thanks for requesting bby i hope its ok

pamelloe  asked:

Hi! I heard that you're open for requests. I'm total hamiltrash and for some reason I ship Hamilton and Laurens. Is it ok if you draw them together? Or at least just both of them? It doesn't really matter. And if you don't ship them, it's fine by me. Separate drawings are ok. I just really love your art style ❤️ Salamat! 😉 (And take your time, I'm totally fine with that!

here you go bby ! and ohman i ship these nerds to the moon and back u dont even know. and aaww thank you! i hope u like em C:

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Hey~ Thank you for your hard work and good luck from now on as well! 😊 It's the first time I request something, so I hope it's ok. How about Aomine, Hanamiya, Haizaki and Nash comforting their girlfriend when she feels bad/embarrassed because of body hair (arms & tummy)? I'm trying to accept this about myself and I'm still feeling weird in public about it 😢 Thank you very much and have a nice day/night! 🤗

Aw darling, thank you so much for the luck! imo, hair is just hair, but I can understand where you’re coming from bby. I dislike the hair on my legs, but found as I’ve gotten older that I don’t care if people see it as much anymore I still shave though omg I like feeling smooth too

Aomine: He doesn’t understand why you felt the need to hide. It was just hair, after all; every one had it. “You think that’s bad?” Sitting next to you as you try to hide away your arms, Aomine rolls up the hem of his pant leg, showing you his calf. “This. This is bad,” he says, comparing himself to you. Somehow, the way he’s able to make fun of himself a little makes you feel a bit better.

Hanamiya: “Then shave.” He knows what he’s saying sounds insensitive, but it was the quickest solution that he could see to a problem you seemed to have. It wasn’t what you wanted to hear though, and Hanamiya knew that. “I don’t think it’s a problem,” he says and it’s the closest he’s going to get to telling you that he loves the way you look, with or without the hair.

Haizaki: There’s a noise that resembles a scoff from Haizaki’s throat as he rolls his eyes at you. “You think you’re hairy?” His hands travel to the hem of your shirt, dipping under the fabric to caress at your skin. At the same time he’s taking one of your hands, pulling it underneath his own shirt and making you graze your fingers over that trail of hair he has. “Need I remind you of this?” He smirks.

Nash: “Don’t try to hide yourself,” he says one day, noticing how you’d always cover your arms with long sleeves. “You look fine. More than that, you look great.” But you refused to uncover them, making Nash sigh a bit. “You could always do things to get rid of it,” he suggests, giving up for now on making you see yourself the way he sees you and instead giving you some advice.