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Hi! Love the blog, just wondering if you could help me out (or know of a blog that could). I want to start reading comics from the Archie universe but i'm not sure where to start? + maybe the just the newer style ones? Thank you ^_^

for new readers, i think they should start with the revamped archie comics. the newest titles are part of a universe they called ‘New Riverdale’ and so far there’s: archie vol.2, jughead vol.3, betty and veronica vol.3 , josie and the pussycats vol.2 and reggie and me vol.2. they are basically more modern and updated versions of the characters.

if you like horror, i’d also recommend afterlife with archie and chilling adventures of sabrina. the first one deals with a zombie outbreak in riverdale and the second one is more centered around sabrina learning about her witch abilities.

the comic book series based on the show is also coming out next month so maybe you should keep an eye out for that one :)

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Can you do part 2 of the jealous archie and betty, like her finding out he's jealous? Thanks!

yesiree! Sorry if there are any spelling errors, my inbox flooded with the new episode so I’m trying to get through quite a few all at once!

Here’s some jealous Archie with the friends helping Betty see what’s up :)

~700 words / G / AO3


When Archie and Betty show up, the party is already in full swing. Veronica locates them from where they are standing in the foyer and gives them the lowdown.

“Keg is in the kitchen, dance floor in the living room, snacks in the dining room, invigorating conversation throughout,” she says with a signature smile, then grab’s Betty’s hand, “I’ll just steal her for a moment Archie,” she adds, dragging Betty away.

He gives a short wave goodbye, heading for the kitchen, while Veronica sits with Betty on a loveseat in the dining room.

“So you came here with Archie,” Veronica says with raised eyebrows.

Betty shakes her head, “it’s not like that and you know it,” she says, trying to get a peek of Archie in the kitchen. He is pouring himself a drink as Reggie talks to him, nodding along to what Reggie is saying.

She misses Veronica’s eye roll as Veronica says, “sure, B.”

Veronica hauls them up and brings them towards the kitchen, the pair of boys looking up when they arrive beside them.

“A drink Betty?” Reggie asks, charm coating his words like honey. Betty nods and opens her mouth to say yes when Archie cuts in,

“What would you like? I’ll get it for you,” he grabs onto her arm gently as he says his words. Betty fights the blush that’s trying to rush to her cheeks with all of the attention from him.

“If I could have a soda that would be great,” she mumbles.

“Vodka soda actually,” Veronica states, elbowing Betty. She leans to whisper in Betty’s ear, “go with him to get it,” and pushes Betty to follow Archie as he has already started to walk away.

While Archie and Betty are talking about the pros and cons of hard liquor versus beer as some small talk, Veronica beckons Reggie closer to her.

“You know Archie is jealous right?” she says, brushing her fingers over his shoulder.

He nods, saying, “why do you think I’m doing this? Betty’s fine, but my man Archie needs to get his head out of his ass and do something about that situation.”

Veronica hums her agreement as the two people in question walk back over to them.

Veronica is the first to speak when they are back, “I think it’s time for a game.”


The majority of the party makes its way to the living room and Veronica claps her hands together to get everyone’s attention, “alright people, it’s about time we add a little spice to this gathering,” her eyes scan across the people in the room, and Betty sees the gleam in her eyes as they flicker between her and Archie. Veronica continues, “we are going to have a little tournament.”

As she says the word tournament, Reggie and Moose carry in a table and drop it in the center of the room, right in front of her.

“Beer Pong!” Reggie cheers and high fives Moose.

“Get into partners!” Veronica shouts above the cheers in the room.

As people are splitting up, Reggie makes his way over to where Archie, Betty, and Kevin are standing.

“Care to be my partner?” he asks Betty, but before she can answer, Archie cuts in.

“She’s mine,” and this time Betty hears the possessiveness in Archie’s tone, and turns to see the jealousy in his face.

Kevin takes this moment as his cue to pull Reggie away from them, saying, “good job, now run from the ginger fury,” while power walking towards the other side of the room.

“Archie,” Betty says once the others are gone, speaking just loud enough to be heard inside the room. He turns so see her, realizing how this must look, and gives her an apologetic smile.

“It’s just…” he trails off, searching for the right words, “you need a better partner than Reggie,” he says.

Betty grabs his hand and brings him to the beer pong table to watch the match of Reggie and Moose vs. Kevin and Veronica. Veronica has sunk 3 cups in a row and Kevin is smiling smugly.

Betty leans into Archie’s side and he swings an arm around her shoulder.

She tilts her chin to whisper in his ear, “you’ll always be my number one pick,” and Archie turns his head to say, “and you will be mine.”

@superspy-anon​, @smilefortheflowers​, @cathieart​, @scribblesofel​, @solanaceaess​, @pierceaholic​: thank you for the post-cry suggestions! i definitely think dehydration is part of my problem, a big glass of water helped tonnes. gonna give the warm and cool compresses a shot next time too, see which one works better for me. thank you again guys!


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exes and oohs \\reggie&min

Min pulled her car into the garage and put it in park, shutting it off not long after. She sighed and closed her eyes, staying put for a long moment. She was exhausted, in about every way imaginable, but things were getting better. Her second oldest child was awake; she was alive. It was the best that they could have hoped for, and she was just glad there hadn’t been any more tragedies than just the one that night.

She rubbed her eyes and steeled herself before getting out of the car and grabbing her purse. She closed the car door and made her way into the house, putting her purse down and calling to let them know that she was home. 

She had been so grateful for all of Reggie’s help the last few days, and she knew that she hadn’t really thanked him like she should have. They had had a lot of ups and downs through their long history together, but it was good that they were getting back to some sort of friendship again. Her life felt like something was missing when he wasn’t in it.