thanks to this girl!

I was tagged by my sweet friend @spiderling–parker
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nicknames: Ry
gender: Female
star sign: Aquarius
height: 5′9"

time: 8:41 PM
birthday? January 24th
favourite bands? Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay, OK Go, alt-J, Fun., Portugal. The Man
favourite solo artists? Kid Cudi, George Ezra, Hozier, Regina Spektor, Jack Johson, Jason Mraz
song stuck in my head? ‘White Knuckles’ - OK Go
last movie you watched? The Amazing Spider-Man

last show you watched? Daredevil
when did you create your blog? I really don’t remember
what do i post? Peter Parker/Spider-Man mostly

last thing you googled? the word ‘jilted,’ because I wasn’t 100% on whether or not I was using it correctly.
do you have any other blogs? Nope

do you get asks? Yes! AND I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I am so grateful for every ask I receive!

why did you choose your URL? Because I’m Riley…and I write. Also, I’m really creative. Honest. I’ve been thinking about changing my URL, actually.

following? 407

followers? 645

favourite colours? I like all colors.

average hours of sleep? 3-5 on average

lucky number? I don’t have one.

instruments? Drums

what am i wearing? A star wars shirt and yoga pants

how many blankets do you sleep with? 1

dream job? I don’t know

dream trip? I want to see Norway

favourite food? Literally all Indian food

nationality? American

favourite song right now? ‘Venice Venture’ - Big Wild

Support girl groups who do cute concepts.
Support girl groups who do sexy concepts.
Support girl groups who do girl crush concepts.
Support girl groups who do fierce concepts.
Support girl groups who do horror concepts.
Support girl groups who do retro concepts.
Support girl groups who do funny/silly concepts.
Support girl groups who do various kinds of concepts.
Support all girl groups.



Wow! I’m so happy these four wonderful ladies have made it this far. They’ve worked so damn hard to be where they are today, and I’m overjoyed to see them standing tall and getting the recognition they deserve. The beginning was rough, but they didn’t let that, or the fact they come from small company, stop them from getting somewhere. Their bond and their friendship is something you could never fault, and it’s incredibly heart warming to see them supporting one another, even outside of group activities. Seven years have flown by, and I seriously hope we get to see them for another seven, and even more. I’m always thankful these four beautiful women came into my life, making me smile, laugh, cry, and even scream with excitement every time they comeback, and just generally be themselves. I’m extremely proud to be a Dai5y. Thank you, and congratulations ladies. ♡


Happy 10 years Girls’ Generation!! #GIRLS6ENERAT10N

We’ve spent the same time together
We’re still walking toward palpating hearts
We’re not growing far, our hearts have grown
That’s what the heart is. – Into You 💝