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whoever says love makes you weak
has never pulled out their heart
to give to someone else.

you must be strong to be in love–
to lend a piece of yourself
to someone who needs it more than you do,

(and never expect it back)

—  by shelby leigh
Brothers - Tommy Shelby

Request: Please can you do a Tommy/John fic were the reader is the only person that can calm them down when they are angry/upset and when they get themselves worked up the reader comforts him and it’s all fluffy and sweet 😭 sorry if it’s all jumbled 😂😂 P.s you’re writing is amazing <3 </i>- @ducks-are-kwl

Request: Could you write something in the lines of tommy being jealous over the reader being close friends with john even after they are together? Thanks!

Request: hey i’m the anon who asked for the tommy shelby smut and i just wanted to say it’s totally ok if you don’t like writing that and that i would love the jealous tommy cause honestly that’s what I was most looking forward to tbh

Brothers - Tommy Shelby 

“Do you have plans tomorrow?” John asked, stopping in the kitchen on his way out of the betting shop that night.  

You were sat at the table with Finn, watching the youngest Shelby for Polly while she was out. “No, I’ve no plans. What do you need?" 

For as long as you could remember you had been around the Shelbys. Growing up you and John were close friends. Your mother and his used to talk about the two of you marrying each other someday. You were like his shadow all through childhood. When John started going with Martha parts of your relationship changed but you remained close friends. You were there for him when she died and you took care of his children when he went away to war.  

"I’m taking Lizzie out tomorrow night and need someone to watch after the kids.” He explained. “Pol doesn’t like it but I need someone to help with them and Lizzie’s great." 

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“Ada? My, I never thought I’d actually hear back from Ada Shelby. I called you like three weeks ago.” You giggled into the phone, slightly relived that your best friend from school had not in fact, forgotten about you.

You had known each other when you were kids, and because of who she was, Ada didn’t have many friends in school. But why should that ever stop you? You were like her in more ways than not, having grown up with your own 3 younger brothers terrorizing you accordingly. But you had both grown since then, moving up in you’re developing careers and growing further apart.

It was only a week ago when you ran into her at a club in London and chatted for a while before she was whisked away to some family business. “We’ll have to do a proper reunion, maybe tea?” she had offered to which you responded with “I’ll give you a ring.”

Which you had. Three weeks ago.

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See What Boredom Can Do?

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John Shelby x Reader

~warnings: fluff and smut~

Prompt: 181; ‘If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?’

prompt list

A/N: I thought a John fluff was very much needed and it turned into smut because I have no self control. I put a split before anything smuttish happened for tgose who prefer to not read the smut.No one requested it but i just thought it would fit really well. Thank you all for your support and your continued patience. My school year is ending so Ive been very focused and busy on that. My next imagine will be More Than Beneficial Part 3. You all seem to love that series which is absolutely beautiful. I have a lot of requests and I promise I will get to them, it just takes awhile to write fics at the length I do while also the quality I do. (Quality over quantity as they say…okay I need to stop.) Thank you again for reading my stuff! Enjoy the imagine and please leave feedback! Anything at all.

The sun filtered in through the curtains. It was one of those rare days that the sun peaked out, the clouds no longer blocking its light. You held your book up in front of your face in bed. Today was a lazy Monday and for once John had no where he needed to be.

The metal pieces hitting together as John cleaned and took apart his gun and the muddled sounds of birds chirping outside filled the air. Replacing the silence with small clacking noises and birds twittering. The gun pieces littered the towel he placed on top of the bed sheets. The pieces surrounded his lap and looked alien to you. You glanced over at him every so often looking away from your book that you started losing interest in.

John’s eyebrows were scrunched together as he was starting to reconnect parts of the sidearm back together. Your eyes shot back to your book lazily glancing at the words. His muscular figure was leaning up against the headboard of the bed, as he toyed with the various metal fragments in from of him. You gave your book one last effort of having something interesting in it.

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Powerless - Tommy Shelby

Hi there! Can I please have an imagine to the song “ nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” by cigarettes after sex? It could be either tommy or john, I’m not real picky. You can do whatever but if you need specifics.. maybe one of them is trying to reassure you after a dangerous situation that spooks you that they won’t ever let anything happen to you? Thanks love X

You were stood beside Polly and observed as the boys tried to clear up the mess that the Lee’s had caused. It all occurred so suddenly, one minute you were assembling some paperwork, the next you were laid on the hard, wooden floor as you powerlessly watched the Lee’s ruin what the brothers had done. The whole situation had shaken you up and Tommy’s comforting smile did not bring any comfort to your body.

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how to support indie authors

since self-publishing my first book, I discovered there are so many things I never knew about helping other self-published poets.

so, I’ve made a post combining everything I’ve learned and I would love for you to add your insight to this post as well.

  • buy the book. don’t ask for free copies. self-published writers are self-funded. fortunately, the process is fairly cheap, but that doesn’t mean we have the funds to buy a bunch of our own books and give them away. if you can’t afford it at the current price, wait for a possible sale or free book promotion. (additionally, I don’t have a problem with book bloggers asking for a copy in exchange for a review–just don’t get mad when we may not be able to provide a free copy.)
  • spread the word. if you bought it and loved it, spread the word. if you want it but can’t afford it at the moment, spread the word. most self-pubbed authors don’t have funds for traditional advertising methods. we rely on word-of-mouth advertising. follow their social media accounts and be sure to retweet, reblog, share, etc. when they post about their book. recommend the book to your friends and family. post pictures of the book on your social media too!
  • leave a review! this is a big one. you should do this with traditionally published authors as well. on Amazon, the more reviews you have, the more visibility your book will get. even if it’s as simple as “five stars, highly recommend,” it will go a long way.
  • cross-post your reviews! so many book reviewers leave a review on Goodreads and not on the retail site they purchased the book from. be sure to leave them on both!
  • while reviews are mainly meant to inform potential readers about the book, authors read them too. reviews are intended to be helpful. that being said, if you hated the book, that’s okay. honesty is great. but it will help both the potential reader AND the author if you share why, rather than just “book sucked, don’t buy.”
  • shipping delays and misprints are not our fault–please do not blame us. leaving a one star review because the book came a day late will lower an author’s ratings, and it’s for something completely out of their control. if you had a shipping error or misprint, please contact the support team of the retail site so they can help you.
  • don’t complain about the prices. in general, authors make very little off of each book. while self-published authors do have the freedom to set their own price, after manufacturing, printing, and shipping costs are taken out, we receive very little.  

I know there are a lot more ways to help authors so if you want to add to this list, please feel free!

(and I wouldn’t be a true author if I didn’t promote myself on this post, so if you would like to check out my best-selling poetry book, you can do so here.)

-shelby leigh

an leabharlann | finn shelby imagine

thank you to anon for getting me going on this one

Finn had been chain smoking on the library steps for God knows how long. The falling ash had started to form a pattern around him like early snowfall and the cold had long taken residence in his bones. But he still hadn’t worked up the balls to walk through the bright blue doors.

He stood shuffling on the stone landing, peering around, to the door, to the street. A copper walked past on his beat and looked him over, probably wondering what Finn bloody Shelby was doing shifting around the library of all places. That was enough to tip him over.

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Diamonds/Tommy Shelby - Part One

“I know it’s bad to open yourself up this much to girls from posh schools,” - ‘I Meant to Hurt You’, D.I.D. 

hi so i thought of this idea as an imagine originally but?? it kinda spiralled and i think its going to be a part series (is that what they’re called?) so yeah! idk where its going or how many parts or what I’m even doing but i hope u like it :-) 

WORDS: 2,273

WARNINGS: swearing? but other than that none!


Originally posted by imaginethishoe

“So,” your friend, Alice, proposed, “where exactly are we?” 

“Birmingham, Miss.” Your driver replied, trying his best to act professional. You and your friend were on your way to Coventry for the weekend, to visit your aunt and uncle to relax. You had been travelling from Henley, since your brothers had been participating in the Royal Regatta, and it had been tiring, therefore you wanted a couple of days to wind down by the lakes.

Apparently, your driver didn’t understand this, and also didn’t understand how a map worked.

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Originally posted by sansasandorshipper

“Well, isn’t this an unlikely yet pleasant surprise?” You spiked as you watched your old friend stagger into your bar. You stood behind it, throwing the towel down you’d been using to wipe the counter. You wiped your hands and paced them on your hips, shaking your head and licking your lips as he contend to saunter towards you in that expensive suit you always liked. “What is Arthur fucking Shelby doing in my bar? Got lost again?”

“Needed a change of scenery.” He explained as he sat across from you at the bar. “It looks good. You look good.”

“Aw, you’re making blush.” You said sarcastically, turning your back to him. “What can I get for you?”

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Be More Chill Somebody to Love Me (Expensive Headphones): Tangled Up

“These things are overly complicated and stupid.” Rich and Michael were putting on their vests for laser tag and in the process Rich had managed to get both arms stuck in the straps. As Rich struggled to get free Michael giggled before bending down, trying to uncross the straps.

“Here-stop moving.” After a minute’s struggle it only got worse, somehow getting both their vests tied together. Their faces were only a few inches away from each other as they tried to move only to fall to the ground, Rich on top of Michael. They laid there awkwardly until Michael couldn’t hold his laughter anymore. “Oh my God.” Rich joined in on the laughter as he stared at Michael’s smile.

‘Wow, he’s kind of cute.’ His eyes widened as he thought that. ‘Wait what? Michael? Cute? What the hell am I thinking?’ Red decorated his face and the other but thankfully didn’t notice in the dark, neon lit room. Without thinking he leaned down and kissed Michael on the lips.


“Shelby, status report.” After getting the Senior out of the air vents Jenna had run around from person to person trying to fix what was sure to be a disaster of a Prom.

“Jared is now unstuck, the art kids are building a new structure for the Eiffel Tower, the photography kids volunteered to take the pictures, we can order pizza for food and they just delivered champagne glasses.”

“Oh thank God, this might actually work! It won’t be good but it’ll work!”

“Do you care that the champagne glasses are red instead of the purple we ordered?”

“We got them and that’s what matters. Here-” Jenna pulled out her phone and handed it to the other girl. “You’re the only person I trust enough with it. If Jake calls again just tell him he can borrow the spray paint from the work shop.”

“Why does he need spray paint?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. Jared, what the fuck are you doing?” Shelby pocketed the phone as her attention redirected to the check list.


“Jake-hacgh-where are we going?” Jeremy laid in the passenger seat of the car, shivering at the lack of a blanket. “I’m c-cold…”

“We’ll be there soon.”

“Wh-why couldn’t you let me take my bla-achoo-blanket?”

“You don’t need a blanket.”

“Hey can you pull over? I need to throw up.”

“We’re not stopping.”

“If we don’t stop I will puke all over the car and you.” The noise he made let Jake know that Jeremy wasn’t kidding as he pulled off to the side of the road unlocking the door allowing Jeremy to get out. There was nobody around to see Jeremy throw up what little food he had left in his stomach as Jake waited, annoyed. Looking down at his phone to see if Jenna had texted him back yet when a thump from outside. He turned to see Jeremy trying to run away.

“Shit!” Running out of the car he chased after him, catching up quickly to the sick teen as he tackled him to the ground. “What the fuck do you think your were doing?”

“Please, s-stop!”

“I’m not doing anything wrong so why the fuck are you running away?”

“I-I’m cold and you’re hurting me. Jesus Christ get o-off me.” Jake let go of Jeremy, getting up, pulling him along as he shoved him into the car. Getting in he locked the door before starting the car again.

“If you ever try that again you’ll be in the trunk, got it?” Jeremy nodded backing into the seat as much as physically possible, terrified of what Jake might do.


“That was…”

“Weird?” Rich bowed his head in shame as Michael and him sat there in the dark room, vests now untangled.

“Kind of, but it wasn’t bad! I just didn’t expect you to you know, kiss me…”

“Can I, er, well can we try it again?”

“Y-yeah totally.” Guided by the neon lights Rich leaned in and kissed Michael a second time.

I Will Always Be By Your Side (Michael Gray x Reader)

Title:  I Will Always Be By Your Side

Author:  Emily

Pairing:  Michael Gray x Reader

Dates Written:  Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - Thursday, December 29, 2016

Date Posted:  Thursday, December 29, 2016

Request:  Yes.  “Hey there!  I was wondering if you could write a Peaky Blinders imagine where the reader is married to Thomas/MIchael Shelby and is pregnant but the baby but the baby is breach so it takes longer for the reader to give birth.  Maybe some fluff at the end?  Thanks!”

Word Count:  836

Author’s Note:  I don’t know about you all, but my heart hurts.  I need a man like Michael in this imagine.  To anon, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I am truly so this took so long to post!  If you do not know by now, it is both Jordan’s and I’s goal to post more writings on here.  It helps us greatly when you suggest what you want to read!  So feel free to request anything.  If we have not written about a movie or television character, still suggest and we will do our best!  If you have your own writing you want to share, feel free to send it in and we’ll post it with your credit!  Hope the holiday has treated you all right!  Until next time!

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read to me | arthur shelby/reader

anon request: Can I please ask for an Arthur Shelby imagine ?where YN works at the library and is quiet ,likes to read ,and he just feel for her at first sight. and she helps him with his terrors - he deserves it

Arthur opened the door for you, letting you walk through before he followed and locked it behind you.

“-and then she just-“

You turned to look over at Arthur, who was hanging your coats up.

“You’re not listening at all, are you?”

“No, I am, love, I am”

“Arthur…you’re in your own little world, I can see it”

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Today, June 19 2017, has been 1 year since I began this blog!

So, today is the 1 year anniversary of dirtyhandsnet and I just want to take a moment to say a few things:

First, to the ladies of the net, the girlfriend squad, my wives, my seriously wonderful friends, Anida, Ari, Ashlee, Ash, Dani, Lilly, Shelby, Sophie, and even our friends who don’t pipe up so often anymore Ananya, Charlee, Emi, and KC:

Guys. I don’t even know quite what to say. I started this on sorta a whim, but I do feel like I need to thank Ash for that. I’m not sure if you all know this, but Ash and I knew each other before I started this net, and when I was going back and forth on whether or not to start it, she encouraged me to, so Ash girl, I hope you know you are a big reason that this blog and this group of friends even exists.

It has been a year, but it feels like I’ve known you all my whole life. We’ve gone from mostly strangers (though I know some us knew some of us beforehand) to a group of friends with a closeness that I didn’t know I could get without meeting face to face. We have shared head cannons, speculation, breakups, milestones, graduations, proms, jobs, first days of school. We have exchanged cookies and gifts and Skype calls. We have loved and laughed and supported one another through ups and downs. We have survived Lilly’s torture leading up to the Crooked Kingdom release (#neverforget)! We have argued over spelling and pronunciation of different words because some of us are Canadian or British and some of us are American. We have argued over tea (milk or no milk, or in my case, no tea) and coffee, and NEVER FORGET MILKSHAKES OKAY LISTEN I STILL REMEMBER THAT.

I can honestly say that not just my tumblr experience, but my life would not be the same if it wasn’t for you guys. I love and appreciate you all so much, so here’s to one full year and to the many more to come!

and to all of you: my followers

I know i’ve said it before, but I honestly never thought this blog would grow to be what it has become at all, let alone in just a year. Personally a lot has changed in my life since I started this blog, I graduated high school, finished my first year of college, and a lot more things I won’t bother listing, but one thing that has been constant was this blog. I love six of crows and crooked kingdom for a lot of reasons, but the amazing fandom is a big contributor to my continued enjoyment of this, and I have no one to thank but all of you for continuing to cultivate a positive attitude in this fandom.
This blog would be nothing without all of you, so know how much I appreciate you all, whether you’ve been following for the whole year or just started following today, I appreciate you all so much.

to the creators of content for the fandom:

I’m not going to tag people individually because there are so many wonderful people who contribute to the wonderful content we have. But if you create any content, whether it gets 3 notes or 30K, this is for you. THANK YOU. I don’t create content of my own because I’m busy and not talented enough, so this blog would literally be nothing, would not exist, without all of you. Thank you for continuing to allow us all to experience these characters and this world.

and lastly, to Leigh Bardugo:

thank you for creating this world for us to enjoy. My life has drastically changed for the better because of it.

I love you all. Here’s to more years of this blog and to making more friends. Thank you all so much!

All My Love,



You’re in a fight and Michael comes to help.

Growing up rough is a hard life. Especially for a girl. You’re always scared you’ll get raped or kidnapped or killed. Then everyone looks at you as the poor innocent defenceless dear who they feel sorry for, but won’t help. It’s all about the thought and not the action, all the people that grow up better off than you say they feel sorry for you. But they don’t know nothing about struggles or having to work to get something.

But you understood. Growing up without parents was bad enough. Your eldest brother had looked after you until he turned twenty five and you were eighteen. He left to go to Manchester and hadn’t come back. But you didn’t mind. He had taught you all he knew and you knew how to steal, defend yourself, fight, hide, shoot a gun, have a successful disguise as a man and how to seduce a man into submission before killing him and taking his wallet. Even though you didn’t own a gun, most of the people that would get at you only had their fists as well.

You had loved your brother, but it a wasn’t fair for him to stay around forever waiting for you to get older. He always said “Once you’re grown you won’t need me you cheeky blighter. You’d give any man a run for his money.” When he got on the train and you stood on the platform he said. “Now your grown. You’ll give any man a run for his money.” With a grin as you smiled though tears

Living in Birmingham wasn’t ideal. It was too dark and smokey all the time, and the smog was awful. You had lived in Manchester for the first four years of your life, and then moved to Leicester for a year before living down in Birmingham where no one was chasing your brother. You never used to understand why you couldn’t have any friends, but it made sense after a time. Your brother was the only one close to you and, now you were alone and only talked briefly to people in bars, and were protected by your brothers friends in Birmingham. Which you resented because you didn’t want protecting. You felt like you were completely able to win a fight against someone double your strength. Especially if you had a knife.

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anonymous asked:

Shelby :) hey i need help im too stressed cuz i have a lot of finals coming and im not really nailing the study thing and i also have a job and im so stressed. I dont have energy, i cry just to think about all the things i have to do. Advice?

Hi, thank you for coming to me for advice. I’ll do my best to help you out. :)

Learn ´em languages
2. Do your research
3. Learn how to write like a God
4. Oh yes sweet reading
5. Get your studying and organization game on
6. Stress and anxiety management because school is stressful
7. Go get ´em tests
8. Classroom participation - because teachers love that shit
9. Software and pages for us nerdy kids
10. Yo! Take some time to care ´bout yo´self

Hope this all helps, good luck on finals <3 xoxo


Newcrest Library // 5:00 pm


Hey Shelby, I have a favor to ask. Do you know anyone who needs a new apartment? I’m selling one in San Myshuno in the fashion district for cheap. If you find someone I could get you a discount. I’ll tell you more if you have someone in mind.


Chad Michael Murray was actually the worst friend a person could have.

It all started on what began as a normal Friday. Jared woke up, knocked loudly on Chad’s door, took Harley and Sadie for a run, came back to shower, knocked loudly on Chad’s door again, and started breakfast. He hummed a happy tune quietly with a smile in place as he grabbed food from the refrigerator and cabinets.  Eventually Chad stumbled in, more squinty-eyed than usual, and running his hands through his spiky-blond, unruly bed hair.

“Morning, Sunshine,” Jared grinned, breaking the eggs into the sizzling pan.

“Fuck you, asswipe,” Chad spat.  Pulling on a chair at the breakfast bar so rough it screeched across the linoleum floor, he hauled himself up in it and glared at the back of Jared’s cheery head.

“You’re in a worse mood than usual,” Jared snorted, knowing that no matter how bad of a mood Chad was in, it was just an inherent part of his personality - nothing personal.

“Yeah, I am,” Chad groaned, nearly slamming his forehead into the counter top as he let it plop down.  “I was having a great night – made out with Sophia for, like, three hours straight, ate pizza, jacked off –“

“Really, dude?” Jared interrupted.

“– listened to some music, and then fell asleep, but not before fucking remembering that your gay boyfriend was coming over today,” he finished as though Jared never spoke.  

“Did you just call my boyfriend gay?” Jared asked incredulously.

“Uh, yeah.  Because he is.”  There was a pause.  

“Yep, that is true,” came with the shake of a head.  “But what’s the big deal?  Jensen comes over almost every weekend.”

“I know, but, like,” Chad groaned and slammed his head back against the counter top, “when he’s over you’re all mushy and gross and I can only handle so much gay in my life, okay?  And when he’s here, it’s double the gay.  It’s gay multiplied.  Gay squared.  That’s too much gay.”  Jared rolled his eyes and tossed the English muffins in the toaster.  

“Why don’t you go stay with Sophia or one of your other friends?” Jared suggested.

“Sophia is having a girl’s night or something tonight, I don’t really know.  She said, ‘Me and the girls want a wine and pedicure night,’ and I was like, ‘Fine, I’m gonna have a beer and video game night’ – which isn’t different than every other night, but, y’know.  And I have no other friends, Jared, why else do you think I’m living with your gay ass? That and you have the best gaming system so it was kind of a no-brainer.”

“Feelin’ the love, Chad.”

“Don’t feel the love from me, your boyfriend’ll be here in a few hours.”  

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