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ok so months and months ago i sent in an ask about a komugi garage kit, and i’ve finally finished building her! i still need to paint over a couple chips and find her a base but other than that she’s done. It took me a while cause i got busy but i probably spent a total of about 3 weeks continuously working on it. This was my first garage kit and it was a really rewarding experience and i’d love to make more in the future. If you’ve never made a garage kit before but you want to, i would recommend finding a cheaper one on yahoo auctions, mandarake or surugaya and build it during a school/public holiday. 

The woofs and I are going through some things right now, but I just wanted to say you’re all such wonderful people and thank you for following us. It helps keep our spirits up when times are tough, knowing you’re out there and sending us positive thoughts and vibes, and knowing they’re helping to bring a smile to your face from simply sharing their pictures.

I hope things are going well for you and yours, and you should give your pups an extra pat or kind word or snack (or however you show them love), from me and the woofs.

We just wanted to thank all of our followers that helped up reach 1k! And what better way than a DC Lady appreciation week? DCLADIES appreciation week will start on November 27th and go to the 3rd of December. Show your love for all your favorite DC ladies by participating with gifs, graphics, fics, fanvideos, fanart, headcanons, or anything else you would like!


Day 1 (Nov 27): Favorite DCTV Lady

Day 2 (Nov 28): Favorite DCEU Lady

Day 3 (Nov 29): Favorite DC Comic Lady

Day 4 (Nov 30): Favorite WLW Relationship (canon or non-canon)

Day 5 (Dec 1): Favorite Friendship

Day 6 (Dec 2): Favorite Familial Relationship 

Day 7 (Dec 3): Favorite Badass Feminist Moment

Make sure to tag all your creations with #dcladiesweek17 and they will be reblogged to our #1kcelebration tag!

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If I were looking for a fic about a modern AU Bellarke, where they start by hating each other, then start sleeping together, then Bellamy falls for her, then Clarke's dad dies and she moves home and doesn't come back, then she finally comes back and Octavia hates her and she moves in with Roan, where would I look?

Possibly A Previous Arrangement?

@theatergeeky said: hey! I am looking for a fic I read a few months ago. It’s a modern celebrity AU and at some point Bellamy and Clarke end up on a talk show (James Cordern?) and play this Tinder game. Thanks!

Can any of our followers help us track this one down?  Edit: An anon suggested you might be looking for In My Humble Public Opinion! Thank you for the help!

Anonymous said: Hey I’m looking for bellarke modern or canon pregnancy/ family fics- ones with fluff or smut preferred thx guys

Send in your DBZ Mean Tweets

We are about to hit 5k followers (Woo!).

As a celebration we will be taking a little leaf out of Jimmy Kimmel’s book and putting together some cast of dragonball read ‘mean tweets’ as a bit of a laugh thank you.

What we ask of you dear followers is your best roasting.

(I will upload a sneak peek at the series momentarily for you to get an idea)

Please send (to our ask or submission box) a mean tweet (max 140 characters) about any character from dragonball/z/gt/super. 

We’d like to have about 15 - 20 in the series on DIFFERENT characters before we post. 

You may submit more than once.

We will use your URL as the poster unless you say otherwise or give us a fake one if you prefer << (I like puns). 

Note: Not all entries will be used, some may be changed but we appreciate all input from our amazing followers. 

Thank you so much for helping us reach 5000!

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Happy Halloween to our followers with the help of @lauraerika , thanks dear 🙏🏻❤️😘
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You're awesome, so I was wondering if you might know a certain fic where Levi is an anonymous author going by the name of Humanities Strongest and Eren starts dating Levi, soon to find out he is said famous author. Later, Armin, Hange and others think Eren is cheating on Levi with H.S. and barge on on them, only to find out they're the same person...? Does that even ring any bells lmao sorry if it doesn't. There's many out there like that I think so I understand if not, and thank you!

After help from our followers, we’ve narrowed it down to either  [An Author’s Inspiration] or [The Right Man for the Job]. @pimpasserenjaeger - if you could let us know which (if any) is right, we’d really appreciate it.

BBP recently hit 1k! We would like to give a huge thank you to our followers for helping make BBP so great! Our goal is to bring positivity to the character Bellamy Blake. 

We would like to thank all of our affiliates: @the100-news @wonkru @marieavgerosource @monelnetwork @the100daily @thehundred-source @richardharmondaily@raven-gifs @bellamyblakedaily @niytaviasource              If you would like to become an affiliate ofbellamyblakepositivity go here for more information! 

In celebration of 1k we are introducing a new gif series featuring Bellamy and other characters in the show! The series is Bellamy Blake x Various and the tag is #bbxv. This series will show Bellamy’s interactions with other characters. If you would like to join in on our series tag your edits with #bellamyblakepositivity

We are planning a holiday gif series based on The Twelve Days of Christmas but instead, it will be 12 Days of Bellamy Blake. Our tag will be #12dobb and a post explaining the series will be out shortly! For updates and for the series follow bellamyblakepositivity! We hope you join us! 


Hey Ya’ll!

Hey everyone it’s been a minute. Just wanted to let everyone know whats going on. I was chosen to be an Affiliate! Go us! Thanks for everyone’s help. Our next big goal is to reach 100 followers. Once we reach 100 I will be streaming Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker for everyone. This is one of my all time favorite games. If you haven’t followed my Twitch channel yet please go do! I am a variety streamer and would love to have some new people to chat with. Happy Gaming!

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The first WinterIron Spring Fling was a roaring success, and it’s all thanks to you, our amazing followers. No matter if you created a gift, helped out as a beta or specialist, shared our posts, or cheered us on, you all deserve a huge THANK YOU. Thank you for your interest, your support, and your wonderful gifts.

And now here it is, the thing we’ve all been waiting for: the complete 2016 WinterIron Spring Fling Gift List, with gorgeous art from our admin @auripigmentum.


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do you know the fic in which Even and Eskild are roomates and Isak moves in? ♥


Okay so I’ve checked around for awhile but I can’t find this fic which is really annoying because I know it, I just don’t know it!!

Does that make sense??

Either way, can our followers help?




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I'm looking for an unfinished story about Bellamy and Clarke's kid who time travels back to see them. No idea where I read it.

We can’t seem to find this one - can any of our followers help? 

edit: thanks @mealsymi for helping us find: are things still burning?

Anonymous said: ‘Can you list any bellarke presidents daughter/secret service (or something lol) fics? They can be so hard to find :/’

Anonymous said: ‘Do you have any fics where Bellarke is talking to or whatever to another ship from another fandom? Thanks!’

Anonymous said: ‘Fics of bellarke as criminals on the run or one opf them helping the other run’

Anonymous said: ‘Hi, can you tell me some bellarke 2x05 reunion fics? :))’

Anonymous said: ‘Hey do you have any Life As We Know It AU fics??? I just love that movie and i think bellarke would be a perfect fit for it’

Here is one: Life As We Know It.

The Pokédex’s Anniversary Giveaway

Greetings, readers!

This will be a bit of an unconventional post. You see, as my editor had alluded to earlier, we were planning on something rather special to thank you for helping us reach not only 500 followers but our one-year anniversary. While, yes, we are still in the midst of #AMA Month (which we will get back to shortly, I promise), we thought something more exciting and physical would be in order.

A giveaway. Bill is referring to a giveaway. —LH


As I was about to say, as a thank you for quite literally everything, we’d like to host a giveaway. From now until January 1, followers can like or reblog this post to enter a drawing. The grand prize consists of a code for 100 poké balls as well as a collection of newly hatched/caught shiny eevee with an accompanying fire, thunder, and water stone set. (As of this writing, there are only three eevee to be claimed. This post will be updated if the mun is fortunate enough to catch or breed more.)

The rules are as follows:

1. This giveaway is a thank you for followers, so unfortunately, you must be following this blog to enter.

2. Only one reblog will count towards your entry, but you may like and reblog this post to double your chances.

3. The giveaway will close at 11:59 PM EST on January 1. We’ll announce and contact the winner on January 2, so please keep watch on your chats for an incoming message then.

If you have any questions about the giveaway, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Otherwise, best of luck, and thank you again for our first year!