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SOOOO you said to come ask you about the rest of the teams soulmarks. and I am here for everything soulmate related. Please tell be about Bitty and Jack's marks. I loved your soulmate au so much and I just need to know.

Hello dear anon! 

Thanks so much for reading my fic and coming to ask me about this! I have thoughts on all the characters though but i’ll start with Jack/Bitty for ya :)

Jack - Jack’s is an oven mitt with a very detailed pattern of peaches. which doesn’t narrow things down at all for him lol he thought maybe a team nutritionist? he knew it wasn’t Parson because Parse lived off takeout and didn’t eat dessert ever. And our poor boy did not put things together and realize it was Bitty until graduation just like in canon. 

Bitty - So we know Bitty’s is a hockey glove from the Dex/Nursey fic BUT he figures out that it’s Jack because our boy JZ always puts his initials on his gloves and that little detail fills in the day they’re baking together *cue ‘never fall for a straight boy’ tears* </3

Ransom - so the tree with wide branches on my darling Ransom is there because he has such ambition and intelligence he could do anything, go anywhere with his brain. Trees are so badass, overcoming obstacles around them, growing despite unfavorable conditions, being transplanted from one place to another wildly different environment and flourishing despite it. So yeah, he has a tree.

Holster - and Adam Birkholtz has his roots from the top of his hip, spreading out to wrap around his butt and upper thigh, the longer they know each other the closer the roots get to spreading past the line of his boxers. They share a lot of the same endurance traits but to me Holster seems a bit more steady, bit more constant (how many times has that boy seen 30 Rock?). 

Shitty - so Shitty has a bird. didn’t get too deep with this one he’s a sensitive free spirit. it’s probably a parrot because he’s so affectionate, loud and talkative. But like, it doesn’t really guide him to his soulmate. He does know that he wants it to be Lardo but he tries to tamp down his hopes and attributes it to overthinking when the feather detail fills in when he spends time with her. 

Lardo - in this au Lardo’s mark is a bird cage. but like, a vintage one with curls and flowers and such. and it’s not because she ties Shitty down or tames him or anything. It’s more that she’s the person he finds rest in, a safe place to be himself with no judgement. Lardo at least knew she was more than likely looking for someone with a bird as their mark. And she likes the mark as much for herself as for what it potentially means for her soulmate because she has felt caged in by so many things in her life and to have the cage door be open gave her the courage to push beyond the limits set on her as a girl, as a WOC, as an artist to be herself - whatever that means. 

(They get their act together in the Reading Room when Shitty gives her his dibs. Let’s say there’s a week between Shitty finding out he got into Harvard and him giving her his dibs and for that week their marks itched and burned like sudden onset eczema right on the mark at just the thought of being separated before they figured it out.) 

Chowder & Farmer - they have the same mark! it’s the latitude and longitude coordinates of the leaf pile. <3 

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happy valentines day larissa! thank you for being a constant source of happiness when i see you on my dash, today and any other day. love you lots! you can do anything, you exceptionally lovely human being ♥

Awwww thank you so much, my amazing Alex! You are so lovely, so kind and such a great person! I’m so lucky to be your friend!!! Hope you are having a great day, my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 and never ever forget how much I love you!

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happy valentines day larissa!! 💕 thanks for always being so amazing and lovely, im so glad we're friends! you're such a bright and kind presence on here and i hope you're having a great day! love you 💕

Awww this made me smile so much! Thank you, lovely friend. Thank YOU for always being a peaceful and kind friend. You are the best, my friend. Thank you!

Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 Hope you are having a good day!

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