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[TRANS] 170523 Kim Hyunjung's News Show - Phone Interview w/ Rap Monster

KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Kim Hyunjung (KHJ): Hello Rap Monster. Congratulations!

Rap Monster (RM): Hi, nice to meet you, this is Rapmon from BTs.

KHJ: You are in Las Vegas right?

RM: We have some additional schedules so we’re heading to LA from Las Vegas noe. Please excuse me for taking the call while on the road, thank you.

KHJ: You’re really well-manner. I’m the one who should say thank you for taking the call in such situation.

RM: It’s my honor.

KHJ:To be honest, did you go there with expectation?

RM: Of course, we had a lot of expectation. We thought that we shouldn’t have any expectation but at the same time, we expected a lot too. “They called us all the way here, wouldn’t they give us the award? But anyway let’s not hope too much,” we were kind of in a dilemma.

KHJ: How did you feel like when they called out BTS’ name at a stage like that?

RM: We talked about this among ourselves already too, it didn’t feel real. We just went out to the stage like we were being possessed by something, and in front of us were people like Drake, DJ Khaled. It felt like we were dreaming.

KHJ: Felt like you were dreaming? Back then when you were a trainee, have you ever dreamt of a stage like this?

RM: We actually have never dreamt of anything this big. When we were still trainees, around 1 year before debuting, we went to see a sunbae group’s concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. We talked about having to stand on this kind of stage at least once before retiring. We didn’t dare to imagine of attending an award show like BBMAs and receiving an award in front of such people.

KHJ: So you were watching the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena and you said “Wow, we have to do a concert here at least once before we die, don’t we?”. Was it your dream?

RM: It was nearly exactly what I said. For real.

KHJ: Those trainees now walked on the dream stage of Billboard and became the first among K-pop idol groups.

RM: It’s our honor.

KHJ: What do you think is the main factor to such global popularity? What is the core point?

RM: The local media outlets always ask us this too so I thought about this a lot, since I have to answer them. And I asked around too, of course. I think K-pop is like a gift set, an assorted gift ser. The music, the choreography, music videos and what we always do, communication on SNS. These things are combined together and once you fall for something, for example, if you listen to the music, you will watch music videos, then if you find the choreography cool, you will look up for performances on Youtube and find the fun videos that we always shoot, then you will check out our SNS and find out what thoughts we have. I can say that it’s extremely easily accessible. So the process of becoming our fans is extremely easy too. And most of all, our typical type of music or lyrics tell the stories of the youth in all over the world, no matter if it’s across the globe or Korea, the youth all feel the same emotions. We think it can create a bond of sympathy more easily, letting them think “So they feel like this in Korea too.”

KNJ: Your songs are in Korean, can those feelings be delivered? Including the lyrics too?

RM: The Internet and such are developing strongly these days, so even if we just tweet something, a lot of people would immediately translate it to not just English, but also multiple languages like Romanian, Portugese.

KHJ: So they translate and make subtitles in multiple languages?

RM: That’s correct. Nearly all of our contents have subtitles, so it’s easier to know what we talk about, what we write, what our lyrics say. I think we are benefitting a lot from the media.

KHJ: An assorted gift set made up from those things. And the finalization of it, the finalization of 2017, we can think it’s BTS.

RM: Thank you for saying that.

KHJ: But Rap Monster, how can you speak so well like that?

RM: Thank you. There’s a lot of chances where I need to speak on behalf of the group, so I think I have to speak well to dignify our group. I always think in my head first.

KHJ: You pulled out English interviews perfectly too. The assorted gift set story you talked about is true in many ways. It makes me think idols are indeed incredible, you started from Olympic Gymnastics Arena and now took home a Billboard award. What will be your next goal?

RM: Our next goal is a worldwide stadium tour. Stadium tour is the kind of tour that attracts at lease 30,000, 40,000 to 50,000 audiences. I can say that our next goal is to hold a worldwide stadium tour.

KHJ: So us older generation can understand that it’s like when Michael Jackson holds a concert and have 3-40,000 audiences?

RM: Yes, we want to do that.

KHJ: Earlier you said when you went to the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena yiu wanted to be like that sunbae group, who was that sunbae?

RM: They are called Highlight now right? We got a chance to go to Highlight - formerly known as B2ST - sunbaenim’s concert in 2012. We sat at the back.

KHJ: At the back?

RM: They were so cool so we told each other like “Let’s become like those sunbaenim”. We still sometimes talk about that among ourselves now.

KHJ: It would be even happier because you made it after going through hardships. Having a busy schedule must be really tiring right? What do you want to do first when you come back home?

RM: I always like enjoying the park or landscapes. I sometimes come to Gyeongbokgung too, it helps filling out the feeling of emptiness. I heard the Seoullo 7017 (a pedestrial overpass) has been opened.

KHJ: Yes, Seoullo. Oh, do you follow current events too? How did you know Seoullo is opened when you go abroad that frequently?

RM: I take a lot of flights and they always have newspapers there, so I read them.

KHJ: You need to be this level to become a global idol. Rap Monster, congratulations again. I hope you can soon come back and take a walk in the park or Seoullo 7017. I’ll continue to support and look forward to your future activities and worldwide stadium tour.

RM: Thank you.

High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Event Report

The High☆Speed Free! Starting Days event was held at the Ryogoku Kokukigan Sumo Wrestling arena, the exact same location where the Free! Eternal Summer event two years ago was held. The biggest announcements of the event were the three planned Free! continuation movies:

1) Free! Timeless Medley ~絆 Bonds~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Makoto, Haruka, Rei, and Nagisa

2) Free! Timeless Medley ~約束 Promises~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Sousuke and Rin’s promise to him

3) Free! Take Your Marks
This will be a completely new full-length feature film following Haruka after he graduates from High School

For those interested in what happened during the Afternoon event, here’s a detailed report, so enjoy~

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Taste The Sweet (Grayson Smut)

Summary: You’re a Youtuber, hanging around the H&M tent at Coachella. Grayson is your biggest fan.
Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Fingering.
A/N: Thank you to the anon who sent this idea in! This is all your idea, I’m just writing it out. I didn’t want to post the request because it contains “spoilers” but this imagine is basically what the anon requested. Hope you like this one! (title from Don’t Be So Shy by Imany)

“Turn your head a little to the side…” The photographer gestured with her hand, cocking her head to the left so you smiled and complied. “Perfect. Now smile.”

The flash went off a few times as she snapped her photos, and you tried to stay still and let her do the work but you were feeling too excited. Earlier today you had arrived in Palm Springs, ready to head over to the festival and show off your outfit that you had spent three weeks planning beforehand.

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky. One minute you had been uploading your pictures on instagram and it had blown up, gaining over a hundred thousand followers the first few months. By the time you had reached five hundred thousand, you had started up a Youtube channel, and a year later you had gained over two million on your channel and been invited to numerous events. Coachella being one of them.

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r e s t   i n   p e a c e  //  chester bennington

this has got to be one of the hardest hits with a celebrity death i have ever dealt with. my childhood and teenage hero, my idol. we all knew you dealt with a lot growing up, and you portrayed the pain so well with your lyrics. the lyrics meant so much to us all who where going through the same pain, letting us express and realise our pain and also realising we are not alone in this world.

i remember my hybrid theory album was played so much my parents even knew the album off by heart. i would listen to that album so much, especially when i was moving around and dealing with bullying in school. meteora was definitely the album that helped me transition from country to country and helped me get through a good amount of high school. minutes to midnight helped me let out my anger and pain during the middle part of high school, when bullying was at its roughest.

i do admit, i warred off linkin park after minutes to midnight, but the album ‘a thousand suns’ was such a great album and i still listened the crap out of it, especially during my times in mental hospital. and we get to ‘one more light’ which was such a beautifully yet painful album to listen to, but really made me appreciate your music and growth, i even expressed my love and respect for you guys on the heavy mv and is now one of the top comments on the video. 

the many years of being an intense lp fan were so great. moderator for the official chester fourm, being part of the lpu, constantly on the lp official chatroom, all the linkinparktv videos and exclusive songs. it was truly a brilliant time. i’m not even going to lie that i have stopped doing all of that now, but it never stopped my love and support for you guys, even if it was more quiet compared to how it used to be from me.

hearing about your passing and suicide really hit home. it hit me hard. i never got to hear your voice live. i never got to meet you in person to thank you for being part of a band that helped me grow into the stronger human i am today, but, i hope you do realise how much of an impact you had on so many of us.

i really, really, really wished we were able to help you battle this demon that took you away from the world. depression is never a joke. behind all your dad jokes and smiles, there was a deep sadness hidden away from the world. i wish you were still here with us.

thank you so much for blessing us with your vocals, your talent, your music and your life. thank you so much. i love you so much. thank you forever. #ripchester

My 2nd Ice Show Adventure (Fantasy On Ice 2017 in Niigata)

Summer 2015, I went for my very 1st ice show, Fantasy On Ice (FaOI) in Kobe, and it was the 1st time I saw ‘nama-Yuzu’ (real-life Yuzuru) after being a fan since 2014 Olympics. 

Summer 2016, I had tickets for FaOI again but this time, Yuzu pulled out of all ice shows to recover from lisfranc ligament injury, so I sold my ticket, prayed for Yuzu’s health and happiness, sent him letters of support, and managed to survive the terribly long off-season with other long-suffering Yuzu-fans.  

This summer (2017), I am so busy with work projects that I have no time for fangirling, not to mention ice shows, and I moaned about it to a few friends. Almost like a miracle, one friend told me that if I wanted, she could get tickets for me for FaOI Niigata!  I decided I could get away for the weekend.  I must!  

The shows were on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (16-18 June) and it would be my first time in Niigata.  I took an ANA flight (yay! ANA!) and arrived in Niigata airport on Thursday.   The first meal I had was a very delicious bowl of ramen, and as I ate, I was surprised that I could taste bits of yuzu (the fruit).  I have never had ramen with yuzu before and so I was really happy!  It was really oiishiiiiiiiiii~~!!!  What a great omen, I thought.  My first meal on this trip was with yuzu. xD    

On this 1st night, there was something else that made me think of Yuzu…. I saw Bourbon ice-cream!  “Mo chotto”!  

I was way too full from the huge bowl of ramen and so I did not buy ‘Mo Chotto’ ice-cream to try.  Thought I’d try it another day but I did not pass by this shop again and I could not find it anywhere else.  Sigh.  Regret.  The snack is common but the ice-cream is not. 

Friday 16 June (ice show is at 7pm, doors open at 6pm)  

In the morning, I changed hotel.  Checked into ANA Crowne Plaza (yay, ANA!) because it’s a short walk to the ice show venue.  A Yuzu-fan friend, D-chan, messaged to say she is nearby and asked me to join her for coffee.  OK!   It was a lovely breezy walk from ANA hotel to an area called Pier Bandai and I found her in a cosy little coffee place with comfy sofas.  I ordered an iced coffee and we chatted away.  “I can’t believe I’m really here….”  “He’s somewhere near us now, you know….”  “Omg we’re breathing the same air as him….”   xD

Happiness is talking with a Yuzu-fan while sipping coffee in Japan. :)  

Soon it was time to meet another friend, Kay, the wonderful person who got my tickets for me.  We had plans for an early dinner together and then go for the ice show.  I met her at Niigata Station and we walked around looking for food. Some restaurants were not yet opened for dinner as it was too early. Luckily there was a soba shop that was open and we both felt like eating soba, so in we went.  (soba= buckwheat noodles) 

We ordered their specialty which was soba dipped in a warm broth with tender slices of pork.  And once again, I had the lovely surprise of finding yuzu in it!   I really love the citrusy fragrance it gave to the soupy noodles.  We felt so happy eating soba with yuzu.  It was a very good meal. :)  

From Niigata station, there was a shuttle bus to the show venue, running pretty frequently.  (I really love Japan;  they think of everything.) There was no real need to look for the bus-stop, just look for the long queue!  Luckily, it was a short wait as the buses came quickly and soon we were on our way to Toki Messe!   Just a 10-minute bus ride and we were there, a lovely glassy tall building by the river.  

We were early but the queue for FaOI merchandise was already VERY LONG. It’s ok, let’s admire the pretty Tanabata decorations and chit-chat while we wait in line.  Finally we could at least SEE the sale counter!  It’s going to be our turn!  I got a T-shirt, a towel and the programme booklet.  So happy to get the towel because 2 years ago at FaOI Kobe, the towel was sold out before it was my turn, on the very 1st day!  

Then Kay pointed out to me something that made me very happy…. Ice Rink Sendai merchandise counter!  I have not had the chance to buy anything from Yuzu’s hometown rink before, so I hurried towards it excitedly.  Wow, they really have a lot of pretty things!  

The photo of Yuzu wearing ‘Irene gloves’ was there.  (Irene is short for ‘Ice Rink Sendai’ and is the name of the mascot.)  And also his signature with a message saying “I will never forget, I will continue to do my best and give my support.” (my translation from Japanese)   And there is a little mushroom at the end. ^^

What a simple but heartwarming message for his hometown rink….

I bought the ‘Irene’ gloves, T-shirt, keychain and some stationery.  I love the pink theme!

There were also stalls selling really beautiful books and magazines….. I want them all!

Glad we were early.  It was hard to take a good look at the stalls when it got very crowded later.  

I was also very amused to see a counter that rented out binoculars, haha.  I did not rent one on the 1st day, but I did for the next 2 days.  Best decision ever.  I could see clearly all his cute facial expressions and who he was talking to all the time at the finale.  (Guess who. :))  

And of course, there were big boxes for fan letters and gifts to skaters.  Yuzu’s box filled up quickly and the inner bag had to be changed several times by the staff.  I used my new Irene stationery to write 2 fan letters (one on behalf of the FB international fan group and one from myself) and dropped them into the box on the 2nd day.  On the 3rd day, I decided to also drop a letter into Oda-san’s box.  I told him I enjoy his skating, his talk shows and his blog, thanked him for his great friendship with Yuzu, and may God bless his beautiful family. :)   

After all the excitement outside, it’s time to go in.  The seating arena for Niigata is smaller than some other places, so even the furthest row was not that far away.  I was somewhere in the middle, nearer one end of the rink.  

As usual, there were guys in black jackets who walk around holding up big signs that say “No taking of photos or videos”.  (I took this pic before the show, no pics during the show.  Law-abiding fan.) 

The show started and the skaters were introduced one or two at a time.  Yuzu was the last one to come out and the applause and cheers for him were huge.  It was clear who the star of the show was. :) 

After the opening number, the skaters did their individual performances.  I enjoyed watching all of them.  My favourite ones were the 2 performances by Nobunari Oda – the music was beautiful for both and I love to watch his jumps;  it’s like he lands on marshmallow (once again I am reminded of why they gave him that T-shirt saying ‘landing with cat’s feet’);  Sex Bomb by Plushenko was hilarious and I laughed so much;  and Shizuka Arakawa– what supreme grace and beauty.

Ice dancers Papadakis and Cizeron were very beautiful to watch. So glad they performed in this FaOI.  The acrobatic duo of 2 men in Swan Lake tutu performing ‘Notte Stellata’ was very funny.  I have seen Yuzu perform to this song so beautifully so many times in the past season (and watched it live at 4CC) and now this exact same song is skated in such a comical way….. I was so tickled. xD

For the record, the other skaters were Kaori Sakamoto, Marin Honda, Akiko Suzuki, Miki Ando, Shoma Uno, Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Vasiljevs, Javier Fernandez, Elladj Balde, Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel, Jeffrey Buttle and the Chesnas.  Many of them performed twice, before and after the intermission.  Much thanks to all for their wonderful performances!     

At the end was Yuzu’s Chopin Ballade Number 1.  I had the good fortune of watching this 2 years ago, at the last show of FaOI 2015, when he gave us a surprise performance with live piano music played by Kotaro Fukuma.  At that time, he did the 2nd half of his usual Chopin, in a black FaOI finale shirt. It was awesome. So this time, I was really excited that I would see the full performance with that beautiful white Chopin top. And wow…. he really took my breath away. Although I have watched him perform Chopin for 2 seasons already, it felt like a different Chopin. It was the same and yet it was different. More beautiful, more powerful, more flow, more speed, more precision…. it was already so perfect, how can it be even better, but it is!  (based on my ‘expert’ opinion.)   I am so thrilled that he is doing this for the new season! I LOVE Chopin!

After Chopin, he went backstage to dry his sweat and then came out again to do an encore of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (his SP for last season). It was funny to watch LGC performed in that sweet Chopin costume. So mismatched, haha.

For the finale, Yuzu came out in a glittery blue FaOI top with a cat ears-hair band on his head. He danced in the group number and even did a cartwheel on the ice!  And he waved happily to all of us. It was so good to see him enjoying himself. I am very glad he did not do any quad battles at the end. He just did a side lunge for the 1st show (with one under a set of hurdles, so amazing!), a hydroblade for the 2nd show, and a ‘muscle man’ pose with Plushenko at the last show. And when others are doing their jumps or special elements in the middle of the rink, he would skate from his original position to the space between his idol Plushenko and good buddy Nobu. And he was often talking to Plush. Ahhh… Yuzu, still the cute fan-boy after all these years. :)))

After the finale, when all the other skaters have left the rink, Yuzu took a mic and spoke to thank all of us. He said things like please take care of yourselves, take care as you go home, have a meal, have a good rest, who is staying on for tomorrow’s show? oh that’s quite a lot of you (laughs), thank you for your support, I really enjoyed myself, eh to, eh to, there is still so much that I want to say, but never mind, it is already very late, I should stop here, I really want to thank all of you for today……. And he would end by putting the mic down and shouting as loudly as he could with his own voice “Arigato gozaimashita!”

Listening to him speak was just wonderful…. I was touched by his concern for his fans and also half-laughing at some things he said. He wanted to talk more but he did not want to hold us back as it was already way past 10pm on that 1st night. That dear talkative boy. :) Oh Yuzu, your fans would listen to you all night, if only we could. But then we want you to rest too! You need a good rest and a good meal more than us!

In his speech for the 2nd day, he also thanked the people who made the ice rink.  He said the ice was very good to skate on and they all loved skating there. Yuzu and his grateful heart. :) 

On that 2nd day, I was seated at the other end, where the stage was.  (I took this pic as I was leaving.)  When he was speaking, he was standing on the left of the stage just outside the ice.  I had a very clear side view of him through my binoculars ( I was halfway up the stands).  His face was sweaty but dazzling with happiness as he spoke.  How I wish I was sitting this close!   

The shows for Saturday and Sunday were at 2 pm and 1pm respectively.

Most skaters performed the same programmes for all 3 shows in Niigata but a few skaters did a different one for one of the shows. Like Marin Honda, for the 2nd show, she performed in a very cute Japan Airlines air stewardess costume. Elladj Balde was the skater before Marin (he did a great Michael Jackson medley) and when he finished his performance, he skated to one end with his chair and just sat there. Marin skated out in her JAL costume, went to him and said in Japanese, “Sir, would you like some coffee or tea?” Haha, that was how she started and I really enjoyed her performance.  For the other 2 days, she did ‘Crime Tale’.   Javier also had a different one in the 2nd show;  instead of his new SP, it was a funny pirate one where he was a cleaner-boy daydreaming. Johnny Weir performed ‘Amazing Grace’ in the 2nd half for the 1st 2 days, then on the 3rd day, he did a song called ‘Creep’.  His performance was so heart-wrenching, I almost cried.  I can still feel the pain he expressed even now when I think back….. Johnny’s skating is really very special. No wonder he is one of the skaters that Yuzu has looked up to since junior days.

In the 3rd show, which was the last FaOI show for 2017, Yuzu had some surprises for us. 

After performing Chopin, he went backstage as usual, and the rink was dark. As with the previous 2 shows, we waited a while and then started to call his name. “Yuzu, Yuzu….” The MC said we have to shout his name louder because he can’t hear us. So we shouted “YUZU!” as loudly as we could, expecting him to appear for the LGC encore. Suddenly, the sounds of an electric guitar filled the air. There was a guitarist on stage and he was playing ‘Parisienne Walkways’!!!! We recognised it immediately and the fan beside me turned to me with eyes as big as saucers. She grabbed my hand and we started screaming and jumping about, mad with excitement! Yuzu then skated out to all our screams and did his legendary PW wearing his Chopin costume (he did the 2nd half of the usual PW programme). Oh wow!!! What a surprise! What a treat!!! Yuzu’s PW with live guitar!!! I felt like the luckiest fan in the world!!!

After that amazing encore, he went backstage and the finale started. The other skaters came out in turns to do the group number. When Yuzu came out again for his part in the finale, we all went hysterical again! Because he was wearing a yellow headband with Pooh ears!! Hahaha…… this guy really knows how to make his fans scream. He looked so adorable! It was wonderful to see him looking so happy and enjoying himself so much.
(Later, I saw a Japanese fan on twitter say the Pooh headbands were all sold out. But of course. The Yuzuru-effect. XD) 

(2 pics above are fans’ screenshots of a TV news segment on FaOI.)

Then at the very end of the show, when the other skaters have left the rink, he gave a very emotional speech and made me cry.  He said that last year he could not do anything (no ice shows at all due to injury), so now he is feeling very happy to be back doing this and he loves skating and he is feeling most blessed and he is the happiest person in the world. (*may not be the exact words but the meaning is such.)  And he thanked the organisers and other people and all of us.  It was not so much the words he said but the way he said them. There were so much emotions. His voice trembled a bit at the beginning. It sounded like he was tearing and was trying to control himself not to cry. As he spoke, his feelings were just gushing out…… he was just so utterly happy and grateful for everything!

Then he did the usual ending-shout;  he put down the mic, cupped his hands near his mouth and shouted “arigato-gozaimashita!”, and we all shouted back “arigato-gozaimashita!”  And then he bowed and waved and went in through the curtains.

Tears were running down my face. I continued to say softly, “Arigato, Yuzu-kun, arigato.”  Thank you, Yuzu, thank you.  My tears just kept flowing as I thought back.  After going through so much… so much….. he is finally where he is supposed to be…….   

Seeing Yuzu so happy and healthy is one of the best things in the world. 

I met Kay after the show and we talked about how special Yuzu is.  And how is it that he can make us fly thousands of miles to watch him perform just those few minutes and we feel it’s so worth our time, money and energy.  She would be flying home that night, and for me, my flight home was the next day.  As with all good things, it ended too quickly but our hearts were filled to overflowing.

I am very grateful to Kay for her help with tickets and for her fun company.  We met up every day and ate some very delicious food together.  On the 2nd day after the show, we walked around and found a little ramen shop to have dinner.  And again there was yuzu in it!!!  (See the little yellow strips on top of the soup?)  Kay also ordered a yuzu sparkling wine.  I had a sip and it was lovely!   Another meal with yuzu…. ahhh life is good. :) 

On the last night after the ice show, I shopped for stuff like P&G Bold clothes detergent, Lenor clothes deodoriser and softener, Ghana chocolate and Xylitol gum.  I was so happy to find all these things near my hotel, and after I lugged my heavy shopping back to my hotel room, I realised I had forgotten to buy rice! Niigata is famous for very good rice and I had wanted to buy a small bag of rice home. :((  I messaged Kay to lament and she replied, it’s ok, he is not the ambassador for rice.  Hahaha….. I love Yuzu-fans.  (I did manage to get a bag of rice before I left for the airport the next day. :) ) 

Yuzu-fans are really wonderful and generous.  And just like Yuzu, they surprise me all the time.  On the 2nd night, D-chan passed a package to me from a fan that I don’t even know.  Inside were some Japanese newspapers and advertisements with Yuzu, and also ‘Weekend Sendai’!!!  OMG I nearly fainted with happiness.  (Weekend Sendai is a free travel magazine given out in Japan many months back.  Yuzu is featured inside recommending food and places in Sendai. 1st pic below, left side.)   Gosh, how did she know it’s something I had been coveting for ages now???  I told D-chan to give her my utmost gratitude.  And thank you, D-chan, for being a good friend and messenger!  So glad I met you on this trip!    

Another fan gave me gorgeous photos of Yuzu that she had taken herself at competitions.  And she said, “Thank you for the good work that you do in the fan group.”  Aww….. I was so touched!   Thank you, CL!

I was so happy when I was packing my luggage on the last night in Niigata.  I had so many precious goodies in my bag!   Thank you, dear Yuzu-fans!!!  Hope to see you all again! 

Below are pics of my FaOI tee, towel and booklet that I bought on Day 1.

There is so much more that I want to say, but this is already so long, I should stop here now.  Dear Yuzu, thank you for everything!!!  May God bless you and your family.  Always supporting you and hope to see you again soon!   

Note: This is written one month after the event due to being too busy at work.  If any details of FaOI are incorrect, I am sorry for my bad memory. :P   

[Credit: photos are all mine except for the 2 screenshots of Yuzu with Pooh-ears from twitter and the Pooh pics from pinterest - thanks!]

Accuracy - Pt 1 (M)

Genre; Hints of smut towards the end~

Length; 1,400+ words

Originally posted by markyieuns

By the grace of god, your mom somehow was able to gift you tickets for Got7′s upcoming fanmeet. 
The instant she handed them to, flashing you a proud smile, “Happy birthday, sweetie.” She lovingly cooed as you nearly broke down. Words couldn’t just simply express how happy you were. 
You remember just being utterly astonished about how good the seat she was able to get was; second row from the stage. 

“Mom are you serious?” You breathlessly replied, choking up as you staring down at the ticket. “I can’t take it, this must’ve costed a fortune.” 

Your mom just stared at you, her huge grin staying on her face as she cherished the look on your face.
“Baby, please don’t worry about the price-” She calmly began, pulling you into one of her warm embraces; rubbing up and down your back as you threw your arms around her, “-I know you haven’t really ever gotten gifts on your birthday, so I just really wanted to get you something I knew you’d remember for the rest of your life.” 

Tears trickled down your cheeks, puddling on her shoulder as you shook your head in disbelief, “Thank you so much, I love you mom-” You shakily replied, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

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React to K-Pop

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Zhang Yixing/Lay x YouTuber!Reader - Fluff

Words: 4.9K

Summary: It all started when you, a YouTuber, got invited to a famous react channel to react to EXO. Being a huge fan of them, your reaction sparked an interest in not only your fans and their fans, but EXO themselves.

A/N: This was a request from @icehooligan - I’m actually SO sorry it took so long, but it was really fun to write! Thank you again!

“Your voice is just amazing!!”

“If you had a concert, i’d definitely go!”

“She’s so pretty”

The corner of your lips lifted when you read the comments to your latest song cover of a popular pop song. Glancing at the view count, you pearly whites shined at the 1.2 million views. You kicked your legs in the air and spun on your chair, smiling brightly for achieving your goal of 1 million views in just three days. You leaped out of the chair and stretched your arms.

“Ahhhh quitting my job was such a great choice!” You exclaimed to nobody in particular so you glanced at your plants. “Thanks for always being there for me.”

Poking a leaf of your innocent succulent, you sat back down with a radiant smile ever present on your gleaming face, adding to the appeal. Inhaling deeply, you closed your eyes and allowed the sunlight to seep through your curtains to caress your face gently. You soaked in the heat of the sun and sighed.

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How we met Floriana Lima

So I’m going to skip the unsuccessful Saturday, where we were waiting for her outside the hotel for like only 3 hours or so :D Sunday was way better ;)
We camped outside from like 11 am, knowing that “you-know-who” :D has red carpet and some program at 2pm. So we were hoping she will go out with him. So we were waiting, but they didn’t came out :( We found out on the internet he is already at his program, but Flo was not on the pictures with him. I tried twitter, hoping for anything to give us hope she’s even inside and I found her instagram story she uploaded around 1:30pm. Her instagram story was a video of her room view and she even recorded us standing down there :D So we knew she is in the hotel and we also knew which window was hers!! :D
This put new energy inside of us and we decided to just stay there and hope for the best, “you-know-who” had another program at 4:30pm so we hoped she would come out then :D
After another 2 hours of waiting, we came up with a lot of theories how we could catch her attention (beside tagging her on twitter and instagram that we already tried) - like train a pigeon to flew with a note up to her open window, borrow a drone with a written message or even shouting her name from top of our lungs :D. Shortly after 4pm we decided to wait another 30 minutes until the mentioned program started and then we were going to give up. We were sad and totally sure it wont work out.
And then I saw her. She came out from the hotel, and was waiting for her car to pull over. Luckily while I was barely able to breath my friends who were with me shouted her name and she just looked surprised at first that she has some fans waiting for her there. She had sunglasses on which she immediately put down which was nice, cos we were able to see her in the eye :)

She came to us smiling, autographing our prepared Maggie photos. I vaguely remember her doing something like “aww” what she saw we have Maggie’s photos. She signed and took pictures with us, smiling her dimples off. She looked genuinely happy she has fans there, she was very nice and I really wish i could remember this whole meeting better :D.
She signed photo of Sanvers, where she drew a little heart over Alex (of course she did ❤), and she commented on the bts photo from shooting the 221 with the shotgun “that was an amazing day” :).
When her car was waiting for her for a while already, she finished all the signing and selfie-ing with us and she had to go :( But when the car was leaving, she pulled down her window, waved and us and thanked us for coming ❤❤❤
I’m more than sure I don’t remember like half of things that happened, but i think you can understand that :D

I would love to thank all of you guys, who were rooting for me, this was a dream come true for me and I’m so happy right now. Thank you for all your kind words!
And the biggest thanks from them all goes to @raven618 and @reginaisthegoodone for taking all those photos of me and Flo and especially for those amazing 3+6 hours of standing in one place and still having fun doing so :D ;)

And to answer all of your questions… :D She is smol, but not so much as I participated :D I don’t know if she smells good, cos since we haven’t hugged it would be weird for me to try and smell her :D Her voice is even more sexy and hot than in the TV and her head pressed against mine in our photo? That was all her ❤

Award // Ethan Dolan Imagine


A/N: The Dolan Twins deserved all four awards they were nominated for period. Don’t fight me on this.

Here’s a little imagine inspired by the TCA’s (my version is not rigged :) . ) 

You smoothed out your dress as you were getting ready to walk to carpet. Your outfit consisted of a velvet body-con spaghetti strapped dress that showed off your beautiful curves perfectly. Your hair was done in perfect soft curls while your make-up held natural look. Currently you were three inches taller than normal with the nude heels you had on. 

Everyone was currently running around all over the place trying to make sure all the famous stars got on the carpet safely.. A bodyguard escorted you out onto the carpet. Squinting your eyes from all the sudden flashes you smiled and quickly began to pose as you were told where to stand. 

Your eyes scanned the large crowds of fans that were eager to get pictures with their favorites. Never in a million years did you think you would be on this side of the carpet. 

Never did you imagine your youtube channel would blow up the way it did. Currently you had over five million subscribers and your life was flipped upside down in a great way. You sometimes couldn’t believe how your life changed over night. Tonight you were nominated for two awards and were going to present one. People screamed your name and reached out to grab your hand. All of this was so humbling to you because without the fans you wouldn’t be walking the carpet right now surrounded by many more talented people. 

Taking selfies with the fans and giving them hugs. You chatted with them for a while before you were told to go inside because the show was starting. Waving goodbye and promising the follow the few fans that gave you their twitter handles you followed the bulky security guard inside the large stadium. 

Finding your seat you sat down and smiled when you saw you were sitting at the same table as Liza and David were siting at. 

“Hey guys!” You greeted. 

“Oh my gosh hi! You look so beautiful tonight!” Liza gushed while getting up to pull you into a tight hug. 

“Aww thanks! You look gorgeous too! We can’t forget about David either look at that beautiful outfit.” You teased making Liza laugh.  

“Right! It took me a while to choose this.” he laughed while pulling you into a hug. 

Soon the lights dimmed down and the first performer was announced. Dancing and singing along to the singers with Liza as David recorded the two of you for his vlog. Laughing as the two of you made a fool of yourselves in front of millions of people you two settled down once they were done preforming. 

Later on in the show the Dolan Twins were called up onto to the stage to announce the winner for Choice Movie Actress. As they began to walk up to the stage Liza secretly elbowed you making your face heat up. 

Liza was the only one (apart from David of course) who knew that you had the biggest crush on Ethan for about seven months now. You have been friends with the twins for about three years now. It wasn’t until one night when you went to film with the twins that you truly started developing feelings for Ethan. 

You watched as they spoke into the microphone and announced the winner. Cheering as Zendaya began to walk up the stage and giving the boys a quick side hug. 

You listened as she said her speech and cheered at her beautiful speech at the end. Clapping your hands as she walked off the stage the next performer was announced. “Look at your future boyfriend up on that stage,” Liza whispered making you shush her with a giggle. 

“You two are the worst,” you laughed while straightening your dress as your category would soon be announced. 

Finally after a performance and a commercial break Dylan O’Brien and Brandon Flynn walked up on the stage to present the category you were nominated for. Nervous rattled your body as you heard the names being announced. Everyone on the list were amazing creators. Liza sensed you were nervous and being the good friend she was gave your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. 

“And the winner is…..” Dylan spoke while taking a long pause. 

“Y/N Y/LN!” the two boys yelled into the microphone making you look over at Liza with a huge smile before getting up. Giving David and her a quick hug you grabbed a few of the fans hands on your way up. Once you were on the stage you hugged both the boys and thanked the person who handed you the surfboard. 

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Round Two (S.M.)

Title: Round Two
Fandom: Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 1,146
“So it’s for Shawn, so you’re interviewing him and he’s had a bad day so he’s a little rude and she joking calls him out and the fans get mad about o it on Twitter the enst day and start being rude so he defends her” @jonahmaraisgirl

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The second he walked in, you could tell something was up. You didn’t know if it was the way he was walking or the look on his face, but Shawn was very obviously not in the mood for an interview. You weren’t going to let that get in the way of doing your job, however, so you smiled at him and stood up when he came in, offering your hand for him to shake.

“I’m Y/N; it’s so nice to meet you,” you greeted, still smiling widely.

He gently took your hand, shaking it briefly and forcing a smile at you before sitting across from you and crossing his arms across his chest.

The interview went about as smoothly as you could have expected, given the foul mood the boy was clearly in – most of his responses were curt and direct and quite frankly a little on the rude side. As you were finishing up, you reached out to shake his hand once more, saying “Thank you so much for your time; it’s only too bad I couldn’t catch you in a bit of a better mood.”

He stared at you as if it just hit him that he hadn’t been hiding his mood as well as he must have thought, before blushing and apologizing sincerely, explaining that he’d had a long day of plane rides and repetitive interviews. “But that’s no excuse. I really should have been better to you and I really am sorry for that. Please, don’t get the wrong impression of me.”

You laughed softly, shaking your head. “Don’t worry, I figured that’s what had happened, I’m definitely not holding it against you. It took me a few years myself to get through a whole day of interviewing person after person without letting myself get like that, too.”

He nodded with a small smile, thankful for your understanding of the situation. He left the room and you returned to your chair, awaiting the next interviewee of the day. Pre-award show press days were the absolute worst, but they were a good amount of extra cash so you took them with a smile.

A few days later, you checked your phone for the first time in hours and noticed your twitter was blowing up. Mention upon mention flooded your notifications like never before.

“@ (your twitter handle) is such a horrible person. He was obviously having a bad day, how dare you treat @ ShawnMendes like that?!”

“I cannot believe what @ (your twitter handle) said to @ ShawnMendes after their interview. #Rude #FireThem”

“Super disappointed in @ (your twitter handle) this time around”

Everything was full of hate directed at you. You knew this was bound to happen eventually and you thought you were prepared, but something was different about this. You had absolutely no idea why everyone hated you.

You let the negative thoughts fester inside of you for a few hours until your lunch break came around, and when it finally did, you ran to your car. You opened YouTube and loaded up the video of your interview with Shawn, watching it in its entirety. Everything seemed fine until you reached the very end. Whoever edited the video had cut it off after your comment about his bad mood, so the world had never seen his apology or your forgiveness. You were made out to be a total bitch. And the whole world had seen it.

Quickly you drafted and sent a tweet out directed at those who had been sending you hate:
“I promise that you havent seen everything between myself & @ ShawnMendes. All was resolved. Everything you see isnt everything that happened.”

Immediately, more hate flooded your notifications. Overwhelmed by emotion at the sudden outpouring of threats and pure meanness, you emailed your boss that you had left early, suddenly feeling unwell, and that you were sure you would feel better by tomorrow.

You did not.

When you woke up the next day, everything was ten times worse. Shawn had yet to address the situation himself, his fans were continuing to spread the word about how terrible you are, and 4 hashtags about what a shit person you are had gone trending worldwide. You called out sick again.

This cycle continued for the rest of the work week and you knew your boss had caught on by the second day, but you didn’t care. There was nothing anyone could do to fix this situation. Even your editor had tweeted an apology with the full video clip attached showing that the situation was not as previously presented but still, you were villainized to no end.

Just when it seemed like the world had stopped spinning and your only option was to quit your dream job, the hate tweets stopped. Trending hashtags were no longer related to you. Your mentions were filled with nothing but love, and apologies, and sincerity. You hesitated, scrolling through your notifications slowly, not wanting to question the sudden change of heart in fear it would awaken you from a dream and the harsh reality would set in. But it never did.

Tweet after tweet apologizing and forgiving was sent to you and you couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. Finally, the thought hit you to check if Shawn had done something to help the situation and it turned out he had. The most recent series of tweets sent out by him read,
“Please stop with sending all this hate to @ (your twitter handle). The conversation we had did not end where the video shows it to. The comment made about my mood was well-intended and well-placed. We both apologized for our respective rudeness towards each other and the situation was resolved before either of us left the room. Beyond that, I cannot believe that my fans would partake in this kind of behavior, warranted or not. I cannot condone nor support the tweets you have all been sending the past week and am honestly ashamed to call you my fans. If you don’t know the whole story, you should not be making assumptions, let alone judgements. If anyone was at fault here, it was myself.”

You smiled to yourself, thankful that Shawn had finally stepped in and let the truth be known. Though it had taken him a few days, you were glad that all the hate had finally stopped as you were not sure how much more of it you could handle before breaking. Quickly, you sent a tweet directed at Shawn that read,
“@ ShawnMendes Thanks for clearing that up. And perfect timing with it, too. Also, glad to see you’re in a better mood these days ;)”.

You took your time getting ready for work that day, and as you were locking the door on your way out, your phone buzzed with a reply tweet from Shawn: “Round two?”
Louis Tomlinson thanks One Direction fans for BRIT in heartfelt message
HE wasn’t there to collect the award in person but Louis Tomlinson used his Instagram account to thank fans for their support after One Direction won Best Video at the Brits. The 25-year-old …

HE wasn’t there to collect the award in person but Louis Tomlinson used his Instagram account to thank fans for their support after One Direction won Best Video at the Brits.

The 25-year-old recorded a heartfelt message accompanied by the caption: “THANK YOU SOOOOO F*****G MUCH !!”

Wearing a hoodie at his family home in Doncaster, Louis was clearly full of emotion as he delivered the personal message.

He said: “I just saw that we won the award for British Music Video, absolutely incredible. I’ve said it so many times but you guys continue to surprise us with your how incredible you are, over and over and over and over again.

“This means a hell of lot to all of us. Sorry I can’t be there, I just wanted to spend the night at home with the family and do something special for them. But guys you are incredible, thanks for all the support through everything, loads and loads of love.”

The singer’s mother passed away in December last year, so no doubt the band’s win will have been doubly emotional.

At the awards ceremony, which took place last night at the O2 arena in London, it was left to fellow 1D star Liam Payne to collect the award in person.

The singer appeared to gave One Direction fans a glimmer of hope that the pop group will eventually reunite during his speech.

While collecting the audience-voted British Artist Video award, which went to the group’s hit ‘History’, Liam said that he and his bandmates will ‘always be’ One Direction.

He said: “This is amazing, thank you so much. I know I speak on behalf of the rest of the boys when I say we cannot believe we’re still winning these, and the sheer devotion that our fans have shown online for this is absolutely amazing, so thank you very much.

“We’ve been taking a bit of time out, working on our solo material, but One Direction is who we are and it’s who we always will be. This one’s for you, thank you very much.”

The prize marked One Direction’s seventh BRIT Award, and their fourth year in a row receiving British Artist Video.

Meanwhile Liam’s other half, Cheryl, has unveiled her baby bump for the first time in a stunning new campaign.

The singer, 33, posed for the shoot when she was eight months’ pregnant and is just days away from giving birth with her and One Direction star Liam Payne’s first child.

It is the first time she has shown her bump in an official capacity after choosing not to publicly confirm her pregnancy.

A source said: “Cheryl is confident, proud and very ready to become a mum.”

The shoot – filmed in January – is part of a re-branding exercise for beauty brand L’Oreal, who have teamed up with the Prince’s Trust for a new drive focused on confidence.

Shipped- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so I’m old. We’ve established that. So I don’t know what a social media person is, but I know what a YouTuber is so I hope it’s similar anon? If this isn’t what you want, please let me know! Enjoy guys!

Warning: Tyler Seguin is a warning ok?

Anon Request: If it’s not too much to ask, can i request an imagine where she’s a famous social media person and she posts a pic of her and tyler seguin together. It’s cute and all and fans are all “omg i ship you guys!!” Hahaha hope that made sense??? Thank you!! :)


              You never expected to be this YouTube famous.

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[2017.07.07] JAPAN EXPO - Fullmetal Alchemist panel

Hello everyone ! (ノ^∇^)
(I doubt anyone would read these lines but anyway XD)

Here is the translation of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie panel that was held on the YUZU stage (Hall 4) at Japan Expo 18th Impact (Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte) !
The guests were Sori Fumihiko (director), Yamada Ryosuke (Edward Elric) and Honda Tsubasa (Winry Rockbell) !

Fullmetal Alchemist panel at Japan Expo (Paris)

***Credits of the pic to me

I ended up including some reports notes because I thought they were cute / important but if it’s really too confusing to read, just tell me so I’ll remove them and keep it simple.

I had the huge honor and chance to be there and had an amazing seat.
I’m so grateful despite all the complaints I’ve made (french side ? lol), and that is one of my best memory of my life ! (T_T) ♥

I hope you’ll enjoy it !
Just for this one PLEASE DON’T REPOST (only reblog) !!

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lilscientist  asked:

Hey I just came across your blog and I wanted to say that you're so kind. Also can you write something in which RFA + V and Saeran react to a MC who knows a language apart from Korean and English and they also teach their child that language? Hope it's not to pressurizing. Thanks Xx

I really love this request a lot my friend!! I only know English and some French and Japanese but this request has inspired me to get back into languages so thank you for that! I’m also a sucker when it comes to adding the RFA and friend’s children (I used pre-existing names for the kids too please let me know if you’d like me to take them off!) so this one turned out kind of long sorry! But thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • The first time you told Yoosung that you were fluent in another language, his eyes lit up with admiration
  • He knew from taking some foreign language classes in school that learning a new language was difficult
  • So when you fluently talked in your other language, Yoosung clapped his hands with excitement
  • He said that the both of you knew more then just Korean, with you knowing your other language and Yoosung self-proclaiming that he could speak animal
  • When you and Yoosung had your son Byul, you were eager to teach him more then one language
  • Yoosung had to tell you that your son needed to learn Korean first then he could learn more languages since Byul was still a toddler
  • So when Byul was old enough, you would spend nights with him teaching the little one a new language
  • Yoosung joined in and made colorful flashcards for his son to help him with his studies
  • Every time Byul would get a correct answer, you and Yoosung would clap your hands with over-exaggerated excitement while Byul smiled brightly at his parent’s encouragement
  • Soon enough you, Yoosung, and your son Byul all fluently knew another language thanks to your help, both boys feeling a sense of accomplishment while you felt happy to teach them


  • When you first told Zen that you were fluent in another language, he just smirked and said that he already knew you were smart
  • You sometimes translate Zen’s interviews from Korean to the other language you know for people who speak that language, making a lot of thankful fans
  • Zen totally brags to all of his co-workers how amazingly talented his wife is and how you know more languages then just Korean and English
  • He loves it when you speak to him in your other language as Zen tries to learn it himself
  • When you and Zen had your son Jun-Ho, you both agreed that when he was old enough he should be fluent in multiple languages
  • Jun-Ho ended up being an extremely introverted child and had problems speaking Korean let alone another language
  • Zen’s fans often intimated the poor little boy as he thought he could never be as good as his father
  • When you learned this, you gave Jun-Ho lots of encouragement and eventually taught him your other language
  • One night, Jun-Ho proudly said a short sentence in the other language to his father as the little boy’s eyes gleamed with pride
  • Zen picked up his son with one arm and exclaimed how proud he was of Jun-Ho as Zen reeled you into an embrace with his other arm
  • You, Zen, and Jun-Ho were soon known as a family of talent and not just because of Zen but because of the variety of languages you three knew


  • Jaehee found out that you were fluent with another language by accident one day
  • The two of you were having a conversation whenever you accidentally said one of your sentences in another language
  • Just as you covered your face with embarrassment, Jaehee casually replied back in the same language
  • You would always forget how talented she was when it came to knowing languages but Jaehee playfully scolded you for not telling her sooner since this was exciting to her
  • Whenever you and Jaehee adopted your daughter Min-Ji, the two of you were eager to teach her multiple languages
  • Since you were completely fluent in the other language, Jaehee wanted you to teach the tiny girl whenever she was older
  • It turns out that Min-Ji was an incredibly smart girl and picked up on the other language that you and Jaehee spoke at times
  • With your help, Min-Ji was fluent in another language whenever kids her age were still struggling to learn Korean, something that both you and Jaehee couldn’t be prouder of
  • You, Jaehee, and your daughter Min-Ji would spend family nights learning new languages and while it may seem strange to others, the three of you wouldn’t want it any other way


  • From a very young age Jumin himself had to learn a diverse set of languages to make it in the business world
  • He knew how strenuous and time-consuming mastering foreign languages were so when he heard you singing a song in another language, Jumin was quite impressed
  • Jumin wasn’t that familiar with the language you knew so sometimes he’d bring you into the office with him if an investor only spoke that language and used you as a translator
  • He wanted to learn the language you knew himself so you taught him and in no time, Jumin was fluent in that language
  • So when you and Jumin had your daughter Nari, Jumin immediately wanted to teach her multiple languages but you had to slow your husband down since Nari wasn’t even one year old yet
  • But Nari was like her mother and father, she quickly picked up on Korean and with your help, she started learning the language you knew
  • Since Jumin had to spend much of his time at work, he rarely got the chance to teach his daughter new languages, breaking his heart
  • One night, Jumin came home from work early to find you and Nari reading a story book in another language
  • Jumin quickly pulled out his phone and took a shaky video of your daughter slowly reading a few sentences in the other language
  • You and your daughter turned around when you heard Jumin clapping his hands as he presented Nari with a tiny cat plushie as a gift for her advanced learning
  • Jumin picked up Nari as he kissed your cheek, he was excited to brag to all of the other businessmen about how talented his family is


  • With all of his witty knowledge, Seven had learned plenty of languages throughout his years
  • So when Seven found out that you spoke another language besides Korean and English, this boy was hyped
  • When Seven realized that he knew the language as well, the two of you would have secret conversations in public, especially during RFA meetings confusing the heck out of everyone
  • The two of you would randomly start talking between languages, Seven even taught you more and soon enough you became fluent in tons of languages
  • When you and Seven had your son, Sae-yoon, the two of you were excited to teach your son all kinds of languages
  • When Sae-yoon was older, Seven made his son a robot dog that barked out different languages to teach his son
  • You had to get rid of the robot dog whenever it almost burned your son’s fingers off with its flames for getting a phrase wrong
  • So then you decided to take it upon yourself to teach Sae-yoon different languages since Seven was usually busy with work
  • You created little games to play with your son to help him memorize vocabulary words but Sae-yoon seemed to learn better when his father joined in the game as well
  • Soon enough you, Seven, and your son Sae-yoon were all fluent in multiple languages as you became the known as the family that would confuse the heck out of you when speaking


  • When V first found out that you could speak multiple languages, he told you that he already knew that you were talented
  • Since he travels a lot for his photo shoots, V would ask you to come along with him to help him with the language barrier
  • During your free times when the two of you traveled together, you would teach V the other language you knew
  • V was genuinely thankful that you would be willing to teach him new languages and would show his gratitude in any way possible
  • When you and V had your twin boy and girl, Yeoung and Ha-yun, you two wanted to teach your children new languages early on
  • V would be patient with the two little ones since he knew the difficulty of learning new languages
  • He’d use photos to help associate Yeoung and Ha-yun learn vocabulary words and V would give them kind words of encouragement whenever they learned a new word or phrase
  • When V wasn’t around, you would teach the twins by speaking the language, they would always be impressed that their mother was that skilled
  • You and V would always take time during the night to spend family time together with the twins and taught them new languages
  • The night would typically end with V laying on the bed with Yeoung and Ha-yun wrapped in his arms and language notes scattered around
  • You, V, Yeoung, and Ha-yun ended up being a family of many talents with all four of you having a vast knowledge of languages


  • Saeran had some knowledge on other languages but he’s never been completely fluent in any of them
  • So whenever you tell him that you’re fluent in another language besides Korean and English, he acts unimpressed but he secretly admires you for it
  • You make Saeran agree to spend more time together by studying a new language together
  • Since Saeran was a quick learner, it only took him a few months to fluently speak another language thanks to you
  • When you and Saeran had your son, Jin-Ki, Saeran didn’t care whether his son would learn another language or not
  • But you wanted to encourage Jin-Ki to learn at least one other language and when he was old enough, you started teaching him
  • Saeran would quietly observe you teaching the little boy a new language, with you cheering loudly every time he pronounced a phrase correctly
  • Seeing you two have so much fun made Saeran a little jealous so he would sit down next to the two of you and start teaching his son
  • Jin-Ki loved adored it whenever Saeran did anything with him, especially when he praised his son so Jin-Ki would try his best when Saeran was there
  • Saeran noticed this and gave Jin-Ki a small smile and ruffled his hair while giving him encouragement making his son ecstatic
  • You, Saeran, and Jin-Ki all became fluent in multiple languages and gave you three some much needed family time together

Request: Hi! I was thinking you could maybe write something like that? Dan and y/n are married for 10 years now and they have lovely kid. And they moved out but Phil lives next door because friendship. And then Dan and y/n organise some meeting with friends at their house to bring back all these cool memories they have. And their son sits with them and listen to these stories not being even able to believe his parents were that crazy sometimes. And its just all fluff? Please and thank you

Word count: 1264

Warnings: Nope

I cried during this…. Didn’t help that Phil noticed me!! Ah, emotions.

Originally posted by patchworkshirt

A single knock at the door sent the whole house into chaos.

Michael jumped up from his seat on the sofa, bolting down the corridor. Bernard, the Great Dane, sprinted after him. Dan yelled for Michael not to open the door over Bernard’s barking and the cat skidded past me as it tried to escape, the floors too smooth for a grip. You grinned to myself, making your way to the door, Dan telling Bernard to stay sitting down as he picked up Michael, resting him on his hip. Dan had always been very motherly with Michael, probably due to you being ill after bringing Michael into the world.

You opened the door to be greeted with Phil, his wife Emma and their 10-year-old son, Alex, only two years older than Michael. You beamed, pulling the door open wider as the air was filled with series of ‘Hello’s.

“Come in, come in.” You waved them in, pulling Phil in for a hug after he pecked you on the cheek, the family merging with each other. Phil let you go and you met eyes with Emma, flinging your arms round her. You had been best friends for years, and it felt like you hadn’t meet in forever.

“I’ve missed you!” You laughed as you pulled away, ruffling Alex’s hair as he rushed towards Michael, making him giggle and shout a ‘Hello’ before shooting upstairs to Michaels room, most likely to play on the ancient Playstation 64 Dan insisted he had.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Babies get in the way!” Emma exclaimed, laughing and glancing at Phil. You followed her actions, watching the exchange between Dan and Phil. They were smiling at each other, not saying anything, but Dan was holding a bag which he wasn’t before.

“You organised this to talk to all of us, right? Don’t go making a YouTube video now!” You joked, making Emma laugh and eventually Dan and Phil. “PJ, Chris and Louise should be arriving soon.” You told them, leading them into the lounge.

“You really managed to get them to come?” Dan raised his eyebrows, settling down next to you.

“It was quite easy actually, it’s just you’re too awkward to ring instead of message them on Tumblr.” You rolled your eyes, everyone laughing.

“You haven’t changed in ten years, have you?” Phil shook his head.

“Stop judging me!” Dan retorted. “Anyways, would you all like a drink?”

Eventually, Louise, PJ and Chris came along with their significant others and children, the alcohol flowing, but not too overly due to the kids. They jumped around and we had a round of karaoke, when I convinced Dan and Phil to have a duet of toxic for old times’ sake, making sure to film it secretly. After we had food (takeaway pizza, of course), Dan told everyone to settle down and gather in the living room. I threw him a confused look, but he just tapped his nose, kissed me on the head and sent me away, Phil staying at his side.

“What is all this about?” I laughed to Emma and Louise as we sat down, the kids being sat down by Chris until they convinced him to sit with them.

“I think you’ll like it.” Emma told me, grinning.

Finally, Dan and Phil came into the room, settling down a large box that I recognised, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Phil also held the bag he gave to Dan earlier.

“Alright everyone. Since this is the first time we have met in forever, we decided to dig up a load of old stuff.” Dan announced, opening the box and pulling out a dress.

“Oh, my god!” You let out, putting your hand over your mouth as you realised it was your wedding dress. Long, silky and plain, but suited you to a T. The adults ‘awed’, the kids asking Chris what it was. Dan smiled gently at you, folding it carefully and placing it on the ground, away from Bernard. He then picked up two colourful books – The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside. You laughed, the kids reaching out to grab them, Dan allowing them to look through them.

“I haven’t seen those in years,” Chris chuckled, everyone nodding in agreement.

Phil then reached in to reveal several awards, making you smile softly. How quickly time had flown.

A few more items were shown – Dan and Phil calendars, fan art and letters from conventions, the two iconic T-Shirts from the tour.

“And lastly…” Dan grabbed the bag, and pulled out a large book.

“Is that… Holy fuck!” You squealed, before slapping your hand over your mouth, Emma whacking you on the arm playfully. Darcy, the oldest of the kids, sneered under her breath. Dan burst out laughing.

Your old scrap book. You had thousands of photos stored in the pages, recounts of stories and diary entries. You could remember when you cried for days after you thought you had lost it.

You jumped up, flying towards Dan and wrapping your arms around him, lifting your feet up as he swung you, nearly dropping the book.

“Thank you!” You shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” When Dan finally let go, you then jumped at Phil, who made a squeak before breaking into laughter.

“Why is Mum/Dad attacking Dad and Uncle Phil?” Michael whispered to Chris, making him laugh.

“They’re just happy.” Chris reassured him, and he giggled. You were gently taking the book from Dan, settling down on the floor and opening it up.

“Look, it’s our first photo!” You pointed out to Dan. It was taken at the Manchester flat, your face pressed to Dan’s. You were sitting in his room, playing truth or dare previous to photo.

“Truth or dare, right?” Dan asked, both of your eyes widening before you shouted.

“Butter bum cheeks!” You both burst out laughing, clutching each other for support. You had been dared to shout ‘butter bum cheeks’ out the window, and of course, you did. It just so happened Phil was coming back from town at around this time, and just saw you poking your head out and shouting the words – that was Phil’s first impression of you.

You moved on through photos of the tour, dates and meeting fans. There were a few diary entries, which you skipped, saving for a more private moment. You eventually came to wedding photos, and the last page contained a large photo of you, Dan and Phil, laying on the bed with your heads falling off the side and your legs leaning on the wall. Underneath it in neat, simple handwriting was one word.


“I want that photo on the wall.” You sighed, eyes tearing up. Dan wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the head.

“Happy tears?” He asked, and you nodded, wiping them away.

A few hours later, you lay curled up against Dan’s chest, the kids in Michaels room, sleeping, your friend’s downstairs.

“Thanks so much for tonight. It was amazing.” You mumbled.

“It was about time.” Dan laughed, making the whole bed shake a little. “I wish we could go back sometimes.”

“Same. I miss being young. I mean, you’re 36 soon… And Phil will be 40.” You shuddered.

“Don’t remind me, love.” He nuzzled into you. “I love you, you know that, right?” You smiled, glancing at the rings on your finger. One from the day you took the last photo for the sketchbook, your engagement ring and your wedding ring.


Monsta X Scenario: Meeting you at a fan signing

Hey guys! This is my first Monsta X Reaction/Scenario writing (I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but was very hesitant about doing it but I did!). It might be very low quality because it is my first time writing but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways because I did try my best. Thank you so much ♡ - Iman 

PS: There are members that have reactions might a bit longer than the others and that might be because I got carried away towards the end (Remember I do love the members equally)… so my apologises in advance. 

Shownu: The second he sees you, he becomes very shy. He turns very hesitant as he’s unsure of what to say to you. However, it changes once you start talking to him as you try to break his shy shell by talking about the things you both love. His dad jokes are passed around the table, giggles and laughs are heard throughout the whole venue because of them. “Thank you so much for coming to the fan meeting today and thank you for sharing such good laughs with me. Hopefully, we can meet again because you are such a sweet and fun girl.”

Originally posted by blackpinkinmyoreo

Wonho: This boy gets really cocky once he sees you. While you’re waiting in line, he tries to make eye contact with you and when you two do make eye contact, he tries to impress you in every way possible. You let out a few giggles here and there when you see Wonho trying you gain your attention (and he definitely gains you attention). He leaves the room for a quick bathroom break and when he returns, you expect him to return back to the stage and continue with the fan signings. However, he had other things on his mind. Instead of making his way to the stage, he makes his way to you. “Since your beauty and light attracted me, you’ve now got my undivided attention, my dear.”

Originally posted by warmwonho

Minhyuk: Minhyuk, the ball of sunshine. Seeing you got him very hyped up. Once you got up to the stage and met up with him for the signing; he asked for your name, tried to be funny with you, sang his songs together, played around with the animal headbands and took pictures from every angle with every filter on Snapchat. He tried to make this meeting something memorable for the both of you, and it definitely did. Once the fan signing came to an end and when you were making your way home, a notification went off on your phone. You see a familiar picture from Minhyuk’s fan cafe, a selfie of you and Minhyuk with a dog filter with a caption; “I would like to thank Y/N for such an amazing time at the fan signing. She made such supportive and sweet comments that made me so motivated and excited for Monsta X’s future. Thank you so much, Y/N. ♡”

Originally posted by monsta-texts

Kihyun: Once he meets your eyes, he calls you up to the stage with a smile: “Ya! You in the back, come and make your way up here.” You look around you just to make sure if he was talking to you or someone else and then you look at him and point to yourself, he nods and gestures to make your way up to the stage. You walk up to the stage hesitantly but he reassures your nerves by sweet talking to you. He asks you about your day, if you’re going to the concert later that night, asks you if he’s your bias and grins when he sees you blushing while looking down at your feet. Cheesy pickup lines are stated by Kihyun which makes you blush and the other members cringe behind his back. The whole fan signing with Kihyun was such a great opportunity, you left the fan signing venue with a big smile on your face. While you were waiting outside of the concert venue, you looked through your album once more and a particular paper fell out. You read it with a smile; “Y/N, thank you for making your way up to fan meeting, it was such a pleasure meeting you. However since you were an hour late, you need to stay one more hour with me after the concert. - Kihyun” (The quote is similar to the ‘Who’s the Best at Dating’ video, I bet you all know what I’m talking about)

Originally posted by strawberry-peach-tae

Hyungwon: Fan signings can get really tiring a while especially if they continue till the evening. You came in a bit late because of your tight schedule in the morning. Starbucks was your first stop before the fan signing venue. You had this feeling that your bias, Hyungwon, was worn out at this time of day so you decided to buy him a coffee to help energise his tiring day. Entering the venue you see a crowd of monbebes and the 7 boys at the top of the stage, on the far right of the stage you see Hyungwon slowly dozing off. You make your way up to the stage and lightly tap Hyungwon out of his unconscious state. He looks up to see you with a bright smile and a coffee in hand. “Here, I thought that you’d be a bit tired at this point of day so I decided to buy you something energising.” you say with a smile. He gladly accepts your kind gesture and asks you to take a seat. You guys talk for a while about various things on your minds, play with the bubbles that Wonho was blowing, drinking coffee, watching the boys trying to make a heart with their arms and so on. Before you leave, you give him another gift to show your love and support for him. He takes your hands and says “Y/N, thank you for the small sweet gestures, they mean a lot to me. The next time we meet, I promise to pay you back the same way to did; returning sweet gestures and supporting you in every way possible.”

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Jooheon: Aegyo, aegyo and aegyo ♡ Did I mention aegyo? You’d expect the boy have that rapper vibe the second you met up with him but you thought wrong. Jooheon showed you the new version of his Kuku Kaka song and it warmed your heart to the point you squealed in front of him (fangirl instincts kicking in). You two decided to go full on aegyo; conversation were now no longer spoken in a normal manner. All the other members and monbebes found the action as something very cute as they got to see Jooheon lighten up from his usual cool, laid back rapper figure. Towards the end after the aegyo meltdown came to an end, Jooheon signs the album you brought to the meeting and adds a little extra information… “To Y/N, thank you so much for bonding with me through aegyo. It was really nice to bond with someone who accepts my aegyo without cringing or leaving the room ㅋㅋㅋ. Maybe next time for my mixtape instead of rapping, I could invite you to the studio show that we can create a new aegyo song! From Jooheon (his phone number)”

Originally posted by gainsbourg17

IM: Changkyun tries to make the fan meeting/signing as professional as possible however when you make your way up to the stage and take a sit right in front of him, he gets really awkward and flustered. However, you had the same feelings/emotions as him which slowly calmed him down. You shyly talk about his new mixtape, Who Am I, and tell him how much you are in love with his skills and talent. The whole fan meeting with Changkyun started off nerve-wrecking however after you two warmed up to each other it basically became a place where you two talked about your favourite rappers and his mixtapes. “It’s nice to know that there is someone who has the same personality as me and has the same musically interests” he thought to himself. Before you left, he made you listen to his new mixtape and asked you for your opinions. In the end, you left the venue a sweet note from Changkyun in your signed album and a link to his mixtape album on SoundCloud. 

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Love Unintentional (Part 4)

A/M: Here is part 4 for you guys. There probably isn’t going to be too much more soon. I love how much support I have been getting from this story and thank you for liking it and especially telling me how much you’re enjoying it:) Things get a little complicated in this one. But I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you do Xx

Word Count: 3381

Other parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five , Part Six

–One month later–

You stayed at Harry’s the rest of that day, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his hospitality and had gone home that night

once you had felt a little better.

It was already a month later and your place remained quiet in a lonely kind of way. Your ex was gone for good and it still felt bitter on your tongue.

You missed him like crazy, wanting to pick up the phone to make amends. You’d scroll to his contact and stare at the number and picture, wondering if he was doing the same. Wondering if he truly did miss you as he had said he had every time he’d come back for his things.

But he wasn’t the person you once thought he was and remembering everything he had done always made you sick.

You’d try to go out a little more often, but now with your rising career and an identity of being “Harry’s girlfriend” going out alone, even for groceries was a little bit of a struggle to do with paparazzi that always wanted to ask you things or take your picture.

“How’s Harry?” They’d often ask, and you’d answer them.

“He’s out of town, visiting family.”

“He didn’t take you with him?”  

You shook your head, “Well obviously. I’ve been busy and my family is coming.”

“Oh. So family reunions for the both of you.”

“Exactly” you smiled, “I’m about to celebrate my birthday.”

“Really? Well Happy Birthday.” The paparazzi said.

Taking it half heartedly you replied a thanks and kept walking.

When they saw that there wasn’t a story there they would often leave you alone and move on.

The stunt was proving to work as your fanbase and popularity had grown substantially from Harry’s popularity, and it worked for him as his audience had grown as well. The media had appealed to you both as a couple and based on a few people, you and Harry had appeared to be a great match. But you suddenly began thinking about the whole stunt and PR behind it. Now that it had achieved what was wanted, was there still a necessity for it?

Your family came to celebrate your birthday, and to make sure you were okay after the horrible breakup. They had liked your ex just as much as you had and they too were blindsided by what he had done when you told them what had happened. With their visit you got to see your young niece and nephew again the both of them improving your mood and making the place not feel as lonely as it once felt, aside from when Harry would come over.

Besides Harry being gone for almost two weeks to go back home, you both would visit each other at least twice a week; once at his place and once at your place. It would usually involve some lunch or dinner depending on the time, and a movie, a board game or going out somewhere, even if it was a walk around town. Ever since that night your friendship was closer than ever. He had seen you at your worst and still wanted to see you, and not because he was forced to.

Tonight having come back a few days before, you invited him back over to your place for dinner.

“Let’s do something.” He suggested.

You raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean do something? I’m already cooking, you can help me if you’re bored.”

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed coming over to help, “That’s not exactly what I meant though. I think we should do something. Besides eat and watch a movie or whatever’s on TV.”

You gave him a look, “I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight Harry.”

“We don’t have to.” And he left the kitchen looking around your place.

Things had obviously been missing since they had belonged to your ex, but you made due. The real important things were yours to begin with anyway.

Harry bent down and picked up one of the toys you had bought for your niece and nephew. A giant and brightly coloured plastic microphone. “What’s this?”

“A microphone? Please Harry, with your experience I’d figured you’d know that pretty easy.” You teased.

He chuckled, leaning over the breakfast counter in front of you with the item still in hand, “Not exactly what I meant, though I would love to have this design when I perform.”

You finished putting on the last touches to the food before it was ready to go into the oven as he continued to speak, “I was wondering why you had it.”

You smiled, “It was for my niece and nephew. Surprise surprise they like to perform too.”

“Hm. I think I know where they get the talent from.” You heard him say, which caused you to blush.

You picked up the tray and turned to go put it in the oven behind you, “Speaking of family, how was going back home?” You asked.

“Great. They always like to see me back. The whole town does.”

You giggled, “I thought you went back to be with family.”

He laughed, “I did. But the whole town loves seeing me back. To them I’m family.”

You both just laughed, “Must be nice to be so loved.” You said as you closed the door to the oven.

When you looked up you found him with the TV remote in hand.

He had become quite comfortable with you as he already knew how things worked at your place.  

“What are you putting on?”

He just smirked as he continued doing what he was doing without saying another word as he then took out his phone.

You walked over and by the time you had, his search was on the TV screen and showed he was on youtube looking at different videos that had karaoke versions of songs.

You started laughing, “Harry-” But before you could say anything else The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” was already starting and he started singing along with just as much passion as he had the night you had first met.

You couldn’t stop laughing at his over exaggerated dancing, but like you had once shared publicly, his singing of course was pitch perfect… when he wanted it to be anyway.

When he finished he smiled at your little applause, and he took a bow, “Thank you, thank you”

“You’re a dork.” You laughed and he began to smile.

“Thank you, I take your laughter and comment as a compliment.” He said which caused you to blush, “I haven’t heard you laugh in the last couple weeks. It’s lovely.”

You giggled softly, “Thanks Harry.”

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Kiritoru TV: 2014 Olympic Announcements

Yuzu: I was so nervous!

Hosts: His reactions are slightly unusual for Japanese aren’t they?

Hosts: Yea it’s true! It almost looks like he’s saying all these things just for this program

In which God-like!Yuzu and Extra!Yuzu strike again. Plus Mao, Akiko and Kanako being really cute XD

Full translation under the cut. 

(This has been on my back burner forever, finally getting it up)

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Till We Meet Again (George Salazar X Reader)

WC: 2089

Warnings: Roland!Reader, weed and porn are mentioned briefly

Summary: Y/N Roland decides to sing ‘Michael In The Bathroom’ at Joe’s Pub, and a clip of her performance gets sent to George Salazar himself.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: I changed this request slightly, because I know that George is gay and I didn’t want to erase that.

“Hey Joe’s! How are ya’ll doing tonight?” I asked, earning a loud cheer from the audience. I chuckled, and adjusted the microphone slightly.

“That’s good, that’s good. Now, you guys may know me as Hélène Kuragina in The Great Comet on Broadway.” This made the crowd cheer even louder, and I chuckled, waving my hand at them.

“Oh, stop it.” I said, smiling widely at them. They chuckled and I took in a deep breath.

“Anyway, tonight you guys are in for a treat. You wanna know why?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. I waited until the clapping and cheering had quietened slightly, and continued talking.

“Well, it’s because I’ll be performing a few of my absolute favourite on and off a Broadway songs for you.” I said, taking in a deep breath.

“Now, the first song I’ll be performing for you is a little ditty that was written by the wonderful Joe Iconis. It’s from one of my all time favourite musicals, and is sung by one of my all time favourite people. So, here we go.” I said, nodding to the pianist.

The all-too familiar intro started playing, and I took in a shaky breath.

“I am hanging in the bathroom, at the biggest party of the fall. I could stay right here, or disappear, and nobody’d even notice at all.” I sang, and the audience cheered and screamed.

“I’m a creeper in a bathroom, cause my buddy kinda left me alone. But I’d rather fake pee than stand awkwardly, or pretended to check a text on my phone.” I sang, starting to get into character.

“Everything felt fine when I was half of a pair. Now through no fault of mine, there’s no other half there.” I took in a shaky breath and began singing the chorus.

“Now I’m just Michael in the bathroom, Michael in the bathroom at a party. Forget how long it’s been. I’m just Michael in the bathroom, Michael in the bathroom at a party. No you can’t come in.”

There were a few chuckles from the audience at that line.

“I’m waiting it out, till it’s time to leave. And picking at grout as I softly grieve. I’m just Michael, who you don’t know. Michael flying solo. Michael in the bathroom by himself. All by himself.” I sang, readying myself for the next verse.

“I am hiding, but he’s out there just ignoring all our history. Memories get erased, and I’ll get replaced, with a newer, cooler version of me.”

I took in a deep breath, feeling the song get more intense.

“And I hear a drunk girl sing along to Whitney through the door. ‘I wanna dance with somebody.’ And my feelings sink, cause it makes me think, now there’s no one to make fun of drunk girls with anymore.” I sang, clutching the microphone tightly.

“Now it’s just Michael in the bathroom, Michael in the bathroom at a party. I half regret the beers.” I said, fake vomiting slightly.

“Michael in the bathroom, Michael in the bathroom at a party. As I choke back the tears. I’ll wait as long as I need till my face is dry. Or I’ll just blame it on weed, or something in my eye.” I sang passionately, taking the microphone off the stand

“I’m just Michael who you don’t know, Michael flying solo. Michael in the bathroom by himself, all by himself.” I sang, taking a few paces across the stage.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock. They’re gonna start to shout soon. Knock, knock, knock, knock. Aw hell yeah, I’ll be out soon. Knock, knock, knock, knock. It sucks he left me here alone. Knock, knock, knock, knock. Here in this teenage battle zone.” I sang, feeling my breathing rate go up as the music got louder.

“Clang, clang clang, clang. I feel the pressure blowing up. Bang, bang, bang, bang. My big mistake was showing up. Splash, splash, splash, splash. I throw some water in my face, and I am in a better place. I go to open up the door, but I can’t hear knocking, anymore.” I took in a shaky breath, and felt tears begin to well in my eyes.

“And I can’t help but yearn, for a different time. And then I look in the mirror, and the present is clearer. And there’s no denying I’m just.” I sang, my voice dropping off towards the end of the phrase.
“At a party. Is there a sadder sight than.” I sang, humming the melody after these words.

“At a party. This is a heinous night. I wish I’d stayed at home in bed watching cable porn. Or wish I’d offed myself instead, wish I was never born.”

“I’m just Michael who’s a loner, so he must be a stoner. Rides a PT Cruiser, God’s he’s such a loser.” I stomped my foot aggressively, feeling a tear or two fall down my face.

“Michael flying solo, who you think that you know. Michael in the bathroom by himself. All by himself. All by himself. All you know about me is my name. Awesome party, I’m so glad I came.” The pianist played the final chords, and I smiled out at the audience.

They whooped and cheered enthusiastically, and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. “Thank you, thank you. Now, this next song is from Dear Evan Hansen, so if you know the words, sing along!”

I scrolled through my Instagram feed, noticing a few fans had uploaded videos of me singing at Joe’s the other night.

I chuckled at the comments on the photos, and noticed that a few people had tagged George Salazar in the videos.

I saw that I had a few DM’s, and I opened my inbox, gasping when I saw one particular message.


Hey Y/N! I’ve seen a few of the videos of you performing Michael In The Bathroom, and you were brilliant! I had no idea you were a BMC fan, and it was a very pleasant surprise to see one of my new favourite Broadway actresses singing one of 'my’ songs.

I paused, and set my phone down on the kitchen bench. I let out a screech, shocked at what I just read.

I picked up my phone and read it again, trying to make sure that it was actually real, and not some hallucination.

I took in a deep breath, and typed a response with shaky fingers.

Hey George. I’m very glad you enjoyed my performance, and honestly I’m struggling to type this because my fingers are shaking so badly. I’ve always looked up to you for god knows how long, and this has literally made my freaking day. So THANKS!!

I pressed send and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Almost as soon as I’d sent the message my phone made a noise, and I saw that there was a response.


Is it bad I was going to say the same thing about you? You are absolutely killing it as Hélène (I’m seeing the show next Monday) and you were incredible in Heathers. I’m doing a performance at 54 Below next week, and I was wondering if you wanted to maybe join me???

A truly inhuman scream left my mouth when I read George’s response. I walked around my kitchen, trying to come to terms with what was happening.

Um, absolutely! Getting to perform with you would be a dream come true, honestly.

I saw that George had read the message, and was typing a reply.


Awesome!! The performance is next Friday night, and you can be there at about 6:00. ❤️ (btw I love your username! Will probably begs to differ)

I chuckled, knowing full well that George was right. My username for every form of social media was @thebetterrolandsibling and it brought me a great amount of joy when Will first saw it.

I got out of Instagram and immediately dialled my brother’s number, hoping he’d pick up.

“Hey Y/N. How’s my favourite little sister?” Will answered and I rolled my eyes, sitting down at the kitchen bench.

“Hello to you too, William.” I said and Will groaned. I chuckled to myself, knowing full well how much he hated being called by his full name.

“What do you want, Y/N/N?” Will said and I shook my head slightly.

“You’re so rude. Anyway, you know how I did that performance at Joe’s Pub the other night?” I said, holding the phone close to my ear.

“Yeah. I saw the videos. You were, dare I say, quite good.” Will said cheekily, and I let out an annoyed sigh.

“Whatever. Some fan sent videos of me performing to George Salazar, and he freaking DM’d me. That’s not the best part. He asked me to perform with him next Friday at 54 Below!” I rambled, hoping Will could at least understand bits and pieces of what I’d said.

“Oh my god, Y/N! I’ve performed with George a few times, and he’s awesome! I know how much you love him.” Will said and I felt my cheeks heat up a little.

“He’s gay, Will. It’d never work out.” I muttered, and Will laughed loudly on the other end of the phone.

“That’s not what I meant, but ok. I have to go now, but I love you, Y/N. Bye!” Will said, and I smiled to myself.

“Bye Will!” I said, hanging up the phone and setting it down. I let out a sigh and sat down, leaning back into my chair. Next Friday couldn’t come soon enough.

“You made it!” I whirled around to see George standing there, a bright smile on his face and his arms open wide.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t miss this.” I said, and George chuckled, pulling me into a brief hug. I felt my cheeks heat up a little as I hugged him back.

“I saw the show on Monday, and let me just tell you, you were absolutely incredible! I’m considering seeing it again and bringing Travis this time. He’d love it.” George said, and my blush only darkened.

“Thanks! I really do wish I could’ve gotten to see Be More Chill, but the cast recording is beautiful.” I said, and George waved a hand in my direction.

“You’re too nice. Anyway, so I was thinking that we could do a duet of something from Be More Chill, seeing as that’s how this little duo got together.” George said, pointing between the two of us.

“That sounds awesome. So, which song were you thinking?” I asked, and George smirked at me.

“Well… I was thinking maybe we could do Two Player Game?” George said and I nodded enthusiastically.

“I love that song so much, you have no idea.” I said and George laughed, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Perfect. Let’s get going, then.”

*I’m not writing out the entire song, bc it’s too time consuming*

The song ended, and the audience cheered, clapping wildly. I looked over at George and smiled brightly, adrenaline pumping through my body.

“Thank you very much! Make sure to see this lovely lady in The Great Comet at the Imperial Theatre!” George said, gesturing to me.

I waved at the crowd, my cheeks hurting slightly from smiling. “Thank you so much for having us, 54 Below! Goodnight!” I said, walking off the stage with George.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” I said, and George nodded excitedly, pulling me into a hug.

I returned the embrace, tightly wrapping my arms around his torso. “We have to do something like this again.” George said, letting go of me.

“I second that idea.” I said, and George chuckled, nodding his head.

“I should probably let you go, but it was awesome to finally meet the woman behind some of my favourite theatre characters.” George said, shooting me a wink.

“You’re so goddamn smooth, Jesus Christ.” I said and George threw his head back, laughing loudly.

“It’s a blessing and a curse, Y/N. While we’re still here, do you want my number? That way we can keep in contact more.” George said and I nodded vigorously, pulling out my phone.

I unlocked it and passed it to George, watching as he quickly typed in his number. “Perfect. Text me later, ok?” George said, handing me my phone back.

“Got it. See ya George!” I said, waving at him as he walked off.

“Till we meet again, Miss Roland.”

Imagine hosting a birthday party for your son with Chris.

A/N: Part 3, everybody. 💕 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; Memory Lane - Masterlist)

The birthday party was meant to start at 2PM, but by 1:45PM, the very Mickey Mouse themed house was already bustling with guests. Jack, thanks to you and Chris, was now also a huge fan of Disney- his favorite character being Mickey Mouse. It made things easy because there were a lot of Mickey Mouse themed birthday decorations. The cake, however, could not be Mickey Mouse. It had to be a Captain America shield because he couldn’t leave out his favorite superhero; it was also because he didn’t really want to cut into Mickey, so a Captain America shield cake it was.

“He is seriously cute, Y/N,” Hayley told you as she joined you and Scarlett by the kitchen counter. You smiled when Scarlett nodded in agreement. “Look at him,” she said and you all turned, “he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

The three of you smiled at your son who was across the room with his dad, Sebastian, and Anthony. They were watching one of the many videos Chris had taken of Jack in the living room a few nights ago. You’d just come home with Jack’s Captain America costume- one you had to thank Kevin for- in preparation for Halloween which was at the end of the month. You weren’t going to give it to him until Halloween was closer, but both father and son couldn’t wait and snuck it out of the closet while you were in the shower. The video was of Jack practicing his Captain America moves and it was pretty freaking adorable.

“Look look,” Jack pointed at the screen excitedly, tapping both Anthony’s and Sebastian’s legs. “I jumped off the couch and landed like Daddy.” Chris laughed, but he was very proud of his son. “Isn’t that cool?” He quizzed, looking up at his uncles for approval.

“Look at you, Jack!” Anthony appeased him, over acting his excitement. “That’s amazing! The way you landed-” He pointed at the computer screen, nodding. “I felt like I was watching your dad at work, there is just no difference.”

“Wow,” Sebastian agreed with a nod. “I’m going to need you to show me how to do that so I can use it the next time.” He glanced over his shoulder at Chris who was laughing even harder now. “Your dad could definitely learn a thing or two from you, bud.”

“That’s what Mama said,” Jack told them then scanned the room for you, grinning when he caught your gaze. You smiled back; beside you, Hayley and Scarlett beckoned him over. “Daddy, I’m going over there.” He said then ran over to where you were. Both Scarlett and Hayley descended to their knees, giving him tight hugs before getting back onto their feet.

“Have you said hi to everyone, sweetheart?” You asked, lifting him up and resting him on your hip so he could talk to people without straining his small neck. “I know you’re very excited to see Uncle Tony and Uncle Seba.” They were the most fun in his opinion. “But you have to go say hi to everyone else and thank them for coming. Especially when Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, and Nana get here. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Jack nodded. “Hey, Mama.” He looked over at his dad who was walking over with Sebastian and Anthony; he suddenly remembered what Daddy, Uncle Tony, and Uncle Seba had said earlier and decided to share it with the three ladies they’d spoke of. “Did you know that Daddy’s kissed all three of you?”

“What?” Scarlett asked, glancing between you and Hayley; all three of you tried hard not to laugh.

“Your daddy’s a bit of a player, Jack Jack,” Hayley joked, smirking at Chris who was on his way over with Anthony and Sebastian. “Don’t you grow up to be like him, okay? Stick with one woman, one wonderful woman like your mom.”

“Auntie Hayley,” Jack giggled. “Daddy only kissed you and Auntie Scarlett for the movies, he’s only with Mama in real life.” You chuckled, pressing a kiss to your smart boy’s cheek. “Daddy loves Mama too much to kiss anyone else for real.” He said then hugged you tightly.

“Yeah, I taught him that one,” Chris whispered into your ear when he joined your side. You smiled and kissed his cheek as he wrapped an arm around you. “I really think he’s got a future in acting,” he commented, ruffling Jack’s hair.

“It’s Ally!” Jack gasped into your ear when Ally, Jack’s preschool classmate, walked in with her parents. “Mama,” he squirmed in your arms and you took it as a sign to let him down. “Ally!” He ran over to her and they shared an adorable hug.

“Because he’s as good with the ladies as his dad?” Scarlett teased.

“Something like that,” Chris chuckled and you shook your head, smiling.

“Wow, thank you so much!” Jack looked over at you and Chris holding up the present Ally- the girl he obviously liked- had just given him. Both of you nodded at him then smiled at Ally’s parents. “Let’s go play with the others outside,” he told her and took her hand, leading her to join the rest of the kids in the backyard.

“We should probably go make a round, see if anyone needs anything.” Chris suggested to you and you nodded. “Sorry guys,” he apologized; Hayley, Scarlett, Anthony, and Sebastian nodded understandingly. “Excuse us, we’ll be back soon.” He lowered his hand to the small of your back and led you away from the group.

“What time do you think our parents are going to arrive?” You asked Chris, wrapping an arm around his waist as you leaned into him. “Everyone else is already here, even those who had to fly in from California. You’d think our parents would be the first to arrive considering they’re living in Boston.”

“They should be here any minute, it’s fine if they’re a little late ‘cause there is no way Jack’s going to give them any attention with Ally around.” Chris chuckled when you did. “Plus- I think your parents are getting Jack something from IKEA that they have to pick up first.”

“God, please don’t be furniture.”

“I’m sorry,” Chris laughed, “why 'God, please don’t be furniture’?”

“Have you forgotten the trouble we had with our bed frame?” You raised a brow. “We had to call my dad to come help us? He was having lunch with a friend at the Derby and didn’t come till eight at night because he had to drive three and a half hours? Do you remember how condescending he was towards you? Do you remember how he tortured you? Do you really want to go through all that again?”

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” Chris chuckled. “In fact- I thought your dad and I bonded that day.” You laughed because that was not how you remembered it; your dad was crazy mean to him that day. “I don’t really take any of what he says to heart because I know he doesn’t mean it, he’s just being protective of his baby girl.”

“We’ve been together for almost nine years.”

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “when we have a daughter and she gets married- I’m going to do the exact same thing to her husband. I don’t care how many years they’ve been together, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s my baby girl.”

“I’m sorry,” you narrowed your eyes with a smile dancing on your lips. “Did you say when we have a daughter?” You quizzed and Chris nodded, smiling. “What makes you think we’re going to have another child?”

“The look in your eyes when you look at Jack,” he answered. “Maybe not right this second, but- we’re going to have another child sometime soon.” He kissed the side of your head, speaking before you could say anything. “It’s fine, I can wait. I waited six years for Jack, I don’t mind waiting another six years.”

“I don’t want a six year gap between our ch-” You scoffed, cutting yourself off when you saw Chris bite back his smile. “Okay, can you stop with your tricks and your manipulation?” He laughed when you gently slapped his chest. “Can’t you just be happy with Jack? He’s perfect.”

“He is,” he nodded, “but I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have a girl.”

“Of course you have,” you chuckled. “Tell me honestly, how many children do you want?”

“Honestly,” he chuckled, kissing your hair, “I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”

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