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“Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” Gelphie

Lady Glinda was exhausted. Everything seemed to pull on her–the arch of her heels, the weight of her dress, the tightness in her cheeks as she smiled. It was the smile that always got her–bright and welcoming and so, so forced. But everywhere she went, everyone she spoke to, they believed her. They didn’t see how false she was, or maybe they saw and just chose to ignore it, not caring enough to do otherwise. She supposed it made sense. Only one person in the world ever saw, ever cared.

But that person…it had been so long. Not as long as everyone thought–there had been times, between Shiz and now, stolen moments in the dirty corners of the city, in the chapel that bore Glinda’s name–but still. So long. Long enough for Glinda to question it all over again.

Despite how tired she was, she stayed up. A single candle sat in the window, doing almost nothing to light the room. The house was empty–Chuffrey was gone on business, and for once she had opted to stay home. There were rumors in the city. Whispers, shadows, glimpses of green.

She always knew everything, Glinda thought, reaching a hand to rub delicately at her eyes. If there was ever a time, it’d be now.

Then again, she’d been thinking that for years. If there was a place, it was here. (Why else would she move to this cursed city?) If there was a person, it was her (Except, it wasn’t; it was Fiyero.) If there was a time–

It was nothing more than a sigh, easily just Glinda’s imagination. Except, suddenly, she didn’t feel as tired. She sat up, peering at the candle that had blown out. It wasn’t much of a change, but she still had to squint, her eyes adjusting to the dark.

To the shadow that stood at the window.

Glinda said nothing. She couldn’t even summon the strength to stand. She simply sat at the edge of the bed, hands trembling but folded neatly in her lap, and stared.

“Are you alone?” Elphaba was walking forward before she’d even finished asking.


Elphaba knelt before her, resting her hands–tentatively, hardly even there–on Glinda’s knees. “Not completely,” she breathed.

And at last, Glinda could see her–the soft glow of her skin in the moonlight, the high cheekbones casting shadows on her face, the tangled, silky mess of her hair, strangled into a braid beneath that stupid wide-brimmed hat. Glinda nearly burst into tears.

“I’m sorry,” Elphaba said quickly. Her hands retreated–Glinda’s breath stopped at the loss–but she remained kneeling, twisting her fingers together. “I didn’t–I should’ve–”

Glinda finally moved, reaching desperately for her. “Tell me you’re here. Tell me you’re really here.”

Elphaba’s hands found hers, fingers interlocking. “I’m here. Really, I am.”

Her hands were warm. Glinda’s fingers wrapped around her wrist, and she could feel a pulse there. Her shoulders sagged and she fell forward, but Elphaba caught her, pulling her up and adjusting so they both sat, facing each other, on the bed.

“Are you okay?” she asked, anxiously studying Glinda’s face.

Me? Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

Elphaba grinned. “Hey, I’m a first class renegade. I’m fine. You, on the other hand, have been forced into marriage with some ugly, awful–”

“Shh.” Glinda pulled Elphaba’s hands closer. “Don’t talk about him. He doesn’t exist.”


She still wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. She wouldn’t waste a moment like that. She wouldn’t let Elphaba worry about her, on top of everything else. So instead she smiled. “No,” she said lightly. “Not now.”

Something flashed across Elphaba’s face–Glinda thought it might be hope, but the expression was so rare for Elphaba that she really couldn’t be sure.

“Then what is real?” Elphaba’s tone was teasing. She scooted forward so they’re knees touched.

“You. Me. This.” Glinda squeezed their hands, then let go and tugged on the brim of the hat. “This ugly thing.”

Elphaba’s grin widened to a full, toothy smile. Glinda brushed her fingers down her face, cupping her cheek. “There. I missed that.”

“I missed you.” Elphaba kissed Glinda’s palm. “So what now? Anything you want from me, I’ll give it.”

“Just smile.” Sadness flickered in Glinda’s eyes, and her voice shook as she added, “I really need to see you smile right now.”

Elphaba bent so their foreheads touched. She brushed a tear from Glinda’s cheek, and their eyes met.

“You make me happy,” Elphaba said quietly. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you.”

“I always knew.”

“Still. I should have told you. And I should’ve told you…”

“What?” Glinda brushed a lock of hair behind Elphaba’s ear. “What?”

“You don’t always have to be happy. Not for me.”

Glinda started, pulling back a little. Elphaba wrapped her arms around her waist and smiled–a little sad, a little earnest, but mostly just loving.

“Why now?” Glinda asked.

“You didn’t go with him.” Elphaba brushed another tear away. “Chuffrey left, and you stayed here.”

“I heard…” Glinda coughed a little, her throat tight. “There have been rumors.”

“About me?”

Glinda nodded. Elphaba looked a little worried, so Glinda smiled, trying to reassure her. Elphaba stroked her thumb over her lip.

“I mean it,” she said softly. “I’ve seen you around. You’re pretending.”


“It’s okay,” said Elphaba. “Don’t pretend. Not with me.”

Glinda looked down, blinking fast. “But if I don’t pretend, I think I’ll fall apart.”

“So fall apart.” Elphaba pulled her into her lap, holding her close. “I’ve got you.”

Concept: I have a real, stable, enduring, and healthy sense of self. I can foresee some sort of future for myself, and imagining what that future looks like is possible because I expected to still be alive up to this point. It doesn’t feel abhorrently wrong to refer to myself in my thoughts with first-person words such as “I”, “My”, “Mine”, or “Me”. I don’t instead have to think and refer to myself only using second-person words such as “You” and “Yours”.

EXO Reactions to other member’s flirting

to lay kissing kyungsoo on the cheek (^o^)

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Kai: “hey..lay? can I talk to you for a minute?”

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Sehun: “what?!!? no fair me too!” *pouts*

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Chanyeol: in his head –>“lay? i see you. stop. do not touch my soo”

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Baekhyun: “guess i better step up my game~”

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Xiumin: “um…let’s not touch the young ones lay. okay?” (;^_^) inside his head—> “i wanted to do that too…”

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Chen: “no~you did not.”

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Lay: “<3″

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Golden Boy

pairings: Thomas Jefferson x fem!reader, Alexander Hamilton x reader (platonic)

Request: “Hi! Can you do a Thomas Jefferson x reader with #166 and #197? Love your blog btw!”

#166: “Why don’t you say it to my face?”

#197: “You are so infuriating.”

Warnings: cussing, sexism, kissing?

Word Count: 1586

A/N: first off, to whoever sent this in, my blog just started so thanks! Much love! second, This is written from the third person POV, let me know if you like it better this way or the other way (see Saved and Of Course.) I kinda hate this one tbh, I was tired and didn’t know how to write this, but I needed to put on out so…here you go, sorry. I’m going to keep my inbox open so please still submit, I promise they won’t be as bad as this one (I hope.)

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Alexander Hamilton and (Y/N) (L/N), the power duo, the two lead one side of the debates at Kings College, opposite Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Aaron Burr. Sure they were outnumbered, but the fiery passion burned brightly at all times, giving them to ambition to do anything.

All five of the scholars took Washington’s political science class, hence the ongoing hatred for the opposing side. Alex and (Y/N) were always favored by Washington and they loved it, they strived for it, preparing their arguments carefully and composing the words and then defend them from the opposing sides’ opinions with the same suit. They worked like clockwork, Alex wrote it down word for word, (Y/N) edited it and replaced words, and they presented it together, across the room from the three ignorant children, as Alex put it.

And the three were children, they would rile the other two up and they’d go home, maybe with a win, but also angry, annoyed, and pissed that they couldn’t take a jab at the leader of the group, Jefferson. He put them both on edge, his unruly curly hair and the pretentious purple hoodie the fuel to the fire.

They had engaged in a debate prior that day and Jefferson was relentless, and although (Y/N) had her temper under control, Alexander did not.

“Turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!” Alexander spat, everyone’s eyes widening in shock. He was normally composed, a smart man, but the two people who weren’t stuttering quietly in shock were, Jefferson, a cocky smirk playing at the corner of his lips, and two, (Y/N), her eyes glaring at the tall man across the room. She breathed out quickly, rushing to speak in a hushed voice to Washington.

“May I speak to Alex outside quickly, I apologize for what he said, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” He nodded curtly and she turned around pushing Alexander out the door that was situated conveniently behind them.

“Do you want to pull yourself together?” She grunted, pulling the hairband out of her hair and tugging a hand through the mess. She turned around and paced back and forth in front of him, making him realize he may have cost them the debate.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, he doesn’t stay on the topic and he doesn’t-“ He defended before she cut him off.

“What you did in there was not acceptable, just because Jefferson was being intransigent doesn’t mean you say that. You can’t stoop to someone’s level to win an argument, you must treat him like to close-minded man he is,” She responded, before Alex let out a small laugh, his own ignorance becoming apparent to him.

“We’re going to go back in there and fix this,” He nodded and she raised her eyebrows at him.

“You’re not going to let him get to you, okay?” She flicked his forehead and he swatted her hand away.

“She couldn’t control him if she wanted, a woman isn’t capable,” A voice spoke from the hallway and they both quickly recognized it as the obnoxious Thomas mother-fucking Jefferson, the douche himself.

“(Y/N),” Alex warned, the fire becoming apparent in her eyes, she was the strongest and scariest person he knew when someone threatened her position by denouncing her gender.

“We aren’t in the room now, I can say what I want,” She grumbled, shaking his hand off her shoulder and walking quickly down the hallway, her heeled boots clicking against the tile. Her eyes found James’ first and he let out a shaky breath. Aaron and Thomas looked up when James nudged him, an arrogant smile breaking out on Jefferson’s face.

“Told you she would come running, she has less self-control than Hamilton back there-“ He laughed before her fiery eyes turned into a stone-cold glare.

“Say it again,” She barked, Aaron flinching, taking a step back.

“Excuse me?” He asked, confused at her request.

“Why don’t you say it to my face?” She snarled, taking a step toward the pretentious bastard, who now wore a concerned countenance. “Damn straight, if you want to talk bad at someone, how about you man- I’m sorry- woman the fuck up and say it to their face and not to your cowardly friends.”

“Damn,” Thomas mumbled as she walked away angrily, straightening the blazer taut on her shoulders.

“I told you she was going to wreck you,” James mumbled, walking after Aaron, who had left right after (Y/N) told them off.

They made it back into the room, Alexander apologizing for his outburst. They continued the debate, educated words falling from (Y/N)’s tongue like open form poetry, but Jefferson finding it impossible to form a coherent sentence, James accepting defeat for their side as Alex threw the final blow.

“The financial plan this man created was one of genius and commitment, he nursed the idea to life and the president set it into action, if it weren’t for him, our country would not be in the same place it in now.”

Alexander and (Y/N) received a 97% on their argument, the only dock was from Alex’s unkind words, which he apologized profusely for. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for them to score highly, not because they won, but because of how they constructed their arguments and delegitimized the counter-argument. Thomas, Aaron, and James never received low scores for losing, but they did with this one because of the lack of Jefferson in the second half.

“I’ll see you Monday, I’ll start writing the new topic when I get home, I’m excited for this one, I have a feeling.” Alex smiled giddily before (Y/N) shook her head, letting out a small laugh.

“Get some sleep first, visit Eliza, she misses you, complains that I’m taking you away from her, or go visit John,” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes. He had admitted once to liking John, but this was prior to his relationship with Eliza, but (Y/N) liked to tease him about it.

“Okay, text me when you get home,” He reminded her and she nodded, shaking her phone between skinny fingers and purple fingernails.

She began walking before hearing hurried footsteps behind her. She held her key between her fingers, cursing herself for not bringing pepper spray. She glanced over her shoulder to see a purple hooded man. Jefferson.

“What do you want?” She threw the comment over her shoulder, Thomas finally catching up to her and falling into the same pace.

“I wanted to apologize, what I said wasn’t true and I just get mad because you and Alex make such a great duo and we can never beat you. Washington loves you two like his own children. I just get frustrated, I can’t compete with you two,” He mumbled before adding clearly. “I’m sorry, what I said wasn’t true at all, you could control anyone you wanted, god you’re the strongest person I know.”

“What?” She questioned, stopping in her tracks.

“What? You are.” He shrugged.

“You’re infuriating, you can’t say shit like that,” She mumbled, she didn’t want him to say that she could control anyone, he was saying it like she was a god.

“Not in that way, I mean if you took it that way, I wouldn’t mind as long as Alex isn’t-“

“Shut up,” She laughed out and he looked at her confused. “Alex and I aren’t a thing, we’re friends, that’s it and why would you- oh.”

Her face flamed in a red blush as she realized what he meant by his statement. “Sorry, that was unneeded.”

“I- uh- no it’s fine.” She coughed out and they began to walk in silence. “This one’s mine.” She mumbled, climbing the stairs, surprised as his footsteps followed.

It’d be a lie if she said she wasn’t attracted to Thomas, he was simply attractive, curly hair framing his face with a ridiculously wide and bright smile to compliment. He was a pretty boy and for the opposite side, but now was time to make him pay for what he said.

“Do you forgive me? I really am sorry, I didn’t mean, well I meant to at the time, but I regret it now. I swear,” He stammered, she looked up at him, his eyes pleading for forgiveness. “And if it’s about the comment I made, I’m sorry about that too, those just tend to drop and I can’t stop myself when I see someone like you.”

A surge of confidence made itself evident in her stomach as she leaned against the door, twiddling her keys in between her fingers. “Someone like me?”

“Yeah, strong, opinionated, smart, quick-witted,” He said sheepishly, shrugging again.

“I guess I am like that,” She smiled flirtatiously, Thomas sucked in a breath as she took a step forward lips grazing the side of his jaw. “I hate people like you.”

“People like me?” He sucked in quickly, a hand dropping out of the pocket to hold onto her waist, rubbing circles into her hipbone.

“People who I can’t have,” She mumbled, pressing a little kiss to the skin at the top of his neck.

“You could,” He breathed out before she smiled wickedly, nipping at the skin she had just kissed, testing the waters.

“That’d be no fun,” She mumbled into his neck before turning around and opening the door and closing it behind her, locking it. “Learn how to hold your tongue, golden boy.”

“You can’t just do that,” His voice spoke gruffly through the wooden door.

“Ah, but Jefferson, I can.”

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every time you answer something that is not a request i get this vibe that you area really nice person and that whoever meets you wants to be your friend. i also always picture those aesthetic photos of bedroom windows near the sea, maybe you share that seaside apartment with jin? i just wanted to share this! hope it isn't weird

woah,,,,,,this is like the most scenic compliment anyone has ever sent me?? it sounds so pretty,,,,being by the sea with jin,,,,,,although i don’t think everyone likes me when they meet me ive been told i like,,,,come off a bit dense?? thank you for sending me this though,,,,you’re so sweet ahhh,,,,,,

How to propose, Team Free Will edition.

This oneshot, was created out of a request I got this morning. I´m not even sure if whoever sent me this even wanted me to write it or if he/she just wanted to tell me, but either way I got the idea and wanted to make it a story.
You can´t just toss a writer a story like this and expect her not to write it…
Thanks for this awesome request. 
Also I´m sorry about the fact that A summer´s tale didn´t came up yesterday, but life came in the way and now it´s going up tomorrow. 
Love every singel one of you. (We´re almost 1500, yay)

Summary: How would each member of Team Free Will propose to you?

Request:  Whenever I think of the guys proposing it’s like this: Dean&you would be laying in bed either sleepy or laughing or fooling around,&he would just abruptly say marry me&you would be so confused&he would pull a small cute ring out of his pocket or something Sam would have some big surprise planned& it would somehow get fucked up& he could admit what he was planning & just pop the question Cas would say something like “I believe I am supposed to get on one knee to do this?” And propose omg I’m dead

(I really hope you´re not dead after this)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, Cas x Reader

Length: 1907 Words

Warnings: Lots, and I mean lots, of fluff

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 Things with Dean and you had been great the last two years. Being with Dean always felt like being in on a huge secret.

It wasn´t even as if the two of you had the most romantic dates or the most passionate sex or something like that.
It were the little things.
Like the way you moved in synch when you were in the same bathroom in the morning and had to hurry, or how you could just communicate with your eyes when you were on a hunt.
Things like that.
And all that came to your mind when you laid beside Dean this evening, your head placed on his shoulder, one leg around his waist, his arm under your neck.
Being with Dean was the most perfect thing that had ever happened to you.
You were both completely exhausted by the latest hunt and just enjoyed the calm that came before the next storm.
You turned your head a bit and looked up at Dean and smiled: “I love you”, you said, liking how the words you now said for almost one and a half year tasted on your tongue.
He just smiled back, the weirdest look you had ever seen on his face: It was a mixture of happiness,  melancholy and something you couldn´t quite identify.
You just remained silent, waiting for him to return the words but then he just blurted out:
“Marry me!”
Immediately you were wide awake and your eyes shot wide open: “What?”
He continued to smile and then fumbled in the pocket of his jeans with his free arm. You followed his movement with your eyes and thirty seconds later, you were staring at a small black box, which he managed to open with one hand.
A small silver ring with the tiniest yet most shining diamond you had ever seen.
Realizing that this was real, you sat up and he did too, continuing to look at you like you were some kind of treasure:
“(Y/N), I thought a lot about how I was going to do it, and I had a lot of crazy ideas because you simply deserved this to be special.
But then, when you said you loved me and looked up at me like that, I realized that this is the perfect moment, because it´s like us, simple and yet the most amazing thing ever.”
Happy tears slid down your face by now and he wiped a few away before saying: “So, I´ll ask you: “Will you marry me?”
Immediately nodded: “Yes, yes of course I will”, you said with a shaky voice and he took the ring to place it on your finger where it fitted perfectly.
“I took one of your rings to show in the shop so they would get your size right”, he explained and that simple but cute gesture was almost too much for you to take.
“Thanks, Dean. I love you so much”, you said, still crying and threw yourself into his arms.
“I love you too”, he whispered into your ear.


You had no idea what was going on and you had to admit that you were getting kinda annoyed.
Sam had dragged you out of bed at five in the morning, telling you he needed to show you something immediately and that it was important before kissing you on the forehead lightly and taking off.
Figuring that it was probably an emergency, you got dressed quickly and got out of the bathroom under three minutes, before hastily making your way into the library.
Just that Sam wasn´t there, only Dean, grinning at you and telling you that Sam had gone to take care of something and that you and him now would go on a ride.
“Are you insane?”, you had asked, mostly referring to the fact that he was grinning like a maniac.
He had just stood up and told you to follow him to the garage.
Now you were riding shotgun in the Impala, wondering where on earth he could take you at this time in the morning.
You were freezing a little because you were still so tired and you had no idea what was going on, because Dean would refuse to talk to you.
It took almost half an hour until Dean finally stopped the car in front of an old, empty house outside of Lawrence.
“Why would you bring me here? Where´s Sam?”, you asked and crossed your arms over your chest.
He just shrugged: “Sorry, can´t tell you. Just go in there, and you´ll see.”
You frowned: “Are you not coming?”
“No, I´ll wait here”, he told you and your stubbornness got the better of you.
You shook your head: “No way I´m going into that crazy thing without you telling me what the hell is going on in there and why you bring me here like some crazy kidnapper in the middle of the night.”
Dean´s smile never faltered:  “I promise you that you´ll like what you see in there.”
“You also promised me that I´d enjoy watching the DVD you gave me and it was some kind of weird porn, so I don´t trust your judgement”, you gave back and he sighed:
“(Y/N), please do me a favor and go in there.”
You remained sitting, seatbelt still on: “No!”
You could see that he was getting a little frustrated and finally he took out his phone to dial a number you couldn’t see and then said:
“Yeah, Sammy it´s me. Listen, she won´t go in there. Yes, I told her… I know. I told you that was crazy.”
“Where is he?”, you mouthed at Dean but the elder Winchester shook his head.
“Yeah, of course. Dude, I think it´ll be best if you just come out, you knew what you were getting into, really.”
Then he hung up and you frowned: What was this craziness all about?
“Okay, since you won´t budge, at least do me a favor and get out of the car”, Dean told you and you obliged, suddenly feeling like this was important.
Two seconds later, Sam emerged from the door of the old building and was smiling brightly before making his way over to you:
“I should have known.”
You frowned: “You should have known what? Sam, would you please tell me what´s going on? Dean´s gone insane.”
You heard the door of the Impala open and took a quick look back at Dean who was now leaning on the roof of the car.
Sam shook his head:  “No, he´s not. He just did what I told him to do.”
There was silence after that, you still waiting for an explanation until he sighed: “Okay, there are hundredths of candles in the entryway of that building and I originally planned to ask you something in the middle of them.
But I guess Dean´s right and your stubbornness is something I should have known was in the package, so I just go at it, I think.”
Before you could figure out what he was saying, he got on one knee and suddenly a black box was in his hand.
Your heart started beating faster but you didn´t move, just waited on what was going to happen.
He finally popped open the box, revealing a huge diamond ring and simply said:
“Will you marry me (Y/N)?”
You felt a huge smile erupt on your face: “You crazy son of a bitch”, you whispered and when he smiled back you nodded: “Of course I´ll marry you.”
He got up and hugged you tight and when you felt back, he grinned: “Do I see tears on the ice-queen´s face?”
You wiped the escaped tear away and grinned: “Shut up!”
He then put the ring on your finger and you smiled at it before looking back up at him: “I´d still like to see those candles, if it isn´t too late.”
Sam hugged you again: “It´s never too late, baby.”


You were sitting on your bed in the bunker, tying your shoes, ready to take off with Sam and Dean to take care of a vampnest in Oregon, when Cas suddenly stood in front of you.
A few years ago you would have probably gotten the shock of your life, but right now, it was normal for him to pop in at the strangest times.
You still couldn´t believe you were in a couple with an angel.
“Hey”, you said and finished the second shoe before standing up and placing a small kiss on his lips.
He didn´t return your kiss like he usually did and his face seemed a little tensed, which immediately got you on edge: “What is it, Cas? Did something happen? Are you hurt?”
He shook his head: “No, everything is quite alright. I´m just a little nervous. Obviously I have never done something like this before, but Dean told me what to do?”
A smile in combination with a frown appeared on your face: “Is this about Sex? Did Dean tell you about something crazy you should try with me in bed? Listen Cas, I told you he´s just messing with you.”
The angel shook his head: “This isn´t about Sex. I think.”
You started to say something but then stopped before opening your mouth again: “Are you drunk?”
Again he shook his head: “I haven´t consumed any alcoholic beverages.”
You were out of guesses: “Then what is it?”
He looked at the ground like he was debating something and then back at you: “I believe I am supposed to get on one knee to do this?”
You threw your arms in the air: “So this
is about sex, I swear to god when I see Dean, I…”
You stopped because while you spoke, Cas really got down on one knee and now awkwardly held up a silver ring up to you:
“Will you marry me (Y/N)?”
Goose bumps erupted on your skin and you just couldn´t believe what was happening: “For real?”, you whispered and he smiled weakly: “Do you think I would learn about these crazy human traditions as a joke.”
You smiled back: “Of course not”, you said and for a moment you just stared at him, still not realizing that was really happening, until he cleared his throat:
“I think that´s the part where you say yes or no.”
You laughed and nodded: “Yes, of course I will marry you, Cas. I love you so much.”
He got up and took his time to put the ring on your finger, at first it was way too big and you just wanted to tell him that it was okay and that you were just going to get it resized, when it suddenly fitted itself perfectly to your fingers.
“What…”, you whispered and he took the hand with the ring and kissed it while you looked into his blue eyes.
“There´s a spell on it”, he explained, “the ring has both of our names engraved and as long as you love me, it will stay on your hand, perfectly adjusted to your finger.”
It was the most romantic thing you had ever heard and you got on your toes to place a kiss on his lips. This time he kissed you back and when you pulled back you were smiling brightly: “Then I guess it´ll stay on forever.”
He hugged you tight: “I hope so”, he whispered into your ear.

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{ When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼 }

01.  all of the friends i’ve made from tumblr. honestly don’t know what i’d do without having @riskappetite​ / @studyoffear​​ ? these two have become my best friend’s over the months ? years ? i’ve known them ♥ ( not to mention river / mingo / eli / ally / casey / cheese , & so many more who , throughout my SEVEN years of roleplaying on this website have stuck by lil ole’ smer ! )

02.  Adam Douglas Driver[1] (born November 19, 1983) is an American actor. He rose to prominence in the supporting role of Adam Sackler in the HBO comedy-drama series Girls (2012–2017), for which he rec

03. Coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee & coffee ?

04.  STAR WARS ! growing up with this franchise, & at nearly 20 years old getting to experience the new world is a dream i hoped for as a child !

05.  definitely WALT DISNEY WORLD . where would i be without the MAGIC KINGDOM ? or EPCOT ? or HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS ? & ANIMAL KINGDOM ? though it’s been like a month or two since i’ve gone, i’m returning on saturday / sunday & ( once again ) meeting KYLO so i’m pumped up !

look sometimes a girl’s just gotta put Brooklyn Baby on repeat and draw really good fae aus

to whoever sent that ask asking for hux in an autumn flower crown and a white dress i am so sorry i accidentally deleted your ask! but yes ive been meaning to draw @ingu‘s fae au for a while so thank you for giving me an excuse to do just that 

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I love your tumblr. It's made me wanna play all of the games and read all of the books again. That is all.

Oh my goodness…I really don’t know if there is a much higher commendation I could receive than this, so thank you. And I’ll do my best to make sure this blog continues to complement a love for the Halo Universe in all its forms. :’)

Hope you have a wonderful day!