thanks to jasmine


The second part of Gem’s Garden cards! 

I am still have no time to talk more than few sentences, because I am working hard on my student film Rusalochka (that translate as The Little Mermaid).


I allowed myself to take a break doing these arts in the middle of my exams, because I had a chance to share my art with the voice actors of Steven Universe with the help of my dear girl Crystal, who was on Momocon) I will thank her all my life long.

I lost some days making these cards, but I don’t regret about it, because the voice actors and you, guys, love them so much)

I still can’t belive it is happening to me, thanks you all for kind words and likes and reposts! It seemed impossible a month ago that people will love my arts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!) Have a great day, guys, and good luck at everything)

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast meets Obama


- ̗̀ 13/06/2017  ̖́-

this week’s spread inspired by 네시 (4 O’CLOCK) by R&V (it’s such a beautiful song aaah)

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 400 followers!?? i genuinely did not expect to reach more than 50, especially since my first few posts didn’t get that many notes. and i know, i know, followers and notes and likes ain’t everything, but it’s nice to feel appreciated?? i guess this shows that with a lil patience and hard work, you will improve, even if you don’t notice it yourself at first :)

In honor of the lovely Jasmine Cephas’s Jones birthday, here is a special clip of Renee, Jasmine and Phillipa singing “For The Longest Time”

anonymous asked:

So.. you said requests are still open? Would you mind drawing the Schuyler Sisters? I absolutely love them and I adore your art and yeah, I’d love to see the way you draw them. Yeah. I love your art

My favorite girls!!! This is how they’ll look in my animatic!! ((since historically they were young ladies at the time this song takes place))

In honor of the 71st Tony Awards on being on Sunday, June 11th, 2017!