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Your art makes me so happy x Hope you're doing well <3

OGMKNehjgk this message made my day at least 5 times better :’))) thank you thank you thank you whoever sent it. Making someone happy is like magic honestly and I couldn’t feel more grateful to share my art and be able to do so. <3 Love you.

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What I feel is really interesting about the twin sets' dynamics is that Ford-Dipper and Stan-Mabel share more interests, but Ford-Mabel and Stan-Dipper share more flaws. Stan and Dipper have low self-worth and insecurity, Ford and Mabel have a tendency for self-absorption and forgetting their hard-learned lessons. It makes me wonder if Stan and Ford truly bonded to their 'favorite' twin because they shared interests, or because they filled the dynamic they were missing from their twin.

I think there’s a lot of truth behind this.

Stan and Mabel share more interests. As a child, Stan didn’t really have anyone who shared most of his interests with him because, as he tells us himself, his brother was his only friend, so Mabel fills the void that Stanford never filled there.

However there are aspects of Stan and Mabel’s personalities that do not exactly align, like Mabel’s self-confidence and consequential self-absorption at times. Mabel likes to be the center of attention, the star of the show, and that is much more along the lines of Stanford’s character than Stanley’s.

And I think you’re right in saying it’s the similarities between Mabel and Stanford, along with Stanley and Mabel’s shared interests, that pulls Grunkle Stan closer to Mabel than Dipper. I think Grunkle Stan sees Mabel as the twin friend he never had because they share interests, and she’s enough like Stanford for Stanley view her similarly to the way he viewed young Stanford. This gif set shows this well.

Stanley treats Mabel like Stanford

which is very similar to the way Dipper treats Mabel.

Meaning Stanley and Dipper treat their twin siblings the same. They consider their siblings’ happiness and well-being as more important than their own, and they are very protective of them.

Now, Stan and Dipper don’t share many interests, making it hard for them to find some common ground (although they do share a great sense of snark and dry humor). Interests-wise, Dipper reminds Stan too much of Stanford, and I think that creates instant tension between them.

In addition to that though, enough of Stan and Dipper’s personality aspects align to make it hard for them to sometimes even stand one another haha Stan and Dipper are incredibly stubborn and determined individuals. When they butt heads about something, neither one of them is backing down and that quickly builds into a world of frustration for both of them.

They’re also really insecure, and this is actually something they’re able to sympathize about together that is difficult for them to sympathize about with their more genuinely confident twins, Stanford and Mabel.

Stanford and Mabel don’t share any interests (from what we know at least; Ford hasn’t tried to bond with her at all because she probably reminds him too much of Stanley), but they both seem to like weird stuff that most people would be creeped out over, and they share self-confidence. 

Mabel’s solution for Dipper when Dipper has a problem is to listen to her because she “does everything right all the time!” Mabel likes to ignore what Dipper wants in favor of what she thinks is the best course of action for him. She does what she thinks is for his own good

a lot like Stanford does tbh.

Mabel does the same thing to Grunkle Stan too, and I think that just further proves how Stanley probably sees that part of Stanford in Mabel.

Stanford and Mabel do not understand that their assumptions are incorrect and that their solutions are not desired.

And this could very well be why Stanford’s manipulative dynamic works with Dipper and not Mabel. Aside from the obvious lack of hero-worship, Mabel likes to think her way is always the best, and she would quickly butt heads with Ford about that. She wouldn’t be dependent on him because Mabel is independent. In simple terms, she wouldn’t put up with Stanford’s shit, and likewise he wouldn’t put up with hers because he also likes to think his way is always the best.

Dipper has more of Stanley’s uncertainty and dependence. Despite how much Ford likes to believe he and Dipper are exactly alike, its possible he recognizes that part of Stanley in Dipper, and therefore the sheer loyalty he’ll have from this kid if he earns his trust and affection, a loyalty that closely mirrors Stanley’s own.

“Will you follow me?”

To the ends of the Earth.

So in this sense, Dipper is the twin friend Ford never had because he and Dipper share interests, and Dipper is enough like Stanley in personality to all around fill the void Stanley could never fill in Stanford when they were kids.

And ya know, if this is true for the Stan twins to the Pines twins, then the reverse could also be the case. Not that the Pines twins have any voids to fill, but Dipper might feel a level of comfort with Ford because Ford reminds Dipper of Mabel in some ways. And Mabel might feel more comfortable with Stan because Stan reminds her of Dipper in some ways.

Weigh in video! Just to prove I haven’t lost any weight. I turn the camera on myself at first to show I’m not wearing anything heavy, just a t-shirt and leggings.
Also I just woke up so I’m starving and my belly is completely empty, so that’s not weighing me down either. :)

Also thanks so much to whoever sent me this scale. It’s sooo much better than my old tiny one that I could barely even stand on lol.
boyfriend!jackson au

Request: hi! can you please do a boyfriend!jackson au? thank you so much! (:

Thank you for requesting an au, I had fun writing this one bc Jackson is so !!cute!! and I love writing like this omg it’s so fun and I don’t have to be as serious with it.

I have maybe two more requests after this one, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them because I still have a project or two, a book report, and a singing thing for extra credit in english AH

again thank u to whoever sent me this au suggestion its cU te bc jackSIN

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  • he first saw you at hollys coffee
  • you were sitting alone at one of the window tables and he thought you looked lonely and sad
  • so he came to you like
  • HEY swETIE u look kinda lonely (he does an internal haha) mind if i sit with u???
  • you were like?? okay sure buddy whatever
  • immediately, and i mean immediately did you two become friends
  • BEST FRIENDS AT THAT (jackson is just such a sweet man how can you not love him)
  • you two were so noisy in the coffee shop when you first met that you two got kicked out
  • its not your fault jackson made you laugh so hard?? so hard that u nearly hit your face on the tabL E
  • okay fast forward one year
  • jackson is completely wrapped around your finger (he has been ever since he first met you but he doesnt need u to know that)
  • he won’t ever leave your side because he feels lonely when he’s not stuck to your side
  • he teases you about your height OFTEN how rude
  • he ruffles your hair and makes smooching sounds so that you don’t get huffy with him though
  • and when you do get huffy and upset with him, he holds you as tight as he can and tells you that your height is perfectly fine, you are perfect the way you are and he tells you with so so much sincerity
  • this is still when you’re friends mind you
  • you both hang out a lot outside because you like the fresh air and jackson likes to give you warm clothes even if you’re already wearing three layers
  • you accept his jacket anyways because they always felt more comfier than your own
  • and when you two did chill inside
  • you usually had your legs thrown across his lap
  • scrolling through your social media feed as jackson watched something on the tv
  • sometimes he would drum his fingers against your knee
  • or randomly hug you and snuggle you because he loves u and ur his lil bun you deserve all the cuddles in the world
  • he realizes he has feelings for you when you two are hanging out at your home
  • you had no make up on and you were wearing shorts and a slightly bigger than your size tshirt
  • you were snug against his side as you two watched a romcom, his arm casually slung behind you on the couch
  • there was one part in the movie that seemed to be really funny to you and he witnessed the way you laughed so hard that it was completely silent
  • your eyes were crinkled up and your hand was barely covering your mouth (which was wide open)
  • when the scene got even funnier that same hand that was covering your mouth slapped his chest and he looked at you with wide eyes and thought ?? what the fuck they’re so cute i love them
  • fast forward to like .. three days later
  • jackson confesses to you, holds your hands tightly even though hes sweating like CRaz y and keeps his gaze on yours as his mouth forms each and every word with such eloquence that your breath catches in your throat
  • of course you accept his confession because wtf you like him too
  • so now you two are dating
  • and jackson has gone from aw ill squeeze u and pinch your cheek affectionate to iM GOING TO SMOTHER YOU WITH MY HUGS affectionate
  • he is almost always seen stuck to your side by your friends and his friends
  • if jackson was a glue he’d either be gorilla glue or loctite super glue.
  • he just won’t leave u alone when you two are together
  • it can be a bit too much sometimes if youre feeling cranky, but really, jackson is super sweet and his hugs are the best
  • he gives u so many kisses !! 2 many to count but u love it so who cares!!
  • when he kisses you he frames your face in his hands or he tilts your chin in his direction so he can lightly kiss your lips
  • jackson absolutely loves giving you kisses on the top of your head and he loves holding your hand or your wrist
  • theres always some part of him touching you
  • once you two got together you both stayed in more, but still went outside, just not as much as you two used to
  • the only reason why you didn’t go out that much anymore is because you two would be too busy staring or giggling at the other
  • and a lot of people sometimes gave you annoyed looks because you too were really affectionate in public
  • like one day it was very cold, it was even cold inside the coffee shop you two met in and you both were waiting in a very long line
  • you didn’t wear enough thick layers and jackson scolded you bc “you naughty girl, you’re going to catch a cold if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes ): “
  • and with his hands shoved in his pockets, he opens his trench coat to invite you into his very very warm embrace
  • u know
  • COUGHS this one (creds 2 the owner thank u for this picture)
  • he hooks his chin on the top of your head with a grin and you can’t help but blush once he wraps his arms around your waist with his coat closing in around the both of you
  • v cute
  • he lOVES IT when u rest your head in his lap becaus e youre so pretty and he loves you and he wants to run his fingers through your hair all the time just to see you flutter your eyes closed and fall asleep with his fingers tangled in the strands
  • jackson is so fond of you and he thinks you are a wonderful person, inside and out, he never lets you forget that because he wants to be sure that you absolutely know and understand that you are his sweetheart and he thinks you’re suPER #1 on the planet
  • he tugs at your hand a lot when he wants you to see something he found cool
  • you also pull at the hem of his shirt when you want his attention and he FINDS IT SO ADORABLE YOU’RE SO CUTE
  • he lives for your compliments
  • ur laugh gives him life
  • your kisses healed a boo boo he got on his finger once (he swears it was because of the kisses not the ointment)
  • he gets shy when u touch his chest or bury your face in the crook of his neck aw bean
  • he screams each time he sees you
  • “JAGIYA”
  • all in all jackson is a super sweet man who will treat u right and give u the love you deserve

Title: Our First Night

anonymous requested: Could you do a request for a girl who is around 19-20, dark blue eyes, pale skin, and dark brunette hair who is like innocent looking but actually has a really dirty and witty sense of humor. And Negan kind of falls in love with her? Could her name be Lara? And could it involve smut? Like dirty sex haha with anal and him talking really dirty before the sex and then during? 💓 💜

Character(s): Negan and Lara (original female character)
Summary: Lara has a big crush on the leader of the Sanctuary, Negan. Tonight, though, she finds out just exactly how mutual the feelings are.
Word Count: 2,904
Warning: SMUT! Honestly, dirty af smut! Significant age difference and anal! So, beware if you are not into that sort of thing! 
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent me this! And also, thank you so very much for including some features so I can picture the girl and include it in the story! Whoever sent this request in, I hope it meets your standards and that I executed your idea well! Thank you again for sending it in! Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @justnegan)

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It’s (FreshPaper)

Ok… so this is like the first part to who knows how many parts there will be… it was suppose to be fluff but I don’t know how it is now… -_-

And it kinda ends within the middle cause I didn’t really know how to continue from that last line… (and I kinda wanted it to end like that *shrugs*)

ANYWAY! My attempt for Floof Day!

Prologue -> HERE

Characters: Paper Jam (created by me) and Fresh (Created by CQ)

Setting: A post-pacifist run universe

Story is under the read more!

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“I came across this gif of you from your latest video. How come you never brought this-” Dan smacks Phil’s ass lightly, eliciting a moan from Phil,”-to my attention?”

A gasp leaves Phil’s mouth as he feels his pyjama bottoms slide off, Dan’s hands cool against his bare ass.

“God, I just want to eat you up,” Dan mutters, sliding his palms over Phil’s cheeks. He lightly slaps Phil’s ass and Phil jerks forwards, an embarrassingly loud moan escaping his mouth.

“You like that, don’t you?” Dan questions, smirk growing on his face as he slaps Phil again, this time a tad bit harder.

genre: smut!!!

warnings: spanking, bottom!phil, top!dan, sub!phil aka phil goes into subspace but don’t worry dan’s good at aftercare 

word count: 2027

read on ao3!!!

a/n: not going to lie, i keep saying this about most of my fics these days, but i’m really feeling this one!! like it was so fun to write and the words just kept flowing and this prompt was a+ so i would just like to thank whoever sent this to me, i owe you my life. okay, hope you guys enjoy!!!! <3333

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Coming Home - Caleb Holloway (Part Five)

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(s): Caleb Holloway/Reader, Felicia Williams, Sydney Williams

Word Count: 2174

Notes: This is extremely emotional, hence why I made it so short, simply because anything too long would have been far, far too hard to handle emotionally and mentally. 

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imperatorrrrr  asked:

For the writing meme, if any of these strike your fancy: “Did you really just insult Captain America in front of me?” or “I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine, I’d talk to my VCR.”

((i’ll go with the first one, modern bucko au)) (((this got long so read-more, sorry fam ;u; )))

Send me a prompt from the list!

The man in front of him splutters, hands coming up, placating. Bucky’s seen it all before, in all sorts of situations. This is the more fun one.

“I asked you a question.” Bucky says, folding his arms across his chest. He raises an eyebrow, and that’s probably what does it.

“Captain America is-” the man starts, and Bucky cuts him off. “A good man, who does what’s right regardless of who’s in the White House. He was a hero before, why is he suddenly the bad guy? Because he marches against the idiot who bought himself the most important seat in the oval office?” Bucky pauses, waits. The man splutters again. He’s turning a delightful shade of red, and Bucky’s glad they’re in a busy street. Even more glad that there are at least two people filming.

“Freedom of speech” the man gasps out. He really looks like he’s struggling. Bucky could almost pity him for it. Instead, he pities the man for his ability to reason.

“Yeah, you can say what you like. But that same act means that it’s my right to tell you you’re an idiot. You just badmouthed an American hero, who has done nothing but fight for the people who believe in him, to one of the people who fought so that you could have the comfort and security to sit here and do it.” Bucky narrows his eyes, and sees the exact moment the man realises he’d backed himself into a corner. 

“A word of advice?” Bucky offers, stepping out of the guy’s space. “Apologise. On camera. Because you and I both know damned well that this video is gonna be on the internet in about three minutes.”

Bucky turns on his heel then, forcing his shoulders back and keeping his head facing forward by sheer force of will. He listens, careful, taking in the shadow placement as he walks away as smartly as he knows how. Nothing approaches him, nothing swings at him, and as he turns the corner he takes a deep breath, slumping inwards as he let it out. He scrubs his hands over his face, back hitting a stone wall as he twists, and he takes another breath.

Instead of doing something he’d regret, he pulls out his phone.

I did something probably-stupid

It only takes a few minutes for the thing to buzz in his hand again.

When don’t you?

I’m in the office if you wanna pop in and chat in person.

Bucky flexes his hand, then nods to himself, short and sharp. He straightens, heads in the direction of his friend’s - and counsellor’s - office.

His phone is buzzing.

His phone is on the other side of the room, and it’s buzzing.

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project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because someone thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spread the love 💕

this is so sweet! whoever sent this in, thank you! i can’t stop smiling <3 most of the people i tagged are mutuals, and i love them dearly. if they aren’t a mutual, then i think their content is amazing, and their blog is an inspiration to me

i combined two categories together and added in a moodboard section just because. a lot of these ppl make multiple things, but i ended up putting them in only one category tho

gif: @eatkookiie // @seokjinstae // @jiminddeok // @yoongiski // @angtanboys // @miozuru // @hohbi // @jeonjiah // @dimpole // @junqkookied // @jungkooknoises // @jinandtonics // @kc-junghsk // @petitmin // @sweaterpawsjimin // @yoonngi // @cinnamonsuga // @cuteseokjin // @jeonjeongguke // @taestykth // @hi-xtape // @13jimins // @jungkook-e // @yoongsb // @deletaed // @myjaebutt // @jjeonguk // @mochiminii // @hobies // @sugaswagdaddy // @bangtan-damntan // @comfyeol // @jcnghope // @mochifairyjimin // @hypetae // @rapnamu

gfx: @jeonbegins // @omfgbts // @175pjm // @taesflower // @je0n 

edit/icon: @blameblamebts // @agustdia // @bwis // @pbandj-hope // @cinnawon

fic: @aichan11 // @taepott // @angustdtt // @floralseokjin // @rosykook // @freehoseoksdick // @btssmutgalore // @jnghobi // @btsmutimagines // @jeonjagiya // @lycanhaejin // @rielleria // @hobismorning // @ellieljade // @jiminsmrs // @hobbitoh // @drquinzelharleen // @avveh // @bangtaninspired // @jungkxook // @jheartseok // @lilyjhs // @boyscoutstyle // @dailydoseofdia // @jeonjiah // @versigny // @gukvory // @ricepot-jisung // @jungblue

art: @honeysugah // @hoseoklov

moodboard: @protectaetae // @velvethoseok // @baebae-goodnight

George Weasley x Reader: “I’m All Ears”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something fluffy about George after he loses his ear and the reader comes downstairs that night to visit him and they kind of like confess their love for each other and snuggle or something


You were currently staying at the the burrow with your best friends, the Weasleys. They were more like your family, since you didn’t really have one to call your own. They took you in after your first year at Hogwarts, the year you had become friends with the twins, Fred and George. Although, you had always felt something more towards George. 

Earlier this evening, you had rode on brooms to the Burrow, having to fight off Death Eaters on you way there. You had gone with George, and you felt sorry that you were unable to block the curse that cut his ear off. The whole thing had made you quite nervous, and even a little scared. Mad Eye and Hedwig had both died on your way there, both of whom you were pretty close to. 

You had just woken up from a horrible nightmare about it, so you grabbed your wand, because you didn’t feel very safe without it, and went downstairs to get a drink of water. However, you heard something, or rather, someone muttering to them self when you came down. 

“Lumos,” you whispered, and a small light came from the tip of your wand, but you realized you didn’t need it because of the moonlight shining through the windows, so you quietly whispered “nox”. Then you saw the tall, red-headed figure with a bandage wrapped around his head, and realized it was George. 

“Georgie? What are you doing down here?” He was looking in a small mirror with a distressed look on his face. He didn’t turn around when he noticed you were there, which was very odd of him. 

“I could ask you the same question, (y/n).” He said, his voice barely above a whisper. “I couldn’t fall asleep.”

“Me neither. I keep having nightmares about…you know…” you were almost too scared to put the horrible things you were dreaming about into words, but you knew he would understand.

“I know, it’s alright.” He was still looking at the mirror, not turned around, but now, his hand was on the spot where his ear used to be. You walked closer to him, gently putting your hand on his shoulder, and quietly asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? Did I wrap the bandage too tight?” Earlier, you insisted on being the one to clean him up, since you felt that it was your fault that it happened in the first place. 

He quickly turned around and looked you in the eyes. “(y/n)? Do I look ugly without my ear? Do you still like me?”

You replied, “George Weasley. You look adorable with or without both ears. And I love you with all my heart no matter how you look.”

You immediately blushed so much that your cheeks turned into a crimson red color and your face felt as hot as the sun. You thought, Did I really just confess my love to George?!

However, George smirked and pulled you closer to him as he gently placed his hands on your hips, and you stared deep into his gorgeous brown eyes. “You love me?”

Wait a minute, does he actually like me back? No way…he couldn’t possibly…

“(y/n), can I tell you something?”

“I’m all ears.” You replied. “Get it? All ears?”

You both laughed. “Haha, very funny (y/n),” he said with a smile on his face. “I love it when you laugh at my jokes and pranks, and you don’t think it’s immature when I do them, and you even like to do them with me!” 

At this point, you were still blushing, just slightly, and were looking down at your feet. He lifts up your chin, looks into your eyes, and whispers, “but most importantly, I want you to know that I love you.” He cupped your face in his soft, delicate hands, slowly leaned in, and kissed you. 

Not knowing what to do, and being pretty surprised, you finally realize that George Weasley, the funny, adorable prankster that you’ve had a crush on since your third year, likes you back! 

You close your eyes and place your hands in his fiery red hair, which you also found super hot about him, and started to kiss him back. The kiss was passionate, but also gentle, and there was something about it that said, “I love you, and I will take care of you.” 

He pulls away from the kiss, and you lean forward just a little, not wanting it to end. He smiles once again, and places his forehead against yours.. 

You open your eyes and look into his, and quietly whisper, “George?”

“Yes (y/n)?”

“Will you stay with me…until I fall asleep?”

“Of course love.”

So he grabs a blanket, the fluffy, maroon one that he knows is your favorite, since it’s warm and your favorite color, and then sits on the couch, and extends his arm out to you, telling you to sit next to him. You quickly walk over to him, on the couch in front of the warm, cozy fireplace, and lie down between his legs, your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat, which you heard gradually slow down. He placed the soft, fluffy blanket over both of you, and you felt so warm underneath it, also wearing his maroon sweater with a G on it, and you also felt safe again, in his arms.He started to gently stroke your (y/h/c) hair, both of you just enjoying each other’s closeness. 


“Yes (y/n)?”

“I really, really love you.”

“I’m madly in love with you too.”

And the two of you quickly fell asleep, but he made sure that you fell asleep first, and he never left you, the whole night. 

Ta da!!! My very first lengthy imagine!!! Thanks so much for reading it, and PLEASE please please, send in a request! Also, thank you to whoever sent me my first request ever! It was a wonderful idea! Thank you to those of who have already followed me and liked/reposted my very first imagine, Fred Weasley Imagine: Puddin: 

I can’t wait to post/write more imagines, so make sure to send a request, like, repost, and follow me! Thanks again! Love, Vivian ;)