onetime my dad took me to look at lighthouses &said “you see that one? that one looks like a giant stripped penis.” the first time i saw a dick i was v confused bc it didnt look like the light house at all. 

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Evil Bath Products and Absolutions

pairing: Ten x Rose

summary: Rose slips and falls, but the Doctor is there to pick her up.

note: thanks to tumblr users a-4-patch-problem and timelordinvictus for reading through this a million and a half times and encouraging me.

teaspoon / ao3

She knew she was doomed the moment she slipped.

Rose sprinted down the corridors, just managing to keep up with the Doctor’s long-legged pace. Skidding around the corner at high speeds, she tried not to think of how close their scaly would-be captors were behind them. Honestly, all it took was one word in the wrong place and suddenly your being dragged away to a cell by aliens. Well, maybe it would have helped their case if they weren’t looking to shut down said aliens’ business. With a quick glance back, Rose determined that the oversized toads had lost them.

Well, she hoped.

“Just a bit more, Rose. Come on.” the Doctor called encouragingly from in front of her.

Another turn and the corridor ended abruptly. Rose screeched to a halt to avoid running off the end of the floor. In front of the pair lay an impossibly vast room. Down on the floor about fifty metres below, giant vats of multi-coloured liquid sat bubbling and oozing and steaming. Some looked thick, others thin, and still others looked to have chucks of unknown solids floating around in the mixture. The walls of the room were sheer and dotted with openings from other corridors in the building. As Rose craned her neck upwards, she could see a network of criss-crossing grated bridges crossing the gap over the products.

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Guys, don’t ever dwell on the past. It’s the worst thing you can do. I depended on someone who ended up breaking up with me because I was too mean, or too negative and what not. Yes, I did make mistakes… But then, it’s like a trap. I for one, spent crying and crying and felt hopeless. I wanted to kill myself, and only because of A BOY. The thought of him being with someone else, or anything like that fucking killed me! I mean, it still would because… I feel like, I am WORTH IT. But… Why am I only thinking about HIM? Just because he was the greatest person ever… Doesn’t mean he is NOW. Now, I can’t stand him! I see him everywhere and its annoying. He picked up all my nice qualities and I know, that sounds selfish but it’s not! I loved him, and for him to just think all this negative crap about me… It’s not okay. But then again, I can change that. But for ME. I NEED AND MUST LOVE MYSELF COMPLETELY. And you want to know why? BECAUSE I COME FIRST. HE DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE. HE IS NOT THE ONE I EXPECTED. HE WAS NOT WHAT HE PROMISED. HE IS NOT WHO I WANT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. HE MAYBE CHANGED BUT GOOD. HE IS JUST A BOY AND CAN’T HANDLE A SUN, AN ANGEL, A WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD.

fuck i really am hype for clarence

it feels like half of what Steven Universe was except SU was terrible imo

if adventure time’s big shtick is that its fantastical and wacky with small moments of down-to-earth humanity that take you aback, then Clarence is probably the opposite, where it’s down-to-earth and normal so the quirky nature of it is what makes it fun to watch

Steven Universe feels like half and half of this? Like it wants to be fantasy-oriented and down-to-earth at the same time but it causes the whole thing to feel a weird form of sterile and uninteresting, at least in my opinion

AT had power from having their characters go through colorful and wacky ordeals, which lead to the character learning about themselves in a human and realistic way

Clarence is goofy fun, but beyond the dumbness there’s a whole setting of the life of a weird little kid in suburbia who goes through everything most children go through these days

and SU feels like neither, but wants to be both. It wants to have wacky ordeals that are solved through normalcy, or normal situations with colorful or strange solutions, but this means there’s no weight on either side of the scale, its totally neutral and has hardly any appeal besides design. The only way you can like it, it seems, is if you come into it like “oh yeah i’m so ready to watch this show about female empowerment and junior philosophy and family values” and dont expect it to be a show that’s entertaining to a clean slate.

but ye. Clarence Hype.

hi ok so i don’t know but i’m feeling a lot of things lately and i’ve realized that i’ve become quite dependent on steven but not in a way that it’s unhealthy or obsessive way but more in a like “you make me really happy and i want this feeling to last” like i don’t know, after spending a few nights with him its like i want that forever and we’ve even started looking at apartments and even though he makes me nervous sometimes and even though i’m sad most of the time, he really really takes care of me and my needs and he really knows how to properly be with me because i know i’m needy and all that but i know he’s doing the absolute best he can and i am so in love with him