thanks you gif

Haven’t done this in awhile but…
Thank you for 2,000+ followers.
Means a lot and I value all of you.
Everyone gets a Bates Motel discount!
Not all at once. We only have so many rooms.

* 1000 *

This is my One Thousand post on tumblr. Thank you everyone for this wonderful trip through photography!

My special thanks for the (kinda)recently reblogs to  @issfcommunity  @camera-raw  @beautiful-mysterious-world  @monotoniaaa  @istumbled-upon  @opticalgallery  @imiging  @ponderation  @julesfalkhunter  @beautifullyframed  @fotop  @poroussoul  @umbraelacrimas  @the-illusions-of-reality  @thewolvesatnight