thanks to friendly folks!


Last day of the calendar year. It is dark and stormy weather here, and I’ve just seen that rodents have eaten my stored onion seeds and grains of millet and rye. An exceptionally crap year.  Thanks to all the decent folks who have always been friendly. Roll on 2017

anonymous asked:

dear god i love your style i love how nonchalant it is

Gosh, thank you so much!

I usually don’t answer anon messages like that for a simple reason that I can’t do that privately but I’m so happy to receive any one of them and if you ever have sent me nice words anonymously know that I feel bad for not reaching back to you. But this is so nice and directly after I was complaining at myself so it means that much to me and I just felt bad for not replying so I thought that I really want to thank every friendly anon that ever reached to me in this moment.

Thank you! I’m very lucky and happy that people notice my work!

Uh oh, it’s my face! A glowing moment of me and my spread from yesterday as captured by junyiwu at the CTN Expo. I’ve been having so so much fun here, we still have one more day to go, but I would like thank the surplus of warm and friendly folks who miiight see this for making us feel so welcome here. I hadn’t anticipated the turnout being this huge considering I’m a naive newbie, but this weekend has been such an exhausting and inspiring one thanks to the overwhelming response our work has been getting, and even more importantly just being around and getting to talk to SO many talented people. :) writing this now because after tomorrow I will be unconscious for 48 hours.

craycraykitty14  asked:

Awh thank you so much hun..! I feel a little better letting it out on here tho I'm really shocked on how people are coming to me saying they like it too lmao but thanks bud!

Friendly Casual Gabe doin’ another good deed for his folks. <33