thanks to those who came to the stream too!


Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia


I had to watch that movie. And a couple of others watched it with me and knew my reactions. Thanks for those who came to that stream lol. They already know how much I died inside. I think they died inside too lol. The movie had some good points but other then that, it was just like the Original Jackass but with more “annoying” people pranks. Still experimenting with these updates. I’m still not entirely satisfied. I feel like I’m too slow with these. 

Thanks for reading! Strawpoll will be up in a bit! <3 

My piece for the giant Akuma Stack Collab!! I did Chloe, or Antibug. This is a really great project and I’m excited to see it completed.

Thank you to those who came to the stream!

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Be careful with all of those sparklers Chara!


That’s how much of this assignment I got done (not in one night). Thanks to those who came to the stream. I’m tired and emailed my teacher anyways so I’ll at least get some credit for this. She knew I was doing this, so I hope I won’t get marked down too much for being a bit late and unfinished.

I’m tired. This took a lot.

“Sunlight, Neeks. It’s good for you.”

“Last time I spent too long in the sun, Percy mistook me for a lobster.
I’m not about to have that happen a second time.”

Thanks to those who came to the stream! It was a blast.<3

Art is mine
Don’t use without my permission or redistribute on other websites


Some Legends are told
Some turn to Dust or to Gold
But you will remember me
Remember me
For centuries [X]

This is what happen when you finally listen to Centuries and got strong Prussia feels… This is one of the numerous pictures that came to my mind while listening to the song, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out…

Nevermind the hand mistake, when I realized it I was too deep in the drawing to fix it…

I still hope you’ll like it ~


Doodles I Made Last Evening on a Tiny Test Stream! I am sorry I didnt announce it out loud Here. I Expected to be a Boring Disaster, but I Actually enjoyed it alot, and did Alot… ALOT more than expected… XD

So Yeah, Random Stuff: Bunny Guard VS Wolf Prisoner, Female windy, A Random Buffy Fluff Wulf… I Have NO IDEA why I posted The Windy doodles with the sword, and The So Called “One piece face” . But I Decided to post Everything I doodled. I REGRET NOTHING.

And a Lil Kenta Doodle. Thanks steeveart ! =3

Thank you Very Much Who All Those Few Who came. You Know who you are. <3

And dont worry, Next time I’ll Announce it Here Next time I Stream. Hopefully with Anticipation too.

Hope Ya Enjoy The Doodles! =)


Done~ ♪ I decided to do both of them with Sodier and Demo snoozing in the void of lacy pinkness and my Py surprised for being called cute (and being requested, someone actually wanted to see him again holy shit).

I even managed to stream maskless Pyro’s colouring process. Thanks to those who were there, even ones who came a little too late, I had fun despite my nervousness and struggle with speaking. Definitely a moment I’ll remember dearly! ;v; ♥