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SOOOO you said to come ask you about the rest of the teams soulmarks. and I am here for everything soulmate related. Please tell be about Bitty and Jack's marks. I loved your soulmate au so much and I just need to know.

Hello dear anon! 

Thanks so much for reading my fic and coming to ask me about this! I have thoughts on all the characters though but i’ll start with Jack/Bitty for ya :)

Jack - Jack’s is an oven mitt with a very detailed pattern of peaches. which doesn’t narrow things down at all for him lol he thought maybe a team nutritionist? he knew it wasn’t Parson because Parse lived off takeout and didn’t eat dessert ever. And our poor boy did not put things together and realize it was Bitty until graduation just like in canon. 

Bitty - So we know Bitty’s is a hockey glove from the Dex/Nursey fic BUT he figures out that it’s Jack because our boy JZ always puts his initials on his gloves and that little detail fills in the day they’re baking together *cue ‘never fall for a straight boy’ tears* </3

Ransom - so the tree with wide branches on my darling Ransom is there because he has such ambition and intelligence he could do anything, go anywhere with his brain. Trees are so badass, overcoming obstacles around them, growing despite unfavorable conditions, being transplanted from one place to another wildly different environment and flourishing despite it. So yeah, he has a tree.

Holster - and Adam Birkholtz has his roots from the top of his hip, spreading out to wrap around his butt and upper thigh, the longer they know each other the closer the roots get to spreading past the line of his boxers. They share a lot of the same endurance traits but to me Holster seems a bit more steady, bit more constant (how many times has that boy seen 30 Rock?). 

Shitty - so Shitty has a bird. didn’t get too deep with this one he’s a sensitive free spirit. it’s probably a parrot because he’s so affectionate, loud and talkative. But like, it doesn’t really guide him to his soulmate. He does know that he wants it to be Lardo but he tries to tamp down his hopes and attributes it to overthinking when the feather detail fills in when he spends time with her. 

Lardo - in this au Lardo’s mark is a bird cage. but like, a vintage one with curls and flowers and such. and it’s not because she ties Shitty down or tames him or anything. It’s more that she’s the person he finds rest in, a safe place to be himself with no judgement. Lardo at least knew she was more than likely looking for someone with a bird as their mark. And she likes the mark as much for herself as for what it potentially means for her soulmate because she has felt caged in by so many things in her life and to have the cage door be open gave her the courage to push beyond the limits set on her as a girl, as a WOC, as an artist to be herself - whatever that means. 

(They get their act together in the Reading Room when Shitty gives her his dibs. Let’s say there’s a week between Shitty finding out he got into Harvard and him giving her his dibs and for that week their marks itched and burned like sudden onset eczema right on the mark at just the thought of being separated before they figured it out.) 

Chowder & Farmer - they have the same mark! it’s the latitude and longitude coordinates of the leaf pile. <3 

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I know you mainly write nurseydex, but would you be willing to do some Camilla/Lardo? Or just something involving the women of omgcp?

Camilla has never been cool. She’s always been popular, but she knows that’s just because she’s pretty enough and an athlete. She’s not cool, not like those kids back in high school who hung out in the art room and said what was on their mind and truly didn’t give a damn what other people thought. Not like her freshman year roommate, who double majors in Literature and International Studies and speaks in her own language comprised of her favorite quotes and Arabic sayings. Not like Larissa Duan.

Larissa Duan, who wears ripped jeans and oversized flannels like she doesn’t even know how good she looks in them. Larissa Duan, who can be caught kicking ass at a beer pong table at midnight, then in the art building blaring music and staring at canvases by 8 A.M. the next morning. Larissa Duan, who changes her hair every semester, not because of any trend, but because she wants to. Larissa Duan, who has an entire NCAA hockey team’s respect and allegiance. Larissa Duan, who is fearless and badass and yet still incredibly kind.

Camilla is popular, sure, but Larissa Duan is cool, and it’s intimidating as hell.

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For your nine hour plane ride, would you draw lamilla dancing together 😊

*hands emoticon* yes anon YES

(when i dip you dip we dip)

OMGCP Womenfest Day 1 -- Alicia Zimmermann

So I’m going to try to write something for each day of the Women of Check, Please! Festival @omgcpwomenfest. This is my attempt for Day 1 (it’s still the 4th where I am!). I honestly probably would not ever have written anything focused on Alicia Zimmermann on my own, but I really enjoyed writing this so I’m glad I had a reason to!


Neither Bob nor Alicia go to parents’ weekend Jack’s freshman year–he asks them not to, and their therapist has discussed the importance of respecting his boundaries wherever possible, so they stay home even though Alicia would have liked to go to the alumni reception. But his sophomore year Jack asks them two weeks out whether they’re planning to come or not, and Alicia’s commitments can be rescheduled so she goes.

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playlist snooping

tagged by @reptilian-phalanges (thanks for thinking of me, bro!)

Rules: Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 10 tracks that pop up! Then tag 10 additional victims!

in other words, y’all are subject to my shit taste in music here goes nothing

1) In the Name of Love - Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha
2) Sarcasm - Get Scared
3) Hypnotic - Zella Day
4) HEAVEN - Troye Sivan and Betty Who
5) Married Life - Michael Giacchino (i.e. the instrumental from UP that makes everyone cry)
6) Astronaut - Simple Plan and Julian Emery
7) Fix You - Coldplay
8) Renegades - X Ambassadors
9) Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
10) Cabinet Battle #1 - Hamilton (lmaoooo) 

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Imagine the non-Christmas celebrating Hausmates searching for an open restaurant on the 25th.

It starts with a smack and a groan. Then, into the howling, frozen night, “I SAID LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!”

Lardo and Dex are on the stairs before the bang! ricochets through the Haus.

“What the hell, man?” Lardo calls out as they race up the stairs. No one answers. They get on the landing to see Adam in front of Bitty’s closed room and Chris peering out of his, slack-jawed.

“Holtz?” Lardo’s voice goes all soft as she pulls him away, but Dex can’t take his eyes off Bitty’s door. Nursey was in there. Nursey was sleeping. Nursey who is the definition of calm and collected…chill. Adam had only wanted to ask if Nursey wanted Chinese or Middle Eastern. It’d been a tie between the four of them without Nursey.

Dex flings the door open and closes it behind him, ignoring Adam’s distressed sound.

Derek’s head snaps up when Dex walks in, his mouth curled in a tight sneer. He doesn’t relax when he sees it’s only Dex. Dex never expected him too, but…things have been better. Between them. He thought his presence might be a comfort to him.

Dex doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what happened. Derek has never…

“I—” he starts. He snaps his mouth shut when Derek stalks towards him in response.

His warm liquid eyes are now steel, are now— “Whatever you’re gonna say, don’t. Just leave me alone. Back off!

Oh, is that how it is. Dex grew up with a big family. Everyone lived in the same town or the town over. Which meant a lot of men, testosterone. Which meant a lot of posturing. Dex learned to hold his own real young, so he matches Derek’s smirk and pushes back. “Not really my style, Malik.” Before Derek can respond, he continues, “you’re coming whether you want it or not. It’s Christmas. Would’ve never taken you for the Grinch.”

Anger snaps through Derek’s eyes and Dex is backed up against the wall before he knows it. He gasps from the sudden movement, not pain, but Derek’s eyes widen nonetheless and he stumbles back, shock filtering through his eyes. His shoulders deflate, shadows in the dark room, and Dex straightens. He counts to twenty, to slow his heartbeat, to even out his breathing. Twenty seconds of silence before Derek grabs his jacket and leaves in a flurry of activity. By the time Dex can respond, the main door slams shut and Dex is pressing small, firm circles into his forehead. What the fuck, Nurse…

“Lardo, you have a car, right? Take Chris and Adam to that Middle Eastern place. Derek and I will meet you there,” he calls out as he shoves his arms through his jacket and grabs enough scarves for the both of them.

“You sure, bro?” Lardo cocks an eyebrow at him.

He smiles because he can tell she’s worried for him. “Yeah! Don’t worry, alright? I’ll drag the Grinch back with me.”

It isn’t hard to track Nursey given the footsteps in the snow, and Dex hurries to catch up with him. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, but it doesn’t matter. They’d agreed to be friends, and this is what friends do. Even when one is being a dick.

Dex finds Nursey on a bench by the river. He’s a speck of black against the white snow blanketing everything around him. Dex pulls out the spare scarf and wraps it around Derek before sitting down.

Any other day, he’d have been fine with just sitting there, waiting for a response, but it’s cold as fuck outside and his balls are gonna fall off if they stay too long, so he starts with the obvious, “you’re being a dick. I don’t know why, but you are. But, like, since this is the first time in a year, I don’t think Adam’s too mad at you. Neither am I.” Dex sighs. “Our team—we’re a family, bro. It really is like I traded in one for another. It means that no one’s gonna leave you alone to sulk. Thought you knew that.”

Time slides past them, the only moving thing in the dead night.

Derek exhales and moves closer to rest his head on Dex’s shoulder. “Why would I? Never really had a family,” Derek mumbles out.

“You have two moms. They love you.” They have to.

Derek shrugs. “I don’t know how. They don’t know me, Will. They—” Derek laughs and it’s ugly and bitter. Dex shifts closer. “I’ve never spent the holidays with them. For as long as I’ve remembered, they’ve done things just right. They tell me they love me, kiss me goodnight and drop me off to school. But I don’t remember the last time I talked to them. Every year, they’d work their asses off to get me expensive clothes, supplies and shoes and then during break, they’d fucking leave me with the maid while they go off and vacation somewhere. I’ve always been alone during the holidays.”

Jesus… “Well, you…you’re not alone anymore.” Dex grabs Derek’s hands in his own and makes him focus. “I’m here. Adam, Chow, Lardo, we’re all here. For you. You don’t have to be alone. Derek, fuck, I’ll spend Christmas with you. Or Hanukkah or whichever. Every year if that’s what it takes for you to never feel alone on Chr—the holidays, okay? Fuck everything else. It’s in the past. Right here, right now, you’re not alone. Okay?”

Derek stares back at him, eyes wide and soft. “O-Okay.”

The kiss is sudden. An instinctive act, really, light and sweet. Dex pulls back before it can become more than a caressing comfort and ignores the way Derek follows.

Clearing his throat and smiling, Dex loops an arm around Derek’s shoulder to pull him up. “Alright then, let’s get the hell outta here. My balls are dying. The others are at the restaurant already.”

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All my love to you, Ramona! I hope you'll find the paths that will make you happiest, even if it means we won't have your wonderful creations here on tumblr. <3

Everyone is sending their good vibes and omg I won’t leave this hellsite until 2018 at least :’D

But thank you Larissa, you know how much I love and respect you, this means a lot to me! 

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Cho Chang, Aunt Petunia, Nymphadora Tonks, Professor Sprout, Remus Lupin and Harry Potter :)

hey thanks for asking larissa!! 

Cho Chang: If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?

i think id be keeper or a chaser just because i dont think i would be able to send bludgers to people and seeker would be bad with my eyesight 

Aunt Petunia: What is your favorite flower?

lily evans i love gardenias!! theyre so beautiful and they smell so nice!!

Nymphadora Tonks: If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?

yikes one thing id probably make my body look better, thinner and fitter and maybe a bit taller 

Professor Sprout: What is your favourite class that is offered at Hogwarts?

dude hogwarts classes all seem so cool but i think my favourite would be transfiguration like thats so cool???? transforming things into other things??? sign me UP

Remus Lupin: If you transform into any one animal or creature, which one would it be?

hmmmm maybe a dog because they are so loved and often pet and yeah idk transforming into anything would be so cool lbr!

Harry Potter: Tell us about a scar on your body

i dont have many scars but i have one that is so annoying its right in the middle of my head so i have to put my hair in a certain way to people dont see it and i got it in the dumbest way possible:
I was running up the stairs when i was like 3 or 4 years old and i just smacked head first into the corner of a wall and my head just boom opened and i had to get stitches i think yeah fun times i was a reckless kid

ask me things!

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Jack’s mother had always kept up with the local art scene wherever she lived, and with Bad Bob busy and travelling so much, he ended up dragged along quite a bit as a child.  He was quiet and well-mannered, so his mother never saw much reason to get a sitter.  They were the kinds of culturally enriching experiences she wished she’d had when she was young, so when she was invited to gallery openings or told about great concerts and performances, she just brought Jack along.  He’s got shoeboxes in his closet back home that are filled with old wristbands, ticket stubs, and playbills.  

And while all of it had been fun - getting to spend time with his mother, having her ask his opinion of things like she was really curious - his favorite had been theater.  Concerts got too loud sometimes, even with earplugs, and sometimes the art was just weird and bad and not at all accessible for someone who was all of eight, but he understood theater.  The musicals were his favorite, catchy and beautiful, and always the right volume.  

So it just became their thing.  They’d take the train to New York to see Broadway shows, catch productions by local theater companies, even some of the college performances when it was a favorite.  Alicia didn’t think she would ever be as sad as she was the day Jack turned down tickets to the Broadway closing of Rent because he didn’t want to miss skate the next morning.  The universe cruelly proved her wrong.

After Jack was home from rehab his therapist had strongly encouraged Jack to find passions outside of hockey.  Three months and several failed community center clubs later, he’d slid into the passenger seat of Alicia’s car and asked, “Are you busy Sunday afternoon?” That weekend, they made plans for a matinee and dinner.  In the parking lot after watching The Last Five Years, Jack came out to his mother, stumbling through the whole horrible story of Kent and the Q and the meds.  By the time he pulled away from her hug, appologizing for the wet patch on the shoulder of her sweater, he felt light enough to huff a small laugh when she wiped his tears with a crumpled Tim Horton’s napkin from the glovebox.

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seven urls, six fics, five tours, four man-children, three years, two albums, one dumb band and god knows how many hours of my life later, here I am, still 5sos trash.

thank you thank you thank you to all twenty three thousand of you, I can’t believe you’ve somehow put up with my shitposting for this long (kudos if you’ve been here since the ashtonsjigglypuff days). when I first made this blog, it was purely an outlet to scream about this band and post lyric art on but it’s become so much more than that. I’m not gonna turn sappy but I’ve met some amazing people through this band and some of my favourite memories are thanks to them so it’s safe to say I’m feeling a lil nostalgic and emosh.

SO here’s an appreciation post for those blogs that make my dash brighter by existing, thank you xxx (shoutout to larissa for these gifs u da (from my slfl videos yay))

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+blogroll :-) ily all, here’s to the next three years!!

Incalescent - Chapter Thirteen

Ahhh here you go goes! If some of the story doesn’t make sense I am sorry…I’ve written this in parts and blah just enjoy it! <3

“Zendaya? Are you still there?” Val was a little bit confused at why she wasn’t answering him as he heard her breathing. He looked at Alex who was sitting next to him but he just shrugged his shoulder.

“Zendaya?” Val tried again but still there was no response. “Baby?” He got a little bit worried.

“Your baby can’t talk right now.” He heard familiar voice that belonged to no one else but Dom.

“Why? What’s wrong?” He asked getting even more tense.

“I think she is going through some panic attack. She basically just stares at some spot in front of her, she is also kinda pale.” Dom said though she didn’t seem too worried.

“I am on my way.” Val stood up quickly.

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