thanks to all my followers

Heya fellas! Sorry for the lack of original content at the moment, school is stretching me ridiculously thin as it is thanks to me losing 2 weeks worth of work-time to whatever plague this is that I still have (it’s week 3 now but at least it’s manageable atm)

I’ve gotten a few asks regarding the WKM mer-au, and sadly I have no idea when (if ever) it’ll be continued. I can barely even doodle things for myself and working on a project outside of school does not feel in he least appealing right now. To give you some idea I’m right now spending this weekend doing nothing but work for school. That’s how I spent last weekend and the one before that. Even sick.

There is no rest and a part of me is feeling mentally sick about this attitude as well. “This is how it is in the industry” Yeah but it doesn’t need to be. Regardless I just need to push through for now…

I’ll try to post some quick doodles I’ve been doing during classes and just before bed (being able to draw something small just for myself is one of the few things keeping me sane right now)

All we see is sky, for forever,
We let the world pass by, for forever,
Feels like we could go on for forever, this way.

short & sweet ♡


top five starter anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 1 : fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (2009)

“A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A fullmetal heart.

This is my deep gratitude to those who attach hearts to my pictures, like little suns, every day. Inconspicuous yet full of power.
And this is my thanks also to all those who furthermore find small words to the suns that allow them to radiate.
Also, my thanks goes to those who transmit suns and words, let others participate, to believe in the power of these images.
My gratitude are like the sun, which warmly and kindly sees the good.

Jackson: Namjoon doesn’t really text me that often.

Jackson: But that’s okay, it’s because he’s always busy.


Jackson, smile cracking: A call every once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

Jackson: But he’s really busy with his members.

Jackson, tears forming: He’s such a hard-working man. I don’t blame him for not having time to hang out.

Jackson, sobbing: It’s fine, I don’t care!


Namjoon: Jackson, I text you every day.

Kaminari isn’t the smartest guy.