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BTS Reaction to Foreign GF Learning Chopstick Use

Incogito; Hey can you do a reaction to their foreign gf being exited bc she finally learned how to eat with chopsicks? Thank you in advance☺🌼 

Note: REVAMP bruh ~*Credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He knew how hard you had been working on using chopsticks perfectly. The moment he saw your face shine brightly, looking at him with a bright smile; he couldn’t help but smile back as he stared at your excited state. You’d be eating and giggling from your happiness and he’d just stare at your lil happy form.

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Suga ➳ You’d be ecstatic but Yoongi wouldn’t believe you. Just that morning you were struggling like a baby and now you were an expert. Who exactly has been teaching you? His eyes narrowed, thinking the chopsticks you were using were also just magical. He’d take out chopsticks from his sleeve and say, “Try these ones.”

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J-Hope ➳ You gave him a surprised expression once you picked up the sushi like it was something you were a natural at, and Hoseok slowly raised his hand. “Yaaaas,” he’d say, hearing you say that to your friends all the time. You’d just laugh and give him a high five, receiving a pleased smile from him.

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RapMonster ➳ “Pretend it’s a pencil,” he said, waiting for you to hold one like you were about to write. “Then slide this one here…and..voila!” The way he had you holding the chopsticks felt perfect, and when you could easily eat your food, you squealed in happiness. “You see, babe?” He’d say, “I knew you could do it!”

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Jimin ➳ He stared at you in awe the moment you began to act like a child who got a new toy, jumping in glee from finally being able to use the chopsticks without struggling. You were being too cute, and he stuck his bottom lip out; almost tearing up at your cuteness. He couldn’t resist the urge to embrace and kiss you.

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V ➳ Taehyung would stare at you blankly as you were grabbing every piece of food on the table with chopsticks happily. You looked like you won the greatest prize ever, and when you finally looked to him with a childlike expression, a smile would break his blank expression and he’d give you an innocent kiss of appreciation. “You’re adorable.

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Jungkook “Jungkook!” You’d gasp, showing him how you could use chopsticks easily now as if you just found diamonds. He’d stare at you, looking at how beautiful you looked while you fed him in awe. A bright smile would stretch across his lips and you’d tilt your head to the side. “Don’t you think I’m awesome?” You’d say and he’d laugh.


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  • Jason: do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking?
  • Dick: I think it’s called sensory overload it’s really common in people with anxiety
  • Tim: It can also be a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or even dehydration
  • Jason: Thanks I thought I was just a bitch
Step it Up

Requests: “You are one of the only blogs that write quality Barry Allen smut, so thank you. Can you please write a Barry smut where he always is gentle with the reader because he doesn’t want to lose control with his powers. One night she confronts him and a night of vibrating hands and speedy enhancements occur? Thank you 💕” Credits to gif owners!

It was the same thing every time. Slow thrust, kiss, whisper your love for each other and then hand holding. You loved every second of that. Barry told you every single hour that he loved you. And all he did was make love to you, nice and slow, where you could be close to each other and rest your foreheads together. You loved Barry with all your heart but slow just didn’t cut it for you anymore.

The first time you confronted Barry about it, he reasoned with you, sped up a little bit and you made a really strange noise (indicating you loved it) and he figured he hurt you by accident because he was too fast. If Barry even thought about thoroughly fucking you, he would start to vibrate. But he’d never touch you when he did, his excitement about his fantasy would scare him into thinking he would lose control.

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anonymous asked:

This is kind of different than the other gif asks you've been getting, but what trademark harry move do you think people will be impersonating in 20 some years (like Harry's Jagger impersonation on SNL)?

Well that’s hard because he’s a very expressive guy, but I guess it has to be something from his performances since he uses to go wild on stage.. My guess is this would be the trademark move:

Oh wait, there’s the kisses blow too…

Well I hope both are his trademarks because they sum up pretty well his hoe and cupcake personality :)

Harry’s gifs asks

Danny DeVetoed

Context: We had just finished clearing out half a mine full of undead, bugbears and spiders before the big bad ambushes us and brings the other half of the dungeon with him after us trying to take a rest outside. We make it, but barely, and the mine owner thanks us.

Dwarf: I say you all deserve a reward. I can’t give you anything now, but once I get the mine running I can give you ten percent of the profits.

Now picture Danny DeVito, but a Tiefling, stepping up and a bit miffed that he’s not getting any cash for his work.

Tiefling Rogue: Only ten? Dude, if it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t even have a mine. 20% seems fair, right?

Dwarf: Twenty?! I still have to pay for work, shipping costs, etcetera. I can’t afford that.

Me, the sorcerer: You’re going to hire Kobolds, aren’t you?

Dwarf: Maybe…

Rogue: Here, I’ll even give ya an idea. We found a magic thingamajig inside that makes magic weapons. Only lasts a li'l while though, so ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya charge em again for a recharge. Want to keep yo’ magical flaming sword flaming? Gotta pay the price. Eh? Ehhhhhh?

DM: Mmmmmmmm, roll for persuasion.

Uses his inspiration from making a sandwich earlier and rolls a 3 and a 6. 2nd/3rd time he had rolled those numbers with advantage that session.

Dwarf: Ten percent or nothing. Take it or leave it.

And he starts walking away.

To this day, he keeps talking about that magical recharge scheme, and we have yet to see this ten percent. But we did stop by a few days after before leaving the area to see he’d hired a bunch of Kobolds.

quick update

I’d like to announce that karazorelgifs is gonna be a karam/el free blog from now on. We tried to keep it a minimal but now we’re gotta cut it out completely. This is mainly a blog about kara, made by and for people that love her character and the blog officially doesn’t support any sexist dynamic she’s being put in. The blog is not looking for a discourse, if you don’t support our decision, you can just unfollow us. No hard feelings. 

Thank you.


I’m definitely dead right now.  Ksoo giving a butt slapping in the air (nini’s butt). They look at each other and soon after Ksoo does this  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) \

Never Would Have

Requests: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is also a witch and with Kai. Just after he died the reader found out she was pregnant. She had twins (whatever genders). When Kai came back in the latest episode, Damon calls her to tell her that he’s back when him and Kai are in the car and Kai hears the twins in the background (maybe they call her mom or something and he knows she’s their mother). Then the reader brings the twins to see him? Thanks xx” (Credits to gif owners!)

“You guys be good, Damon is calling.” Y/N gave a stern look to her son who was about to tackle his sister. The twins stopped, nodded and sat on the floor together to watch cartoons. The ringing phone reminded Y/N that she had to answer soon or else it would go straight to voicemail. Lately when Damon called it was important. She gave it a second after pressing the answer button, “Hello?”

Damon was in the car. She knew that much. A window was down and there was heavy breathing. “Y/N!” She knew the vampire was smiling. “How is my favorite…household?” Y/N wiped her forehead. What? “Uh look, you don’t have to answer that.” He was struggling. “Can uh…can you stop by my place? Say, ten minutes?”

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My Fake boyfriend Part 7

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2273


A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

credits to the gif owner

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Bucky gets off of the bench, offering you his hand. You accept gladly smiling at him, but his mind can’t focus on anything now. Would you let him kiss you? Would you be mad at him for asking? Maybe you would just politely decline; he wouldn’t blame you for not being attracted to him.

In the dinner room everybody is already sitting waiting for the two of you, including an old couple that he assumes to be Lucas’ parents and the way they are looking at you leaves him no doubts.

He sits by your side on the table watching as you smile at him and he kisses your hand. It is a small gesture, sure real couples do this all the time but it was also a way for him to say that things were alright between you two.

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You found an abandoned bunny hybrid on the streets and took it upon yourself to care for him.

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Possibly mild angst depending how you look at it

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of hybrid mistreatment, smut, heat, Jungkook has a breeding kink

Word Count: 6034

Helpful vocab: doe(s) = female rabbit / buck = male rabbit

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who should you fight: dirk gently edition
  • dirk gently: he probably won't fight back, but that doesn't mean beating him will be easy. he took two crossbow arrows to the shoulder and kept going for god's sake. besides, why the fuck would you want to fight dirk? he is the sweetest, most pure boy there is and you'll have farah, todd, and amanda to answer to
  • todd brotzman: he's pretty scrappy, but lacks technique. you might be able to beat todd and honestly he might thank you for it
  • farah black: farah is a professional bodyguard, owner of many many guns, and all around bad-ass. you will not win in a physical fight. however, farah is pretty insecure and neurotic so with some emotional manipulation you could maybe win. i would hate you forever though
  • amanda brotzman: she's scrappy as hell, possibly even more so than her brother. unless she has an attack during the fight, it should be a pretty even match. if you fight her though, you'll have to fight all four of the rowdy three so do not fight amanda
  • bart curlish: depends on who you are. if you're a bad person, you'll be killed immediately. if you're a good person, you won't be killed but you likely won't be able to hurt bart either. kind of a lose/lose-worse situation
  • ken: i mean yes you could definitely beat this boy in a fight but why would you want to? let him rest
  • the rowdy three: are you fucking kidding me have you ever seen the rowdy three? do not fight them, you will get obliterated
  • estevez: would not recommend fighting estevez. he's pretty strong and has professional training, and probably works through his emotions by punching things. right now, he has a lot of emotions
  • zimmerfield: honestly it's a bit of a toss up. he's pretty old and i don't think he's gotten that much action in the field recently, but his eyebrows are powerfully hypnotic. do not fight if you get easily transfixed on things
  • gordon rimmer: oh man yeah you could definitely beat gordon rimmer, just make sure he doesn't have the electric crossbow and that his goonies aren't nearby
  • patrick spring: it depends on when you fight him. young patrick spring? probably a bad idea. middle-aged patrick spring with the steamsuit? also a bad idea. old patrick spring? yeah you could probably take him then, he's older and has resigned to death anyway
  • lydia spring: you want to fight a literal child? go ahead i guess, you'll beat her but will get killed by farah
  • hugo friedkin: he's dumb as hell but also pretty jacked and a federal agent. i would not recommend fighting friedkin, unless it's like a reading fight
  • colonel riggins: he's part of the cia but is also an gentle old man. you could definitely beat colonel riggins
  • rapunzel the corgi: what the fuck? why would you want to fight a dog you sick fuck