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Hello ! I’m finally reopening my commissions because I’m on holidays. Half body only for the time being though sorry !

If you are interested please send me an email at with infos on what you want me to do !
I do anything except hardcore nsfw and super complicated mechas.

  • For the chibis, as it is said they are optional. Tell me if you want one of them, there won’t be any extra fees !
  • The price is per character !
  • Paypal only. and it’s not the same email so ask me !

Thank you for supporting me!!!



Drawings to accompany @lightshesaid’s beautifully written fic, A Hollow Nest to Dream In for the voltron general big bang! It was a joy getting to work with them, and inspiring to see their effort result in something so wonderful. Go check it out!

lunafreya nox fleuret

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10 days of dodie (1/10)
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Success! Success! It finally uploaded! Thank you Tumblr!!

Nick: Finally they’re all asleep…*gently strokes the cheek of his son, until he feels Judy’s tiny paws against his back*

Judy: Nick..I wanted talk to you about something…about…us. and where we are now. And…well we’ve flirted and thrown each other hints and stuff…and well..I finally made the decision…Make the final move to see where we go from there!!! *grabs Nick roughly by the shirt*

Nick: Whoa whoa..easy fluff…you’re gonna wake the- *before he could finish Judy’s lips were already touching his muzzle*

Judy: *releases from the kiss to breathe* …..(H-he…his taste…would he mind if I went in for another…?) *But before thinking it over a little longer she was already on top of the fox once again, but this time with a little more…tongue…* ….*until she finally notices what she was doing to her partner* Oh my gosh! Nick I’m so sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me!! I didn’t mean to force it…well the second kiss…I just lost control!!

To be continued…(Yes there will be a part 2)

This is my first time drawing them kissing…so..I was a little nervous..