Puppy Love (Part three)- Dean Ambrose x reader

The next morning you got to the lobby early to make some pancakes that the hotel provided. You left Dean to sleep. You just wanted to feel independent again, not like having someone care for you was a bad thing.

Roman lazily walked past you to grab some cereal to start his morning. “You have..pups,” he stated like you didn’t already know. “Yea, Rom I know. Last night was something else,” you said pouring some maple syrup on your pancakes. Roman grinned, you didn’t expect him to be so happy about the news. “You better start eating for two or more now,” he said pouring milk into his chocolate cereal.

You giggled and nodded. You sat at the closest table. Roman of course joined you, “honestly I didn’t expect Dean to let you down here without his protection. Or let you be so near to me. My scent my rub off onto you.” You circled a piece of pancake in syrup, “yea, well he’s asleep. I wanted him to rest after the excitement.” You ate the very syrupy piece of pancake. You tried to eat another piece but your gag reflexes started acting up. Roman saw you go pale, “hey, hey, Y/N you’re having morning sickness, don’t eat anymore or you’ll just uncontrollably vomit it all back up. I remember the times my wife had her’s.”

You sat down your fork and sighed, “god. I didn’t know morning sickness starts the NEXT morning.” “Just keep calm. Drink some water,” Roman got up and walked over to the little hotel kitchen and handed you a bottle of water. “Thanks Rom,” you said as you twisted the cap off and took a drink. “It’s fine. We take care of our expecting mothers. No need to disrespect a goddess that brings life to Earth,” Roman explained.

“Everything just kinda happened so I didn’t ask for this. But I love Dean,” you said getting emotional. “Oh I know. Dean did a rookie mistake and..” Roman trailed off shaking his head, “that’s what happens when you don’t have much self control.”

Roman looked up quickly seeing someone approach, “speak of the devil.” Dean walked up to the table and grabbed your arm tight and brought you up from the seat, “Get the fuck away from her!” He yelled with a growling undertone.

Roman raised his hands, “hey I didn’t touch her, I only helped her with morning sickness. And is that how you talk to your bro?” Dean was shielding you by this point as if Roman was going to jump up and attack. “You have no right to talk to the mother of my pups. Unless I give you permission.” Roman burst out with laughter, “I’m not mad right now because I know how you feel, I’ve been there. You get super protective once you find out. But god Dean, I wouldn’t do shit. I respect that you’re breaking off and making a new pack.”

You grabbed Dean’s shoulder, “come on, he’s ok, he didn’t hurt me. Don’t be the tough alpha.” He looked back and gave you a kiss on the forehead. Roman still had his hands up, “come on Dean my cereal is getting soggy!” Dean turned away and led you back to the room.

“Why did you go alone?” He asked. “I just wanted breakfast babe. But then morning sickness hit” you replied looking down to feel where the pups would be. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be the asshole alpha. The wolf was afraid. I panicked when I woke up. I followed your scent to the lobby.” “Well you found me.”

I’m sorry. But we need to start packing right now. We have to hop two towns over for tonight’s show. But uh, you said you felt sick?” He questioned. You nodded, “yea morning sickness.”

He chuckled and touched your stomach, “be good to mommy you little shits!” You smiled at his dad moment. “I’m pretty much ready to head out Dean,” you said. “Okay. Let me just grab our bags and load up.”


Another hotel room, in a different city. You were accustomed to traveling and never calling a place home. You unpacked and sat on the bed to rest. “When do you think I need to go to the doctor?” You asked. Dean turned around from unpacking, “we don’t go to the doctor. We’re afraid that our pups will actually be in their pup form instead of human. It happens. They also uh grow faster than normal. Normal people have their little rascals at nine months. Since the wolf’s gestation period is faster, we’ll have our pups at three months.”

“Seriously? That fast?” You asked in shock. “Yeah. But I don’t want you to shift during the next moon. I don’t want to put that strain on them. You know?” Dean said going back to unpacking. “Yea,” you simply said.


You stood backstage right before the gorilla position, waiting with Dean. He was behind you giving your neck gentle kisses and rubbing your tense shoulders. The Miz and Dolph came out of the gorilla position. Dean patted your back and started getting into the mentality that he needed before his music hit. “Good luck Lunatic,” you giggled. Dean headed up to gorilla position and got ready for tonight’s street fight against AJ.


Dean came down from the gorilla position sweaty and beat down. And the first thing he did was come to you with open arms seeking a kiss. “You ready to leave?” He asks. “Yea, don’t you wanna take a shower before we go?” You asked. “No, we gotta go now. The wolf is being a little aggressive right now,” he said trying to rush you. AJ came down the stairs of the gorilla yelling, “you fucking bitch, control yourself! You scratched my forearm pretty bad!” You looked back to AJ, “He’s sorry y’know!” AJ ran over and grabbed Dean’s shoulder.


Dean turned around, then doubled in pain.

Let me out! No one challenges me!

“NO!” Dean yelled fighting back the urge to change.

“Oh boy, here we go, the big bad Alpha has to prove his territory,” AJ mumbled, he was ready to turn the second Dean did. You heard a ripping of clothing before you, as you did you were pulled back by Seth, “careful sweetheart, you don’t wanna get mixed up in this shit.” Dean wasn’t turning into the feral wolf you’ve seen before.

Dean’s black tank ripped as his back enlarged; his denim jeans were shredded as large hind legs formed. The rusty light brown fur sprouted as the rest of his body changed into a large bipedal werewolf. He gave a short howl and snarled towards AJ. Seth stood in front of you, like how Dean shielded you earlier.

AJ was surprised by the monster that stood over him. “You’re going down!” AJ yelled as he shifted into a normal four legged wolf, unlike Dean, AJ has yet to master his bipedal form.

AJ went straight to the weakest spot, the throat. His fangs hooked around Dean’s neck; the pair fell back onto the floor. Dean viciously clawed AJ’s back, causing the feral wolf to release his hold to cry. Dean in turn went for AJ’s throat.

“Okay, we have to stop this right now!” Roman shouted. In desperation you screamed from behind Seth, “Dean down!”

She said stop. Stop!

Dean released the little wolf from his mouth and whimpered, knowing you were disappointed. You slowly walked up to Dean. You rubbed his head, “good. Good boy.” Dean panted in approval.

Her touch is so relieving. Sweet pups.

Dean shifted back to his naked form in front of half of the roster. You knelt down, “I love you.” He grabbed you into a strong hug, “I’m glad you’re ok.” You laughed, “of course I am honey, no one came near.”

AJ shifted back with what looked to be deep fang marks around his throat. Roman lifted AJ’s head to inspect. “Shit we need a medic!” He yelled in an urgent tone, “he’s not healing like he should be.” Bray and Kane carried AJ to the nurses office.

“Dean!” Roman growled, “if you fucking risk someone’s life again. I’ll have to come in and you sure as hell don’t want that!” Dean didn’t answer. You and Dean both got up and walked to the locker room to change.


You stared into the full body mirror in your room, “I think I’m showing a little.” You ran your hand down your stomach to go over a small bump. Dean stretched on the bed and motioned for you to come to bed.

Such an early glow about her. Pups are growing fast.

“Yea, they must be growing fast doll,” he said moving the covers out of the way for your entrance. You rolled into bed and covered yourself. His hand slipped down to your belly, “they’re going to look like you,” he said smiling. You giggled, “nuh uh. They’re going to look like their daddy!” You nuzzled into his chest, “I can’t wait to meet them.” “I wanna see them RIGHT now,” he said impatiently; you felt the rumble from his chest. You looked up to his blue gray eyes. Dean caressed your cheek, “god you’re too good to me Y/N. You’re everything I’ve ever needed. You keep me from being such a wildcard.” You smirked, “but I like the wildcard side.”

After a long pause and stare, you decided it was time for sleep. “Goodnight, I love you,” you said. “Goodnight, I love you too. Give the pups some good dreams.”

||Yes, there’s gonna be a fourth part! I’m going to wrap it all up (or try to and fail) Keep the many great comments coming, I’m in love with you guys, seriously!||

Losing You

Summary: Y/N makes a wrong judgement and has to fix it, but will Roman give her the chance to?


I should have been used to it by now, but I wasn’t. Having a boyfriend whose life I shared with the public definitely had its drawbacks. The biggest was coping with rumours or just news about him spreading around the world. Sometimes I found out things after everyone else, which sucked because I always preferred to hear it from his mouth, but timezones were fucking us up and that was simply beyond his control.

This one, one of many, I wish I hadn’t read so late before bed. I was feeling down and out already, feeling sorry for myself, but now I had a legitimate reason to be mad and cry.

“Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks get cosy at WWE’s Royal Rumble afterparty…” the news read.

I didn’t need to read on, the pictures alone were telling. At the party, Roman and Sasha sat closely, smiling into her phone and her arm around him at one point as they took a selfie.

Then there were two more, one of them was blurry; but their figures stood outside the party venue. Roman towering over her and saying something in her ear. The last, they seemed to be heading somewhere, Roman following behind her.

“The WWE stars were last seen leaving the party, a source disclosed that they were heading back to his hotel.”

I didn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning as those pictures came to life in my head, playing like videos. I wanted answers, I wanted to speak to him, but I knew he was asleep. I shouldn’t have cared so much then; why should he sleep peacefully whilst I struggled?

I reached for my phone and scrolled through for his number. If we could call each other at 4am to speak and flirt for hours, then I could sure as hell call him at 2-something to confront him.

There was no answer the first time, I tried again. If he wasn’t going to answer, then heck, I was going to harass Dean or all his friends until I got a hold of him.

“Hu…llo?” He answered groggily.

“It’s me,”



“Whaaat..?” He replied sleepily.

“Wake up,”

“I’m sleeping.”

“Not anymore,” I scoffed. “Is it true?” I dove straight in.

“Yeah it’s true, speak to you tomorrow-” he said dismissively. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about; he just wanted to go back to bed.

“No, is it true what I read in the papers?”


“You and Sasha?”

“What about me and Sasha?” He sounded confused. I didn’t buy it.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb. You and Sasha at that party,”

“Y/N, are you drunk?” he asked hesitantly.

I read it before somewhere that cheaters always displaced the blame on the other person, or put the focus on something else. And he was trying to do that, like I was stupid.

“No, I’m not fucking drunk! I’m asking you; is there something between you and her? Did you take her to your hotel?”

“No, what the fuck? Listen, where did you get this from?”

“It’s in the papers, magazines, internet…social media,”

“Oh of course, we believe what they write now? Okay, well you ask them since they know and you trust them.”

“I saw the pictures,”

“Okay, then there’s your answer,” he said stubbornly.


Fuck him.

“I’m going to bed I’m not entertaining your shit at this time,” he spat angrily.

“Don’t - if you fucking hang up this phone, we’re done Roman. I mean it.”

He paused. “I think we were done from the moment you accused me of cheating. Have a nice life, we’re done.”



“Thank heaven you’re here, he’s been a nightmare since you two supposedly broke-up. Please talk sense into him,” Jey, his cousin, his confidant and best friend said to me, greeting me backstage at the show along with his brother, Jimmy.

“Right? He’s just biting everyone’s head off for no reason,” Jimmy added.

I’d arranged it with the twins behind his back to come to the show to talk to Roman. I missed him. The last week had been hell. I wanted clarification, or closure, I wanted answers. And if we were breaking up, I didn’t want to go out the way we did last week. I wanted it to be amicable, I still loved him. Really though, it was bullshit, I wasn’t ready to let him go. I’d come to fight my corner. Fight for him so to speak.

“On a scale of 1-10, how mad is he at me?”

“I’m about on 20, off the radar,” his voice was unmistakable.

The room went silent, tense. I looked down nervously, playing with my hands in my lap.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked. “We’re done remember? I don’t want you here.”

“Aye, Jimmy, let’s go grab a drink,” Jey suggested in hopes to escape this dreary scenery.

“No I’m okay, I’ll wait for you,”

“No, let’s go grab a drink,” Jey repeated firmly between clenched teeth, trying to pass on the hint.

Jimmy kissed his teeth and stood up grudgingly. “We’ll be back in a minute, y'all want a drink?”

Roman didn’t answer. I could only imagine his face.

“Y/N?” Jimmy asked.


“She’s not staying,” Roman spoke for me.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I didn’t come here to see you,” I changed tactics.

I finally turned around to face him and he was seething. His expression was dark and sinister; I wondered what he’d have said to me had his cousins not been around.

“Aye bro, please, let’s just go,” Jey insisted with frustration.

“We don’t-”

“Jimmy please! Get the fuck outta here?”

“Rude! See what I mean he’s been so bitchy lately?” Jimmy complained to me as Jey led the way out. “I’m only going cos you said ‘please’ Romeo.”

“I don’t want you here,” he said finally when our company had disappeared.

Like a thousand sharp knives in my chest, those words hurt when he repeated them. I didn’t want to cry in front of him either,besides, I’d done plenty of that the last week, so I held my head up high.

“Did you hear what I said-”

“Yes! I fucking heard you Roman, but I’m not going anywhere.”

“What do you want from me? Don’t play games with me, I’m not in the mood. One minute I’m cheating, the next we’re done, now you’re here…what do you want?”

“Don’t raise your voice at me, I’m not a child,”

He glared at me, a stone cold expression.

“And don’t look at me like that to intimidate me like you do your peers in the ring, I’m not one of them,”

He said nothing, but his face softened slightly. He was starting to crack. The bricks on his walls falling off one by one.

“You need to go,” he said calmly, quietly.

“No, I’m not going,” I stood my ground.

“That’s what you think, y'know what? You better be gone by the time I’ve done my segment. I have no problem getting security on you, you can deal with that harassment lawsuit when it comes,”

It was so serious and tense, but I almost laughed at that statement. He was being petty and dramatic, and I could start to see through him. He was torn between trying to stay mad and being happy to see me. I felt the same, I leaned more towards the latter however.

“You’d really do that to me?” I used my sweet voice. “Don’t be dirty,”

He shrugged and flashed a killer sarcastic smile, the one designed to haunt your thoughts.

“I’ve been called worse: a liar…bastard…cheater. Sticks and stones baby.” he repeated the words I’d thrown at him angrily on the phone.

“Well, I had reasons to at the time,”

“Oh, so you’ve changed your opinion of me? I’m so glad,” he mastered sarcasm so well.

I began crossing the room to meet him, he started backing away subtly.

“No, you’re gonna change it, tell me what’s going on with you and Sasha?”

Now I had him backed against the wall, literally and metaphorically. He rolled his eyes and puffed a breath of air, running his hand through his hair. I missed playing with it.

“You tell me,” he said.

I didn’t take the bait. I just looked at him. He looked at me. We just looked at each other, a fight to see who’d crack first.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, his head against the wall.

“I saw the pictures,” he said in his normal conversational tone. “I get it, they are very convincing, but it was literally just me and her chilling, as I was with Naomi, Rene, Cameron - y'know? Someone just thought those pictures were worth a story, without even thinking or caring about how that impacts me…or you. It’s about a story, money, and entertaining people who care enough about what I do in my private time. And I was hurt that you believed it, I know I haven’t been home much, but I’m with you here,”

He pointed to his chest.

“You occupy my every thought, even when I’m across the world. I don’t think about other women, I don’t care to. I’m with you. I’m yours in every way possible, mind, body and spirit.”

“Why didn’t you say all this before?”

“Because I was angry that you doubted me,”

“But if you told me this earlier, I’d have listened. I needed to hear that,”

“You called me at 2am, no one’s reasonable at that time,”

“What about after? I was scared I’d lost you, I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t stop crying-”

“You were crying?” He asked with remorse in his eyes. I immediately regretted mentioning it, it broke him. He hated seeing me cry, let alone knowing of it and not being there to comfort me. “I didn’t mean to make you cry,”

“It’s okay, I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions, I’m the one that should apologise, that’s why I came here. I was being unreasonable, but I wish you reached out to me too. I’m sorry for being so pissy and dramatic,”

He pulled me closer, closing the gap between us.

“That’s us sweetie, we’re dramatic,” he smiled, holding me at the waist. “We are hotheads, we’re imperfect, we’re flawed…but we are us, and I love us.”

I giggled, smiling against his lips as he lent down for a kiss.

“I love us too,” I said, before he engulfed me into a full kiss.

“When I finish my match I can prove to you how much you mean to me,” he said with a dark tone, his eyes piercing into mine, lust firing them. “Show you that I’m yours,”

He took my hand, placed my palm flat against his chest, “It’s yours,” he said. He trailed my hand lower, kept going until it rested on his groin area. “It’s all yours,”

I felt warm and delighted, the tension alleviated off my shoulders, the stress and worry of losing him vanished. I had him back.

No, actually, he’d never left. I’d never lost him. He was right here. Always. As usual.

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But get this... A While you were sleeping teen wolf au. Does it exist? Can somebody write it? Cause that is in my sweet spot of everything I want in a rom com.

Thank You For Breaking My Heart by Loz (E, 14k)

Even though Christmas was the fucking worst, Derek had a moment to hang his hopes on — Scott coming into the coffee shop and gracing him with his smile. Little did Derek know that rescuing Scott from hunters would lead to him convincing Scott’s family they were engaged. This might not have been such a problem if Scott’s step-brother Stiles wasn’t so suspicious and oddly charming.

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do you know where i can download roms of the first four PL games? thanks!











and as a bonus






Happy Puzzle Solving

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