thanks to the turtles for the lyrics

Stay strong - Jooheon {Mixtape}

At the end of 7 years of practicing
The stage that gave my sense of duty
I express and express my thankfulness
Also to my mum who loves me
I’ll become the son that’ll make her proud
I might hate myself for opening my eyes too early
Amidst this bloody competitive world
But I can’t do anything
My dream have gotten too big to shorten down
I’ll reject the fake hands that come reaching form my ideal aspirations
I swallow my patience
My digestions became like a turtle
But digests my triggering feedback
My honest rapping while holding this mic has ripped my butt
My lyrics I wrote truthfully has been judged by those kids with their companies behind them
No matter how much you try to block me, I don’t care
I’ll break down the fence I locked myself in
Stay stronger than anybody
I’m like myself, more than anybody my music is like me

My name is “Various places” Joo “law” heon
Meaning is different wherever I go
But it means to become the law amongst various places
1994 this is my number
I know I’m just a young punk
Who dreams of moving this world
With only this mic

Jooheon Monsta X to the Starship
I have brothers behind me, just crew?
Of course not
We will walk one by one
To talk with people with just music
We are sweating
So we can walk on a thorn road like nothing

Yes I prove
My dancing that was stiff and my rap that was stiff too
I let out what I revolved around to the world
Yeah fuck I’ll be fucking awesome
I don’t do music just to make money
I just happen to be making money while making music
If you can relate then shout out!
I’m like myself and more than anybody my music is like me