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Full credit to that other Anon since I essentially ripped off the whole framework, but this was done with the intent of granting you guys’ wish so I hope you don’t mind.

I came across that posted ask just after finishing an assignment, and it seemed like a good wind-down idea so here you go! A geeft!

this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me
Art Lover.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Black!Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Oral sex (fr), unnprotected sex (that’s a bad idea, bitches), flirting, Bucky being super cute.

Word Count: 2195.

Rating: 18+


Remember sunday? When I told y’ala write a reader insert with a Black!Reader? Well, welcome to the party! I want to thank everyone who read Muñeca. I wasn’t expecting people to like it that much. This is dedicated, again, to everyone who thinks this kind of fic is discriminatory towards white people, specially @papi-chulo-bucky​ anon.

I am the Queen of Salt.

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Hope you enhoy this. I love you!

Bucky loved the peace and quiet of the Museum. Once he had been cleared to, at least, roam around the public areas of King T'Challas royal compound it had became one of his favorite places to go. No one payed any attention to him there or no one did, until the day she did.

He had heard her heels clicking on the marble floor first, determined and unwavering moving in his direction, until she stopped and cleared her throat, getting him to look at her. A small, pleasant smile etched on her face.

“Sergeant Barnes, is there something I can help you with?” Her voice is soft and clear, with a slightly raspy edge to it and he looks her up, taking in her appearance, her brown skin, dark eyes, her hair.
“Not really. I just like the quiet of here” Bucky smiles “And the art is real pretty too”
“Would you like to know about it?” She’s smiling at him, soft and sweet and Bucky reminds himself that it is part of her job and she probably doesn’t want to really do this. People normally stare at him or avoid him, he’s come to the conclusion that a 6'5" guy with a metal arm is not really an inviting sight.
“I’d love that sweetheart, but I don’t wanna impose on you” He gets up, ready to leave.
“You wouldn’t be imposing, Sergeant Barnes. Is my job and you seem genuinely interested in it” She takes a deep breath and Bucky’s eyes fall to her chest, the neckline of her dress is just low enough to show a tantalizing amount of her cleavage, without being unprofessional “Besides, I like talking about it and people keep telling me I have a nice voice”
“You do have a nice voice, doll” Bucky is surprised when she giggles.
“So is true. You really do the ‘doll’ thing” She laughs softly again and then takes another deep breath “I’m so sorry… Is just…” She trails off and then takes his right arm “You see… The girls? Oh, how they love that. They get all giggly when you call them that, I bet you were a hit back in the day with the ladies” she starts walking and Bucky is completely entranced by her and her voice and her energy.
“Most of them just seem scared of me. Or my arm. Or what people say about me”
“It is a bit intimidating, but that’s part of the attractive, too… I guess” She looks at him through the corner of her eye and see him smirking a little.
Bucky chuckles lowly and she joins him, her laugh is melodious and he finds he wants to hear more of it.

When they stop in front of big painting she launches into it, talking about the artist and her life and from what part of Wakanda she is, and why and how she started painting, and Bucky listens to her. It had been so long since something caught his attention in such a way, he’s sure it is in part because of what she is saying and in part because he is under her spell. No wonder people like hearing her talk about art. He’s already thinking about coming back the next day, so she can keep showing him around, but it is getting late and he needs to head back. He’s got an appointment with the technicians that oversee his arm and Steve has been a real pain in the ass lately.

The next day he’s there and so is she. She’s smiles at seeing Bucky in front of the big painting of the day before and approaches him with that confident stride of her.
“Sergeant Barnes” Just as the day before she takes his right arm “How are you today?”
“Please, doll… Call me James or Bucky, I haven’t been Sergeant Barnes for a long time”
“Ok, James. That is such a beautiful name. You look like a James” Her smile is more open today, not as professional as the day before and Bucky wants to ask her what does she mean when she says he looks like a James.
“C'mon, doll. Is not as beautiful as you” She tilts her down bashfully and her smile turns timid, the compliment came out of his mouth before he even thought about it, like a reflex or a memory from a long time ago. He likes it, it feels good having that part of himself back, even if it is for brief moments.

It becomes their thing, he goes into the Museum almost on daily basis and she meets him there, walking through it and talking about art. But soon enough the conversation starts to shift from the art to their lives, Bucky often says that whatever she wants to know is all over the internet and she insists that’s not true, he always tries to change the subject.

One day instead of taking his right arm, she absentmindedly takes his left, Bucky goes stiff for a moment, then notices how she is distractedly tracing the plates on his boinic forearm, she has gone silent, just looking at the arm and tracing her fingers softly on it. Bucky looks at her and she looks back at him, biting her lip bashfully.
“I’m so sorry, James. Is just… I had never seen your arm this close. Is beautiful”
Bucky smirks and looks at her “I wouldn’t describe it as beautiful, you know? But you don’t have to apologize”
“No” Taking a deep breath she starts talking again “I totally have to”
Bucky chuckles humorlessly and the takes her face in his hands “Doll, is ok. Look, this arm is really out there you know? Is not easy to ignore, yet you’ve only showed curiosity over it after we, pretty much, covered every single art piece in this museum. So it doesn’t really bother me” He smiles softly and this time it does show in his eyes “And I just ran out of excuses to spend more time with you and I really wanna spend more time with you”
“James” She whispers his name and Bucky looks around making sure there’s no one coming up or down the hall, then he dips his head down and kisses her softly on the lips. There’s a couple of seconds where she’s not really doing anything besides standing there, but when she does something is more than what Bucky was expecting.
“Oh, fuck it” She mutters against his lips and kisses him back, her right hand grabbing his left forearm and the other hand going around his waist, is not rushed or frantic, is deep and needy and when they pull back she’s panting softly, with a small smirk on her lips “I was wondering if you were ever going to do that”

The moment his doorbell rings Bucky runs to it, opens it and drags her in. Kissing her hungrily and unapologetically, before kicking the door shut.
“You hungry?” She just nods and kisses him again, her arms around his neck and she kicks her high heels off, standing on her tiptoes she tangles her hands in his hair and tugs, getting a moan out of him and she giggles.
“I knew it” The little, self satisfied smirk she’s wearing after discovering he likes to get his hair pulled, turns into surprise when Bucky pushes her against a wall and places his hands at either side of her head, capturing her lips agains. Then, when Bucky tries to pull back she pulls him back in, pushing on her tip toes again.
“Doll… I’m really trying to be a gentleman here” He smiles against her lips.
“But I don’t want you to be a gentleman right now” Her hands make their way under his shirt and she feels his muscles moving softly under her fingers.
“Are you sure, doll?” He pecks her lips and she chases after him, making Bucky chuckle.
“Yes, I’m positive” She’s not even finished talking when Bucky is already lifting her from the ground by the backs of her thighs, her arms securing themselves around his neck. Lips locked together.

Bucky throws her softly on the bed and she bounces on it, a peel of laughter escaping her at his actions, he takes his shirt off pulling by the back of his neck and watches as she launches into action, taking her jacket and dress off in rapid succession, the contrast between her dark skin and her pastel colored underwear is one of the most beautiful things Bucky has ever seen, he circles her waist with his metal arm and pulls her to him, his right hand grasping the back of her neck and kissing her again, his tongue slipping inside of her mouth when she sighs.
“You’re so beautiful” He’s got her face between his hands now “I’ve wanted you since the moment you walked up to me”
He pushes her back on the bed, until she’s laying on her back and Bucky takes the sides of her underwear, pulling it down her legs and taking them off. Bucky kisses her leg, starting at her ankle and going up, until he reaches the inside of her thigh and bites down on it, making her moan out loud.
“Do you like that, doll?” He does it again and her moan is louder “C'mon sweetheart, be a good girl and use your words”
“Ugh… Yes, James. I like it” He bites down again, on her other thigh, and she mewls, now Bucky’s the one sporting a self satisfied smirk on his face.
“I’m gonna make you feel so good, doll” He parts her lower lips and flicks his thumb over her clit and she squirms a little, Bucky throws his metal arm over her hips, keeping her down just before diving into her cunt and starting to suck and lick at her clit. He enters her with one long finger of his right hand, the sweetest sigh leaving her lips at his action. Bucky looks up to find her propped on her elbows, looking down at him with dark, wide eyes, he winks at her and she shakes her head. A broken moan is all she can mutters the moment he pushes a second finger in.
Bucky starts pumping his fingers, curling them up, until he finds her g-spot, watching as she lets herself fall back down on the bed, moaning his name until she comes, panting and trembling in his arms.

When she opens her eyes Bucky is by her side, smiling down at her and caressing her belly “Doll” She tangles her hands on his hair and kisses him again, hard and deep, swinging her leg up and over his hips, straddling him and grinding against his length “Stop teasing” She licks her lips and takes his cock in her hand, guiding it to her entrance and pushing down on him, taking deep breaths while she gets used to the feel of him.
Bucky grabs her hips, desperate to find something to anchor himself and not start fucking her at once. She starts rocking her hips softly, her hands on his chest and bites her plump bottom lip when Bucky’s right hand twitches on her hip, he growls at her, desperate for her to get a move on it. Little by little she starts to move faster and faster, a light sheen of sweat covers her skin, adding a soft shine to her soft body.
She leans down and kisses Bucky, moaning into the kiss and biting his lower lip, making him groan.
Then he grabs the back of her neck and there’s no letting her go back to her previous position, keeping her forehead to forehead with him.
“Fuck… Doll, you feel so good” Bucky turns them over and lays her on her back, pushing her hands over her head and keeping them pinned there with his right hand at the same time that he starts thrusting his hips fast and hard, he tried. God, he tried to take it slow, but he knows he can’t. The need is too strong for that and her face is scrunched up in pleasure. Bucky flicks her clit and she cries out his name, her hips bucking desperately from the bed. He’s so close he can taste it but needs her to come first, he wants to see her once more. So gets to it, really gets to it, giving her clit small pinches and flicking it over and over again until she screams his name, hips bucking and legs trembling, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.
Is just in that moment that James lets himself go, coming with his face buried in her neck, teeth biting down on her shoulder, hard enough to leave teeth shaped bruises.
He stays on top of her a few moments, before rolling over and pulling her to his side, kissing her forehead.
“Doll… I had invited you to dinner” His laugh sounds sincere, even to himself.
“We can still eat. But you have bring the food here, because I don’t think I can walk right now”

[ Anon asked:  “Since you’ve asked for ideas/prompts: Larry helping Freddy tie his tie just before the heist. Or maybe an AU where Freddy is visiting Larry in prison? Your art is so lovely btw, thanks!!!” ]

I’m still taking more ideas if anyone has them, just feel free to send them my way! Can’t promise I’ll draw all of them of course or how fast I will, but I really love ResDogs/creamsicle and drawing them is incredibly fun ♥

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My Dearest soul-candle, Despite your lack of Force sensitivity, the quality of your art sets you above the teeming masses waiting to be subjugated. Your clear lines, shading, and intuitive use of color are sublime. Your moniker is not mere hyperbole, but a statement of fact: you hold a candle to the soul of the universe and reveal it in all of its terrible glory! With your eye and my might we can conquer the galaxy! I shall come for you tonight. Be ready. Yours in admiration, Lord Maul

oh my god yes

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put a love letter from a fictional character in my ask

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Hey about do you think about A little Mermaid au for Appleshipping with Rin as the princess and Yugo as the merman.... I thought you could use to cheer you up from the last one...

I love the idea……. so I did a quick AU scene thing for it…. Ahhh I’m so out of practice :’) but thanks for the inspiration! 

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ok, so I don't know if you're actually taking requests or not, but imagine this. An AU where Ignis was always blind, or maybe lost his sight in the accident that hurt Noctis, and he gets used to it and stays as Noct's adviser, but everyone is constantly underestimating him. So when he wants to learn to fight, everyone is against it, which gets him down, until Gladio's like, well, why the fuck not? And teaches him himself... and well... I know you like Gladnis, so... anyway hugs, you're awesome x

Anon, Brotherhood Gladnis is one of my big weaknesses. Thank you for facilitating this, and I loved this idea. Have some sexy, confident blind!Ignis and Gladio. 

“I don’t see the problem, and please, for the love of all the Astrals, do not think I’m making a joke at that,” Ignis growled. His hands gripped the top of his white cane, knuckles white.

“Clarus just said he wasn’t sure it was a good idea,” Noct said, obviously trying to placate his advisor.

Ignis at nineteen was tall, lean, and incredibly good looking, but had an acerbic temperament that kept most people at arm’s length. But not the prince, and not Gladiolus Amicitia. They were perhaps the two people in the whole of Lucis who were not entirely intimidated by the prince’s sharp-tongued advisor.

“Ig,” Gladio said, clearly also trying to calm him, “Look…”

“Don’t you dare ‘Ig, look’ me, Amicitia,” Ignis snarled. “I think it would be beneficial for me to train with a lance or some other bō staff related weapon, and you have no right to try and prevent me.”

Noctis sighed and looked over at Gladio, who shrugged. “You didn’t let me finish,” Gladio whined in mock-outrage.

Ignis breathed out a great exhale of his own and softened, sliding his eye-shield further up his nose reflexively. “I apologise. It’s not your fault.”

“So… if it’s not my fault,” Gladio grinned, placing a heavy palm on Ignis’ shoulder, earning himself a surprisingly fond smile, “Does that mean I get to train you?”

Ignis chuckled. “But we haven’t had it cleared yet…”

“You’re doing me a favour,” Gladio breezed. “Come on, please? I suck at lance work compared to greatsword etc.…”

“Did you just say you suck at lance work?” Noctis smirked, one eyebrow quirked.

“Please don’t,” Ignis deadpanned. “I don’t need that image.”

“You can’t see though…” Noctis frowned.

“Exactly. Mental images disappear a lot more slowly than real-time ones,” he said, smacking the prince on the back of the head with bullseye precision.

“You mean you don’t want to imagine my hands on the shaft–?” Gladio began, but Ignis brought the white cane up in a lighting-fast strike, halting its trajectory an inch away from Gladio’s temple. “Never mind,” Gladio squeaked comically.

“I’ll be at the training centre at half five,” Ignis said flatly, turning away and swinging his cane in a wide arc at his feet, faultlessly heading towards the palace again for a meeting with the king.

Gladio had just sunk into his third rep of press-ups when he heard the tell-tale tap tap tap of Ignis’ cane. The doors opened, and the advisor paused on the threshold, ears straining. “Gladio?”

“Yup,” he grunted, biceps and shoulders burning.

“You started without me?” he chuckled, dropping his bag in a corner and unabashedly stripping his dress-shirt off.

Gladio swallowed at the sight of him. His back was lithe and toned, not an ounce of fat on him, his muscles clearly defined, although he was not built like Gladio. He also had an enormous scorch mark across his back and shoulders, though it did nothing to detract from his beauty.

Gladio had reached his full height at barely sixteen, but Ignis had lagged behind, only shooting up to his six foot height in the past year. Gladio had always thought the advisor, injured and blinded at the age of ten in the same assassination attempt on the prince, had been elegant and beautiful, confident and sassy, but ever since that incredibly vivid sex dream a month previous, Gladio had had a hard time concentrating around Ignis.

“Ready to start?” Ignis asked, his deep, lyrical voice ringing off the walls of the training room and startling Gladio back into his own brain.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” he laughed awkwardly. “Sure.”

“Do you have a lance for me?” he asked archly when no weapon was presented to him. He walked towards the centre of the room, but stopped when he wasn’t sure where Gladio was. He let his elegant hands hang freely by his sides, but Gladio could see he was tense, ready, almost nervous.

He knew how Ignis felt about being alone in the centre of a large space with no reference points, so he walked over, bare feet padding quietly on the mats, and touched him lightly on the upper arm to offer him a landmark. “Be right back with one.”

He returned a while later and chewed his lip for a moment, eyes locked on Ignis’ passive hand where it dangled at his side. Gladio leaned down a little and slid his fingers tantalisingly into Ignis’ palm before replacing them with the wooden bō staff. If Ignis jumped at the unexpected touch, he hid it behind a quiet shuffle. “Thank you,” he smiled.


“As I believe I’ll ever be,” Ignis said. His jaw was grinding.

“Ok, basic forms,” Gladio began.

“I thought you said you were terrible with a bō staff,” Ignis smirked as he adopted a ready-stance from what he already knew from his unarmed combat lessons. “Not sure I want you as my teacher…”

“I said I wasn’t as good with a lance as I am with a greatsword,” Gladio said, “Not that I wasn’t good.”

Ignis only chuckled in response.

It turned out that Gladio found it harder to explain the forms to Ignis than he had anticipated. After half an hour of half-successful attacks and parries, Gladio’s patience with himself was running thin.

“Perhaps you could show me instead?” Ignis asked when Gladio turned away, shooting a noise of disgust out of his nose as he failed yet again to make it clear to Ignis what he wanted him to do.

Show you? Gods, Iggy, I’m trying…”

“No,” Ignis smiled. “What I mean is you could move me to the appropriate position…” He raised the staff in his hands slowly, deliberately, waiting for Gladio to correct him physically instead of verbally.

“You want me to show you positions, eh?” Gladio asked. He screwed his eyes shut the instant the words were out of his mouth. “Shit, Ig, I’m sorry,” he moaned. “I say stupid things when I’m nervous and frustrated.”

Ignis let the tip of the bō staff rest on the floor and turned his ear towards Gladio. “I make you nervous?” he asked.

“No!” Gladio fired. “I mean… It’s not…”

“So I frustrate you?”

“No!” he barked.

“Not my blindness, is it?” Ignis murmured, relaxing further, one hip beginning to slant downwards.

“No,” Gladio half-choked, much more softly this third time.

“Something else then?” he asked. His tone shifted, a hidden harmonic in his voice that did strange things to Gladio.

He tried to swallow, but had nothing. The entirety of Leide had more moisture than his mouth and throat.

“What is it, Gladio?” Ignis asked coyly, now leaning on the staff.

With his slender hips and narrow waist, Ignis looked somehow like he was about to swing around the tall bō staff like a pole dancer, and Gladio felt a rush of blood in his groin at the thought. “Fuck,” he hissed.

“First rule of battle is not to show your weaknesses, Gladio,” Ignis chuckled.

“Ig,” Gladio rasped.

“My weaknesses are always out there for people to see,” Ignis continued. “But what about yours, Gladio?”

“You’re not weak, Ignis,” Gladio managed to hiss.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Ignis said, stepping close. Too close. So close Gladio could see every eyelash of his closed eyes, every detail of the scars on his face, every nick on his skin. He longed to press a kiss into the one that bisected his lower lip. “What’s your weakness, Gladio?”

“You,” Gladio finally breathed as Ignis’ figure hovered like a mirage before him, gaze blurring.

Ignis closed the gap between them.

Hands tangled in hair, breaths exchanged, kisses crushed, bodies pressed against one another.

Breathing hard, Gladio backed Ignis up against the wall of the training centre, Ignis’ breath leaving his lungs with a grunt as he collided with the cold stone. Ignis inhaled sharply as Gladio tugged his head back, letting out a long, low moan as Gladio’s teeth began to nip and suck at Ignis’ neck. “You’re my weakness,” Gladio grunted, working his fingers under Ignis’ lightweight training vest. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

Ignis braced his hands on Gladio’s enormous shoulders and then effortlessly hooked his thighs around Gladio’s hips. Gladio let out a deep, gorgeous, rumbling moan and ground his hard cock into Ignis, the friction of his clothes nowhere near enough to satisfy him.

“Gladio,” Ignis gasped, “We can’t do this here.”

“No,” Gladio agreed, though he made no move to stop rutting up against Ignis.

“Stop. Showers. We can do it in the showers.”

“Oh fuck, Ignis,” Gladio groaned. “You serious?”

Ignis nodded, and Gladio grabbed him by the hand, tugging him out of the training room towards the showers, bō staff forgotten, clothes half abandoned, with no thought for the hour or for who might see them leaving like that.




Sorry, mini-freakout over (it isn’t but) THANK YOU ALL SO FREAKING MUCH! I honestly don’t deserve any of you, and I’m grateful for every single note you guys send my way, you dudes are AMAZING

I’ve spent the past day trying to think of a suitable way of saying thank you, and scrolling through the asks is what gave me my idea:

From back before this blog started, I’ve been practising making new clothes for edits by trying to create the Despair outfits, and when I started getting requests for them, I thought I would wait until I made a sprite for every character before posting it as one big masterpost. 

But to celebrate this fantastic milestone, here are the five finished Despair Sprites so far:

I know it’s hardly fitting of the “thank you” you all deserve, but regardless, THANK YOU!!!!! And more sprites are on the way, so sit tight ^-^

For the last time this post, Thank you!

-Mod Jet


There he is! After talking about it a whole bunch the pokekids world now has a Kyurem; Kye! Thanks so much for all the convos, asks, and ideas about Kyurem, it really got me interested into a pokemon a literally didn’t know anything about!

For Kye I used the dream anon’s amusement park type idea, but I decided to change it to a circus (more so for aesthetic stuff), but Kye here’s still the one in charge! I did make him a shiny though; I was going to use the normal color scheme but then I saw the shiny version and I fell in love. There’s going to be other members of the circus too, but they’ll be in either their own separate thing or part of a big character design post with other pokekids designs. 

Kye looks and acts 100% evil, but doesn’t really do anything evil (at least not to anyone’s knowledge), so Kelvin is convinced he’s up to something, despite the other Swords of Justice telling him otherwise. Cobus and Kye kind of have a friendly rivalry thing going on, often both the renaissance fair and the circus being booked in Alola at the same time, but the rivalry between them and their business’ never really goes beyond a few jabs at each other (except Kelvin sees it as Kye trying to ruin his uncle’s business). 

I had a lot of fun with this design, but what do you guys think of the sketchy art? I know I usually do stuff a lot cleaner/finalized but with the sketches I’m able to draw out a lot more ideas/get a lot more character through. What do you guys think? Are you guys ok if I do this with other designs?

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I hope you guys enjoy this guy!

Late Drunk Night Encounters

Word Count: 632

A/M: This is a complete shit show and super rushed but I just had to write it. It was inspired by this audio post, and this anon ask (thanks anon). And okay if you’re new here I want to be drunk with both Harry and Niall so bad, so this is an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind, and I’m definitely revisiting again at some point for sure. Either way, hope you still like it, tell me if you do Xx
Also if you like reading things, I’m working on a series of stories inspired by the songs on Harry’s album. Check it out ;) 

H.S Album Series Masterlist | Ask

You opened your eyes to hear the specified ringtone coming from your cell phone. You didn’t even need to look at it to know who was at the other end of the call. You thought for a second to ignore it, but in a sleepy daze  you decided to pick up the phone just so the ringing could end. 

“What do you want Harry?”

“HIIII” he said from the other end. 

You rolled your eyes and knew he was drunk calling you. You just hung up hoping he would leave you alone to sleep but you heard the phone ring again. 

You let out a frustrated sigh as you picked up the phone again, “Why did you hang up on me?” He said in almost a tired and whiny tone in his voice. 

You sighed, “Because it’s 3 in the fucking morning, I’m sleeping and you are drunk.”

You heard a drunken chuckle through the phone which you already knew would contradict his next words, “I’m not drunk” which was followed by more chuckles, “Okay, maybe, maybe I’ve had a few beverages.”

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post/163216672882/can-i-ask-for-siren-lofties-au Continuation of this? Different anon, but i loved the idea ;; Executor come to the next morning seeing Wanderer in better condition and a bit happy, since Executor actually come too see him. Executor refuses to accept the fact that he's enjoying the time with Wanderer but still promises come to see him regularly. Thank you!

Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep in today, the thoughts of meeting the wounded siren passing into his brain. He guesses it’s a good thing, originally thinking of meeting him just because he wasted his supplies on him. But thinking about it now, he’ll get in trouble if Anpassen finds out, won’t he? If he’s really hunting them down…

Well, that’s doubtful. Maybe he can try and get them to tolerate each other, at most. Sitting up, he dresses himself, heading out with a hoodie and shorts.

A 10 minute walk to the beach shows how close his ‘home’ currently is. Had it been longer, Executor might not find himself visiting. Though he dislikes the feeling of sand, and dislikes having to be barefoot, he remembers it was Anpassen that got him to tolerate having to walk over the painful shards of shells and rocks.

Anpassen likes the ocean, now that he thinks more of it. The thought of finding perfect shells never made him bored. The thought of humans playing in the water had him fascinated. The fish lurking in their habitats had him smiling starry-eyed.

Anpassen is a weird person, Executor thinks. He never seemed to have lost interest in it. It was especially weird in how he even found interest in Executor himself.

He didn’t remember much of their bonding times, but he does find himself thinking over his biggest mistake in meeting him: giving him a tiny conch shell Anpassen now wears as a permanent necklace. Strange, no?

But enough about that. He’s with Wanderer right now.

“You actually came…”


The siren’s state looks a little more healthy now, glancing over his body. With the exception of the bloodied bandages and his ripped tail, it seems he’s recovered a bit. His stamina and general aura seems to have increased in a positive manner, after all.

“Thank you for treating me…”

“The sky is beautiful…”

“It’s so nice… Relaxing…”

He responds accordingly to his phrases, conversing the siren with a stoic expression on his face.

“Ahh…” The siren gives a soft spoken chuckle. Closing his eye. “Shall I sing you a song?”

“You might get caught.”

He frowns, looking back at the ocean. “Well, my voice isn’t that great anyways…”

He’s sighing inside at this siren’s low esteem. Does he have to boost his up? Clearing his throat, he takes in a deep breath before…

“…Wake me up inside…” he clutches his fist. “Wake me up insideeeee…”

Wanderer blinks.

“Save meeeee…!”

Anpassen definitely has a better singing voice, he’ll give him that. By the end of it, Executor is looking face red, pouring a little too much energy in trying to sing.

Clearing his throat, he attempts to regain his composure. “As you can see… I’m bad at singing too. You’re definitely better than me by a margin, so to me… It’s not bad.”

“… Pfffffttt-” Wanderer covers his mouth with his webbed hands, muffling down his laugh. “Yeah, that was… terrible. Absolutely horrendous.”

No need to rub it in that badly. He furrows his brows in.

“But I like it. I think it’s great.“ he smiles cheerfully. “Thank you for singing it to me…”

Executor glances away. “…Yeah. I’m going now.” he takes steps to return home. Singing has tired him enough for the day.

“I’ll meet you later then…! Tomorrow morning again, alright?”

Well, he supposes he will. He ignores the sight of the townspeople around him, only giving occasional glances as they wave towards him. It’s only until he reaches Anpassen’s house does he break out of his steps.

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"does anyone remember any more specifics about that?" I got you boo! Here: teenwolfnews(.)com/single-post/2017/02/01/Jeff-Davis-Gives-Teen-Wolf-News-all-the-6b-Scoop it's almost at the bottom

Anonymous said: Jeff said- I wanted to do a whole storyline with Derek Hale’s character and the return of Jennifer Blake. I wanted it to be like Vertigo. Part of the idea was that the Darach couldn’t just create a face out of thin air. She had to take one. Derek finds this woman who looks exactly like Jennifer Blake, and sort of like Vertigo, it starts to drive him insane. I always thought that would be a fun idea. If Hoechlin had continued on, that would have been a storyline in Season 5

Oh, thank you both! <3 Second anon gave the exact quote from the article.

Ok, so I have a few thoughts on this. First off, I remember this now! I remember talking about it years ago, and how I think it’s a story that could have actually been done decently… if it was put together by someone other than Jeff Davis. (Can’t find the post where I talked about it, though… I really have to learn to tag better.)

That said, since this was a recent interview (taking place post-6A) I doubt Jeff would have talked about this idea if it was something he’d written into 6B. The Jennifer we saw in the 6B clip was also definitely evil Darach Jennifer, not some innocent person with her face. So I’m betting that whatever’s going on and however she’s there, it’s not going to be that plot.

And my third thought, completely unrelated but after skimming through the article is: Jeff is explaining basically everything about who the Ghost Riders in 6A were, what they were doing in BH, who fake!Claudia was, and why Stiles was kidnapped as though… none of it was explained in the show? Was seriously none of it explained in the show?? Because that’s just so painful to me.

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Asdfghjkkl I am too dumb for English sorry. I meant to say that xixi might be in love with jian ji since the beginning? It's just that he's better at hiding and denying it? Could that be?

ahh, i see, i’m sorry for misunderstanding. (thank you to the other anon as well who clarified this for me!)

i think if you want to think zhengxi’s been in love with jian yi all this time, then do! there’s a case for both sides of the argument. it would be a dream if he had always been in love with him (and was afraid of rejection/jian yi’s easygoing non-serious nature, hence pushing jian yi away so he didn’t hurt himself), but that depends how much of a plot twist old xian wants to throw at us. 

i like the idea that he has always been in love with him & i put this in a fic that i posted today, but i don’t want to put too much hope into it. (i’m also a bit ??? about how much zhengxi hurts jian yi if he was in love with him, but then like… look at he tian and guan shan. and i’d need to remember that the violence was not an indicator of abuse but a comedic trope in chinese bl. but eh.)

if zhengxi ever admitted this, i’m just imagining the fandom mayhem that would ensue hahaha.

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dyou think you can draw your ideas/headcanon about what edolas stingue is like?? thank you! <3

ive had this in my inbox for months oof..

i think abt the possibilities of their edolas counterparts a lot.

theyre the edgiest couple, and ill try to figure out good last names for them at some point, aha.

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anon, when I read your idea in the first time I really said “goddammit” and started clap on the table)) thanks)
come here

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no but really, why tf does katie dress like she's on the run. that girl dresses like she's in actual hiding. she dresses like a cuddly robber. is she surprised when people recognize her? do you think her own dark, brooding reflection startles her when she passes it? smh

i have no idea, but i’m living from all of these memes

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do u have any recs for good plain/glossy (idm about solid colours just not matte n patterned like the artists collection) knock off tangles that ship to aus? x and do u have any idea where i could get a textured tangle (irl or online!!) ideally for under $15 aud? thank u sm, big love for ur blog!!

No worries, fellow Aussie anon. Thanks so much for the compliment!

For the non-matte/painted/printed Tangle Jr knock offs, I would recommend you to the listing where I bought my old-logo-style ones on eBay: $1.97 USD with free shipping. My review is here, but I will mention that while I didn’t feel that positively disposed at the time, having handled a few different knock-offs since has made me realise that, for knock-offs, they’re quite good. I have to say that there’s no guarantee you will get the same Tangles I got, but it might be worth a try.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of alternative listings. The other listings that had similar branded-looking photos sent me the really cheap-and-stiff Tangles. When I next need to buy more Tangles, I’ll try a few different listings and see what is sent me, but for now I’ve just the one listing. It’s a bit of a gamble buying on eBay, honestly. You might be better off checking out local toy shops for the branded Tangle Jrs - I know Mod Rainbow saw them at their local Coles for $4 AUD each. (I checked several and still haven’t found them. Sigh.) If you can get them at Toyworld prices, it might be worth the higher costs to have a higher-quality Tangle Jr.

As for “textured tangle”, I’m assuming that you mean the Tangle Jr Textured and not the Original Tangle. If you do mean the Original Textured, I know of no way of getting one here in Australia for under $30 AUD, never mind $15 AUD. I’ve got resources on this post, some of which offer international shipping, but it will be a pricey purchase (which is why I don’t own one).

The Tangle Jr Textured, however, is much easier to find locally.

Depending on where you are, I’d check out Toyworld, Mr Toys Toyworld, Kidstuff, Games World and Mind Games (Melbourne, Geelong, Tasmania, Brisbane and Gold Coast) stores to see if one is close to you. (All links go to store locators or that individual store’s website, in the case of the Mind Game stores.) All of these have been recommended by Aussie stimmers as stocking Tangles, their prices ranging from about $6-10 AUD each. The ones most commonly in stock, based on what I’ve seen in various stores, are the standard Tangle Jr and the Tangle Jr Textured, followed by the Metallics. The hardest to reliably find, at least in my experience, is the Tangle Jr Fuzzy!

Buying a Tangle Jr from a local store, while you have the hassle of transport costs, is like to be cheaper than buying online. Either the Tangles are a little lower priced (my local Toyworld prices all but the Textured Metallics at $6 AUD, but prices often vary between Toyworld stores) or the additional costs of bus fare/petrol/parking are less than those of internal shipping.

As a comparison to show everyone how Australia Post makes everything ridiculous, Sensory Oasis for Kids has the Tangle Jr Textured for $9.95 AUD, but since flat rate shipping is also $9.95 AUD, this is only affordable if you’re buying many things at once. (If you’re in Melbourne, though, it’s well worth the trip in person just to look at all the things!) The Therapy Store has them for $8.95 AUD, but the shipping is also $8.95 AUD (and not flat rate, either).

If you’re like me and time a run to Toyworld when I’m already going to town for something else, transport costs don’t add much to the Tangle. Buying online, however, is just absurd. In all honesty, I do not have an online source for Tangles I’d recommend to Aussies as affordable, not because the Tangles are hideously expensive but because of the shipping.

Seriously, anon, you shouldn’t have to pay $20 AUD for a Tangle Jr Textured. You shouldn’t even have to pay $15 AUD.

There are Tangle Jr Textured knock-offs: check out this eBay listing, $2.75 USD with free worldwide shipping. (I just purchased one because curiosity and the realisation that fake Tangles are becoming my fidget specialisation.) Please note that I have absolutely no idea as to the quality (the listing photo is that of a branded Tangle Jr Textured, but so far I’ve had one order resemble the listing photo) so, like everything on eBay, it is a risk, but for under $4 AUD delivered it might be worth it if you don’t have a local store. If the sale goes through and mine arrives, I’ll absolutely give everyone a comparative review.

I hope that helps you, anon!

- Mod K.A.

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I realized you fancasted Hayley Kiyoko as Artemis in your yj aesthetics and wanted to tell you that Hayley isnt Vietnamese so you should maybe look for a Vietnamese actress to fancast as Artemis (because, I know you probably didn't do it with malice but fancasting her as Artemis really perpetuates the fake idea that Asian people are interchangeable.) Some cool Vietnamese actresses I'd recommend are Kha Ngan and Chi Pu ! Thank you for listening, and I really like your work!

Anon, thank you so much! I actually noticed my mistake a while after I posted this and intended to change that on my Instagram accounts aesthetics (now I realize that I should change it in the previous one too). I really appreciate you telling me and thank you for the suggestions! I’ll check them out.