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Selfcare tips for smart cookies who are sad

If you want to feel a little better mon amour, i gathered some things i like to do in hopes that it’ll help you!

🌸 go ahead and hop into the shower. take a few minutes to really massage that schampoo into your hair. clean and fresh YAS

🌸 use a body lotion and use one that smells good(i recommend “very sexy” by Victorias Secret) (because it’s very sexy hihi)

🌸 put on a nice parfume, if you don’t have one you can borrow from a family member/friend or you can buy one(i recommend “viva la juicy” by juicy couture and “eternity aqua” by calvin clein) (somewhat expensive but sooo good y'all can come here and i’ll give u you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture everyone gets juicy couture

🌸 take a few moments and write a list about things that make you happy(for example: coffee, holding hands with your grandma, all the relationships you’re gonna have in the future, re-reading your favourite book, family dinners, when the leaves turn orange in autumn)

🌸 make yourself or buy your comfort food(s), mine being tortellini, vegan pizza and coffee mmmmmmm coffee

🌸 send out a few sincere compliments to people. tell your friend what you love about her/him/hen, tell your mom you’re thankful for everything she does. alot of times giving love means getting love and nothing bad about good karma am i right

🌸 write down everything that bothers you on a piece of paper, start with “dear maya..” or “dear paul..” write it for a person thats never gonna read it (or if you feel like you want too you can always message me and rant about your whole life I’m all yours)

🌸 if you don’t wanna think about something you can always try to learn a new language via duolingo, it really gets you focused on something else(advice from your coach-my self- i think you should learn swedish or french because they’re both equally hard and beautiful) if thats not something you find intresting you can always pick up a feel-good book, my favourite being “Anna and the french kiss” by Stephanie Perkins! light up some candles, make yourself some tea and cuddle down somewhere

🌸 watch a movie or tv-show!! i was really unhappy at one point but then i somehow started watching Jane The Virgin and it was sooooo funny and soooo good(the hype is real, watch) and it made me feel better

🌸 look up some nice quotes, my faves are
• “And then there’s light, It just takes time”
• “Pleure: les larmes sont les pétales du cœur.” (which is French for “Cry: tears are the heart’s petals.”)
• “Choose to be happy, It feels better”

🌸 listen to happy songs
• Classic by MKTO
• Price Tag by Jessie J(old but always get’s me dancing)
• Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
• Forget You by CeeLo Green(forreal this is sooo good hahah)

🌸 before you go to bed, moisturize your face with a tiny bit of coconut oil - also put on some chapstick because you’ll wake up with a smooth face and soft lips and you’ll feel like a queen mon chérie

🌸 if you ever feel worthless, read this
• i am so happy you’re here
• i think you’re the cutest person that has ever read this
• i believe that you will reach your dream, whatever it may be, and you will be awesome
• relax, drop your shoulders, breath
• dogs everywhere love you and they get so excited when they see you because they wanna say Hello so badly
• with every breath you take, you help plants and flowers live
• you’re making a difference
• you’re stronger than you think
• you have a great sense of humour that people enjoy
• everything is better when you’re around


Hey, friends!

It’s Meg and I’m so happy to be back! Special thanks to Paul for giving us two wonderful tutorials!

Today we’re going to have a little conversation about the dreaded ‘art style’ everyone seems to be in search of! As I was writing this I realized much of it is what I wish I could tell younger me, so excuse me if it gets a lil’ sappy!

As always,if you have any recommendations for tutorials send them in to this blog or my personal blog. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

Some important terms used by Roleplayers

Muns are the writers, who write back and forth each describing the actions and words of their of the character they have chosen. I’m going to use an imaginary person named Sue as the example of a mun.

Muses are the characters being written about by the muns. Sometimes people prefer to use character to refer to a muse, but muse seems to be the one I see the most often. In this case I’m going to use Spider-man as the muse example.

Threads are the stories written back and forth by two or more muns about their muses. Let’s say Sue has met Paul who has Batman as a muse. They write a thread together, which involves a scenario in which Batman gets bitten by a genetically augmented bat and Spiderman teaches him to use his new abilities.

Canon is the official storyline of a show/film/book series that people pick a character from. So in canon Batman never gets bitten by a bat, and isn’t trained by Spiderman.

AU is short for Alternate Universe. In our example Sue and Paul have created an AU where Batman has actual bat-related powers and fights crime alongside Spiderman.

Verse (or universe) “AUs or places in a timeline where threads which might take place that are common enough on the blog to be established things” thanks to @chieftess-of-the-haladin for commenting this on the original post, I had completely forgotten about this one, and it’s definitely important

Starters are the first post of a thread, which set the scene for the thread. This blog contains sentence starters, which are things muns can send to one another via ask to start a thread with. In this case perhaps Paul sent Sue an ask with “It bit me” which started the entire alternate universe they have that thread in.

OC is short for original character, and these are another type of muse people have. In this case we’re going to use the example of another person named Jude. Jude has created an OC for the Batman universe named Kevin who is a guard at Arkham who often ends up in trouble for some reason or another.

Three person Rp (sometimes called Three-person thread) this is the last one, because now we’re getting into the more complicated things. If Jude, Paul, and Sue got together and all wrote a thread it would be one of these, and it can allow for interesting character development.

I come back with new part of ninjago vines compilation!
This is part 4, right?
Yeah, part 4.
Actually, I downloaded all this vines a long time ago and I really wanted to use them. So here they are!
I hope you like it!
Original vines by Logan Paul, Lele Pons and Liane V.
First vine was offered by anon (thanks again^o^).
And I really wanted to say that if you send me vines you want to see in ninjago vines compilation, I’ll become a very a happy human. Like seriously, don’t be afraid. I accepting ideas.
You can follow “ninjago vines compilation” tag to find more of this shit.

Edd’s world has begun to stop spinning…

Since the FANDOM JUST RUINED EDDSWORLD, don’t get me wrong but JUST LOOK AT THE FANDOM. EDD’S POOR WORLD IS STOPPING TO SPIN, AND ONLY MATT IS LEFT! Please, do not ruin the fandom, i got inspired from Edd to animate, the ONLY inspiration was Eddsworld. Nothing more. Please, whatever you do, DON’T RUIN AND MAKE US HATE EDDSWORLD JUST BECAUSE OF THE FANDOM! No, i still love it, but so much harrassment was given to Dudul and Paul. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, BEFORE EDDSWORLD WILL STOP SPINNING.

Please. Just don’t send them porn drawings, shippings and don’t harrass ANYONE. People are begging for you to stop this madness or Edd will be gone from our hearts, of course we don’t want that to happen. Stop this shit, right fucking now.
Everyone is leaving Eddsworld, and if Matt will leave, Eddsworld will be gone far far away. We all don’t want that, we all have feelings. But that doesn’t mean YOU NEED TO HARRASS AND SEND THEM PORN/SHIPPINGS! Stop this, please. We are all begging, do NOT harrass everyone in the squad, please. We want our fandom to be friendly, right now it’s full of people that harrass, give threats, ETC. If you want, you can reblog this so that everyone knows. No, i don’t want fame, all i care is life and Eddsworld. Go ahead, judge me for being a total dumbass just because of caring about EDD’S world. You all do realize what is it like to be harrassed? Pain, hurt and feeling like huge shit. PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS. End this stupid bizarre and let people be themselves, i am trying to do this friendly way. But hey, i can’t. Now, good day. Remember, DON’T HARRASS, SEND PORN/SHIPPING TO THEM, PLEASE!

Thank you for reading thus far.

I edited this because some people did not understand that i made this in 10 PM. I was obviously really tired, if i have wrote something not right, please tell me and i’ll redo or repost this. I am really tired right now too, i am not having enough time to rest. Goodbye!


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators.

Anonymous said:Is it okay if we send in like sentences for you guys to turn into One-shots / imagines? If so can you do one with “last time you said you had a surprise for me I ended up pregnant” With Paul? If not you can just ignore this message 😅

A/N: Omfg this is gold! Where the hecky did you even think of this? I stated before, I literally spat my Coke out the other night when I saw this one and my mum gave me a weird look. But anyway, thank you so much for blessing us with this request! I hope that I’ve made this everything you imagined, lovely! - Admin Kat 💟

Imagine: Paul declaring that he has a surprise for you and you just respond with “The last time you had a surprise for me, I ended up pregnant!”.

Ambling in through your front door, you were ambushed by your conspicuous husband whom leaned against the banister that belonged to the stairs. There was an ardent and mischievous tint to his beautiful brown orbs that only seemed to spell out… trouble.

As though you had hardly noticed, you cut through to the left, - directly ignoring the clear message that Paul Lahote, your husband, desperately wanted your attention -, and into the safety of the kitchen you were… or so you thought.

“So, how was work, babe?” Paul came striding in after you, hot on your trail, as though you were the sun and he were a planet propelling around you; attracted to the very warm rays that you projected.

“Just cut to the chase, baby. I didn’t have to deal with my ass-hat of a boss today to come home to you plotting and conniving behind my back.” you stated as you retrieved an orange from the kitchen counter before promptly turning to face your hunk of a husband; to which, he stopped shortly before he slammed into you. “So, if you have something to say, just come right out and say it. None of this ‘spontaneous’ and ‘out of the blue’ crap. Okay?” You emphasized with your famous Hand Quotations.

It seemed that the very words he wished to state were robbed from his very throat and tongue. “Well, since you’re putting it that way…” he grins out nonchalantly, leaning against the kitchen counter and looming over you.

It was within an instant that his large asperous fingers dauntlessly tickled beneath the hem of your top, tracing loving circles that could not be seen by the mere human eye. His eyes were entirely entranced with what seemed to be playing on out in his head, but you didn’t seem to be catching on.

“Can you get to the point, baby? I’ve got Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars to catch up on and you’re taking up my precious time.” you grinned up at him, knowing very well that this was digging into his skin.

A wolfish grin flashed across his features as he dipped his head down to your ear. “I have a surprise for you.” Those were his words, breathed seductively into your ear, and although they melted every cell in your body to a puddle, you saw through this: And your own toothy grin beamed across your expression.

The last time that you had a surprise for me, I ended up pregnant!” you declared loud and clear in his ear. “I’m appreciative of the surprise, but it’s not really one any more; and besides, Our little cute brat is just enough for me right now. So, unless you’re bagging on binge watching Supernatural with me, I think you should take care of your little issue.” you hummed up to him, your hand rubbing his arm as you took a peek downwards.

In all the time the pair of you had been together, Paul had never been so stunned… or so quiet.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

doubleohnothing  asked:

i've fallen in love with trans!percy thanks to your blog omg can we please have some more headcanons? maybe about percy at school or annabeth and his relationship?

sorry this is so late!!!!!! glad i saved it for tdov though haha ☆

okay so i was just thinking about this but (1) trans percy goes down to visit his fathers kingdom or just chill in the ocean and other sea creature start calling him “legs” and at first he thinks their being sexist and catcalling (fishcalling?) him and gets mad until he realizes that hes the only person down there with legs??

2) not once does he experience transphobia in his fathers kingdom, from any ‘magical’ creature, or even from monsters. theyll stab him and poison him, but they never misgender him and he thinks thats the weirdest and somehow most refreshing thing ever

3) some of the kids at camp can be a bit ignorant, and some of the ares cabin can be pretty harsh about “are you man enough??” but it never strikes him as transphobic. most kids who are transphobic get a nice, long discussion with mr d (bad cop) and chiron (good cop) about Trans Livin’ tm… overall, though, after spending so many days riding pegasi and taking archery lessons from a guy whos half horse, trans people arent really that fantastical/surprising. “who cares if that guy has a vagina? i saw a chick with two weird snake bodies legs. THATS fucked up.”

4) annabeth admits she’s never felt too much like a girl OR a boy, but at the same time feels she might be both. percy comes out as trans to her then, and she pretends to be surprised (“oh wow! i didnt know. we have so much in common.” “you suck at lying, wise girl.” “ive seen your boobs, percy.” “…oh… i forgot.”). theyre very supportive of each other, always and forever - which is canon more than headcanon ;3c

5) paul and sally are of course the best parents a guy could ask for. paul never, NEVER tells percy “maybe you should go to your mom about that?” when he comes to him for advice. paul knows that percy comes to him for Man Stuff and even if Man Stuff isnt always Cis Man Stuff, paul still wants to be able to help, so he’ll give the best insight he can or occasionally even say “ask me again tomorrow, i’ll sleep on it” and then spend all might learning whatever he can to help percy. he doesnt care what anyone says, percy is his son, and that will never, never change (unless percy says it does, but, thats different)

6) trans percy got me emotional, my dudes, i just. i just really love trans percy, hell yes

thank you for sending the ask! - mod will

Sick - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 10)

Requested by anons: In love with PT diaries😍, could part 8 possible be Parise trying to pursue the reader? Geno gets super jealous and maybe he kisses her out of anger ?

Could you please do another PT Diaries where another player is nice to you and Geno’s upset about it but you’re like “no way are we doing this again. Especially while you’re injured” (sorta like part 5??) Thank You!!!

A/N: Okay, this sucks a lot and has nothing to do with the prompts and I’m awful. I’m so sorry. I hate it. Ugh. Send me brutal criticism, I deserve it.

Word count: 1108

Warnings: none other than stomach sickness.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8  Episode 9

Master list

Originally posted by 871malkincrosby

Our trip to Minnesota couldn’t have been more turbulent and I am still not feeling well by the time we get to the hotel. We are staying in Saint Paul for a couple days and then in Detroit for another two before going back to Pittsburgh.

“Feeling any better?” Michelle Crechiolo, and my roommate, asks me.

I shake my head, using my thumb and index finger to pinch the bridge of my nose. I am quite dizzy, my head is pounding and my stomach is rather upset after getting motion sickness on the plane and then endure a bus trip from the airport to the hotel.

“Maybe you should stay here and skip practice today.” She suggests and I nod, plopping myself on the bed and burying my head on the pillow. “I’ll tell everyone. Get better, babe.”

I don’t say anything but I hear the door opening and shutting behind her, leaving me by myself. The room is dark and I can feel myself drifting into sleep, snuggling into my pillows. Knocks on my door wake me up and I try to get on my feet as soon as I can and open the door, finding Geno on the other side of the door, holding himself up with his crutches.

“Geno, hi.” I say, rubbing my eyes. The pounding in my head and the dizziness are pretty much gone but my stomach is still upset.

“Michelle say you are sick.” He tells me. “Guys are worry.”

“I’m feeling a little better.” I smile a little trying to convince him, or convince myself. “I’ll be okay for dinner.”

“Good.” He says, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear on a swift move. His hand lingers on the side of my face for a second, caressing my jawline until he gets it back to his side. “Uvidimsja (I’ll see you later).”

“Geno…” I warn him. He hasn’t taught me that one yet.

“It means ‘see you later’.” He says and I nod, trying to remember the word.

“Bye.” I wave at him, shutting the door carefully.

The Xcel Energy Center is buzzing with excitement as the players from both teams jump on the ice, there are quite a few Penguins fans on Minnesota. I’m still feeling quite sick, but I stand on the bench, helping Fleury tape his wrists for the game when I see him, Zach Parise.

“(y/n), long time no see.” He says, leaning on the edge of the bench.

“Zach.” I acknowledge him. “How is your thigh?”

“It’s alright.” He says, putting his leg up and stretching his muscles. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Nothing to report.” I laugh, finishing Flower’s wrists up and helping him with his gloves so he can jump on the ice.

“I’ll say something.” He tells me and I raise an eyebrow. “You are looking stunning today.”

“Of course I do.” I say, shaking my head. “Go away, Parise.”

He smirks and skates away, joining his team for warmups. I bite my lower lip before turning around and walking towards my spot on the staff line-up when I see Geno looking at me, anger clear on his face. He is sitting on a chair next to the bench, supporting his teammates before going to his private suite to watch the game.

“I’m not doing this again, Geno.” I warn him when I see the rage in his facial features. I have only seen him this mad once, an Zach Parise was also involved. “When you are injured. Not now. Not never.”

“I don’t like him.” He just says and I shake my head.

“Why do you care?” I whisper, trying to keep my anger at bay. We are surrounded by people and I don’t feel like giving the team, staff and fans a show.

“He is not good for you.” He tells me and I groan, wanting to slap him.

“We were talking, Geno.” I say. “TAL-KING.” I articulate.

And then I have to run, going straight to the bathroom and throwing up all the content of my stomach. I have eaten very little since yesterday when we landed, but everything it’s going down the drain.

“(y/n)?” I hear a voice behind me. I know who it is, so I don’t turn around. “You good?”

I nod, but as I do I gag again and I throw up bile.

“You need doctor.” Geno says and I wave my hand, trying to say no. “You need to sleep.”

I’m not going to say no to that, I feel exhausted. After a couple minutes I get on my feet and splash some water on my face. Geno is looking at me with a concerned look and I give him a small smile.

“I think I’m gonna go to the hotel.” I tell him and he nods.

“I’m going with you.” He says and I don’t argue.

Geno tells everyone that I am not feeling well and the Wild’s therapist agrees to treat our team if something happens when I am gone. We get into a taxi, seating on the back. Geno holds me close to him, keeping an eye on me in case I feel sick again, but we make it to the hotel without any incidents and Geno pays up before I can even open up my bag.

“I feel bad.” I say and he chuckles.

“I know. Sleep will help.” He answers me and I shake my head, following him across the hotel reception to the elevator.

“No, no, no, not that. Well, that too.” Great, my brain isn’t working now. “You are missing the game and you paid the taxi and…”

“You are sick.” He cuts me off. “We can watch game here.”

We take the elevator and go up to the tenth floor to my room, using my card to get inside. Geno walks to the bedside table and grabbing the remote, turning the TV on and going through the channels until he finds the game. Five minutes in the second period and the Penguins are winning one to nothing. I change into a pair of leggings and sweatpants and crawl on the bed, sitting next to Geno.

“Thanks for bringing me back.” I whisper after a while of both of us just watching the game in silence.

“Budet delat’ eto v tysjachu raz (I’d do it a thousand times).” He says and I look at him; he has said that to me before when I cut my foot with a piece of glass.

“That means ‘you are welcome’, right?” I ask and he gives me a sideway smile.

“Kind of.” He says and we go back to watch the game.

My personal favorite lyrics from each DEH song

Does anybody have a map: no specific line but Rachel Bay Jones is a Queen and kills it through out the entire show.

Waving through a window:

For Forever:
Basically all of it from when Evan climbs up and then falls out of the tree to the end of the song but mostly
-I’m on the ground
My arm goes numb
I look around
And I see him come to get me
He comes to get me
And everything’s okay

Sincerely me (aka the only song that doesn’t make me want to scream or sob):
-Smoking drugs
-The only man that I love is my dad

-I gave you the world and you threw it away
-Cause when the villains fall the kingdoms never weep
-that YOU WERE NOT THE MONSTER that I knew

If I could tell her:
-He thought you looked really pretty er-
You looked pretty cool when you put indigo streaks in your hair
-I love youu I LoVe YoUuuuuu I LOVE YOUUUUU

-Make me more that just an abandoned memory
-No one should flicker out
-All you need is for somebody to find you

You will be found:
-Let that lonely feeling wash away
-There’s a place where you don’t have to feel alone
And every time you call out you’re a little less unknown
-When you’re broken on the ground
You will be found

To break in a glove:
-Or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control
(This isn’t that emotional of a song but this single phrase breaks my heart every god damn time)

Only us:
-I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you
-Try to quiet the noises in your head
We can’t compete with all that
-If you like me for me and nothing else

Good for you
-well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough
-(JARED!!!!)and if somebody’s in your way crush them and leave them behind
-(EVANNNN) like a train coming off the track cause the rails and my bones all crack I’ve got to find a way to StOp iT sToP It JUST LET ME OOOOOFFF
(this is probably one of my top 5 moments in the show I love Ben platt so much how does he have so much talent)

Words fail: (I have a love hate relationship with this song because it is hands down my favorite song but it makes me sob uncontrollably 10/10 times. The way that Ben platt can be sobbing and still sing so flawlessly wows me to no end)
-I never had that perfect girl who somehow could see the good parts of me
-nothing can make sense of all these things I’ve done
-cause if I just believe then I don’t have to see what’s really there
-I’d rather pretend something other than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am (THIS IS THE LINE THAT GETS ME AGGSGHHKK IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK)
-how do I step into the sun

So big So small:
-I knew I’d come up short a million different ways
And I did
And I do
And I will
-your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here

-today at least you’re you and thats
-we could be alright for forever this way

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and there is a
.0001% chance that I will ever get to see DEH in New York bc I can’t afford to travel across the country, but tbh I would probably drive everyone out of the theater with the amount of crying that would occur if I ever saw the musical on broadway. So I send my love and thanks from a distance. This musical has had such an impact on my life this year. I’ve never connected to something more in my life and sometimes I get so emotional while I’m listening to the sound track that have to take a break for like a week so I can take a rest from crying. Thank you Pasek and Paul. Thank you Steven Levenson. Thank you Ben Platt. Thank you to the rest of the cast for touching my heart so deeply. You have all made me feel so understood and you’re doing so much more for people than you’re probably ever going to be aware of. Thank you all so much.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a oneshot where Paul pretends to be annoyed (he's actually ridiculously amused) when John calls him by corny pet names?

ah omg okay first of all im sorry i haven’t really gotten around to doing the prompts. but this is cute! 


“Angel face, do you mind making a cuppa tea for your beloved?” John pokes at Paul, who was sitting on the floor in front of their sofa. “What? Why can’t you do it?” Paul rolls his eyes, but if he had to admit it, he would say his stomach flipped with butterflies at the ridiculous nickname. “Because my stomach is not doin’ so well, and I just know you want to help me feel better, Pumpkin.” Paul knew John wasn’t lying, he had been lying on the sofa all day.

Paul keeps his annoyed facade on, though. “Perhaps if you drop the stupid nicknames, I wouldn’t mind making you a tea.” Paul crossed his arms and looked back at the telly. “Doll face, you must help me in my time of need!” John grabs at his stomach and throws his head back dramatically. “Bugger off, Lennon.” Paul stood up and touched John’s forehead. “You’re a bit warm.” Paul observed his annoying, apparently sick, boyfriend. 

“Please save me, Doodle Bug.” John sticks his bottom lip out, pouting like a child. “Enough with the bloody pet names!” Paul held back a smile, he couldn’t let John know that he was soft enough to actually enjoy these silly nicknames. Nicknames such as these had become a habit for John whenever he was feeling clingy, or needed Paul to do something for him. “Please, please, please, Bugga-boo?” John reached out at Paul’s hand. 

“Fine, I’ll make you a bloody tea. Would you like some soup to go with it, your majesty?” Paul faked a bow. “Actually, my Peach, some soup would be absolutely lovely.” John smiled. Just as Paul was about to exit the sitting room and head to the kitchen, a large smile spread across his cheeks, John made a noise. “What?” Paul spun around, hiding his smile again. 

“Would you get me a blanket, Sugar Lips? Your poor old Johnny is cold.” John pouted again. Paul felt his heart skip a beat at how absolutely and ridiculously adorable John was being. “Fine.” Paul had to look away, he had to get that smile out. Paul ran upstairs to their bedroom and grabbed John’s favourite dark green fuzzy blanket. He brought it back downstairs and draped it over his body, tucking it in around John’s body. 

“How’s that?” Paul held back a giggle, John looked like a Beatle-Burrito. “Just wonderful, Teddy Bear.” John yawned. “Alright, I’ll fetch your tea and soup.” Paul kissed John’s forehead and went into the kitchen. Paul starts making John his hot beverage and hot food, when he hears snoring. “Oh you’ve got to be joking.” He rolls his eyes and follows the sound. 

There he is, the lad who had been bugging him for tea and soup, John Winston Lennon, completely asleep. Paul couldn’t help but stand there and admire the adorable man. He squatted down beside the couch and touched John’s cheek. “John,” He whispered. “John, love, let’s get you to bed.” Paul whispers as John’s eyes flutter open slowly. He turns his head and looks at Paul, sending that familiar butterfly-like feeling throughout Paul’s stomach.

“Is me soup and tea ready then, Boo?” John mumbles, almost inaudibly. Paul chuckles softly and lifts John up off the couch. “Hold me tight, Johnny. We’re going upstairs.” Paul instructs to his older, sick boyfriend. John snuggles into Paul’s neck and yawns. “Thank you, Muffin.” 

Love Can Heal (Part 8)

 Pairing: Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 972

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 7

 Part 9 

 Part 10

 Part 11

 Part 12

 Part 13

 Part 14

 Part 15 (FINALE)

 It’s raining when I finally wake up, the sky is dark. I turn around and the memory of Paul’s kiss fills my mind. It was so warm and different, something I wanted to feel a long time ago. I don’t want Emmett to find out yet, I want to tell him when I feel ready. I can’t even think about it or Edward will listen. Feeling worse than ever, I take a long shower and head to the kitchen before someone come to drags me down.

 It’s afternoon already. Almost twilight, Esme tells me, and I’m finishing my meal when Paul arrives, making Emmett stay by my side like a bodyguard.

 “There will be a party. Only werewolves. Wanna come? ”

 “If there will be only werewolves, why should I go?” I say before Emmett open his mouth.

 “Why don’t you tell her the truth, wolf. Not even the imprints were invited.” Edward states, obviously annoyed.

 “I just did. Only werewolves.”

 “She’s not going.”

 “Excuse me, Emmett, I’ll decide that.” I get up and make up my mind just because of what he said. “I’ll take a shower. Give ten minutes.”

 “What?” Emmett stares at me, but I ignore him.

 “I didn’t know vampires were deaf.”

 I choose a light blue shirt with long sleeves and jeans. I grab my dark pink coat and run downstairs. I probably took more than ten minutes.

 “I still need to fix my hair.”

 “I can’t see why. You look good.”

 “That’s a lie. Now let’s go before I change my mind.”

 “Ivy, please be careful.” Emmett holds both my hands, looking seriously worried.

 “I will.” He kisses me before I can react. I take a deep breath and walk out with Paul.

 We don’t talk on our way to the wolf party. I don’t know if he’s mad or just sad. It’s so cold that I give up and grab his arm, pulling it close to my body.

 “Can you drive safely with one hand?”

 “Yes.” He stares at me for a few seconds and I smile.

 “Are you sure it’s okay to go to this party of yours? What if they kick me out?”

 “What we actually do is maybe watch something then eat something. Just to have fun. Obviously, Sam is not invited.”


 Everybody is here already. And someone is making french fries. They’re loud, louder than the music that’s playing. Some of them come to say hi and ask how I’m feeling. Of course, Paul makes me eat lots of french fries. Is very late when they agree about the movie we’ll watch. Underworld. The whole saga. I already watched, but most of the wolves get really excited about the war between werewolves and vampires. I’m getting tired so I lean on Paul’s shoulder to try to get some sleep.

 Then a scream makes me jump. I’m wrapped in a white blanket that I throw away when I see who’s screaming. Emmett. He has his finger on Paul’s face, who’s awkwardly shaking. Kevin runs to me, telling me that we should leave right now.


 “Ivy, out. Now!”

 “No way.” I stand between the two of them, laying my anger on Emmett.

 “Ivy, please.” Paul begs me, and I turn to face him.

 “It’s not worth it. He’ll leave. Stay here with me, please.” I beg him.

 “He’s out of control. If he can’t keep this animal under control he’s not seeing you again!”

 Then I’m pushed to the side, hitting the wall. The pain makes me see little white lights on my sight. I can’t breathe. And I can’t keep my eyes open.

 I wake up in a place with bright lights. I think it’s a hospital, but then I recognize one of Carlisle’s rooms. Well, it does look like a hospital. My head aches, and so does my back. Kevin is the only one here, I don’t know why.

 “Why are you here?” He looks up from his phone, surprised.

 “Sorry, we thought you wouldn’t wake up today.” Kevin comes to my side with sadness in his eyes. “I’m here because you don’t want to see Emmett or Paul. Am I right? ”


 “See. I’m very smart. ”

 “Yes, you are.” I try to sit up, but I’m too dizzy. Kevin helps me and I whisper a ‘thank you’. “Who pushed me?”

 “Emmett. He thought Paul was going to shift, so…”

 “So he pushed me to the wall with all his strength. He’s so protective. ” I’m so angry that I would break Emmett’s bones if I could.

 “Calm down. I’ll call them.”

 “Yes, send them in. Someone is going to get hurt.” I try to keep my cool while Kevin shouts for them and they’re here in seconds.

 “Ivy, I am so sorry, I…”

 “No. Don’t you dare to give one more step closer, vampire. ” My voice is low and weak from the pain I’m feeling. But also strong, and make him stop right there.

 “I thought he would…”

 “Well, guess what, Emmett? He wasn’t the one to hurt me! You know my body is weak because I don’t eat and you throw me to a freaking wall!” I’m screaming and my throat hurts. Tears roll down my cheeks and I need to catch my breath.

 “I was protecting you.” Emmett is desperate to reach me, somehow. But not this time. I can barely move because of him.

 “I’m going back to Alaska. As soon as I feel better. Till that, I’m staying with Paul.” I clear my throat. “If it’s okay with him.”

 “Of course, as long as you want.” Paul finally speaks from the edge of my bed.

 “You’re out of your mind.” Emmett stares at me, and it seems like he could rip Paul’s head off his body.

 “No, I’m not.”







anonymous asked:

Wait. Is Simon not straight?

Sorry anon I fell asleep before I saw this but no, Simon is not straight. Back in the summer of 2013 he orchestrated an entire faked scandal in which he supposedly cheated with his best friend’s wife and knocked her up.

From what I’ve heard, he used his mother as an excuse for still being in the closet (in that her knowing the truth about his sexuality/him having a long term male partner would break her heart) and this way he achieved a bunch of goals simultaneously:

1) keep his heterosexuality firmly in place

2) generate more press for himself

3) give his mother a grandchild before it was too late/without him actually having to get married (she just passed away this year and he’s previously said he has no desire for children).

Of course, then there was that court case in 2014 in which people swore Simon was gay under oath which brought fuel to the fire again.

Anyway, that’s part of the reason so many people were rolling their eyes when Louis’ fake baby thing happened because of course Simon would give him a baby scandal to make him look straight it’s like his MO at this point.

Also fun fact it seems he had his google searches scrubbed because I was trying to find his partner’s name again and literally every variation of ‘simon cowell partner’ or ‘simon cowell gay’ or ‘simon cowell male partner’ just brings up the same het results. If anyone can remember his partner’s name please send it to me!

Here are some more links if you’re curious:

David Walliams: Gay Rumours will Always Follow Simon Cowell

‘I’m Straight!’  - Simon Cowell Insists He’s not Gay (this one talks about his mother)

Simon Cowell Slams Gay Rumours

ETA: Thank you to my other anon, his partner’s name is Paul McKenna

1 Corinthians 1:10-17 (NKJV)
Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. For it has been declared to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of Chloe’s household, that there are contentions among you. Now I say this, that each of you says, “I am of Paul,” or “I am of Apollos,” or “I am of Cephas,” or “I am of Christ.” Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?

I thank God that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, lest anyone should say that I had baptized in my own name. Yes, I also baptized the household of Stephanas. Besides, I do not know whether I baptized any other. For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of no effect.

Ringo Starr and George Harrison, Prince’s Trust Concert, 5 June 1987. Photo: REX/Alamy.

“It’s always harder for a drummer. It’s hard for Ringo to just knock out an album. It’s difficult enough for me and Paul. It’s not easy having been enormously famous and, you know, having to try to… I don’t mind, personally. I don’t mind being obscure. I remember years ago Ringo saying to me he’d love to have a Number 1. And I said, What for? You are the Number 1. It doesn’t matter about the record.” - George Harrison, Q, 1988 [Thank you very much to aug72 for sending this interview!]

“George presented him recently with a special, leather-bound volume, which said on the cover, ‘Ringo Starr: greatest drummer on earth.’ Inside, all the pages were blank. ‘George told me to start writing, to fill it up.’” - The Beatles Authorized Biography, 1985 postscript, by Hunter Davies

Love Can Heal (Part 15 - FINALE)

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 Pairing:  Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader 

 Word count: 2.067

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


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 Part 2

 Part 3

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 The sun is shining bright when I wake up. There’s a large window above my head and the sky is just beautiful. I don’t know where I am, but I’m not in pain so it’s probably a good place. Sitting up straight, I feel a sting on my ankle, but that’s all. I look outside, two men running somewhere into the woods. I don’t even know if that’s real.


 I jump at the sound of this voice, turning my face to the bedroom door.

 “Sam?” The tone of my own voice scares me, but I try not to let it show.

 “The vampire is dead. The Cullen set him on fire after I left.”

 “Why did you save me?” I ask, but after a while, I understand he won’t answer “Thank you, anyway.” I lay down again, pulling the covers over my head. If Paul isn’t here, it means he doesn’t want to know anything about me. My heart is breaking and it seems like someone is choking me again.

 “I sent Paul away. It was the Cullen decision.” Sam speaks suddenly. Can he read my mind too? Or is it just my emotions showing off how I’m feeling?

 “And you never liked me anyway, so why not?” I don’t know why I’m not crying, but maybe I’m out of tears. “I don’t blame you, I’m just a-”

 “Ivy!” Someone yells my name and my heart skips a beat. I have no choice but stop breathing as I throw the blanket away, jumping from the bed and using Sam’s arm as a support when I almost fall. But it doesn’t matter.

 There are many wolves here, but I ignore the crowd, running to the front door. Paul swings it open before I reach the door handle. He’s dressed up for the cold, and I barely recognize him. But the sadness in his eyes disappears when he looks at me. Ignoring all my pain I jump in his arms as he lifts me up. Now I’m crying. I feel at home again, and that whole week where I met all my nightmares again is over. He’s saying something, but I don’t understand. All I want to do is hug him and kiss him and spend all my life with him. That’s what I want and I have no doubts now.

 Sam is kind for the first time. He invites me to have dinner with the pack and talks to me like I’m a normal person. I don’t ask him about sending Paul away because it doesn’t matter anymore. Paul holds my hand under the table as we eat quietly. Kevin and the new wolves are talking about how Sam killed the vampire for a few hours. I didn’t see the fight, so I make a few questions about it. I thank Sam with all my heart, and so does Paul. He feels guilty for not being here, but it wasn’t his fault.

 When we’re finishing the dessert, I feel something burning on my wrist. The feeling doesn’t go away, so I desperately pull my sleeve up to see what it is. By Sam’s look, I know it’s something they didn’t tell me.

 “What the hell is this? There’s nothing here but it burns.” I touch my skin, but I swear that’s no wound or burn. Maybe it’s just my head again, playing with me. “Am I losing my mind again?”

 “We didn’t think you would feel it. But the vampire somehow burnt you before I get there.”

 “What?” I get up abruptly, tears threatening to roll down. “What do you mean? Burnt me?”

 “Calm down. You’re not a vampire.” Sam tries to approach me, but step back, reaching for Paul’s arms when he comes, holding me tight as I cry again.

 “(Y/N). Listen to me.” Paul cups my cheeks, making me stare into his eyes. “Carlisle is coming to see what happened to you, but nothing’s changed. He has some weird skill, like the mind reader. He burnt at some moment, but we don’t know why or how.”

 “How can you be so sure I’m fine?”

 “Do you love me?” He dries my tears with his warm fingers, a kind smile on his lips. “Do you still love Kevin, the pack, your aunt, and uncle?”

 “Yes.” I mutter, holding in Paul’s hands. “Of course I do.”

 “See? You’re still yourself.” Paul pulls me to the living room and we sit on the couch. “Now let’s wait and watch a movie.”

 “I don’t want to watch anything.”

 “Then just sit here with me. I missed you.” Paul pulls me closer and I lay my head on his shoulder. I don’t know what’s going on TV, but it doesn’t matter. I’m tired of the vampires and their awkward “skills”. I just want things to be normal again.

 I wake up with many people talking. Paul is still here, caressing my hair. I look up at him, just to make sure he’s real.

 “Carlisle is here, sweetheart.” He whispers, helping me get up. Just then I realize how my neck still hurts.

 “I have a bad bruise on my neck, am I right?”

 “Don’t even remember me of that. I’d love to kill that bloodsucker over and over again.”

 “I feel the same.” I touch my neck carefully, taking a deep breath when I see the Cullen on Sam’s kitchen. Thank God Emmett isn’t here.

 “Hello, (Y/N).” Carlisle smiles at me and Esme comes to hug me.

 “Hello.” I mutter, sitting on the only chair that’s put apart from the table, which is probably for me. “So, what do we need to do to find out what’s wrong with me?”

 “We just need a blood test.”

 “Why?” I turn my eyes to Carlisle, raising an eyebrow. “Why do you need a blood test? What am I now?”

 “Calm, down.” He kneels before me, his kind eyes making me regret yelling at him. “You’re not a vampire, but… You’re not completely human.”

 “Explain it.” You stand up, crossing your arms. “Just say it.”

 “For that, we need the blood test.”

 The pack doesn’t like the fact that the Cullen are here. And most of all, the fact that Carlisle is taking a bit of my blood. But I don’t really care. When he’s done, I get up, saying goodbye and heading to my bedroom. Or the bedroom Sam gave me.

 “When are we going back home?” I ask Paul after I sit down on the bed, crossing my arms over my chest.

 “Soon, babe. Sam… Sam wants to know what happened to you.” Paul sits down before me, taking my hands in his. “But I’m sure-”

 “Don’t worry.” Sam swings the door open, walking in and handing me a glass of water. “We’re not allowed to hurts someone’s imprint.”

 “But… I’m not his imprint.” And I’m not afraid of you. I mutter, staring at Paul and then back at Sam before cleaning my throat. I hate talking about the “imprint thing”. Paul and I aren’t supposed to be, I know it, but everything is perfect now and I don’t want to ruin it.

 “Ivy, you must know that the pack feels it when someone finds love. It’s almost impossible to love again when our imprint dies. But Paul did.” Sam kneels before me, taking my right hand. “I can’t deny it. What you two have is special. You are meant to be. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s true.”

 Sam gives me a kind smile before kissing me on the cheek.

 “Whoa. That was…” I raise my eyebrows, pointing at the door when Sam leaves. I don’t know what’s going through Sam’s head right now, but wherever this is, I like it. “That was nice.”

 “Yes, it was. Let’s just say his girl made things clear for him.” Paul caresses my chin with his fingers, pulling me close. “I will never let you go again.”


 “I promise, little human.”

 I wake up in the middle of the night with Paul’s voice coming from the living room. Grabbing my coat, I follow his voice to find him friendly chatting with Alice. Cleaning my throat, I wave to the Cullen. They’re all here, except for Emmett.

 “I don’t want to ruin this moment but I kinda need to know if I’m okay.” I put my coat on and Paul comes to hug me. I hug his waist, my head on his chest.

 “You guys always hug each other outta nowhere.” Kevin states and I turn around to face him, wrapping Paul’s arms around my waist.

 “You’ll understand when you find love.” I tell him, ignoring when he playfully rolled his eyes. “So… Carlisle. What did you find?”

 “You’re not human. Not completely.” Carlisle gives me some papers. They’re about the blood test, but I don’t understand anything.

 “Can someone just tell me what’s happening?” I start to get really worried. I’m not human. Ok. But what am I? A burnt can do that much? My hands start shaking but Alice comes quickly, touching my arms so I can focus in her eyes.

 “Ivy. You’re fine. We don’t understand what that vampire did but somehow he… slowed downs your aging process.”

 I burst into laugh, almost tripping on my own feet but Paul holds me up. Kevin is laughing too, even though I don’t really understand the reason why he thinks this is funny. After the first shock, I clean my throat, trying to keep a straight face.

 “Sorry, guys. It was just way too funny. So now let’s talk for real. What’s wrong with me?”

 “It’s true, Ivy.” Alice rolls her eyes, a sweet smile on her lips. “Even before Carlisle finishes his tests, comparing your blood with Reneesmee’s, I saw you.”

 “You saw me and…?”

 “Years from now, still young. And also a few children.” Alice whispers, but of course, everyone in this room can hear her and Kevin yell all of a sudden, saying something about being an uncle.

 “You mean… I will get old really slow. And I’ll have kids. And that means more than one if I’m right. Am I right?” Paul kisses the top of my head, and I can feel that he’s smiling.

 “Yes.” Alice takes both my hands, pulling me into a hug. “You’ll have a big family.”

 “She already does.” Sam speaks, gesturing to the entire living room, to vampires and werewolves.

 “Wait. All my kids will be werewolves?”



 “Yes, Ivy.” It’s Edward who answers me, and I can’t help but smile. Paul will be their father.

 “So… Now what?” I take a deep breath, noticing how everyone stares at me awkwardly. “Hey, guys? What’s the matter now?”

 Paul picks something on his pocket, moving to kneel before me. I raise my eyebrows and my heart nearly stops when he opens a small box. There’s a silver ring in it, with three bright stones. Paul takes my shaking hand as I feel tears rolling down my cheeks.

 “Now… Would you be my wife?”

 This is absolutely a dream. Right? There’s no air inside my lungs and I nod, staring at the beautiful ring on my finger.

 “Don’t cry, baby.” Paul kisses my hand before standing up to kiss my lips.

 “I love you, Paul.” I jump on him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “So much!”

 “I’m gonna cry.” Kevin murmurs and I giggle, still holding onto Paul.

 “When are we getting married?” I whisper in his ear, pretending nobody else can hear me.

 “Tomorrow if you want.” He whispers back.

 “Wait one minute.” Alice interrupts us, her eyes shining. “I will plan the wedding and I’ll need more than a few hours.” She takes me by the hand, pulling me away from Paul. “You come with me. You have to choose the dress, the flowers, and the cake.”

 “Somebody please, save me.” I beg, holding back a smile.

 “See you soon, love.” Paul winks at me as I follow Alice outside, still trying to still my heart.

 Maybe some dreams can come true. Maybe someone who’s broken can be healed. I can’t wait to leave my past behind, to put all my mistakes somewhere I’ll never reach again. Love is such a powerful feeling, it sure can change someone entirely. It can heal every wound, even the deepest. I am a living proof of that.









When John and Paul met each other

           “That was the day, the day that I met Paul, that it started moving.” –John Lennon.

The Quarry Men was the Skiffle group featuring John Lennon, Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton, Rod Davies, and Len Garry. They performed on the afternoon of 6th July 1957 at St Peter’s Church Fete, Woolton, Liverpool.

‘I remember coming into the fete and seeing all the sideshows. And also hearing all this great music wafting in from this little Tannoy system. It was John and the band.


I remember I was amazed and thought, ‘Oh great’, because I was obviously into the music. I remember John singing a song called Come Go With Me. He’d heard it on the radio. He didn’t really know the verses, but he knew the chorus. The rest he just made up himself.


I just thought, ‘Well, he looks good, he’s singing well and he seems like a great lead singer to me.’ Of course, he had his glasses off, so he really looked suave. I remember John was good. He was really the only outstanding member, all the rest kind of slipped away.’ –Paul McCartney, 1995.

It looks like a love at first sight story.

That evening, Ivan Vaughan (the Quarrymen’s sometime tea-chest bass player and John’s friend) introduced the band to one of his classmates from Liverpool Institute, that 15 little boy called Paul McCartney! So the magic happened… John Lennon and Paul McCartney met each other. Macca came wearing a white jacket with silver flecks to John, who wore a checked shirt. 

The pair chatted for a few minutes, and McCartney showed Lennon how to tune a guitar - the instruments owned by Lennon and Griffiths were in G banjo tuning. McCartney then sang Twenty Flight Rock.

 ‘Right off, I could see John was checking this kid out,’ says Pete Shotton (The Quarry Men), who was standing behind John, off to the side. ‘Paul came on as very attractive, very loose, very easy, very confident. – wildly confident. He played the guitar well. I could see that John was very impressed’. 

When I visited Liverpool, I had the chance to go at the St Peter’s church hall. And I saw this message that Paul sent to Church:

Ah yes, I remember it well.


I do, actually. My memory of meeting John for the first time is very clear. My mate Ivan Vaughan took me along to Woolton here and there were The Quarry Men, playing on a little platform.

I can still see John – checked shirt, slightly curly hair, singing Come Go With Me by The Del Vikings. He didn’t know all the words, so he was putting in stuff about penitentiaries – and making a good job of it.

I remember thinking ‘He looks good – I wouldn’t mind being in a group with him’.

A bit later we met up; I played him Twenty Flight Rock and he seemed pretty impressed – maybe because I DID know the words.

Then, as all you know, he asked me to join the group, and so we began our trip together. We wrote our first songs together, we grew up together and we lived our lives together.
And when we’d do it together, something special would happen. There’d be that little magic spark.

I still remember his beery old breath when I met him here that day. But I soon came to love that beery old breath. And I loved John. I always was and still am a great fan of John’s. We had a lot of fun together and I treasure all those beautiful memories.

 So I send you all in Woolton and Liddipool my best wishes today.

And thanks for remembering – there’s no way that when we met here we had any idea of what we’d be starting. But I’m very proud of what we did. And I’m very glad that I did it with John.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless all who sail in you.


Paul McCartney

Thanks Lennon and McCartney. Thanks for everything you gave the world.

           “The most important day in his life was the day he met me” – Paul McCartney.