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       It wasn’t  as though she cleared of her work schedule or
        went  and bought  decorations, ingredients and  invitations
        in preparation. Nor did she plan and think to ask permission
        to use one of the largest rooms for a party of any kind.

      And it certainly wasn’t as though she had ever chosen to
        set  work aside and taken the time to  research his favorite
        foods and desserts, as well as stayed up at an ungodly hour
        in  the   spare  kitchen  to  follow  recipe  instructions.  She
        didn’t  think to mark of this particular  date on both  her  cal-
        endar and memo book a month prior either.

        No way.

       In no way did she ever exhaust herself or go the extra
        mile for a lazy bum like him.

        Not at all.

        Or so she told everybody else to save herself the embarrassment.

        ——–———— The room lit up, chandelier momentarily blinding the pair upon opening the doors, not a corner left untouched by light even at this late hour of the night. The echoes resonating the large body of their very own grandfather clock upon striking twelve was drowned out by the sound of cheers, celebrating the birthday of their favorite chief of staff whom was just now led casually inside by none other than herself.

        Taking the chance while surrounded by the crowd, Koala would step aside, hurriedly striding by in heels passed several others and towards the center of the room where a banquet laid in wait, her heart racing all the while, anxiously excited to see of his reaction once revealing of his giftone materialistic while the other edible; a little something she practiced every other night in secret.

        Sabo-kun! The sweetest of calls would beckon for his sole attention as she lifted of a heavy tray, one holding that of a enormous birthday cake the color of the sea and that of his eyes; a cake made purely by none other than herself. Although not entirely perfect, in fact slightly flawed in many places; the time and effort made was evident in every corner, every uneven strawberry piece, and the overflowing icing that poorly decorated the deliciousness that was inside.

       Her other gift of course, if he hadn’t yet noticed, had already been sneakily locked around his wrist upon entering the room. A watch, silver in color, told of both the time and date. A helpful tool to remind him of every day and hour rather than ask her constantly throughout the day.

        Happy birthday! She beamed, the single lit candle atop of the cake sat in wait, strengthening as well as highlighting the reddened hue spreading both her rounded cheeks. Thanks for another year here with us..

    Led through large doors, by his right hand, the revolutionary could only have two options coursing through his mind; a late meeting he had simply forgotten the details of or important work he needed to handle but never could the male have predicted of the celebration embracing every corner of the lit up room which had never appeared so bright before; an expected slip from his part, as up until recent, he couldn’t even recall of his own birth date.

    Awed and likewise startled, hues of cerulean would scan of their surroundings, their friends and comrades all gathered here, he assumed by none other than the very same ginger which led him here, himself — she must have been the only one he’d slipped the date of his birthday to since his memories resurfaced, after all and yet never in his wildest imagination, could he think something like this would be the result of it.

        The touch so warm and light previously leading him and lingering around his wrist would let go, leaving his skin cold and bare without the feel of her tender digits against his skin but he couldn’t protest, not aloud at least as he had been left too speechless by it all, gawking with lips parted and optics widened as it all slowly connected.

    This really was [ a l l  ] for him,
    the female resembling a sun in his life
    emitting light anywhere she went,
        — going so far as to brighten up his night on this very special day too.

    A voice so sweet would be the only thing successfully breaking his trance, shocked scarred features shifting in awe as they focused solely on Koala and the creation she had prepared for him, in her hands — somehow, just glancing at it he could tell it had been of her work as every thing about the way it had been presented spoke of the care and diligence put into it — immense detail, even if slightly uneven, had been one only she would ever pay attention to and go the extra mile for. 

    ❝ K-koala.. you — ❞ it definitely was quite the scene for everyone present to witness their very own chief of staff in such an embarrassed and unusual state, so at loss of words and reddened in the cheeks.

    In younger years, he’d recall of noble kids whose parties he’d been forced to attend making wishes upon blowing the candles — a tradition, back then he had deemed ridiculous as he’d always been one to believe one had to work hard for their dreams than merely wish for them on cakes, yet now, with her glowing in the center of the scene, he couldn’t help but make a silent wish to himself — 

                    To [ a l w a y s ]  have her by his side, for now and forever. 

    Excitedly the candle was blown out in somewhat of a hurry, needing the cake out of the way as it had been blocking him from the cute petite hiding behind it and without further adieu, he would carry it away from her, setting it with immense care as to not spoil her hard work next to the rest of the banquet.

    With nothing but space now between the pair, the blonde would waste no time in closing it, arms hesitant initially growing more confident to tighten once she had been locked safely in his embrace; it didn’t matter that a good measure of their army was watching — he just needed her close, her alone.

    And to think she would go far as thanking him, after everything she had done for him; it made him laugh out loud, touched, over joyed, amused by all that is her. ❝ I think you got it all wrong.. Koala — I’m the one thankful, I’m the one that’s always been thankful.. for you, being here with me. 

    Letting go only after a few good moments, he would instead focus on the watch he definitely needed but wouldn’t go out of his way to buy for himself, while digits previously holding her close would trace its lining, making a mental note to try and keep better track of the time as to take at least one little bothersome task off her shoulders, before cerulean hues awed and sparkling with both love and joy turned back to the female who held his entire attention tonight.

                ❝ — You really over worked yourself for me again this time, didn’t you?
                    Thank you.

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Hi Nenya, I wish you could help me find a full analysis about how Kaiba feels about Yugi esp. in DSOD. I remember it said that Kaiba holds them in respectively different places, and his bond with Atem is so profound that now even though Yugi is holding the KOG title and seems to be an worthy rival of him, Kaiba still chases after Atem. The writer related it with the case when your loved one was gone, you won't replace him with his twin brother bc they're totes different. Thank you!

I’m asking for help here!  

I remember reading this review but I couldn’t find it.  I’ve made passing comments about one friend not replacing the other and so have other posts, but I couldn’t find one in detail on the subject.

I’m including links to two posts that I’ve reblogged at some point that talk about Kaiba and Yugi in detail.

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You deserve to smile.
You deserve to be happy.
Let the sun shine through your heart.

A quick doodle break from doujin work. Dedicated to friends who’s having a hard time. Please don’t forget there are people who’s there for you! Don’t forget to smile. Smile for yourself, for your friends.