weeks, that would make me happy <3 

Thank you so much for reading & have a good day/night ~

jewelofthewater  asked:

Oh man this blog is just amazing!❤️ If it's not too much can I get some established relationship headcanons for Hanzo and McCree, y'know like they've been together for a while? Keep up the great content btw! Seriously, love this stuff 💗💞

thank you!  ❤️ ❤️


  • a lot more affectionate further on in the relationship
  • more open with kisses and hugs, PDA is much more common
  • generally still reserved but he’s more open with his s/o about how he feels and what he’s thinking
  • often falls asleep on them
  • it’s very common for him to rest his head on his s/o’s lap as he gets more and more comfortable with them, it shows a level of trust for him
  • especially if his s/o plays with his hair and braids it gently 
  • he’ll ask his s/o for them to get a cat if they don’t have one already
  • he likes cats a lot
  • if possible, he may snatch his s/o’s shirts and/or hoodies ‘n sweaters
  • his s/o is welcome to his closet, though if they try to wear any kimonos he’ll laugh (more of a scoff and he looks at his feet) and assist them with it


  • more relaxed as time goes on
  • nuzzley and sweet as sugar as always
  • the nicknames n e v e r stop
    -they get more elaborate and numerous tbh
  • pda pda p d a he’s so gross about pda
    -hugs, kisses, piggyback rides, you name it he does it all all the time
  • his s/o is the only person who can freely snatch his hat and wear it at any time
  • same with his serape
  • Jesse also snatches his s/o’s clothes ‘n they don’t fit half the time but if u think he cares u are w r o n g
    -he’s careful not to rip anything tho
    -if he does he sews it
  • s/o wears Jesse’s clothes 90% of the time tbh

I’m so humbled and flattered that people like my art. Seriously, it means a lot, thank you!  Even when I stop drawing a specific thing from a show or game that people have followed me for, I hope people and fans will still stick around to see my art. Just because I’m not drawing something that often, doesn’t mean I stopped loving it. It’s stuck in my heart forever!

However, please understand, that outside of work, I draw for myself. Unless I specifically ask for suggestions, I don’t take requests. I just don’t feel comfortable having strangers trying to get free art out of me when I haven’t asked for requests.

If you like an artist’s work and want them to draw something specific, please consider supporting them by commissioning them.

I have an updated commission sheet, but I’m looking to open again after otakon and my mini vacation. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Time Flies (Vok prequel)

Summary: After connecting with a human, Eli learns how valuable life can be in the worst possible way and how time goes by quickly for mortals. It’s been two hundred years since they’ve been on earth, and something draws them to their holy temple more so than on any other day.

They never would have known that something would turn out to be someone, and that someone was destined to meet them.

Notes: Hello everyone! Here is the first of three prize fics from my 1,994 follower give away! This one is for @skiretehfox , who wanted a story related to the Valley of Kings AU we’ve been collaborating on! 

I’m not gunna lie, this story is before any of the events that we have planned happening in the AU take place. This story is all about how Eli and Nozomi met, in a nutshell really (but it’s so much more than that too ;) )

There will probably be a couple more stories set in this au, so I hope you look forward to them! 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BETA READERS @silversheath AND @banditchika FOR YOUR HELP WITH EDITING AND FIXING UP THE STORY ;;W;;! I’m eternally grateful for your help with this story ;;w; (also @luckfoser because u did help too friend, thank you !!)

As a final note, Eli is NB in this au! 

Thank you for reading, liking and if you reblog it, reblogging this story! If you have questions and are curious about the au and other things, just send asks to either Skire or I and we’ll answer as best as we can til I can get the AU summary post up ;u;!

Word count: 12,037


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i still can’t believe i’ve actually reached 700 FOLLOWERS on this blog like damn ?? i think that’s the most i’ve ever reached on a blog ?? i just can’t believe it - i just can’t believe the fact people have actually put up with me and my writing and actually enjoy it, i find it hard to grasp. and i’m not very speedy with replies as well so i’m surprised people still wanted to rp with me but ANYWAY - this was just a small list of people that i truly admire, love, stalk from afar and talk to ( some more than others or not at all cause i’m a shy nerd tbh ) if you’re not on the list i’m so sorry !! i’m really bad with names and urls so i always forget some and then i end up having to add them later cause i’m stupid haha. 


@liibxrte @illbcthere @ladygcd @piiratescave @toerr @comiitatus @comegente @americaslegend @amcricandream @nonaziharlot @sunworn @solidust @antagxnized @anxlgesic @warcompass @agentxiii @lanternlit @zaldrizotala @pastlegend  @whatwatson @isknown @cxpt  @convictiions @sollucem @soldiiered @soldet @batteryheart @nobodiesgovernor @barbedbatting @rcscue @rcblion @motherofasgard @snipcrlegacy @harlykinns @ofdragonskin @ashesofcaptivity @ycstreb @drippingredledgers @viiduam @withusnow @widovv @instinctsarebad @stumblcd @reactoring @readyforyours @littlebarncs @hawkctte @falconinthesky @notacircusmonkey @lionswrath @ofseouls

i’m hoping i didn’t forget anyone this time !!


now this isn’t anything special, just something for fun really. i’m going to be giving someone a free promo graphic cause why the hell not ?? it will look something similar to the one i have NOW - AND THIS ENDS 10/07/16. all you need to do is reblog and like this ( you have more chance with doing both tbh ) and i’ll choose a winner at random !! YOU MUST ALSO BE FOLLOWING ME !!!! SUPER IMPORTANT.


Can we just have a moment of silence for all the video’s, art, and fan-fiction out there representing Jonsa. Like holy shit. I found a motherfucking jackpot in this ship- and it’s hell. I am dying and I don’t see myself leaving this pit anytime soon. Not with how much greatness this beautiful ship hosts. 

I Love all of you and thank you all for taking time out of your days to create such wonderful things! Truly, a fandom’s ship would be nothing without any of you! Keep it up with the greatness! 

And I would like to add, those who don’t do much, like draw or write or create video’s, you are just as important. Don’t ever forget that! You guys are the reasons (And the ship, of course) That a lot of us even do this. So thank you all! 

Seriously, though, hit the jackpot. 

Guys! We're almost at 2000 followers!!! 0////0

I never dreamed that I’d hit 1000 let alone being so close to 2000. I have literally no idea what to do to celebrate it when I do hit it. Unfortunately I can’t do a give away just yet unless it’s strictly art. Hmmm. Any suggestions?

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Being Human

Some cute little Cole prompts that @sirladysketch suggested to help me out of my funk during a writing stream tonight. If you guys like these, I might keep doing them. c;

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Couple cheeky new vids up on my youtube if u guys wanna check em out heres the linkkkk : (

Thank you. Seriously. it means a lot


Hey Lovelies! Intake of request have are now officially CLOSED!! Thank you for all the overflowing love and request. We will work on it and do our best to make an edit for each of your request.

Please note, any other request that comes in after this post will be ignored and deleted. I’m gonna leave the ask box open because I love anon messages and getting an actual ask *winks*winks* hahaha. 

Take care of yourself my lovelies. Remember, someone out there cares for you so dearly xX

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! It's wonderful the way it is! And about the anon issue with spamano, I have to say that this is YOUR blog, and you should do whatever you want with it. Moreover, this is a Romano-blog, but you wrote your headcanons for it where it is specified that spamano is something that could be present... it's up to people to read those headcanons and take them into account.

//oh i totally forgot i put those there XD thank you so much for sending me this! i didnt know people actually read those (a spent a few hours coming up with them, perfecting them and all that) so thank you so much! thank u for sticking up for me :D