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Navel: Omg bruh, ground bros. Dood, wanna take over the world? Join me and my minions and soon us ground types will reign above the surface, or below, iduhno. Either way it's cool and stuff, bein a minion is totes awesome bruh.

Ooooh tough luck, honey dew, but my alliance doesn’t run solely with ground type folk!  Heck, I’m just happy to help out whoever’s the most pleasant n’ cordial!  

Tell ya what, though!  A big sweetie cakes like you is gonna have a rough time blendin’ into the environment outside the desert.  I will submit to ya, but only to help provide a bit of a sandstorm in the event that this whole “Rule the World”  plan goes south, or if you’ve the need for a dramatic exit/entrance.  Don’t mean to brag, but I can whip up a flurry big enough to blow even a tall “dood” like you away!

“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…”  
  Nikola Tesla

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I love the way you write Spoonyspada. He's by far my fav Espada, and I think he and Tesla need some love. If it abides by your rules, how would the two of them respond to finding out they're both interested in the same person?

(*´ー`) Uh ohh… . (And thank you!!!)

-Tesla, whether he’s happy about it or not, will eventually defer to Nnoitra’s will. His loyalty far exceeds his sense of self preservation, and he’s more than willing to stuff his personal feelings down for Nnoitra’s benefit. He’ll force himself to get over his interest, and instead devote that energy to supporting Nnoitra. 

Nnoitra, meanwhile, will either be entirely oblivious to the conflict, or convinced that they should be with Tesla, who’s obviously less of a monster. He won’t express anything resembling these sentiments, but will likely step back from the person of his interest, too caught up in self hatred to pursue them. 

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First of all wanted to say you that you do a GREAT work, and have 2 questions: 1- Did Tesla talk with extraterrestrial life? In any possible way, I knew about the times he had flashes of images like someone "sent it" (not saying he was not a genius or original about his work, he was), and the fact he received signal from outter space, dont believe it was a coincidence. 2- Egypt and Chakras system? Im talking about pyramids/wardenclyfe and chakras/Tesla coil. Do you have any idea about that?

Thanks man, appreciate it.

Tesla may or may not have received signals from extraterrestrial life. It’s debatable. He said so, but he could have received a signal across the world from Guglielmo Marconi when he was conducting radio experiments around the same time in the English Channel at distances from 30 to 80 miles between ships. Either way… If Tesla had such a sensitive receiver that detected radio signals in Colorado Springs 4,772 miles from the English Channel, and in 1899, well to me that’s still very impressive. But who knows, he could have received signals not from earth and they might still be waiting for us to catch back up to the man who had first contact.

I’m sorry about your second question. I have no idea about that.

Thanks for the questions man. Have a good one!

I got this adorable commission from venuscas

In this au, Sam went back to purgatory and rescued Benny. They’d struck up an unexpected friendship the first time they were in purgatory together, and it only blossoms when they’re topside again. Then one time after Benny starts hunting with Sam and Dean, Benny risks himself to save Sam’s life during a hunt. That sparks their romance, then they fall in love, and eventually retire from hunting (along with Dean, although he takes some convincing). Sam becomes a professor of theology or folklore or something equally nerdy, and Benny runs his own diner ( ノ●˘◡˘●)ノ . • * ˚ ` ° ~ ♥

More Love November (Day 29)

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The twenty-ninth day of More Love November is dedicated to the queen @bovaria

There is no way for me to properly thank you without first mentioning all the amazing fics you’ve blessed the Tumblr community with. 

Do Me a Favor -  This is the first Bucky series I read on Tumblr and definitely one of my favorites. I remember being hooked on this story from the start and constantly checking the Bucky Barnes x reader to see if any new parts had been posted. This was the beginning of a Bucky Barnes addiction that I will never regret. 

Our Last Night - Sometimes I’ll listen to ‘All I Ask’ by Adele and my mind will flashback to this amazing fic. It was beautiful, bittersweet and so well-written (which isn’t a surprise because all of your fics are). 

By Royal Decree - This series. Holy crap. I am living for the progressing relationship between the reader and Bucky and all the road blocks that are getting in the way of them finally being together. After every new part you post, I’m convinced that I can’t love the story more. Then the next part comes out and I realize how wrong I am. I can love the series more with every new part and I do.

Would You Be My Wife - Ugh. I’m such a sucker for fake relationship fics and this one was no exception. Especially with all the twists and turns you threw into the mix. The road to getting together was totally not smooth sailing for either Bucky or the reader and that made me love it so much. 

Love & Coffee - This was such an adorable, sweet series. Flustered Bucky was almost too much for me to handle. Almost, but not because I was too invested in this story to not read and enjoy every single part of it. 

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It was late and Jemma tried to finish her last work as quick as possible. She was tired and wanted to go home. Unfortunately her work required patience and slow motions. Finally after one last drop she was able to clean up the lab and turn the lights off.
When she finally was outside in the cold night she saw a silhouette standing not too far away from her.
“May I help you?” she asked nervously