thanks to my inspiring anon yesterday

doodling Tsukkiyama as always!

This was inspired by an anon who suggested swimsuits/summer Tsukkiyama (and Yams in a summer hat - definitely one of the best thing in the world) thank you!

It’s getting warmer these days and I’m already dying T T

just babbling a bit but yesterday I went to a male volleyball game for the World Championship qualification and it was amazing! The real deal is REALLY impressive and I didn’t expect it to be so loud. I had such a great time ^o^

Behind The Screen

Ha! Guess what! Light of your life finally comes back! Ha? Get It? No? Okay… Let’s try this again.

*cough* So, I know I was not active yesterday. Sorry about that. I had a bad day, and all the anon hate got to me. But I’m back!

Hate anons, thank you so much for this inspiration because I wrote this based on my own experience, emotions, and your hate asks! Guess what, the more you send, the more inspired I am.

Also, I hope this well make @prinxietyhell ,  @vortexart , @starrykid ‘s day lighten up a little. *lit the candle* I love y’all, and y’all matter a lot to me! I really really really hope whoever is spread this negative vibe will stop attacking my friends and I. Stop sending hate for people’s nationality, gender, their writings, etc. 

This one is dedicated to everyone that supports me and helps me to go through some of the hard times. Thank you. 

Pairing: None.

Warnings: Cyberbullying. Hate Anons. Self-Doubt.

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anonymous asked:

hey! where do you get you're inspiration from, lately i've been feeling down and i need some to get back to sketching! thanks! :o)

i get a lot of inspiration from things around me, really! i have lots of plants in my house, so that explains a lot. i also feel inspired after i watch an anime or something? (a few recs: shirobako (series), your name (movie), only yesterday (movie) ;^D) 

just do anything that makes you happy, i guess! forcing things out of your head can be bothersome (and quite unhealthy) i hope you’re feeling better soon! you got this. ✨

anonymous asked:

Hi! Saw yesterday the posts about Oikawa`s outfits in your AU, so I am a bit late. But I wanted to tell you I am really impressed by all the outfits you came up with for pretty much everyone. <3 Are they inspired by specific outfits/people or are they all outfits you came up with?

Mmmmmm THANK YOU!!!! asdfdgfhghfgdfs (/)//(/)
Ahh I get inspired by lots of things…by the things I wear, by the things I like, by the things I see walking down the streets, by the things my friends and classmates wear, the things I see online, by photos…so many things!!!
When it comes to the Hip Hop Au I’m also inspired by music artists.

Like the style I have for Iwaizumi is inspired by some old school simple Hip Hop style and mainly by the Rapper Slug and also a little by the rapper Evidence. So simple loose jeans, simple big hoodies…hats..things like this.

Kuroo is more based on a Hip Hop style like Wu-Tang-Clan and some other old school style which isn’t as simple and underground as the one for Iwaizumi.
Also Kuoor’s style is inpsired by some late 90′s and early 2000 skater/slightly late grunge style. So he wears a mix of things.
The same goes for Kenma who’s style is also inspired by some 90′s grunge and modern hipster style. Oikawa is more modern hispter and some weird Hip Hop style. He is all over the place

So yes, I get inspired by old Music Videos and things I come across online and mostly what I see walking around and what people around me wear.


To the person who sent me that anon message yesterday:

You’ve inspired me and you’re right. You are exactly right. So thank you. All I ask is that you keep my identity a secret. I can see you know a lot about my personal life and that you care for my wellbeing. Just please, please keep this between us. I’ve been struggling with this and you were that last push I needed to make a change. Thank you

anonymous asked:

Dear Laura, sending you sunshine-y vibes for your Monday and upcoming week! I'm the anon who messaged you about gaining mental resilience and not comparing my current times to my pre-injury times and distances, I just wanted to say thank you! I did my longest run since my injury yesterday, a 5k, and I just soaked in the joy of running itself without fretting about times and whatnot and it felt glorious. Thank you again for being a continuous inspiration! x

Thank you for sending this! I’m so glad you had an amazing run!!! ❤️ have a great week, pal!

anonymous asked:

I just really want to tell you that your art inspires me sm! I'm an artist and I'm still figuring a lot of my drawing skills out. I love seeing what you do and hope to be as good as you one day <3 Hope youre doing well and thanks for being awesome :)

Originally posted by prettystylesoul

thank you love, hope you’re doing well as well :’)

T H A N K  Y O U

(prepare for some cheesy bs!!) Well, another year full of love and happiness has passed, and I hit 1k followers (four digits yoo). I would like to thank the following people for filling my tumblr with only the best posts, for keeping tumblr a safe and stress-free zone, and for filling it instead with color and beautiful fan works; for supporting me in my work, for being my friend, and for fighting off the rude anons; and for being an all-around beautiful person, inside and out. All of you have inspired me to become better than the person I was yesterday, and to keep improving in all areas of my life. I would also like to point out that many, many wonderful blogs have been deleted because the bloggers simply cannot handle the gross toxicity that is what tumblr has become. I get it, sometimes I can’t scroll down my dash without feeling intense anger or sadness. That’s why I’ve filled this follow forever with people who keep most of that away, and keep tumblr a calm and happy place, which is what it’s supposed to be.  ♥  ♥  ♥

T H E   B L O G S  T H A T  I  A D O R E

- In no particular order besides alphabetical - bolded are my tumblr crushes 


017oct ; 5203am ; 5899cm ; 77rv ; adrianaaamber ; aifuku ; amigonew ; asoundseoul ; asthetc ; baechys ; bottaem ; bumkisbunbuntheconqueror ; choickey ; choiminhos ; cinnaminrollclosetblinger ; closetmvp ; daddy-jjong ; days-in-london ; deja-roo ; dibidibidisn ; dinobabyjjong ; dinobummie ; esstime ; fairykidd ; flamerchoi ; fonulyn ; fxoxes ; gaarawantcookie ; grapefruitwoozi ; haiiqu ; happyshawol ; herewegobebe ; huneybun ; hvllelujah ; incognitao ; inscentra ; jagiyajinkijink-eejinki-and-his-bitches ; jinkisbelly ; jjonghunk ; jjonqtae ; joghyun ; jong-bum ; jonghosmoansjonghyuns-flat-ass ; jongkittae ; just2wings


key-goon ; keybangs ; keybumforme ; kibum-san ; kibvmskim-byulroo ; kkaepop ; kkey ; kkochmeu ; lee-taemingtonlimboliving ; luckey-day ; m-nhoe ; milkuei ; minhoisfuckingtaeminminhos-acemintyramen ; mio-miu ; nipplesxoxo ; ohmilkey ; ohsolji ; on-ho ; onleeace ; pastelkibum ; periwin5les ; pikasquad ; prettykeytty ; rqinbow ; shawol-hearted ; shinees-back ; shineesexual ; shineesque ; shineexology ; sirjinki ; sleepyheaded ; squishybummie ; squishytaeminniesucculentubus ; taeblush ; taemajesty ; taemeow ; taeminsd ; taeskai ; tearamiseu ; thaef ; themisconceptionofme ; tokki-teeth ; tokkibummie ; tokkipup ; unbirthdaysong  ♥  ♥  ♥


Here you go anon, and thank you !!! ;w; Kenny is used to the cold, Craig’s not so much so heh, he gave him his scarf.

(I’m not really taking requests right now because I’m trying to manage a part-time job, my studies and my social life at the same time and I don’t really have time for anything else HAHA but hell yesterday was St-Nicolas Day and it’s a time of celebration so I may do some requests that inspire me maybe)

plantseytemp-deactivated2014082  asked:

hi! do you know of any blogs that are similar to yours? notebook/stationary themed blogs? thank you so much!

Alright! I’ve had three people ask me this (you and two anons), so here is is — the list of notebook/stationary/office supply-themed blogs that I recommend you follow.

In no particular order:

rebeccablairart — AWESOME design, really incredible stuff. And all done in Moleskines!

duendehandlettering — Just discovered this one yesterday. Lettering, design, very indie and cute. I’m loving it.

thenotebookdoodles — More lettering but often with cute pictures. Very inspirational/motivational quotes.

vagabroadjournals — “My name is Chimene (shi-men) Jackson and I design and craft journals and cahiers for the tea-stained woman (aka woman of color).”

artjournaling — art journaling, so colorful and beautiful

finleythefilofax — any filofax fans out there?

thedeskset — for workspaces and desks

cutestationery — exactly what it sounds like

wellappointeddesk — office supplies, reviews, pens, good stuff

officesupplygeek — more office supplies

thehobonichi and hobonichilove for all the Hobonichi Techo fans

And for journaling enthusiasts, journaling-junkie, paper-pens-writing, journalporn, and fuckyeahnotebooks are all great blogs!