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Since I see you use icons alot (love the icons you use by the way) I figured you would be the person to ask. What is a good size for icons?

//Some folks go by 100 x 100, and several of my old icons were 150-200 by width. Nowadays, I try to stick with 125 x 125–comfortably small but not too itty bitty. But it’s really up to you. The only thing I recommend is to avoid getting any bigger than 200.

For an idea of how big an icon can look on Tumblr posts in a browser, you can use these samples for comparison:

100 x 100

125 x 125

150 x 150

175 x 175

200 x 200

By the time we get to 200 x 200, frankly, the image is rather sizely already. 299 for pixel width is the maximum Tumblr will leave the image alone unresized, but should you be anywhere between 300-540, the post will stretch it out, and it will affect the quality of your image.

Some people use really fancy borders or shapes for their icons (and some are even animated), but really, that’s up to you and your skill level in editing images. Personally, I like my icons simple and small enough to depict the muse’s expression to match the scenario typed out for them, even if it means heavy cropping. My personal favorite is 125 x 125, though Peppy’s blog was established before I made this self-imposed icon rule, so this is mostly reflective on my newer icons and blogs.

Hope that helps!

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You said you headcanoned Snape as loving sweet things. I would love to read a drabble where Harriet sees Snape adding like a bucket of sugar in his tea, or his eyes shining when he sees chocolate and squeeing on the inside because it's so goddamn cute.

once again, this is not exactly what you asked for… turns out, as life consistently proves to me, i am terrible at sticking to plans!

more experimental sketching, with some parts taken from HBP, chapter “silver and opals.”

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Hi! I love your blog. Have you read any of Jill Paton Walsh's books, which continue the story of Dorothy L. Sayers' beloved characters, Lord Peter and Lady Harriet Wimsey? I was wondering if you thought they were worth a read. I've grown fond of Peter and Harriet. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you! I have read the first two of the Jill Paton Walsh continuations, and my answer is… maybe. Frankly, I think they decrease in quality as they go on (and get less dependent on The Wimsey Papers.) I thought Thrones, Dominations was enjoyable, if melodramatic, and there was an A++ Francis Bacon reference.  A Presumption of Death (WWII-era, and I think mostly Blitz) I thought was just okay, though I liked Bredon in it. And frankly, I couldn’t get through The Attenbury Emeralds.

That said, the JPW novels tend to divide Sayersites like nothing else I’ve seen, so I’d say… follow your taste, but don’t have high expectations. If you’re looking for a Lord Peter/Harriet fix, I’d recommend a browse through the Sayers-inspired works on AO3. They are exuberantly literate, and frequently whimsical. Also, if you haven’t read the Lord Peter short stories, those are great fun too; “The Haunted Policeman” and “Talboys” feature Harriet. “Talboys,” in fact, has the entire Wimsey ménage (3 children and a bulldog; I presume the bulldog is the one acquired in Busman’s Honeymoon) and contains the line from Peter: “Harriet, absolve me now of all my sins of the future, that I may enjoy them without remorse.”

‘Money is Power’ is probably the biggest thing that we are doing wrong right now, worshiping people just because they make a lot of money. You have cats, rappers included, who run for photo ops with Warren Buffett while Maya Angelou was alive and never ran for that photo op. 

Like when Jay [Jay-Z] said, “I couldn't help the poor if I was one of them.” 

Thank God Harriet Tubman didn't think that way. 
Thank God Sojourner Truth didn’t think that way,
Malcolm didn’t think that way, Martin Luther King didn’t think that way, Assata Shakur didn't think that way.

- Saul Williams. Breakfast Club interview


Harriet Tubman, also known as Ariminta Harriet Ross, Moses and General Tubman.  She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War. Despite poor health throughout her life she was determined to free slaves.  She frequented with Frederick Douglass and John Brown. She said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” She also said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world.”

Thank you Harriet Tubman for your strength, your courage and your wisdom.

The Signs as Male KPOP Leaders

based NOT on their zodiac signs

Aries: S.Coups of Seventeen- as a whole independent but will do anything for the ones he loves

Taurus: Sunggyu of Infinite- overall extra but still trying to mind his own goddamn business

Gemini: Jo Kwon of 2AM- capable of seriously fucking up some gender roles… and is also diligent about his passions..

Cancer: Onew of Shinee- kindhearted and helpful (and is unappreciated !!!)

Leo: Jungsoo of Super Junior- talented and experienced

Virgo: Yongguk of B.A.P- reserved but open-minded and conscientious

Libra: G-DRAGON of Big Bang- friendly and attentive (and is socially aware.. we hope)

Scorpio: JB of Got7- determined and honest and sometimes a major dork

Sagittarius: N of Vixx- craves adventure, but wants his energy to remain harmonious (this boy is a literal angel don’t argue with me on this)

Capricorn: B.I of iKON- passionate and hardworking with the nicest jawline jc

Aquarius: Doo Joon of B2ST- unpredictable and sedulous

Pisces: Rap Monster of BTS- creative and brilliant and is always so goddamn philosophical smh


on a side note, feel free to request anything in my ask box!! i’ll do anything from astrology couple aesthetics to compatibility or mtl lists for pretty much any group!! thanks a bunch :) -harriet

Harriet Potter and the Yule Ball

I’ve never been into gender-bending, but this idea of using Harriet Potter just stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out. So I present to you the struggles of being a young teen girl plus Girl Who Lived plus Triwizard Champion who can’t find a date to the Yule Ball. 

“Blimey Harry, if you can’t get a date to this ball, the rest of us are screwed.” Ron was muttering as the two made their way across the Transfiguration courtyard.

“Yes well if you haven’t noticed Ron, all the boys think I’m awkward and weird for insisting on being called Harry instead of Harriet.” Harriet replied with a roll of her eyes. “Too tomboy apparently, or some such nonsense.”

“Ridiculous.” Ron scoffed. “Who wants a girl that’s all pink sparkles and blond hair anyway? You’re fine the way you are Harry,”

“Thanks Ron,” Harriet smiled. “Doesn’t solve the dilemma of going date-less to the Yule Ball though. And I think your changes with Fleur are completely over after you screamed at her yesterday,”

“I didn’t mean to it just sort of…slipped out,” Ron said looking embarrassed.

Harriet laughed. “Oh Ronald’s all shy and scared around the pretty French girls? Maybe I should start talking liek zis too and Ronald will ask me to ze Ball!”

“Oh ha ha real funny,” Ron grumbled. “Oh there goes Colette, she’s Fleur’s friend. Do you think I should go over?”

Harriet smirked. “Knock yourself out Ron, be fun to watch. Go get her tiger,”

With a half-hearted glare Ron made his way over to the group of French girls, the result almost sending Harriet into a cardiac arrest she was laughing so hard. 

After making a mental note to ask Luna if she’d like to go the ball with Ron, Harriet made her way to the end of the courtyard, still giggling over the sounds of spells being thrown at Ron, who was running back inside to escape the wrath of the French students. Walking down the hallway, Harriet went over the list of boys she knew that she could still ask out. Neville? No he was going with Ginny. Ron’s brothers? No Fred and George were going to Angelina and Kaite, plus that’s be too weird. And far more pain then it’s worth. Dean or Seamus? …They were probably going together let’s be honest. Well who then? She was running out of options. Harriet wondered who it was that Hermione said she was going with, the mystery man that Ron was none-too-pleased to hear about and liked to pretend she was lying about. Maybe they’d all get the shock of the year and Hermione would turn up with Draco Malfoy. Hah. Hermione and that slimy git, classic.

Just as the thought entered her head however, said slimy git sauntered into view. Harriet mentally groaned. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. 

“Well if it isn’t Harriet Potter, the Triwizard Champion.” Draco smirked as he leaned against a column haughtily. “Hello Harriet.”

Harriet glared at Malfoy. He was the only one who insisted on calling her by her full name, he did it just to irritate her, and boy did it work. 

“What do you want Malfoy? she snapped.

“A question. Should be easy enough, I’ll talk slowly so you can keep up,” Malfoy said.

Harriet growled through her teeth. One day she’d just clock this idiot in the face. One day…

“I see you’re still without a date, guess being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be eh?” Malfoy smirked.

“What’s it to you Malfoy?” Harriet challenged.

“My question.” Malfoy said simply, pushing himself off the wall and walking over to Harriet. “You. Me. Yule Ball. Agreed?”

He leaned his arm just over Harriet’s head so he was towering over her as her back was pushed against the stone of the wall. She glared up at him.

“You’re asking me out.” she snapped.

“Indeed I am. Come to the Ball with me, Harriet.” Malfoy smirked.

Harriet had no idea why her cheeks flushed at the statement, or why er glasses seemed to fog up even as she struggled to maintain her glare.

“W-Why - what on earth - made you t-think, I’d ever go anywhere with you Malfoy?” she stammered.

Draco chuckled slightly. “So that’s a no then?” he asked, still in that ridiculously annoying smug tone of voice.

“Y-Yes it’s a no! I’d never go out with you!” Harriet stuttered as he scrambled away from Malfoy, cheeks redder than a beetroot.

Malfoy only chuckled as he turned and walked away. “Alright, but the offer’s there, should you change your mind,” he sang over his shoulder.

Blushing to the rooter of her hair, Harriet muttered angrily to herself all the way back to Gryffindor Tower.

In the end, that night Malfoy got a message from an owl, a note that simply had the word ‘yes’ scribbled over the parchment, and he grinned.

“You look lovely Harry!” Hermione gushed as Harriet stood uneasily in front of the mirror. “Green suits you, I’ve never seen you wear green before.”

Harriet froze. Hermione was right. Her gown was green. Green. She hadn’t even thought about it when she bought it, she hadn’t even had a date at that time. Hermione had no idea who she was going with, nobody did, so of course they couldn’t see how a green dress was out of the question right now. Oh Merlin Malfoy was going to have a field day when he saw her. Thinking of him, and his reaction to her dress, made her cheeks flush again for some reason, and Harriet desperately tried to make the red disappear with more makeup. 

Harriet could barely settle the butterflies in her stomach as she walked down to the Great Hall. She wanted to close her eyes, and her ears, to never hear whatever smug comment would come out of Malfoy’s mouth when he saw her. If he said anything - and he would make no mistake -she was going to kill him. Why did she even agree to this? Was she that desperate to accept an invitation from such a spineless git like - 

“You, look beautiful.”

- Malfoy…

Harriet opened her eyes - when had she squeezed them shut? - and saw Malfoy waiting for her at the end of the stairs, openly staring at her like he’d just seen the only woman on the planet. Harriet felt her cheeks redden again.

“And may I applaud your choice of colour this evening? Very flattering,” there it was, that devilish smirk graced Malfoy’s face as he noticed the colour of her dress. But for some reason Harriet didn’t feel like punching him.

“Oh shut up, complete coincidence! Complete!” Harriet insisted, storming passed Malfoy as he chuckled and followed behind her. 

“Coincidence indeed, when you just happen to being going with a Slytherin tonight, a very convenient coincidence wouldn’t you say Harriet?”

“Shut up Malfoy! Why did I even agree to go with your smug self?”

“My rugged good looks?” Malfoy shrugged. “My cunning wit and charm?”

“Of which you have none by the way,”

“Ouch. So cruel,” Malfoy whistled. “And after I went through so much effort to look good for you this evening,”

“I doubt you put much effort into at all. You always look like this,” Harriet said flatly.

“Ah so you admit I’m always devilishly handsome?” Malfoy smirked.

“Wha-? No! No I’m not! You’re not you’re a git! Ugh I hate you!”

Malfoy laughed, pleased with the reaction he provoked. Well at least one of them was having fun. Harriet most certainly wasn’t. She didn’t like the weird feeling Malfoy gave her stomach, and she wanted to punch him still but…not to kill anymore. It wasn’t right. The world didn’t make sense anymore.  

“I must admit I was surprised when I saw you, I almost didn’t recognise you,” Malfoy went on.

“I know it’s because I’m Harriet ‘call me Harry’ Potter right? Everyone’s been having a heat-attack over the fact I’m wearing a dress tonight, what like I can’t dress like a girl every now and then?”

“No, I was thinking more along the lines of I’ve never seen you look more radiant,” Malfoy said simply.

That horrid blush snuck up on Harriet again. While she was spluttering on air, trying to come up with a witty comeback that wasn’t simply punching Malfoy in the face - which she was rapidly losing the urge to do - the music in the Hall started to swell, signalling the first dance was about to begin. 

“We should go in,” Harriet swallowed thickly. “And everyone’s going to be watching…”

“And they’ll see exactly what we want them to see.” Malfoy grinned. “Shall we?”

He made an elaborate bow, and held out his white-gloved hand for Harriet to take. “My lady,” he murmured.

Swallowing and blushing hard, Harriet took his head, and was led into the Hall on the arm of her hated enemy. 

It turned out, the night wasn’t so bad at all. After all, Malfoy could certainly dance..

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omg plllssss do the trans boy leo thing! sorry idk how to do asks, but it has so much potential! would love it! thank you

you sent this one in a loong time ago and i only just now got the motivation to do it lmao but let’s get on with it!! this is my take on it btw- check the others ones out because they are a+

-it’s one of the big roots of his fears

-the thought that nobody would really understand it

-it’s one of the reasons his foster homes keep juggling him around

-none of them really seemed to understand what he needed.

-a few managed to call him Leo and use he/him, but others would just scorn him. running away was the only option he could see

-he meets Piper at the school

-and suddenly his life does a 180 spin

-Piper readily calls him Leo and never slips up

-one time, he comes into his room to find a package on his bed.

-it’s a binder. 

-he cries into her shoulder

-he starts wearing it properly

-and Jason turns up.

-you know how it goes from there

-but there’s one potion in medea’s shop

-you can guess what it is

-but he doesn’t get the chance to grab it, unfortunately

-after the quest is over and they return to the camp, he throws himself into building the Argo

-he can’t stop thinking about it

-until one day Piper comes in and tells him about one of her cabin-mates, who is also trans and had a dream where he spoke to Aphrodite. Aphrodite helped him transition, and Piper tells him about this

-he can’t wait to go to bed that night

-and when he does

-Aphrodite does it in a heartbeat

-he wakes up feeling like himself, who he was always meant to be

-and he’s happy.

alright there you go! i hope you are happy with this, even if it is very very late. (also if anything is offensive or you think it could be, please send an ask adressed to Mod Harriet and i’ll mod-ify anything. heh.) anyway, thank you so much!!

-Mod Harriet