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can you draw marcus kissing the main gang?

deadass so thankful for this ask…..ive gained 10 yrs to my life

and cant forget the most important:

How to get him to talk

Ah, much better.

I’m glad you asked! There are a few of you out there who don’t quite fully understand it, so I’ve heard. Allow me to clear up any misconceptions or confusion about the matter.

The CORE is, in essence, a geothermal power plant: its turbines are powered by the great amount of heat energy emitted from water hitting the surface of the magma stream beneath the machine, and those turbines generate magical electricity.  

The water is pumped from (surprise) Waterfall’s rivers, which is carried through heat and corrosion resistant tungsten pipes.

As an additional note, we are keeping a certain wolf monster well-paid to provide the CORE with cooling ice from Snowdin. In case they’re reading this: hello! And thank you for all your hard work.

Oh, uh- Hi!

Swimmingly! Since construction was completed, and the Underground’s electrical grid went live, monsterkind has enjoyed access to consistent and reliable power with minimal incident.

“M-minimal”, he says…


Aside from that, I can say… Powering the Underground is all well and good, but there remains within the CORE a wealth of magical energy that is going untapped. I intend to put it to good use.

Y-you make it sound like anyone could have done it… You brought p-power and modern technology to the entire Underground, b-but that’s still not enough for you, huh, sir?

Not even close! Onward and upward!


Youmacon random cosplay shots!

Some of my favorite cosplays, as well as some goofy shots :D!  Once again, thank you @loverofpiggies and @alainaprana, as well as my husband, for cosplaying with me Youmacon weekend! It was a blast!  I can’t wait to see CQ again at @shutocon in March! <3

Science Day Care




Ohoho Thank you for your support! 

Hm, an interesting observation from the first Anon. Philanthropy wasn’t what drove me to adopt them, though it is the reason I have a job. Haha

As for the third Anon’s question: We do indeed host Bring Your Child To Work days here in the labs.

Most days, in fact! Our work often demands long hours, and I take no joy in keeping parents apart from their children. So to solve that problem, we installed a Day Care room!

On the upper floors, of course, far away from any of our more, ah… ambitious experiments. We hold the children’s comfort and safety paramount here in the labs!

Employees are permitted to visit their children whenever they need to, and can monitor them on the cameras at all other times. Play times, nap times, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all scheduled. I can assure you, the children are kept safe and happy here.

I would have it no other way!


“Not interested in anyone”? What g-gave you that impression?

What’s that?


What did you say?


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In your WD Gaster Masterpost you said that “The identifier for the text type is 666”. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this statement?(Great post btw!!)

(undertale spoilers)

To begin with, the phrase “identifier for the text type” was an informal way to say “typer value.” Without knowledge of the code, “typer value” would be meaningless. In a few words, “text type” refers to the type of text used in the dialogue. However, it is more complicated than that.

In the game, the appearance and behavior of the text are determined by a text setup script that uses the following arguments.

Depending on the typer value, the game will execute the script for the text setup with a set of values, which makes the text display in a certain way. The typer value 666 is used for the dialogue in obj_gaster_room, where ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN is seen.

The 0 is the index value for the font file “fnt_wingdings”. The 16777215 is the color value for white. The 71 is the index value for the sound file “snd_wngdng1”. The rest are values for writing placement, shake intensity, text speed, and spacing. 

By setting the typer variable to 666, the text that follows will be displayed using the arguments mentioned above.

talesfromcallcenters: "My son sent me some green stuff"

HI, first time poster here!

I work for a logistics company, specifically for the international contingent of the business. I deal with couriers, customers and customs all over the world; for the most part, this essentially involves helping people fix the stuff they didn’t do right when they shipped their package in the first place.

This particular call relates to an imported parcel from the Netherlands.

M = Me WD = Worried Dad

M: Good afternoon, *** Dept, IntLogistic speaking how can i help?

WD: Hi, my name is WorriedDad, my son has sent me a parcel from the Netherlands, would you like the tracking number?

M: Yes please, go ahead.

He then proceeds to give me the tracking number for his package, i pull up the information and its out for delivery, usually good news to any sender or recipient, anywhere in the world.

M: Its currently out for delivery to your…


M: I’m sorry sir, what?

WD: My son has sent me some green stuff as a joke and I’ve been trying to contact someone to get it stopped so he doesn’t go to prison?

M: [taken aback] Right, okay… i see… sorry sir, could you be more specific?

Obviously, given the item has come from the Netherlands, and he has described the contents as ‘green stuff’, i know he’s speaking about Marijuana, but i’m not going to just assume that, thereby accusing his son of distributing illegal substances

WD: My son is on holiday in Amsterdam and thought it would be funny to send me some weed!

Now, as its out for delivery, its already gone through customs and is on the van already. In the event we’re advised there’s something illegal in a package, we have to try and intercept.

M: Okay sir, have you reported this to the police?

WD: No! Ofcourse not! I don’t want my son to be arrested!

M: Okay sir, not to worry, bare with me one moment, i’ll need to put you on hold whilst i contact the depot to get this intercepted for you.

WD: Thank you so much! My son won’t be in trouble will he?

by this point i’ve already pressed the mute button (i can still hear him but he can’t hear me), and i’m staring blankly at my screen. Then the most amazing thing happens. I hear the guy’s doorbell go, and some scuffling, shortly followed by…


M: Yes sir, my apologies, i am still trying to reach the…


M: Who is there?


M: Okay sir, are you actually sure your son has sent you Marijuana?

WD: No but he said…

M: Alright, ask the driver to hold on for a moment, and open the package whilst he is with you.

the phone goes quiet for a moment, it sounds like he’s pocketed his phone whilst he’s still on the line, followed by some inaudible chatter and the closing of a door

M: Hello? Sir? Are you still there?


M: [trying not to laugh] No problem sir, enjoy your brew!

WD ends the call, clearly embarrassed, i’m almost speechless, and turn to my manager - only to find he’s crying into his keyboard

By: IntLogistic


@kuso919 thank you so much I cant even express the amount of joy I have every time I get a pic reply! I don’t even expect anything but you always draw something! This gift isnt much but I hope you like it!!! clothe swap is fun.

All of you haven’t seen @kuso919‘s art yet you should really go see it and follow them! they do amazing art! really go do it!!!

also a little extra


I just hit over 100 followers yesterday, thank you guys so much! Because of this I was inspired to draw a bunch of Gasters since most of you love him as much as I do ;w; The lovely royal guard design was created by @demorrt-arts he just looked so interesting to draw that I couldn’t help myself haha. (I hope I didn’t butcher her design, I can’t draw armor for crap lol) I haven’t even been posting art that long and I can see some big improvements already. All of the encouraging comments really help inspire me to keep doing what I love~ They’ve also helped me get past some depression episodes, which I appreciate a lot. I love ya guys :’)


Sans offers his hand to Fuku.  They should really get going.  Out of the corner of his eye, the short skeleton spots Grillby, though.  It seems like he’s looking at him, but he can’t really tell.  Hm.  Maybe he doesn’t see him?  Sans stares at him, trying to decipher that nonexistent look that he’s being given.

Oh gosh!  He’s definitely been spotted!

Sans can only hope that Grillby doesn’t let G know that he’s down h–


O H .

Needless to say, G doesn’t look happy at all.

What’s next?

[Run for your life, buddy] [Accept whatever’s coming] 

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LG, how do you get work done with your strangely elongated phalanges? Doc and LG, can you only speak in sign, English, (and code/binary/etc.), or do you know other languages, monster and/or human? Also, for both, how would you react to a true alternate Gaster (a completely different entity) contacting you /without/ breaking or destabilizing the continuum? Doc, you are spectacle-tacular. Goop squad, have some cookies! Wait, for all, macarons or macaroons? G'day!


Mmmmmmmy, my. An inquisitive one, aren’t you? Never fear. We’ll try our best to answer all your queries in this post.

Strangely? You must be Human. They’re alar phalanges. As for how I get work done? With grace, diligence, and stellar efficiency, if I do say so myself. Remember; what you see before you, whether Goop Squad member or an avatar like this one, is just that; an avatar. I can perform many functions without touching something physically with an avatar at all, as long as it’s connected to the CORE’s network. If extra-fine manipulation is needed, I can always form a tendril of the gooey black matrix that avatars are formed from…


Or, hey, look at this! Magic! Who would have thought?!

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30 for the "I love you" prompt? Clexa? Or whatever couple you're feeling! (I was hoping I'd see that post on your blog!!)

for this. send a pairing a number and i’ll write a thing!

You don’t hear it the first time. The words all mix together and it’s just the sight of her stumbling determinedly through the snow to get to you. She’s bundled up in layers of coats and furs, a thick wool scarf wrapped around the lower half of her face, and it looks like she hasn’t had a good sleep in weeks. That doesn’t stop her from meeting you halfway in those hazy hours just before sunrise, trudging through the last cumbersome steps in the thick snow to throw her arms around your neck and tug you close.

It’s quiet in that deceiving way you’ve come to learn the earth to be, the breeze biting in the early morning air, but the sigh Clarke breathes into your neck is all warmth. You must stink of the road–the sweat and dirt, the bit of blood still caked into the bandages wrapped around your shoulder under all the bulk. She keeps you together though. You hope she can say the same of you.

“I think it’s time you retired,” she mutters, voice muffled by the folds of her scarf, your skin.

Your lips hurt when you smile, chapped and worn raw from the cold, and you rest your head against hers. “I’ve plenty of years left, Clarke.” You slip your left arm into her outer open jacket, snaking it around her waist. She’s quick to burrow into the heat you offer. “It would be a waste not to use them.”

“That’s the problem,” she replies. She peels away slightly to look you in the eye, untangling a hand from its grip of your cloak to brush her thumb over your cheek, rubbing away the coal smudged there. She has your attention and holds it. “You should be spending them with me.”

You laugh softly and her lips split in a grin, but it doesn’t last. It melts as she studies you, eyes open and searching. You’re not sure if she finds what she’s looking for before she tucks herself back in, nosing your shoulder. You feel the sigh she exhales then, stomach to stomach, and you keep her close.

“I love you,” she says. Quick and rushed and a bit desperate. It hurts as much as it heals.

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Casually hops on Leon's back. ❝What's up pretty boy?❞

While walking down an alleyway Leon was checking their surroundings every time they would come up to a new area. The Walkers were minding their own business right now which was good, but it didn’t mean he could let his guard down, even the smallest mistake could trigger the horde walking the streets so he had to move carefully and keep his eyes out for nearby walkers. 

Ever since the people he was working for went rogue and became corrupted he had used his access to rations and supplies to give to groups of survivors he could trust and needed them more. In one of those groups, he had met a young lady named Clementine who he quickly developed a close relationship with. She was an intelligent young lady whom he admired for her bravery and kind nature. After parting ways he moved on to help other groups who need supplies but promised her he would see her again. While waiting to meet a group who got in contact with him he was surprised feeling someone jumping on his back, he was about to pull them off his back until the sound of a familiar voice made him refrain before he could do any harm.

He chuckled at her compliment which was what she always seemed to call him here and there but he didn;t care and knew it was all in fun.

[{☣}] - “Well well, if it isn’t Clementine. Nice of you to drop by. He greeted giving her a small smile.

Glad to see you’re safe kiddo.