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The bioluminesence cat exists girl and I love them

“‘Oh my!’ the Host exclaims. ‘That’s quite amazing! They look very cool, I can understand why you love them.’“

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Sorry if this was asked before, but do know what the other characters look like as cats? Have you drawn them?

I’ve drawn many! They’re in the cat au tag, but I compiled them all here as well

I like to draw Victor as a dog, because I love Borzoi’s, but sometimes I’ll draw him as a cat because people ask very nicely =u=

Minami is a pomeranian fluffball who wants to be just as fluffy as Yuri, Yurio is a bengal.

Chris is a Himalayan show cat, Seung-gil Lee is just a domestic shorthair who happens to have some interesting colouring.

JJ is a huge tabbycat who lives at the shelter Yuri used to live at, Phichit’s a Manx that lives in the same neighbourhood, and Otabek is a domestic shorthair with a shorter tail who lives at a motorcycle shop in the neighbourhood.

Phew! That’s a lot of cats! Thank you for everyone’s support through this :D


Magnus talking in different languages

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I commissioned the lovely @yunyin to sketch a scene from this fanfic and she did a beautiful job! She gave me permission to color it, and I finally finished. 
Original sketch under the cut.

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