thanks toby for existing

Happy Anniversary Undertale and thank you

Undertale changed my life. In a good way.

I didn’t know about it until almost 2 months after the release, i watched @therealjacksepticeye‘s play through. It took me almost 3 more months to get into the fandom.
I’m pretty young. 12 years old. My was a pretty rough one. I left America at the end of 2008 and came to italy.
Now i look very different from the italians and didn’t know it’s language well, so i was continually made fun of and bullied.
I learnt to get over it when i started going on youtube, it still hurt’s but at least now i won’t drop my knees and cry. 
But then family issues started. My parent’s continuously fought every day with only a few rare day’s of peace. Recently my mom left to Korea with only one day of warning for me and my sister. We had to stay behind and explain to our dad what had happened.
I was depressed but pretended everything was fine because i didn’t want to worry people.
Then Undertale came along.
At first i just watched. I found amazing people. Before i never thought people so great and kind could exist. @loverofpiggies, @nekophy, @miya-sheep, @undertalebrothertale, @alainaprana, @youmnamito, @rahafwabas, @jokublog, @jakei95, @furgemancs, @angexci are only some of the kindest and most amazing people i saw in my life. They obviously don’t know about me but i’m happy to see their contents, comics, au’s and all the good stuff <3
With it i also got more into doing other activities then staying on the computer all day. I found friends for once. I felt happy. 
I’d wish i could make more things for such an important day but i’m not good at anything.
So thank you so much for everything toby. Thank you for making such a game that can make me cry, smile and laugh. Thank you for inspiring so many people. Thank you for making so many people be a better person, me including.
Thank you for saving mine, as well as many others, life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Happy Anniversary Undertale, one full year. This is amazing <3