thanks to my shitty laptop


Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy

My Chemical Romance

twenty one pilots

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping With Sirens

Of Mice & Men

All Time Low

Bring Me The Horizon


Green Day

whats up everybody its ya boy T here with some excellent news

the nightmare is finally over. the move from Brazil to Argentina is almost 100% complete and i finally have a decent computer screen to draw with. which means i’ll be back to my regular daily art posting routine–no more shitty scribbles, either.

i wanted to thank everyone who stuck around during this rocky pseudo hiatus and took my shitty laptop doodles without pointing out the questionable quality. the feedback has been amazing, i can’t believe i got 9000 followers in only two months because of my silly drawings and headcanons. i didn’t want to wait until i made it to the 10k to do this, so i’m gonna do the thank you post now, with a creepy doodle and everything. thank you, everyone!