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We are receiving quite a lot of asks concerning the situation that is basically saying the same things, so we decided to answer all in once. So we wanted to do one last post addressing this. We want to repeat that in no way his actions, drunk or not should be defended, he is an adult after all and should  suffer the consequences of his actions. The victim had every right to speak up about this matter, she understandably didn’t feel comfortable, accident or not it is not okay. The dispatch article put some light in the situation explaining  step by step and it was understood to have been a one big misuderstanding, but as the article said should not brushed aside in any way (here is the translated article).  It is important to not continue spreading misinformations, please do not spread the initial reports since it was released without real proof and explanation from the victim, victim’s friend and witnesses that we got later on. We would also recommend you to not support allkpop or soompie, they are not  reliable websites to take real news from. It is okay to feel angry, disappointed or even sad about the situation, everyone reacts in different ways and it’s important to let people go through these news how they want/feel to. We would invite you to still show support to this woman who obviously went through a lot last night. And again, thank you for showing love and sharing your opinions with us the admins.

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I found out that in matthew 19:12 in a version of the bible that my grandma had (I can't remember which one) said "for some do not marry because they are born that way" and that sounds like asexuality or aromanticism to me

This is actually a really interesting section, it begins with the Pharisees asking Jesus about divorce and him spouting the verses that homophobic christians love to spout at us about being created ‘male and female’ and how it’s good for a man to leave his parents and become one flesh with his wife, never divorcing her.

But here’s the kicker, the disciples are like “woah if this is so high stakes and we can’t divorce at all, it’s better not to marry, right?”

Then Jesus basically says “yo everything I just said only applies to some people” it reminds me of the “people are gay, Steven” meme. Here’s the verse.

But he said to them, “Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”

Matthew 19:11‭-‬12 ESV

(Fyi eunuch was a term for a man who had been castrated, so the phrasing here that some were born with their private parts already cut off is confusing, suggesting a deeper meaning or a translation issue)

Anyway so yeah you bring up a section that’s a good bit to think about, and in my opinion helps validate many members of the lgbtqia+ community, especially ace spec people.

Thanks for sharing, I love you lots and so does God! Lemme know if you need anything and have a great day!

if your replies are disrespectful or arrogant or hateful, they’re probably going to be ignored by me from this point forward. I will have a discussion with you, I will not have a pointless argument with you.

when you come attacking instead of communicating, I automatically know you are close minded and won’t be bothered to waste time on a conversation that isn’t going anywhere.

so if you actually want to share opinions and try to convince me to agree with you (or at least come to a consensus), please abide by what I’ve said. I know a lot of people on here are trolls who don’t want to be addressed so they can continue with their foolish comments that don’t make them look any more intelligent and not be called out for it, so their wish is my command: be happy in your ignorance.

thank you! xx

Everybody loves Tachimukai

Hi guys ! This one was sooo cute ! I really love Tachimukai and all his cuteness and I LOVE DRAWING HARUNA SO MUCH (my favorite inagirl <3) As usual, I am glad you enjoyed the game, thank you very much, @inazuma-sakka  !

And no problem ! You can pick up between one and three pairing you like, so it’s ok ! And omg the ships you chose… I love them so much !

Here is the original post :)

Everybody loves Tachimukai!
1 - Endou loves Tachi: Best-goalkeeper-buddies! I always loved how well they get along when they first met. They admire and respect each other: Tachimukai who chose Endou as his idol always admired his goalkeeping and Endou admires Tachimukai for his talent! They have a great relation!
2 - Haruna loves Tachi: I’ve seen some cute fanart if this ship. I liked it :) In the FFI arc Haruna brought all the first years to practice with Tachimukai. She really wanted to support him in that situation. I love how caring she is. They would be a good pairing.
But Tachi loves Tsunami:
Tsunatachi is my favourite pairing! Tsunami helped Tachimukai in training so many times but also gave him more confidence when Tachimukai had doubts. Those two can really rely on each other when it comes to trusting and supporting each other!♡ Their relationship isn’t just caring about the other. It also has some scenes were it’s shown how good their personalities get along :D

YEEESS !!! I loved it when Haruna began kicking in the sakka ball so Tachimukai can find his new hissatsu technique ! She is so cute <3 I ship her with Kogure as for me, they have so much in common ! And Tachimukai x Tsunami is the best ! Tsunami takes care of Tachi like a brother ! I’m not fond of Endo x Tachi tho haha

So, here is the new list of unavailable charas :
Kidou, Fubuki Shirou, Fudou, Touko, Hakuryuu, Midorikawa, Tachimukai,Tsurugi, Suzuno

Also I wanted to tell you all something. You’re telling me “this game is great”, “I like it” etc, but you know, if this game is so cool and fun, that’s all thanks to you ! You’re making this tag amazing by your ships and your opinions ! I’m so glad people can share their ships and favorite charas, and explain their points freely <3

And if you are tagged but you don’t know who you can tag next please ask me, I‘ll tell you ;)

Have fun ! <3

The Marks of Running Ink pt.1

Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]
Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Word count: 1,181.

Warnings: lots of cursing, so much drama, so much angst, zombies? I’m going with just this for now.

Author’s note: I’m finally inspired enough to come back to writing, never did I imagine myself writing for this fandom or writing in English. I want to thank the awesome @jeffreydeanneganstrash ​ for help beta-ing this story and her support, she is amazing and I don’t deserve her.
Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.



Negan had never given much credit to the notion of soulmates. Soulmates were a part of fairy tales that old ladies told little girls who didn’t know better, taught to believe in some sort of unconditional love that was certainly impossible. He made his disdain known whenever the topic was brought up for him to share his opinion.

“That’s bullshit.” He’d spit out with a smirk.

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hey, I really appreciate u answering all these anons so much!! I happen to be one of them a lot of the time, but I'm way too shy to go off of anon, so thank you for treating each ask seriously and sharing ur lovely opinions... do u have any soft headcanons of what jikook might do when they're alone from the rest of the group, just enjoying one another?? I think about that sometimes when I'm feeling down, and honestly they're probably cute and casual af (hell we know they are we've seen it)

a;efj thank you so much?? you’re super sweet omg. thank you for sending me asks a lot, that really makes me happy to know i have people who ask me things more than once! and ohhhh boy. soft jikook is my weaknesssss. here’s just a few things i can imagine jikook doing (this is super soft, and ik not all relationships are like this, and this is more like a fanfiction but let me live okay) 

~jungkook and jimin lying on the couch, watching a movie together. jungkook sitting with his hand holding jimin’s, his head resting on jimin’s shoulder as jimin’s rests on his head. and them playing with each other’s fingers as they watch the movie. 

~jungkook and jimin messing around, maybe wrestling or working out, and just kissing each other ?? so softly ?? it makes them get cavities ?? and them being like “i love you, you’re so amazing” and all that fluffiness. 

~jikook lying on jimin’s bed, cuddling while the other members are asleep, whispering about how good the other did at practice, and just praising each other till they fall asleep. 

~jungkook missing home, going to jimin for comfort. and them sharing stories about busan and their childhood, and how they miss their parents. 

~soft jikook practicing till late at night, encouraging the other when they aren’t able to get the choreo or the song 100% right, and letting hte other know they don’t have to be perfect 24/7

~jungkook and jimin cooking a meal together (like that one time) and just generally having fun in the kitchen, then sitting down and eating it together while they talk about their future. 

The reason why we are still here...

                                                                                                                             Anonymous submitted to letterstodamie:                                                          

I am an active person on twitter, to be honest I started posting not long ago but I think the platform is useful, even tho many times it is used as a place to spread negativity and bad words, it is also where you can contrast this with what I truly, deeply believe the damie fandom is all about… love.

I would love to say that people are all respectful and that they share their opinions in a healthy manner trying to create an adult and hence high standard debate but is not the case, unfortunately. So, it is refreshing see that some of the smart people in this fandom use their time in what we are here for Dakota and Jamie, their connection, their undeniable bond, why not to say it their love. Because no matter how we see it, what they have is so full of good energy that we shouldn’t allow anything or anyone to ruin that from us.

People with a very small amount of grey matter can see what they have, I have looked at many co stars, co workers, even during the past days I have come to many of them on twitter and believe me, we are blessed, I can say with no mistake that what Dakota and Jamie have nobody else has it. The way they complete each other sentences, the secret looks, the way the are always aware of their moves, how they speak without words, how they know each other, how they rely on the other, and so on. It goes beyond of showing or proving a point because certainly they don’t need to do that, instead it is funny how they try to hide it sometimes but fail miserably, so it doesn’t look forced, it looks natural and real, and well dangerous for the people who don’t want this out before time. 

Regarding the current situation, well what can I say? I trust my guts and my heart, I trust what I saw, I trust what we have seen these past few years. If I don’t believe in it then who is gonna do it for me? I have my own mind I can think, who cares what other people with no expectations more than to bully think? we have the right as human to have our own opinion and to share it, let’s focus on them, only on them… they are the only thing that matters. I hope to keep seeing this positivism on twitter, so that for once love can be stronger than hate.


Thank you for this submission! That’s what Damie and what true Damies really stand for. 😘😘😍👏✋

‘’I hope to keep seeing this positivism on twitter, so that for once love can be stronger than hate.’’ 

Let's be honest here, readers:
  • 1: You will break your book buying ban.
  • 2: You will cry at the end of at least one book.
  • 3: You will want to talk to others about an awesome book you've read.
  • 4: You will suffer from a book hangover.
  • 5: You might watch the movie before reading the book (Oops!).
  • 6: You won't always finish a series.
  • 7: Not everyone is going to like what you like--but you can always try to argue your point (politely).
  • 8: You will bond with strangers over certain books.
  • 9: You will read at least one hyped-up book in your reading life.
  • 10: You will be extremely disappointed more than once after reading a book.
  • 11: But you will connect with at least one book in a way that is beyond other peoples' understanding.
  • 12: You will share stories about other readers who just don't get it.
  • 13: You will encounter people who criticize what you read.
  • 14: You will always find at least one community of readers (Thank you, internet!)
  • 15: You will drink a cup of something hot at least once while you're reading.
  • 16: Then you will mention it casually in a conversation with other readers.
  • 17: Or take a picture of it and put it on the web.
  • 18: You will shamelessly fall in love with a book others have judged.
  • 19: You will form your own bookish opinions.
  • 20: You will try to get almost anyone to read that last book you read because it was just AWESOME.
  • 21: You will hope it's raining when you're about to sit down to read, at least once in your reading life.
  • 22: You will see bookstores online and vow to visit them one day.
  • 23: You will proudly state that you are a reader.
Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to offer my sincerest thanks for the love and support you gave myself and the cast and crew of the Palazzo last night. We spent the evening together in voice chat screaming about how much fun we were having, sharing the wonderful comments we received both individually and via various chat channels. I could never have imagined the amazing reception we would receive.

So many people have banded together to make things not only possible, but in my opinion, wholly successful. I adore and admire each and every one of you, and I’m not going to tag you all but you fully know who you are.

For those that don’t know, the Lavender Beds house was a location that we were given permission to use indefinitely. Since then, I have managed to secure a Mansion in the Mists for us as a permanent location. Please look forward to future events! We look forward to creating memories with you all! ❤😙😍

ID #99061

Name: Makenna
Age: 13
Country: USA

I’m pretty bad at talking about myself but here goes:
I’ve been doing musical theatre since I was 3, am very socially awkward, get emotional easily but also am kind of a rock. I love board games, books, and Netflix.
Some interests I have (books/shows):
Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Brooklyn 99, Scorpion, Modern Family, etc. etc.
Way of Kings, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Artemis Fowl, and a hell of a lot more.
I spend a lot of time at the beach, am very easily distracted, full of much too overdramatic teenage angst.
I really just want someone who I can be friends with without having to worry about the issues that go along with meeting people irl.

Preferences: I (very sadly, I love handwritten letters) cannot do snail mail.
Any age, gender, race, religion, etc.
One thing though; please don’t try to force any of your opinions on me if I don’t share them.
(Someone who can give me suggestions on new shows/books would be great!)
Thank you! :)

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I just stumbled across your page and didn't realize I needed Ovenwatch as badly as I do! Your art is so lovely and fluid and grounded, it's such a pleasure to look at. As an artist myself I know how daunting it can be to put one's own ideas out there, and people will always have opinions, but you do it with such grace. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us! :)

You are truly beautiful and too kind for me, and I hope I will able to know you out of  anonymity!
Yeah it takes a bit of courage cause I don’t really know if my ideas and art will please the fandom or not… but everyone who create has to do it, otherwise we would not have any contents at all! XD 
So I really appreciate this kind messages, it makes me feel like I am on the right path! <3 

Little Things (Part Eight)

Wordcount: 3.489

Genre: Fluff / Slice of Life

JinKi x Reader
Description: JinKi comes back for Kibum’s imminent wedding, and you realize that time has changed everyone except for you. What about JinKi? Little flashfics of different times of a kind of love story that stopped two years ago.


Y/N: Don’t hate me, I swear everything is going as it has to be.

Thanks so much to all the people who liked or reblogged this scenario, as much as those ones who’d left me a message. You can’t even image how motivating you’d been. For someone who writes even one word means always a lot so if you want to share a minute with me your opinion is more than welcome (negative and positive of course!), I’m always open when it comes to talk ^^

Hope you enjoy it.

Part Seven



“What’s wrong?” Taemin stops playing with the spoon in his chocolate “Is it because of Jinki hyung?” 

You ignore Nari and Joon fighting over the last biscuit on the dish, even if it’s hard when they look up at you with those enormous Jonghyun’s puppy eyes and Hye’s pout and before they could burst out crying, you pass them yours “No. Why?”

He shrugs his shoulders “Don’t know. You’ve got the same expression you had when he told you he had to go to LA” it’s unnerving how brutal Taemin is most of the times but still you shake your head, toying with the napkin you just used to clean Joon’s mouth “Yesterday you went away together so I thought, you know–” he flaps his hands and you can’t help but tenderly smile at his attempt to try to have a deep conversation with you.

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catypes  asked:

Your writing tips are immensely helpful (as I have been ((sort of)) writing a book off and on the past year) and I find your blog very inspiring. I'm about to start my freshman year at college and am majoring in creative writing, but have often struggled with being confident enough with my creative ideas so choosing a creative major was a very big step for me! Just wanted to let you know that you're kicking ass and thanks for sharing the journey!


I can’t promise you it won’t be a long, hard road. Learning new writing skills and developing as a writer takes a lot of time and patience, and sharing your work with others doesn’t always get easier. But as you keep pushing forward, you’ll find that you know better and better what you’re doing and what you want from your writing, and that people genuinely love your stories and your ideas. 

Remember to cling to the opinions of people who both love your work and offer you the sort of feedback which helps push your writing to a new level, and ignore anyone who tries to turn your writing into something you don’t want it to be.

I’m proud to be a part of your writing journey, and I’m always here if you need anything. I know you’ll be kicking some ass here soon yourself ;)

anonymous asked:

Hello! Thank you so much for putting effort in managing this blog, i could scroll for hours.. youre one of my favorites! May i ask what is your favorite silhouette in a wedding dress? And which are your top favorite dresses/brands? xx

Thanks much! You’re the most kind! :)

My favourite silhouette is Fit and Flare with a really form-fitting bodice. I love dresses that accentuate the figure of the bride, are evenly constructed and have intricate details. Moreover, even though it’s not really a part of the silhouette, but I have a thing for ruffles. And of course, sparkles, bling and crystals are very much appreciated as well.

I have seen a lot of beautiful dresses including those that I haven’t posted here. I haven’t even posted my “most favourite dress” here yet; I should probably do soon. But I actually have a “Top picks” list, and my top pick so far is my icon, the Berta Style 14-15 Wedding Dress with an illusion neckline from their Winter 2014 Collection.

I’ve had the good fortune to try it out of a whim during one of our trips in a bridal salon in Hong Kong. The bodice is just divine. It’s simple but still has a charm that will give prominence to the overall image of the bride. It has that classic, romantic, sexy, yet vintage elegant-look that I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a bit revealing but definitely not tacky. A woman has to have a lot of confidence to pull off such a sophisticated dress. I’m sorry but I feel like I’m not doing it justice because it’s just absolutely stunning. Note: I haven’t seen a full body-shot from my source, but it’s actually a Sheath dress―not a Mermaid or Fit and Flare dress. FYI just in case you’re wondering.

I also adore the Celeste Wedding Dress from Amelia Sposa 2016 Bridal Collection.

It’s not your typical “overly-poofy” princess gown. The lace doesn’t actually “outdate” the dress, but the spectacular detailing furnishes it with a very classy and feminine semblance. Any bride would truly look like a princess in this dress. Uh..what’s that? Did I mention that it has a removable skirt as well? The dress transforms into a sensual curve-clinging silhouette; ideal for those brides who prefer to have different looks at the ceremony and during the reception.

Unique, over-the-top and dramatic dresses are really interesting, but in my opinion, some of them are just good for the eyes. I’m guilty in posting and liking some of those dresses. But dammit, they’re too shiny and pretty! I can’t help it! I prefer a dress that will actually make a woman look and feel like a bride. The bride should be the focal point, and not the dress. And in my opinion, this wedding dress is just perfect for someone who shares the same sentiment.

With bridal designers, I love Lazaro, Pnina Tornai, Michael Cinco, Crystal Design, Berta, Galia Lahav, Gazelle Brides, Eden Haute Couture, Mark Zunino, Dar Sara, Julie Vino, Rami Salamoun and Demetrios and a lot more talented designers whom I feel guilty in not remembering outright.

Note: I do not own any of the images above. Credits to the photos are included on the original posts.

Thank you for your question, anon.

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Hello. I am interested in the occult, though I am not a part of any specific organization, and only know a small amount about the many occult philosophies. I would very much like to learn more about ceremonial magic and the tarot. Do you have any suggestions for me as to where I could begin to learn more about the occult? Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there anon. I should really make a master post to redirect people to. Since I didn’t do that and I just filled a glass with white wine and LOVE the sound of my own typing, I’ll try to do a thing.

DISCLAIMER This is my opinion based on my experience and accumulated knowledge of my perception of other folks who have honestly shared their views with me.

Organizations are about as useful as philosophies but in very different ways. Philosophy gives you a choice of framework with which you can say, “Some other motherfucker thought of this shit too.” Philosophy has this way of bringing up shit that might have crossed your weird little mind with some other ass shit that might have crossed another mind and then expands your view point. Organizations, in my opinion, should give you a pool of motherfuckers who are experienced at using philosophy to bring about tangible change. If an order or organization cannot produce results among it’s initiates it’s not worth it’s weight in paperwork.

My favorite definition of occult is: A larger thing hidden behind a smaller thing that only takes up your field of vision because it is closer to you. Take that as you will.

So, a short list of books  that I’d vouch for as beginning material are as follows. Google for the PDFs if you want but actually having the paper copies of books has a far greater value and I know all the living authors mentioned here could use your money.

-The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, Israel Regardie. 
Start at the First Knowledge Lecture, skip the intros.

-The Book of Results, Ray Sherwin.
A no bullshit primer on making it happen. I wouldn’t suggest jumping right into this. Get the first four Golden Dawn Knowledge Lectures and accompanying work down first.

-Naturalistic Occultism, Frater IAO131.
A view of occultism and Thelema without the new age-ish hangups and horseshit. Scientific Illuminism > feel good spirituality.

-Magick in Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley.
Pull out your thesaurus and that Golden Dawn book.

-Understanding the Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Lon Milo Duquette.
You might not even want to try reading Crowley’s Book of Thoth until you’ve read all these things and especially this.

Learn the Lesser Invoking/Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Hexagram. Learn the four stations of the Sun in Liber Resh vel Helios. Learn the Middle Pillar ritual. Do those things daily and force yourself to do them when you don’t want to but be realistic about your limits.

This glass of wine is out and so are my immediate suggestions. Love is the Law, Love Under Will.

tintenmond  asked:

I never send you a question but I always read your answers and I wanna have your pacience hahaha I really love your your opinions for everything and I think like you, so I don't feel alone.

aww thank you!!! that means a ton to me that you like my answers. and it’s cool to know that we have some of the same opinions, since i sometimes feel like i’m the only one who thinks like i do. and no worries, your not alone, i think quite a few people share opinions with you. but thank you again <3

[STARCAST] “Tearful album made by sweat”... BTS at working studio

Maknae on top.
into sandwich now. 

Is it different for hyung (older brother)?
supplying sugar now.

the ‘feast’ has been started.
Is it BTS feast now?


Forget about the eating show.
BTS is working for their album.
Shall we turn the time back?

“Seriousness” (JIMIN and RAP MONSTER) 

“Calmness” (JIN and J-HOPE)

“Concentration" (SUGA) 

‘BTS’ is back. They are flying with 2nd studio album ‘WINGS’ in these days, right? They are attracting gaze with best ever song and dance.

Therefore it arouse our curiosity more. ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ album making story consists of blood, sweat and tears. It will be revealed from ‘STARCAST’ exclusively.

Starting with CG’V’ first ☞ 

They are ‘Maknaes’ JIMIN and JUNG KOOK. This is the corridor of working studio. Playing with the phone while lying down. Staring into empty space while sitting down. Are they just playing like this? 

No way. JIMIN was writing the lyrics with his phone. JUNG KOOK is also arranging the lyrics in his head. As they gather opinions, synergy increases. 

RAP MONSTER looks like he is having a sweet imagination. He was enjoying daydream alone on the comfortable chair. It seems like the working studio is heaven to him.

When an idea flashes in his mind, he turns into working hard mode. 

This time V really looks like he is excited. He is dancing in the working studio. J-HOPE cannot conceal laughter as well. Is this ‘Playful Boys’ that I only heard about but never seen?

The oldest hyung JIN also joined. Who ever told you to beware of three women? As three men gather, laughter never stops. It seemed like exciting talking time has started.

No way. They are serious than ever. They were sharing their own work. They repeatedly check over and over again then laughed with pleasure. 

“So serious”

And this man. We can guess who he is as we look at his black hair. His name is sweet, but his work for album is ‘not’ sweet. SUGA’s surprising allure? There is no such thing. He is serious all the time. 

“The music is my first love”

This is recording studio this time. Since this is the studio album after 2 years, they must be nervous. However, practice is the answer instead of tension, isn’t it? JIN, J-HOPE and V had battle in front of the maknae JUNG KOOK.

↓ ↓Well, shall we follow V’s gaze?↓↓ 

“Serious, JIN”

JIN participated as a lyricist at track number 9, ‘Awake’ for the first time. It is a song that a lonely boy wishing for self-reliance.

Starting with clear voice reminiscent of boy, he burst explosive emotions at the refrain part. It’s like we’re seeing a boy who passed a hurdle of growth?

“I could finish it with help from producer and members. Please listen to my song at the end. I wanted to release the feeling of ending.” (JIN)

JUNG KOOK is professional in the recording studio. He feels the rhythm by snapping the fingers, until he gets satisfactory voice and repeats recording infinitely.

All the members included solo track in the 2nd studio album. JUNG KOOK is in charge of 3rd track ‘Begin’. It was more meaningful since this is the first solo song.

He included JUNG KOOK’s feelings when he first met members such as ‘There was nothing for me when I was fifteen’ and ‘I came up with feelings because of you (hyung)’. His delicate and emotional voice is impressive.  

“As I produce solo song, I guess it was an opportunity to look back and think about myself. It was a meaningful opportunity to talk about my mind.” (JUNG KOOK)

He told an episode happened during recording as well. There was a reason that he expected a big success.

"I got an ‘OK’ sign after recording and when I tried to listen to it, there was nothing there. I could hear my voice from the part I did not record though. This is a symptom of big success, right?” (JUNG KOOK)

JIMIN has put much efforts on writing lyrics. He participated in writing the lyrics and composition for the 4th track ‘LIE’. Writing on a paper and then erase, write and erase again and again…. 

It was said two heads are better than one. When JIMIN was wondering, J-Hope helped him. He read the lyrics JIMIN wrote and cheered him up. Also shared better opinions. 

“RAP MONSTER joined” 

“Finished writing the lyrics”

“I felt really nervous. I couldn’t even sleep well although I don’t know whether it’s because I’m nervous or thrilled. I was really curious about the reaction and I feel thankful since it seems many people waited for us” (JIMIN)

And here, SUGA who has been serious since the beginning. I can feel seriousness(?) even from his back. He attracted attention by releasing mixtape in August. He worked hard for BTS album as well.

His solo song ‘First Love’ is a hip hop song which has outstanding piano playing and string orchestra sound. He expressed his story when he first started music and his passion for the music by piano.

“When we first debuted, it seems we didn’t get much attention. But as we started to sing our story fully, we started win people’s hearts. I wish to keep my passion” (SUGA) 

This is ‘V’ of free soul. He was sitting down so comfortably. Shoes have gone far away already. He looks like he is playing, but he is not. He is practicing singing harder than anyone else.

V revealed his appeal through 5th track of new album, ‘Stigma’. He emphasized his uniqueness through neo soul genre song. How does he feel?

“I was really happy since much of my opinions were put in the song including the lyrics. I expressed hard time I had in the past through the lyrics. This is the most sophisticated song in the album” (V)

Look here, hyungs have joined V due to his passionate singing. J-HOPE and JIN sang out together. JUNG KOOK assessed hyungs’ singing. No wonder the maknae on top.

“J-HOPE’s voice is the best” (JIN) 

After serious recording, seven members gathered all together. Are they finishing with eating show not surprisingly? 

“Concentrating on the snack?”

Forget the ‘maknae on top’. JUNG KOOK is setting up the video. They monitored stage performance video. The snacks and drinks are just helping. They shed ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ like this. 

“Sinking into it”

♪One little 

♪Two little

♪Three little BTS

Five little (feat. Finding Jin) 

Six little

Seven little (feat. All members)

Finally, I heard BTS’s goal and the direction they should follow from the leader RAP MONSTER. RAP MONSTER proved his ability as a producer at ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever’ for the first time. This time he showed his ability again through 7th track ‘Reflection’.

“Only the first album was single. Since then, we have 9 or 10 songs for every album. There is a team that attracts listeners not only by their title song but also other songs included in the album as well. We wish to be that team. I wish to hear ‘BTS to listen with trust’” “We will be happy if our songs could give pleasure to listeners simply or have good influence to values of listeners. I wish that this album could be ‘WINGS’ for BTS. I believe we have grown up musically as well as in other aspects”

☞ Finally there are some bonus photos. Let’s finish with something handsome as we started with handsome V.

“Handsome V did everything”

“J-HOPE’s side figure" 

"A man with handsome shoulders” (JIMIN) 

"Handsome while he closed his eyes” (JUNG KOOK) 

"Handsome JIN" 

cr: star cast

Si Puedes Perdonar / The Apology Song
Gustavo Santaolalla / Diego Luna
Si Puedes Perdonar / The Apology Song

Please use headphones!

Si Puedes Perdonar (left ear) / The Apology Song (right ear)

The last song in The Book of Life soundtrack that has an included Spanish version!

It took a long time, but I think this split audio turned out pretty well. The English version is a lot longer than the Spanish version and kinda weirdly timed, so you’ll probably notice the song is a little off and shortened! I’m sorry that’s so, but that was the only way to do this.

On another note, I hope everyone who watched The Book of Life enjoyed it, and I hope you’re all still going to see it and plan to buy it when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray because I know I will! Everyone has made some really fantastic fanworks for this movie and wow the support for this movie in my opinion is amazing! I’m glad we can all share a love for this movie and a big thanks to all the people who worked and supported The Book of Life, we all hope to see more!

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