thanks to nikki for this gem

Tagged Again lol ^_^

So I was tagged for this by the wonderful @princesstuttu. Thank you Megan! You’re a gem!! <3 I did this kinda recently, but I’ll challenge myself to come up with different answers!! :D 

Name: Nikki 
A four letter word: Name (as in Your Name my fav movie lol)
A boy’s name: Neville (Longbottom) 
An occupation: Neurologist 
Something you wear: Um, nightgown? 
A color: Nyanza (it’s for real a color! Well, according to the internet lol)
A food: Nectarine 
Something you shout: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
A movie title: National Treasure!! 
Something you drink: Lol no clue!
An animal: Newt
A type of car: Still can’t think of anything but Nissan 
Title of a song: Nandemonaiya by RADWIMPS (I’m really obsessed ok)

Ok I’ll tag @ruinsofxerxes, @hawkeyedflame, @olidoshi777 if you guys want to do it! :D 

dayofacloseddiary  asked:

Hello I'd just like to thank you for making and boarding the "What Are Gems?' short; it was very cute! I'd also like to ask (and I'm sorry if you have a bunch of asks already about this) if the one part where Amethyst had an arm coming out of her head was a reference to Monoko from Yume Nikki?

I wish it was (’cause that game looks really cool) but you’ve just introduced me to Yume Nikki so I’m sorry to say, no, it’s not a reference. 


Hey! Okay okay so I might have gone a little crazy with this whole gemsona thing and I know the week is pretty much over, but I really wanted to try designing what Iolite and Beryl (Nikki’s gem) would look like fused. So in the end I came up with two designs that I really loved. 

Ametrine is a fusion of Iolite and Beryl. She combines the strict, traditionalist nature of Beryl with the swift, precise personality of Iolite. Together they form a perfect mixture of strength and flexibility. Their weapon is two bladed war fans that can shoot small throwing knives or form into a spear. Ametrine is not a fusion to be messed with. 

Major thanks to Nikki for her input in the design and coming up with the awesome name! ^^