thanks writers of be

it scares me that
I can sculpt
love poems
from the same letters
you use to
spread hate.
—  good vs evil by shelby leigh
Best Not!Date Ever

Jean: I’m not really in the mood for this Lucien. (But I made lunch, packed the blanket and showed up anyway…)

Lucien: Would you mind turning around to face me?

Lucien: And come a little closer.

Jean: !!!!! 

Lucien: What do you see?

Jean: Well you, obviously.

Lucien: !!!! No, behind me.

Jean: Trees bushes….

Lucien: *after turning* (Hmmm… I probably could have figured that out if I turned around, yup there they are.)

Lucien: Apparently she had his arms around him. Around his neck.

Jean: !!!! (But I’ll go along with it.)

Lucien: I’m still not entirely sure how this is supposed to work.

Jean: Oh? What part? 

*** How could they do that with a straight face??!! ***

Lucien: Well cyanide is fast acting (not like me, at least not until Season 4) convulsions… involuntary moans… apparently no one noticed a damn thing! 

*** I’m thinking this may still be the case…. can’t believe they made it through that straight faced either… cruel, cruel writers***

Jean: Well maybe that’s why she had his arms around him. So no one could see what was happening. 

Jean: (Except for you people watching… you know exactly what’s going on here.)


Definitely the best Not!Date ever.

Love is not always long paragraphs
Or flowers on your doorstep
Or kisses in the hallway

Sometimes love is long nights on the phone
Without saying a word
And not really knowing why

Love is not always strong kisses
And warm skin
And tangled legs

It can be words with sharp edges
Spoken when unwanted
And unspoken when needed

Love is a garden
It requires sunshine and rain and work
And patience in between

Love is being uncertain of the future
Sometimes even the present
But choosing to stay anyway

Because the faith that love will prevail
Is so much stronger
Than the fear that it won’t

—  The Garden

People who send anons that spread love and positivity, or who ask fans throught-provoking questions about their headcanons, or who send random prompts to fic writers or ask fic writers about their stories, or who thank fan artists for their work…I just want to say thank you. Thanks for being so anonymously awesome.


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Arghhh thank you to every single one of you for reading my content and I adore you all. I hope everything I write has made you at least smile or feel something. Thank you so so goddamn much and now for a few shoutouts !

Writers :

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All of you have inspired me or made me smile in some way. i am an awkward mutual who never know when it’s appropriate to start a conversation or not but every single one of you has made me smile every time I see your writing or edits. 

You guys have always been so sweet and kind and ready to help me out with my writing or life in general whenever I ask and I thank all of you for that <3 

Maybe one day I will get out of my awkward shell and talk to all you :D 

Readers :

I honestly would tag all of you but i can’t so here are some people who have always commented on my stuff. 

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Y’all always say the sweetest things and it honestly keeps me going and rearing to write more.

I love you all so goddamn much and if i have not made it clear before. 

Thank you

P.s : Writers , I have a challenge coming up sometime next week get ready <3

important announcement!

so this blog is from now on an archive blog as i have grown tremendously since i first made this blog, both personally and as a writer. i want to thank you all so much for your support through the last year and a half.

my new blog can be found here @dicckgrayson

you are of course not obligated to follow me there but i’d love to see some familiar face. you’ve all been so amazing and once again

thank you so much for everything. if you could please spread the word i would appreciate it deeply

anonymous asked:

In your opinion, do you think comments or recs mean more to writers?

I think people might have a preference that I couldn’t speak to, but in general any kind of acknowledgement feels wonderful.  There’s no way I’d be able to compare the two, personally, because they’re two totally lovely ways of saying you liked something, and that it was worth reading.  So I guess it depends on the writer.  :)  Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

What top three of your own fic would you want people to read?

First of all, whoever you are, I really appreciate you sending this ask to a bunch of writers today. Thank you for giving people a chance to promote stuff they’re proud of, that’s really cool.  I’m not as prolific as a lot of other writers, so my top three are kind of…my only three.  I drabble a lot more than I probably should in the form of anon responses, so I’ve only got a few longer pieces under my belt.

A Preponderance of the Evidence - Mulder and Scully are forced to deal with the fallout of both the Ed Jerse case and Scully’s cancer diagnosis.

Center Mass - Post-Pilot, the two agents make a concerted effort to get to know one another.  It doesn’t exactly go according to plan.

Firewood - Post-IWTB era drabble. Mulder chops some firewood.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm a little new to fandom, and I love your blog, so I was wondering if you could recommend any good fic writers?

for Ghostbusters or for HTTYD??

thank you but i’m not the person to ask. i have a shitty memory so i can’t remember names very well, and plus i’ve been pretty inactive in the HTTYD fandom lately. you might want to ask @kingofthewilderwest. Haddock will be able to tell u who the best writers in the HTTYD fandom are :)

as for Ghostbusters fic writers? i honestly have no idea. if you’re a Ghostbusters fic writer, go ahead and like or reblog this post or whatever so anon knows how to find you!

anonymous asked:

You're my favourite author in this fandom

I think you need to read some more writers? Ahahahha

Thank you, that means the world to me ♡ I’m just hoping I can keep producing material that makes you want to say that

A note to fanfic writers from an artist.

I’m gonna say something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I want to thank the fanfic winters out there who spend hours writing beautiful pieces of work to share with others, and I’m sorry that so many of you don’t get the recognition or thanks that you truly deserve.

 Coming from an artist, I truly believe that writers have it much harder compared to illustrators in terms of gaining fans and receiving recognition. For artists such as myself, it’s much easier to receive followers, likes, and reblogs because people only need a few seconds to decide whether or not they like the art style and if they want to share it or not. I also have a multitude of social media platforms to choose from: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Deviantart, heck even YouTube and AO3 if I wanted to. For writers, it’s much harder (not only because their platforms are more limited) but because most people either skip past the word of text, don’t have the time to read the fic, or ‘like’ the fic to read it at a later time. This makes it very difficult for fanfic writers to get their work circulated and to gain new fans. 

Additionally, unlike artists, it’s extremely hard to profit off writing (unless you get to publish a book in which case- YAY!!!! But the chances of being published is very very slim;;). Illustrators frequently sell merch, have Patreons, or fill commissions to make a little extra money on the side. With fanfic writers, that’s close to impossible to do. I saw a writer I follow try to open a Patreon and charge three bucks a chapter for a fic they spent hours writing. Three bucks for a 5,000+ word chapter. Thats like five double-spaced, five-paged essays. Do you know how long it takes to write that many words? Asking for three bucks was already extremely, EXTREMELY cheap. But of course, ‘paying for fanfic???? Noooo.’ The amount of hate and negativity that the author received just blew me away. Authors spend just as much time on their works as artists do, so why are some people willing to pay $25-$85 for a drawing, but not three bucks for a chapter? I’m not saying that artists don’t deserve the recognition or money they earn because I know that artists put a lot of time and effort into their art, and I applaud them for utilizing their talents to reach where they are today. I just wish that more people would also give some of their love to the amazing fanfic writers who are underappreciated and deserve so much more. It’s very discouraging when you spend hours on something and barely get recognition for it. So please, help support fanfic writers by sharing their work so they can gain new fans and allow other people to see their amazing talents as well.

happiness lives
in a little room in my heart
and some days it
prefers the curtains drawn shut

(and i’ve learned that’s okay).

—  by shelby leigh
Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain: Beta kid Edition

JOHN: blank slate?? John “Can Be Whoever U Want” Egbert. sleeps with a nic cage bodypillow…..  uses :B a lot? Hello Naughty Children Its Nonstop Mean Pranks Time i hope u like ur hair dyed pink and half shaved

JADE: infomercial voice: Ever Needed an unnecessary antagonist to ur Dave x (character/reader insert) ship but didnt want to create a whole new character? Try Jade Harley for the low low price of $stop

ROSE: summons the power of every lovecraftian monstrosity to empower her ability to be ur wing-man in the up and coming ship of the fic. at exactly 12 midnight EST on a blue moon, during the Lost 29th Day of February, she may mention the tales of a wandering cryptid by the name of Kanaya then u will unlock her quest chain to later unlock this vampire to be a new playable character and gain an achievement

DAVE: 2 ¾ cups of all purpose Personality. 1 teaspoon of irony. ½ cup of apple juice. 2 eggs. 2 cups of white sugar. 1 ¼ cups of All I Do Is DJ. Then pour into a blender and sprinkle in 4 pounds of Popular Highschool Boy Tropes, force the lid closed, turn it on and pray

Well I didn’t see that coming.
—  Me writing a story written by me.