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More Teen Stingy Headcanons!!

- Definitely experiments with makeup, but usually doesn’t wear anything heavy. I think i once headcanoned him to wear brown or black eyeliner (Sometimes winged, sometimes not) because it makes his eyes look larger. He probably also wears smth like bb cream to maintain that rich boy glow

- He drifts from the “all his clothes gotta match in color” and wears brown or black with his yellows

- Has many phones as mentioned before, but only uses one (gold iphone of course) to text his friends. He also maybe updates his instagram when he does posh rich boy things. He sends trixie the exact same image of a soft pig every day. She blocked him twice.

- Is very active in debate clubs. He is very opinionated and most definitely confrontational and will get heated so much in an argument.

- bi

- Puts too much conditioner in his hair lmao

- Follows a strict oral hygiene plan. Gotta have them pearly whites gleam.

- Uses vocabulary that is proper. Yeah he already did that before but as a teen he expands his vocabulary more and teachers think he just uses when he writes essays when he actually

- Good at singing/ dancing, has the confidence to perform. We also already know this, but aside from his interest in marketing/ economics he likes to sing/ dance. (can’t stop laughing at the thought of tap dancing stinge)

- Doesn’t usually develops intense crushes on people. he does however, see random ppl in the street and temporarily fall in love w/ them

- Is the only person aside from milford who actually reads the newspaper

- probably owns a yellow mustang. Pixel decked out his stereo system.

-Cares too much about quality headphones.

- Humor consists of mostly sarcasm. developed the “i would sell you to satan for one corn chip” attitude toward trixie, in a joking manor of course.

anonymous asked:

As an American I can tell you that I do very well masturbate about a lot of things but I’d like to appologize for the dickheads that imprint their own views and thoughts onto things that ain’t there’s

Lemme firstly say, that opening led me to believe this was going somewhere else entirely.

Second: Thanks, but don’t feel you need to apologize for it. I’m aware that not EVERY American out there feels this way, but I’m just honestly tired of Right-Wing, flag-wearing, gun-toting, walking stereo-type innernet ‘Muricans constantly prattling on about “the state of yuroop!” when referring to the fact we’ve been taking in immigrants for a long time now, and are pretty Left-wing as opposed to post-Regan/current-Trump America.

It’s just honestly bloody annoying to never be able to even look at crusades history without hearing the distant tone of some prick saying Europe has become soft and “over-run”, setting aside the heavy racism implied there. Like, I can’t even look at anything crusade related where a comment section exists without knowing automatically if I scroll down the top comment is going to be something like “DEUS VULT” and “We need to start a new crusade!”, and “Europe has already fallen!”, and EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL BE A BLOODY AMERICAN–

Because it’s always some dude that rants on about how proud they are of their white european heritage (how many guys can you think of that proudly say their family is Irish immigrant, while complaining about immigrants ruining America?), while talking shit about europe. Like, these people want to be proud of their genetics but shit upon history, culture and…y’know, progress? What?

It just makes me so damn angry, knowing these people actually exist.


Circling back: if you are not like the above description, you have literally nothing to apologize for.

If you are like the above? Well, you’re not exactly going to apologize for it anyway, and will probably eventually shit in my inbox about not feeling you have to “apologize” for being a “right-wing American”, etc etc. So whatever.


160622 Fansign accounts, part two (part one, three)

@doh_memory: I’d written that I’d like to have his signature inside the album but he didn’t see it. He wrote at the front and then went “what do we do..?” and it was really cute. I had no idea what to do either so he just slowly.. signed inside

@dohplus: Kyungsoo said SNS is too much of a bother~ He went “How do you take pictures and upload them!” lol

@daya_930112: Kyungsoo says he doesn’t hate being called cute. It used to be that he didn’t like it because he thought he was being seen as little but now, since people do think that, it’s all okay. Do Kyungsoo is cute ( ͡╥ ͜ʖ ͡╥)

@hatbitheartbeat: I gave Kyungsoo flowers, and he returned one rose to me and even drew a heart on the photocard ㅠㅠ #🌹 I’ll always support you, let’s keep going ‘fighting,’ favorite person on earth ㅠ

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