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“Grab the... Snitch!”

Words: 1579

Pairing: Lapidot

Summary: To be a good Seeker, you must watch only at the Snitch. Not at your girlfriend. Also Amethyst is a great commentator.

From the author: baced on THIS art from @kaiken23 Hogwarts AU and this ask I did before but had zero desire to write xD (also this fic on AO3)

If you ever would like to read some more HP Lapidot, you can find a fic HERE and HERE

“So, team, in the next match we will definitely have problems,” the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team says a bit irritably, throwing a broom on her shoulder. “The first problem is their newcomers. I’ve seen their training, and I have to admit that they fly pretty good for second-year students. The second problem is that our Seeker is still in St. Mungo’s hospital after his stupid attempt to drink his own stupid potion.  This means that in the next match Peridot will be our Seeker.”

Peridot yawns, all showing that this is absolutely not a problem, and she will cope with her task perfectly, as well as with any other task that is assigned to her.

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Also fun to note: i have now officially climbed over 1000 SR since I first did competitive ovw (most likely thanks to the fact i dumped my shitty laptop and got a computer that gives me 150+ fps, rather than a solid 20)

whats up everybody its ya boy T here with some excellent news

the nightmare is finally over. the move from Brazil to Argentina is almost 100% complete and i finally have a decent computer screen to draw with. which means i’ll be back to my regular daily art posting routine–no more shitty scribbles, either.

i wanted to thank everyone who stuck around during this rocky pseudo hiatus and took my shitty laptop doodles without pointing out the questionable quality. the feedback has been amazing, i can’t believe i got 9000 followers in only two months because of my silly drawings and headcanons. i didn’t want to wait until i made it to the 10k to do this, so i’m gonna do the thank you post now, with a creepy doodle and everything. thank you, everyone!