thanks to tanja

Derek as Alan Turing in Breaking the Code on stage. His performance has largely contributed to give Turing the recognition that he deserved as a man and as a mathematician. He has saved mankind during the war but mankind has betrayed him. Thanks to Derek’s work we remember that Turing was a hero and also a victim of his time (many thanks to my dear friend Tanja Dubelloy)

Derek Jacobi in the title role of Becket at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, 1991 (Many thanks to my friend Tanja Dubelloy)

“It would be hard to overpraise the performances of Derek Jacobi and Robert Lindsay as St Thomas a Becket and King Henry II. Jean Anouilh’s play describes the development of Thomas from a libertine Saxon collaborator to saint and martyr. It is a difficult business to chart the making of a saint without lapsing into sentimentality and inhumanity: Derek Jacobi grows in stature through the play without for an instant seeming anything but human and vulnerable” (The Gardian 19th October 1991)