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So I don’t know if you saw this before, please ignore it if you had, but I think that mobile Tumblr is eating my asks so I thought I would send it in again, since Nerd!Uchihas are back. (Or I’m just not as amusing a I thought/hope TT_TT) Also submitting it because it grew and would take, like, four askboxes.

RE: Kakashi/Obito in the nerd!verse. I imagine that their relationship is a similar to Madara/Tobirama. Like, Obito isn’t that good at creating jutsu so he’s simultaneously fanboying over what Kakashi comes up with, and turning into a prickly hedgehog of jealous rage. And this goes on until someone decides to badmouth one of their precious people *cough*Rin*cough*, then they team up together to completely wreck whoever was an idiot that day. And it turns out that they’re scarily effective as a team, which cool. But as time goes on, all of the things that Kakashi develops either need two people or a sharingan to work. They’re completely oblivious but everyone around them thinks they’re adorable and the Uchiha elders started planning for the wedding the very first time they saw the two interact, because they all grew up with stories about Madara/Tobirama doing the same thing and they know where this is going. Meanwhile, Kumo (it was Kumo, right?) never quite recovered from the day some idiot decided to turn their third teammate into an unstable Jinchuriki. Because not only did none of that team return, but they somehow forgot that team seven’s sensei was a sealing master who could repair that seal quite easily, thank you. And now Kaka/Obi have access to their own source of jinchuriki levels of chakra with which to wreak havok. Long story short, the other villages are afraid, very afraid, and are desperately hoping that Konoha implodes on itself before Team 7 reaches their twenties.

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Kakashi scenario where his s/o gets back from a long day of training and he surprises her with a romantic date? ❤️ Love your writings, keep it up!

Awe thank you so much anon! I hope you like the scenario. I feel like I might have ended it a bit short, but if you want something more from it feel free to send me another request. 

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~~~ M

“It has to be perfect,” Kakashi mumbled to himself as he put flowers in a vase. He had been decorating your shared apartment since early that morning. Knowing that you would have a rough day from training, he had planned a special date for the two of you. He didn’t want to do anything too elaborate since it was a week day, but just something nice to surprise you with.

He heard the timer next to the oven ding, telling him that the noodles for his homemade ramen where done. Now he only had to finish making the broth and the side dishes. He had also made your favorite cookies for desert. They didn’t come out exactly perfect, but then again nothing he cooked did. It would be okay though, he knew that you appreciated effort and thought more than product anyway.

He moved on to lighting some scented candles and creating mood lighting around the dining area.  He knew you would be home any moment, so he tried to hurry. He turned on some nice soothing music, and closed some of the curtains to give the two of you privacy. The timer dinged again, and he went to finish the broth for the ramen.

Everything was set and ready to go when Kakashi heard the door handle wiggle telling him you were home. You opened the door and threw your bag next to the coat rack completely exhausted. All you wanted to do was shower and crash in front of the fire with your boyfriend. That is, until you could smell something amazing coming from the kitchen, and your stomach began to growl.

“Kakashi?” you called out into the apartment. You looked around seeing cute little candles lit along your path to the kitchen and dining room. There were also fresh flowers everywhere, and little fairy lights twinkled above your head. You walked into the dining area not knowing what to expect, and there stood Kakashi as beautiful as ever.

“Welcome home,” he hummed. “I made dinner since I knew training would be hard on you.” You couldn’t help but smile. Your boyfriend might seem a bit unreachable and uncaring to some, but he was the sweetest man you had ever met.

“Thank you so much Kaka. You didn’t have to do this you know,” you mused. Everything looked amazing. Kakashi made his way over to you, pulled down his mask, and gave you a quick kiss on your forehead.

“I know I don’t ‘have to’,” he mimicked. “But I want to. You deserve so much, and I hope that I will be able to give you that. I love you [Y/N]” he whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Kakashi,” you breathed. This was definitely what you needed after a long day of training.


Sarada yawned, holding her mother’s hand as they walked through the village. Sakura had been called to work a quick shift at the hospital since they were short staffed. Normally, she would’ve stayed with her grandparents, but both of them were out of town for a small vacation, and everyone else who she would have as a back up babysitter was also busy. This left one option left; her old sensei, the 6th Hokage. 

The young toddler had only met the man once before, according to her memory, and it was a very short meeting. So when they got to his place, the small girl was shy and hid behind her mother from Kakashi, who was practically a stranger to her. 

“Thank you so much, Kaka-sensei!” Sakura passed over a bag with some of Sarada’s favorite snacks and toys, “You don’t know how much this means to me… There’s a list of basic guidelines with her in the bag, along with some suggestions if she gets too bored. C’mon, sweetie, don’t be shy.” She picked up the three year old, passing her over to Kakashi as well. Sakura kissed the child on the cheek, and was off. 

Alone, Sarada looked at the man with a shy expression, not quite sure what to say. Instead, she let her curiosity take over, and pulled down his mask. 


Title: First Acquaintances
Rating: K
Pairing: KakaSaku
Summary: This small episode of nostalgia would be remembered by him and him alone, emerging in her passionate spirit and fiery temper. ANBU!Kakashi and young!Sakura-verse. Oneshot.

A/N: My attempt to write something close to fluff *squints furtively at the rest of my writing*. Plus, I adore the squee-worthy cute factor that ANBU Kakashi and young Sakura have! xD


“Stop it! Let me go!”

Kakashi paused as a small angry voice rang out in the forest. He was on his way to meet his teammates for an ANBU mission, but felt uncharacteristically inclined to check out what was happening. 

“Leave me alone!” 

And now, the speaker was in tears, he could hear it in her voice (or his, a young boy maybe). Interest piqued, he turned and headed in the direction of the bickering - it seemed like it was coming from a small clearing nearby, a little ways from the Academy. Being silent out of habit, he nimbly leapt up a small tree to get a better view.

In the small clearing stood four children, and upon further inspection, it was a small… pink-haired -Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the oddity of it - little girl that was the target of the squabble. The three other girls surrounded her, gathered in a circle and taunting her. With his keen sense of hearing, Kakashi was able to pick up each line that fell from their mouths.

“Such a big forehead, I bet enemy ninja’ll be able to spot you a hundred feet away!”

A chorus of sniggers. “No, she won’t be even able to graduate! Her forehead can be used for target practice!” A larger girl laughed, her arms akimbo as she eyed the pink-haired girl disdainfully.

Kakashi’s eye widened as an arm reached out and shoved the rosette over, sending her sprawling onto the grass with a yelp of pain. That was going a little too far. He didn’t usually intervene in such trivial matters, but without further thought, he leapt from the tree branch he was balancing on, landing only a few centimeters from the four children. 

The reaction was immediate, and it was moments like these Kakashi felt especially appreciative of his honed ninja skills. The three immediately let out a cry of surprise and stumbled backwards, landing ungracefully on their butts (he felt a small flicker of satisfaction and amusement). To her credit, the pink-haired girl that was the target of the bullying only gave a small start as he dropped suddenly beside her, fixing him with wide, teary green eyes.

Kakashi did his best to give the three bullies his most intimidating hooded look, but it seemed that his ANBU garb did more than enough to terrify them. He was dressed like an assassin, and in Konoha, where basic knowledge of the ANBU profession was commonplace, he was an assassin - to them at least. 

“Your parents didn’t teach you very well about how you should treat others, did they?”

His low warning tone and unflinching gaze did well to reduce them to a stuttering heap. 

“W-We… we…”

Ordinarily, Kakashi had no patience for annoying small children, and these three definitely fell perfectly into that range. He leaned over slightly, towering over them, continuously eyeing them with a stare of apathy and mild disgust.

“Get lost.” The two words were gritted out, “t”s enunciated, and lined with forcefulness.

The three kids didn’t need to be told twice. Eyes wide and stumbling over themselves, they picked themselves off the ground and ran. 

“If I see you bullying this girl again, I won’t hesitate to hurt you!” Kakashi called to their retreating backs, maintaining his threatening voice while inwardly grinning. He was enjoying this moment thoroughly - as a new and fresh member of ANBU, he didn’t get to intimidate many people, in fact it was often himself that was on the receiving end of such intimidation from higher-ups in the corps. It felt nice - no, thoroughly satisfying - to switch roles, even if it meant swinging empty threats (he wouldn’t actually hurt them, not really) at children less than half his age.

A small hand tugged on the leg of his pants, snapping him back from his thoughts. 

“T-Thank you.” 

Kakashi’s eye crinkled as he looked down to look at the girl, crouching down slowly as one did to an animal to show that they weren’t a threat. “It’s nothing.” 

Her green eyes blinked once, twice, and she very suddenly broke out into a small but bright grin despite the tear-marks streaking her face. “My name’s Sakura!” she squeaked, thrusting out a tiny hand to him.

Kakashi took her hand slowly, his larger gloved fingers curling around her bare ones. “Hello, Sakura. I’m Kakashi. You’re not scared of me?”

Sakura shook her head. “Why would I be? You scared them o-off for m-me.” Realizing she was still hiccuping from the intensity of her yelling and crying from a few moments ago, Kakashi pulled out his water bottle from his mission pack. “Here. Drink some.”

He watched as the girl took the bottle and lifted it up to drink, the standard water-container comically large in comparison with her face. When she was done, she wiped her mouth with her arm, something Kakashi fondly remembered himself doing at around her age. “A-Are you an ANBU?” she asked.

“Well, yes, I work for ANBU.”

“Oh.” Sakura’s brow furrowed. “Do you kill people?”

Kakashi paused before answering carefully. There simply wasn’t a feasible way to discuss such matters with children. “Sometimes, if the mission requires me to.”

“Oh.” Sakura looked down, wiggled her toes and was quiet for some time, making Kakashi feel a little uneasy about his answer. “But they’re all baddies, right?”

“I guess you could say that.” Kakashi’s lip twitched into a small, relieved quirk. Eager to change the subject, he gestured vaguely to the direction of the Academy, hidden from view with a thick fringe of leaves. “Are you supposed to be at the Academy now?”

“I’m supposed to be at home.” The girl looked around. “B-But I don’t know where I am. Kaede, Teto and Aika pulled me here… and I d-don’t know how to get home.” A sudden look of being utterly lost came onto her face, and she tugged at her pants nervously.

Realizing that the girl was once again dangerously close to bursting into tears, Kakashi quickly took her hand. “It’s okay, I know the way,” he said reassuringly. “Where do you live? I’ll bring you home.”

“The c-civilian district.”


Kakashi ended up walking the girl all the way back, stopping once to buy them a treat of dango in an attempt to make her day slightly better (and to quell his complaining stomach). When they reached her apartment, she threw her arms around his legs in a tight hug. 

“Thank you, Kaka-chan!”

Kaka-chan. Kakashi wasn’t sure how to respond to that entirely too-cute nickname that a deadly assassin of ANBU should never have, but he reached down to ruffle her pink locks anyway. “You’re welcome, Sakura-chan. If they ever bully you again, you have to stand up for yourself. Don’t let them do that to you again, okay?”

“Okay. I will.” She beamed at him, and he felt a sudden ping of warmth. “Bye, Kaka-chan!”

“See you, Sakura.” He watched as she disappeared into the brightly lit house. From the window, he saw her mother reprimand her out of worry and pull her into a hug. A small smile tugged at his lips. Feeling assured that she was in good hands now, he turned and headed back in the direction of the forest where he was supposed to meet his team.

It was the first time Kakashi was ever late for anything.

Seven years later, it was a surprise to see Sakura’s data profile under the list of genin students he was supposed to take under his wing. He wondered mildly if she would remember their acquaintance (she didn’t). Another five years later, as he watched her level a substantial amount of enemy territory with a single blow of her fist, he felt pride that he was able to shape a bit of her headstrong and fierce personality – even if it was just by doing a little that one afternoon.


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