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She chose Mon El

You get to choose who you love. 

I think that was the crux of the entire Supergirl episode this week. Even though Mr Imp (please don’t make me type out his full name) turned Kara’s world upside down, he actually had a very important purpose on the show- he asked the question that was on everyone’s mind since Mon El fell from the sky: “Why him, Kara?”

For all his Daxamite arrogant and brutish ways, why would Supergirl, a feminist like no other, want this man as her partner- both in life and out there, fighting side by side her. 

Kara is a woman and somehow people forget that women can make up their own minds. We actually have autonomy of mind which is rooted in our inherent dignity to make our own choices, create our own path and bloody hell, love who we will. 

Time after time, in this episode, Kara reiterated a vital point- you may love someone but you don’t get to force them into loving you. You choose to love someone and you put them first- always. Say what you will about Mon El, but at least he didn’t use intergalactic power to conjure up a super villain just because he wanted to be loved.

To some, Mon El’s constant ‘wanting to save the honour of his lady’ may have been annoying and even Kara thought so- personally, it was so damn cute to watch him be one-upped by an imp- an alien lepricorn.

Kara chose Mon El…warts and all. No one is perfect on this green, beautiful Earth and in the heavenly and not-so-heavenly alien worlds on Supergirl. Even the delicious Clark Kent has his faults. The point is that Kara has thought about all of Mon El’s misgivings, she has hemmed and hawed about her feelings for him for months now, she has thought and overthought this through…

Why can’t we trust her choices? Why are we eager for her to always save the day with her awesome powers but when it comes to something as basic as her making up her own mind about who she wants to date, we are already making a long list of cons. 

Kara is brave, daring and so many other heroic things but she is also damn smart- a characteristic she needs to be given more credit for; can everyone just breathe and let her live her life? Let her be with Mon El because she wants to…

In all the craziness, it’s him she wants by her side…this boy from Daxam who she yells at, who makes her laugh unfailingly and who always has her back.

A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton…just figuring out how to keep the world spinning…because nothing is stopping them…


Youmacon random cosplay shots!

Some of my favorite cosplays, as well as some goofy shots :D!  Once again, thank you @loverofpiggies and @alainaprana, as well as my husband, for cosplaying with me Youmacon weekend! It was a blast!  I can’t wait to see CQ again at @shutocon in March! <3

Finally settled down on Peepers’ outfit for the AU !
Hater wasn’t difficult at all, he already had ah hoodie anyway.

So Hater and Peepers are also roomates, and as you would expect Peepers does all of the housework. He also helps Hater for his exams and does his homework.
I really REALLY wanted to give platform shoes to Peepers cuz’ he’s smol and cute and he’s insecure about it.

Thanks you folks for all the nice things you say about the AU ! I’m really glad I can make something people enjoy ! 

Bonus: first sketches for Peeps 

Okay I'm sorry but this has to stop.

First if all, that’s a lie, I’m not sorry for this post, not in the slightest bit. Please stop with all the hate. First off, the Sabezra thing. I personally do ship it, and if you don’t, well that’s great for you, but you don’t have to go on an on about how it’s the worst ship in the galaxy, and how it should burn in hell and die with the people who ship it, as one person so beautifully put it. I mean, seriously? Grow the fucking hell up please. I apologize for the language, and I usually try to keep this blog suitable for all ages, but this is frickin ridiculous. If you don’t like a ship, that’s wonderful, but please don’t fill the tags with horrible things. Secondly, the filler issue. If you can’t see that every single episode in this season has significance and is important, then I have no clue what you want more. Every single episode we have received has been incredible, written with thought, and each battle scene has been more intense than the last. The dynamic between the characters is incredible, the dialogue is amazing, the villains rare superb. What kriffing more do want? The last battle: an incredible episode, one of my favorites actually. It was a complete tribute to the clone wars and I loved it. Rex was incredible in it, and it was definitely NOT a filler. There were so many droids in the clone wars, but where’d they all go? This episode was really good in creating a scene for Rex, plus it brought back a lot of old memories. One episode I CANNOT believe people are calling a filler is the Antilles Extraction. Like, seriously? Wedge Antilles joins the Rebellion. How can that not be important. The imperial super commandos episode was so significant in so many other ways. There were hints towards Boba Fett, the early concept for Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians, and it’s more background for Sabine, with a great Sabine/Ezra/Chopper family bonding dynamic. The iron squadron episode was really good, not only because it’s a reminder that this IS a kids show, but also its a great way to show how the Rebellion has been growing. Also, Sato has a nephew guys. How is that not adorable. Finally, the latest episode has gotten a lot of hate, so stop. This episode was awesome, and not only because Sabine was so worried for Ezra there, but also because it showed how Ezra is blind to Hondo’s tricks, and he finally realises that maybe Hondo ain’t so great after all. Also, it’s always good to see Captain Orellios. That’s all I gotta say. If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s not my problem, you’ll just have to deal with it or get lost. I’m sorry for being so rude, but ive really had enough of haters in every single fandom. A fandom comes to life, and haters aren’t far behind, dedicating blogs to hating on the fandom.. Like seriously. Fuck off.

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“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

I’m very confused on the amount of hate going around in this community. I thought HP was about magic, friendship, and overcoming the impossible with help from those friends… So why is there so much hate in it’s fandom? 

A couple of the roleplayers have been getting what seems like nonstop hate, be it about their cosplays, or they’re blog, or apparently even them as a person. I haven’t been left out of this train of hate ether, I’ve gotten several this last mouth, and since starting this blog in general. Typically, I ether respond with a witty gif or ignore all together if I feel I’m better than they are… However, several of my personal friends are being attacked now for no reason, a few of them are taking it really hard. 

A lot of us on tumblr come here to get away from the hardship of life, a few of us come here to be ourselves and make friends that understand us. With all this hate flying around the community it’s making even tumblr seem like an unwelcoming place. And what for? What is the point of causing other people that you don’t even know such pain? What do you get out of it? Nothing, you get nothing from it. All you’re doing is hurting a real person that probably already has very real issues going on in their life. How would you feel or handle it if it was you getting these messages of hate? Hm? Or what if it was your sister, or brother, maybe even your best friends? What would you do to protect them? Truth is we can’t do anything against cyber bullying,  but we can speak out, and I am now. Think about your family and friends and ask yourself how you would feel if they stopped doing the things they loved because someone online thought it would be fun to mentally torment them. Think about watching that wonderful person that you love disappear before your eyes because they no longer had anywhere they felt safe or wanted. Do those messages seem as funny now? 

Stop the bullying, there is no need for it here on tumblr. None of us are attacking you so why are you attacking us? What exactly did we do? If we have done something, DM one of us, I’m sure we can work through the issue like adults. And if we offended you somehow, just tell us respectfully and we’ll find a solution to the conflict. 

So please stop spreading hate on Tumblr, there’s enough of that already in the real world. 

dragonfiretrinity  asked:

Thank you for not sugar coating anything. Thank you for making me see how stupid it was to tear my skin open day after day. Thank you for helping me accept my curves and body type. Thank you for being funny, sarcastic, and honest when loads of other assholes pander to their audience. Thank you for not letting haters fuck you up like so many so. Thank you for being a phenomenal human being. Thank you.