thanks to everyone who was so kind enough to buy me some for my birthday

Chicken Nugget

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: none!! cursing i think? this is fluffffffy

summary: The story of you and Lin, told through Twitter. 

requests: “hey, I just wanted to say that your writing is so cute! ^.^ anyway, I wanted to request a Lin x Reader where maybe reader and Lin get into a Twitter battle and it’s just really cute and stuff! thanks! <3″

@not-mystery-anymore-anon: happy late birthday! This took me so long wow I have like 4 more unfinished fics so I’m gonna go work on that. I don’t know how to feel about this, enjoy! 

words: 1524

January 26 / 11:56


Good morning!
Sometimes people will steal the last chicken nugget from you.
They will slip past you in a line.
But life goes on.


Story time. I was at the supermarket at midnight. I was gonna buy some chicken nuggets for a writing snack. And just when I come round the aisle, SOMEONE TOOK THE LAST PACK. (1/?)


SHE JUST GRABBED IT. And I shouted “Hey those are mine!” and she just ignores me and walks off. What the f*ck? (2/?)


I mean it’s one thing if you’re gonna take the last nuggets but you’re also gonna ignore me? And when I was about to step into one of the cashiers, lo and behold, she appears again! (3/?)


She slips right in front of me and pays for her damn chicken nuggets. One day, I will find you. And suffocate you in chicken nuggets. Just you wait. (4/?)


Tfw you buy chicken nuggets and some guy rants about it on Twitter even though they’re rightfully yours

January 30 / 08:05


Thank you to everyone who made this album possible. Here’s to all the blood shed and tears spilled.


Okay I’m supposed to be writing but HOLY MOLY. @Y/N’s most recent album is F*CKING FIRE. This is going to be the only thing that I listen to today.


@Lin_Manuel Thank you! Did you like track 2?


@Y/N Absolutely loved it. Elegantly done. How do you get the inspiration for this kind of genius, master?


@Lin_Manuel Glad you asked! Few months ago, I was buying chicken nuggets and this guy got mad because I took the last one. Also, I beat him to the cashier, and later that day he poured out his feelings on Twitter.


@Y/N Oh.


@Lin_Manuel Oh indeed, Lin. Or should I call you ‘the guy who rhymed son with sun’?


@Y/N Um okay but at least that rhymed. Chicken nugget and unwritten sonnet don’t rhyme. I take back what I said about track 2.


@Lin_Manuel Are you saying you can come up with a better rhyme for chicken nugget?


@Y/N Taking the last chicken nugget, staking it fast and kickin’ it like a bucket

@Lin_Manuel Brilliant. Amazing. Superb. Impressive. Remarkable. Exceptional. Marvelous. Excellent.


@Y/N Thanks for showing us that you can use a dictionary! See ya next time when you learn more words!


@Lin_Manuel *thesaurus

February 29 / 15:07


@Y/N Karen told me that she spotted you at Hamilton. Why didn’t you tell me that you were suddenly a huge fan?


@Lin_Manuel I watched it as a writer. For writing inspiration. And I’m very impressed with the musical. Not you.


@Y/N Oh so I have yet to impress you? I mean I impressed people enough to get me a couple of awards.


@Lin_Manuel Do something worth my being impressed at, and we’ll see about that.


@Y/N Oh it’s SO on like Donkey Kong.

March 4 / 23:50


@Y/N Congrats on the Billboard #1! Hope it can last 2 weeks like Hamilton did


@Lin_Manuel How do you manage to be an asshole and a friend in one tweet

March 6 / 02:05


Sometimes I like to imagine that Eliza Schuyler from Hamilton is based off me. We’re both pure, smart and lovable.


@Y/N Nice try. You were the greatest inspiration for Jefferson, though. Where else would I find someone as annoying and cocky?


@Lin_Manuel The mirror maybe?

April 17 / 22:05


Congrats on the Oscar. And the PEGOT. You still haven’t (pe)GOT my heart, though. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Wow yes because very other award fades in comparison to winning your heart.

April 30 / 12:05


Bit of a day. Met Mark Hamill. Bought a lightsaber. Harrison Ford thought @Y/N and I were dating.


@Lin_Manuel 1. Absolutely never 2. DETAILS PLEASE!! Harrison Ford was my childhood crush


I told him you were stubborn like Leia. He said that I was Han. I said “Sure we’re Han and Leia without the whole falling in love thing.” @Y/N


@Lin_Manuel Nicely phrased.

May 14 / 15:30


I’ve never tried sashimi. It looks weird as hell


@Y/N Shame on you.


@Lin_Manuel Are you suggesting something?


@Y/N If the girl wasn’t you I would’ve offered to take her to try them.


@Lin_Manuel Yeah like I’d go anywhere with you anyway. Hypothetically if you were taking this girl with you, where would you go?


@Y/N I’d tell her that she has to go with me to find out.


@Lin_Manuel And if she can’t stand you but really wants the sashimi?


@Y/N I’d make sure that by the end of the date she’ll be in love with me.


@Lin_Manuel You talk big. Care to prove it?


@Y/N DM me your number and you’ll find out.

May 15 / 10:05


I have converted @Y/N into a sashimi-er.


@Lin_Manuel more importantly, is she in love with you now?


@ham4ham4ham Am I?


@Y/N @ham4ham4ham Great things take time.

July 31 / 13:35


Why do @Lin_Manuel and @Y/N never talk again??


@wowhamilton I feel like a 13-year-old saying this but I have her number now. I got her number guys!


@Lin_Manuel I feel like a 13-year-old saying this but I really like texting you.


@Y/N *screenshots and sends to friends*

August 17 / 21:56


@Y/N Do you maybe kinda wanna be my date to the Tonys? *runs away to hide*


@Lin_Manuel From sashimi to Tonys? You’re a real overachiever aren’t you


@Y/N Is that a yes?


@Lin_Manuel Yes x100



August 25 / 14:26


Today I was a wonderful thirdwheeler, as you can see in this photo


@Karenolivo76 The loveliest girl in the place. Hint: not you Karen

We know, Lin. It’s you. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Goddamit I really need to go back in time and talk to Hamilton so he can help me up my game. I wrote the lyric ‘if it takes fighting a war to meet it will have been worth it’ y’know. I’m good at this flirting thing I swear

September 18 / 13:25


Wait for a guy who makes you feel like you’re in high school with your heart doing jumping jacks. It’s worth it, I promise.


Wait for a girl who makes your heart spin and makes you unaccountably nervous. She’ll come.


@Lin_Manuel She’ll come hehehehehe


@Y/N Well if you look at it that way it ain’t wrong either



September 29 / 09:05


Bookstore dates are the best. @Y/N is the best.


@Lin_Manuel You’re such a nerd. One that I happen to be in love with, though.

October 10 / 17:31


Sometimes she looks at me and I’m Eliza, wide-eyed and adoring. She’s got me helpless.


Sometimes he looks at me and I’m Philip. Dead. He got me deceased.

October 19 / 13:48


Goodbyes are the worsttt. @Y/N I love you don’t get an affair see you in a few months


Wish I could be there with you. Kinda hard to get an affair when I can’t stop thinking about you. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Just now on the plane I bought some Oreos. I just realised that you weren’t there to eat the white cream so I decided not to eat the Oreos. Life really does suck without you.

November 1 / 23:59


Wrote a sad song today. It’s about a girl who misses someone but knows that he’s gone doing something great. Sounds familiar


@Y/N Heard your song on the radio today. Started crying in the cab. Driver looked at me weird. I miss you.


@Lin_Manuel Fell asleep listening to your interviews yesterday. Just wanted to hear you talk as though you were next to me.

November 4 / 00:01


@Y/N Happy birthday to the very best. Thank you for learning salsa just so my dad would like you and for making me the best homemade ice cream. You transcend Eliza. You’re you, and I love you.


@Lin_Manuel Thanks, loser! Come back home. I miss you.

November 5 / 02:05


Guess who just came home for my birthday!!!!! @Lin_Manuel


Good night.
Sometimes you gotta lose something to gain something even better.
I lost a pack of chicken nuggets but gained the love of my life.

365 Days of Journaling

This year I am comitted to journaling every day. To make sure I am inspired to write I’ve compiled a list of prompts using journaling prompts, list prompts and self-discovery questions. Feel free to use!

365 Days of Journaling

1. Your New Year’s Resolutions.

2. Personal fact file.

3. Review of 2014

4. How can you treat yourself more gently this year? Things you could lighten up on yourself about?

5. List 5 simple activities to nurture yourself.

6. What do you need to stop worrying about?

7. Secret

8. What do you repeatedly re-evaluate? Can you let it go?

9. List things you should be proud of.

10. What negative phrases do you say about your body? Can you replace them with positive affirmations about your body?

11. List 10 things your body does that is amazing.

12. How are you sleeping?

13. Friendship

14. In my heart I know the one way I can nurture my bod more this year is ___.

15. What makes you feel loved and cared for?

16. How does social media affect you?

17. List your greatest comforts.

18. Book Review

19. Design your outdoor area/garden.

20. Who do you want to surround yourself with this year?

21. An artist that inspires you.

22. List current and future goals and dreams.

23. What’s something you do differently to other people?

24. List what you are grateful for.

25. What’s something you want to do but haven’t?

26. Imagination.

27. List things you do to procrastinate.

28. Do you feel worthy of nurturing and gentle care? How does it feel for you to say ‘I am deserving of loving care. I take time to take care of myself?’

29. List words that touch your soul.

30. I wish animals could…… If they could, then…..

31. Has your greatest fear come true?

32. Never have I ever list.

33. What’s holding you back?

34. List dream jobs.

35. Favourite recipe.

36. List fictional characters with whom you have fallen in love.

37. Focus.

38. I am inspired by…

39. Your favourite flower?

40. Movie Review.

41. ‘If I won the lottery’ list.

42. In this moment are you happy?

43. Hope.

44. List things you like to do when you’re sick.

45. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

  1. 46.  ‘If I ruled the world’ list.

47. Words to live by.

48. I wish I had one more chance to….. Then I would…..

49. 5 things you want in a relationship.

50. My overused words and phrases.

51. Dream.

52. Recipe for a perfect weekend.

53. Make a table, 10 things you love and hate about your body.

54. List your greatest achievements.

55. Doodle here.

56. What’s your happiest childhood memory?

57. In ten years from now where would you like to be?

58. What’s your perfect trip?

59. When have you felt most passionate?

60. Your skills.

61. I wish I could forget the time I ….. because….

62. Book Review.

63. Believe.

64. If not now – when?

65. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?

66. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day before?

67. Write a letter, Dear Past Me.

68. What would you wish for if a genie granted you 3 wishes?

69. The most disappointed I’ve ever been…

70. What scares you?

71. Mystery.

72. 10 television shows.

73. Nobody knows that I…

74. Your favourite scent?

75. Do you cope with stress? How?

76. List your essentials.

77. Plan a romantic evening.

78. Your saddest memory?

79. What’s the difference between being alive and truly living?

80. Mistake.

81. I wish I had a million… Then I would…

82. List books.

83. Decide upon a three course meal.

84. If we learn from mistakes why are we so frightened of making them?

85. What’s something you’ve learnt today?

86. What was your favourite school subject?

87. 10 celeb crushes.

88. The most fun I’ve ever had…

89. What are you looking forward to?

90. List places you want to go.

91. Laughter.

92. Describe each day of the week as if it was a person?

93. Are you a worrier?

94. The tattoos you have?

95. 10 things to do before your next birthday. (95)

96. Who was your best friend?

97. List favourite quotes.

98. Favourite colour combos.

99. Movie review.

100. Who do you admire?

101. I wish I could learn….. because…..

102. Look through a magazine – what images stand out?

103. The biggest lie I’ve ever told is…

104. Favourite animation.

105. Something out of reach…

106. A mistake you won’t make again?

107. Wisdom.

108. List things that feel like home.

109. I am…

110. I’m not very good at…

111. List things you want to be known for.

112. What was your favourite toy?

113. Your character traits.

114. Pause.

115. Describe your dream job.

116. Write a letter, Dear Future Me.

117. Make an A-Z list of things that you want to do.

118. Write about your first job?

119. Adventure.

120. List of websites.

121. Ways to waste time…

122. Table of Do’s and Don’ts

123. Your make-up bag?

124. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

125. What makes you miserable?

126. Energy.

127. Things you find beautiful?

128. There’s no excuse for…

129. The most terrifying moment of my life was…

130. What was your first car?Design your bedroom.

131. In 25 years will you be proud of the things you did or regret the things you didn’t do?

132. Write a mantra.

133. Your bucket list.

134. Proud.

135. A-Z list of words to describe you.

136. What makes you unique?

137. Your next tattoo?

138. Lyrics of meaning.

139. Movie review.

140. Collection of jokes.

141. What happiness means to you?

142. Doodle here.

143. Simple.

144. List 3 things that went right or wrong today.

145. How do you deal with anger?

146. Are you forgiving?

147. Things I always did with my dad when I was young…

148. List things that remind me of a my childhood.

149. Favourite emotion?

150. What is magic?

151. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

152. When do you make excuses?

153. Unique.

154. List bad habits.

155. Childhood games.

156. List family traditions.

157. Something you overheard today.

158. Choose a poem.

159. List things that motivate you.

160. Grace.

161. Get a map and plan a route.

162. Qualities you look for in a boyfriend?

163. Your pet.

164. Your definition of beauty.

165. Plan a perfect date.

166. List things that happened on the day you were born.

167. Myth.

168. List of questions.

169. Your perfume?

170. HTML colour codes.

171. List pet peeves.

172. Robert Frost write a poem titled The Road Not Taken.  Name a road you’ve always wanted to travel.  Where do you hope it takes you, and what might you see on the way?

173. Hug.

174. Ways to relax…

175. Your favourite albums?

176. Authors whose work you enjoy.

177. The worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

178. 5 things you can’t live without?

179. Every child deserves…

180. What would you change about the world?

181. List things to collect.

182. Plan an exercise routine.

183. I wish I had enough money to……

184. Cocktail recipe.

185. List summer goals.

186. Best advice given.

187. Religion.

188. Your favourite piece of classical music.

189. Your talents?

190. What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

191. List of 10 boy names.

192. Designer inspiration.

193. How much will power do you have?

194. Your favourite place and why?

195. Place your playlist on shuffle, write the lyrics to first song played.

196. List people you love.

197. Think back to the toys of your childhood.

198. Choose some scenery.

199. Favourite days of the year.

200. Today’s horoscope.

201. I wish everyone loved……

202. Advice to your best friend.

203. What does your sleeping position say about you?

204. Is there a heaven?

205. Things I always did with my mam when I was young…

206. Who would you like to thank for something they did for you in the past?

207. Favourite holiday.

208. Design something.

209. What did you buy today?

210. Favourite colour palette.

211. Are you competitive?

212. Create a pattern.

213. Your pet.

214. Find a new poem.

215. Independent.

216. What does love mean to you?

217. Ten ways to improve yourself.

218. Miracle.

219. Your karaoke song.

220. Here is what others see me as …

221. Your favourite weather.

222. What is your personal secret to happiness?

223. What does real success in life mean to you?

224. Things that happened ten years ago today…

225. Vision.

226. Your blog.

227. Your favourite season.

228. Honestly.

229. Mission in life…

230. In three words, describe your life.

231. Dreams for someday…

232. What do you think of the saying YOLO?

233. Best advice received.

234. What are means to you?

235. Most valued idea.

236. Most fun day ever.

237. Are you brave?

238. Happiest moment lately.

239. Who am I really?

240. Yesterday, I was…

241. What kind of day are you having, and why?

242. Your wedding song?

243. In what areas are you optimistic, and in what areas are you pessimistic?

244. Describe your life in colour.

245. What do you see in the mirror?

246. Future.

247. Interior design inspiration.

248. Success.

249. The headlines today are…

250. Write down today’s stresses.

251. What is your earliest memory of home?

252. Qualities you look for in a friend?

253. A promise I must make myself.

254. Cloud.

255. Something you learnt the hard way?

256. Urgent challenges.

257. What would your superpower be?

258. Lost.

259. How much self-control do you have?

260. Who do you talk to when you have a problem?

261. Paint a picture.

262. Where would you like to be lost?

263. How old were you four years ago? Describe some things you can do now that you could not do then.

264. Book review.

265.  Choose a religion.

266. List of things to photograph.

267. A place you relax.

268. Favourite family photo.

269. Describe how university was for you?

270. A photo that makes you happy.

271. Complete.  

272. Use a newspaper for inspiration today.

273. Your house rules?

274. When I am old I will…

275. Who or what has had a strong influence in your life?

276. Write about climbing.

277. What’s the meaning of your name?

278. Make an emotional graph whilst listening to a song.

279. Doodle here

280. List places you would not visit.

281. What other profession would you do?

282. Power.

283. What does it feel like to be wrong?

284. Would you jump out of a plane?

285. What have you won?

286. Favourite brands.

287. Where do you feel most comfortable?

288. A woman who inspires you.

289. Which is least important to you–money, power, fame–and why?

290. Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.

291. Why is it important to be honest?

292. A ridiculous law held in your country.

293. Why do you work where you work?

294. What’s your least favourite mode of transportation?

295. Place your playlist on shuffle and write the first ten songs that are played.

296. Where do you people watch?

297. Collect some wallpaper.

298. Movie Review

299. Draw optical illusions.

300. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

301. What headline really got to you today?

302. Write about a difficult time in your life when you showed strength.

303. Best lesson you’ve ever learnt?

304. Something expensive you won’t buy yourself.

305. What historical events happened the year you were born?

306. Legend.

307. Does Never Never Land really exist?

308. Favourite candles.

309. List of fictional places you wish you could visit.

310. Do you look after yourself?

311. Seven things I love to do.

312. How does the weather effect you?

313. What do you think of animal testing?

314. Escape.

315. List five things you would buy if money wasn’t an object?

316. If you were a doctor, what kind of doctor would you be?

317. Open up a random book to page 33, and take the first sentence at the top of the page and start writing from it.

318. A-Z list of words that mean something to you.

319. Sometimes I pretend to be.

320. Describe your relationship with your grandparents.

321. As a writer, my dream come true would be…

322. List 3 things that went right today.

323. Trace your hand, write words on how you feel today inside.

324. Favourite superhero?

325. I promise to…

326. What effect does music have on you?

327. What can you see out of your window right now?

328. Name one thing you have always been good at doing.

329. What is your favourite form of exercise?

330. A festival you would like to experience?

331. The problem with being me is that…

332. Today’s fashion inspiration.

333. Families are important because…

334. Are you doing what you believe in or what you believe you should be doing?

335. What era inspires you?

336. A myth or legend that intrigues you.

337. What really moves you?

338. Take a walk, what did you think about?

339. What must I do tomorrow?

340. What’s making you mad today?

341. Write a letter to your future daughter about growing up.

342. List of 10 girl’s names.

343. Write down something no one knows about you.

344. Give yourself a pep talk?

345. When I was a child I didn’t realise that…

346. Your starsign.

347. List of your firsts.

348. What would you tell your future self to stay more positive?

349. Book Review

350. Words that mean something to you.

351. List of things you look forward to.

352. Was today a good day?

353. Something that helped to shape your outlook to life?

354. Write a description of a winter’s scene.

355. Your Christmas shopping list?

356. Events to remember this year…

357. What did Christmas mean to you as a child?

358. What does Christmas mean to you now?

359. How was your Christmas?

360. What’s great about today?

361. Would you change anything about this year?

362. What are you proud of achieving this year?

363. What I learnt this year…

364. Words to describe 2014.

365. What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

The Bookstore

Square Filled- Destiel

Rating- Mature

Tags- almost-smut, bookstore au, alpha!Dean, omega!Cas

Word Count- 1500ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo​. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Dean walks by the bookstore every single day on his way to work and looks for the stranger who works there. The town is small, and Dean thought he knew everyone who lived here, until this place opened up. For five months now, Dean has walked by this bookstore. And for five months, he has wondered about the dark haired man inside. The one he’s never seen around town before.

Sometimes the man is on the computer at the large counter, sometimes helping a customer, sometimes straightening and restocking the shelves. No matter what he’s doing, he’s always gorgeous. His hair is long enough to be messy when he runs his hands through it, and Dean loves the days when it’s sticking everywhere, like maybe the store was too busy or too boring and the man has a nervous habit of pulling at it. He has broad shoulders, and is taller than most people around him, though still a couple of inches shorter than Dean. His jeans always cling tight to his thighs and his ass, like they’re a little too big for his small waist. He’s perfect.

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Title: Into Focus
Character: Peter Parker
A/n: I really hope we get to see more of the photographer aspect of Peter’s character in later movies.

“Do you have any idea what you’d want for your birthday?” You asked Peter as the two of you made the usual walk home from school.

Peter shook his head. “I already told you that you really don’t have to get me anything, just make a card or something.”

“Don’t be so lame, of course I’m getting you a present,” You said, lightly elbowing him. “So, come on, help make my job easier.”

Peter made a zipping motion across his lips. “Nope.


“Ned, can you help me out with something?” You asked, balancing your phone between your jaw and shoulder as you scrolled through various shopping sites on your computer.

“Look, if it’s about the English homework, I don’t really get it much either.”

You chucked. “No, I got that done an hour ago. But I need help picking out a gift for Peter.”

“Oh, okay. What do you have down so far?”

You went through your short list of things you had bookmarked, all of which were met with noises of disagreeance.

“Eh, I’m not really liking any of them so far. What else do you have?”

You sighed, leaning foward to rest your head on your arms. “That’s all of it.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of work to do before Pete’s birthday.”

Your head shot up. “You mean you’re gonna help me?”

“Of course,” Ned said, but after there was short pause. “But in return, you gotta send me the English homework.”



With Peter’s birthday coming closer, you and Ned spent a lot of your free time trying to narrow down your options for a gift. The two of you had been on every shopping site known to man, but so far you only had a few things picked out, none of which that stood out to you.

“I wanna make this special, I finally have money of my own so I’m actually able to get him something nice.”

Ned glanced over his laptop screen to give you a look. “Oh okay, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

Ned’s smile got wider. “You know.”

“I really don’t.”

“You know..,” He said, waggling his eyebrows. “You having a thing for Peter.”

“Oh come on,” You said, going into full denial mode. “Seriously?”

“Eh, you can deny it all you want. But everyone else notices the doe eyes.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “I do not make doe eyes.”

“Maybe, but Peter does.”



“Hey, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit?” Peter said, showing up at your locker as you started to shove your things into your backpack. “I can order pizza.”

“Ah man, I would. But me and Ned have to do something.” You told him, trying to give him as little detail as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay. I can just tag along instead?”

“No!” You said, much too quickly. “I-I just mean, it’s kind of a me and him thing, y'know?”

Peter didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to tell you that. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

“You’re a doll,” You told him, giving his shoulder a punch. “But we’ll hang out soon, okay?”

Peter didn’t even have time to reply before you took off down the hall.

That was incredibly weird, even for you.

But he was interested in what the two of you were doing. Most of the time, all of you hung out as a collective group. There was the off occasion when Peter would invite you over, but that was more because Aunt May liked having you over for dinner every now and then.

Peter just wasn’t under the impression that you and Ned were that close.


“So, are you free tonight to come over? Aunt May’s making in dinner and wanted me to ask you.” Peter said, once again at your locker after the school day ended.

Just as you were about to answer, Peter could see walking up from the opposite end of the hallway.

“Sorry, Pete. Ned and I are doing something.”

“Again?” Peter couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. The two of you had been running off almost everyday for the past week, and each time he was left out of the circle. He’d try and work his way into tagging along, but you were dead set on Peter not being where you two went.

“Yeah, but I’ll stop by tomorrow, okay?” You said, giving him a smile before catching up with Ned.

Peter’s brows furrowed together. What were the two of you doing?


You looked proudly down at Peter’s present, you had spent the night trying to figure out how to wrap it in the most neat way possible. You had even gone out to buy some fancy ribbon to place around the whole thing.

It had taken some time, but you and Ned finally came up with the perfect idea for a gift for Peter, and you were quite happy with it.

Carefully placing the present into your bag, you left a small note on the kitchen counter for your parents to read so they knew where you’d gone.

You practically sprinted the whole way to Peter’s apartment complex, coming up to the door and knocking rapidly.

Peter was the one who answered, and you instantly pulled him into a hug. “Happy Birthday!”

You had caught him off guard, half because you actually showed up and the other half because of the sudden hug.

“Thank you,” He said with a laugh, returning it before showing you inside. “I’m surprised you made it.”

“Of course I’d make it, what do you mean?”

“Just like, the whole thing with running off with Ned, like every day for the past week.” Peter explained, trying to say it in the least bitter way possible.

“Oh no,” You said, reaching around to pull his gift from your bag. “He was just helping me pick this out for you.”

Peter slowly took it from you. “You didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, but I did,” You said, practically bouncing from excitement. “Open it!”

Peter laughed, starting to undo all the nice wrapping. “Oh wow,” He said quietly once he could see enough of the box to know what it was.

Peter looked up at with wide eyes. “Oh wow.” He said, flipping open the box and pulled out a camera.

You gave him a broad smile. “Do you like it?” You asked him, setting the box on the sofa while you moved to stand beside him. "It’s not very fancy, but I thought it was perfect to start out with.”

“No, No.” Peter said, carefully flipping it over as he examined it. “It’s perfect.”

“Good, took Ned and I days to decide on what to get you. You’ll get his present later though.”

“How much was it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” You said with a cheeky smile before pulling him to the fire escape. “Come on, let’s try it out!”

It was late into the afternoon, so the sky had already begun to shift into various shades of pink and oranges. “This is a great view, give it a whirl.” You encouraged.

Peter brought up the camera to his eyes, taking a second to get used to the features before the skyline came into focus.

He was just about to press the button when he glanced over at you and saw the pure expression of happiness etched across your face as you had all of your focus on the city.

Peter found himself aiming the picture at you instead, and that was when he took it.

“Did you get it? How does it look?” You asked him, still keeping your gaze outward.

Peter pulled the camera down and smiled at you. “Perfect.”

RFA + V/Saeran realize it’s MC’s birthday

Hey all! It’s my birthday today, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to post birthday headcanons. Since I just moved to a new area and know very few people here, I went with more of a “Oh, it’s your birthday???’ vibe rather than (most of them) having known when MC’s birthday is all along.

Requests are open.~


  • you had surprised him at rehearsal with some lunch just bc you wanted to see him on your birthday
  • your phone was blowing up w/ messages from your family
  • he didn’t mean to look, but he glanced and saw a “Happy Birthday!” text
  • s h o c k e d why didn’t you tell him??
  • soon as you left, he was calling Seven
    • “Of course I knew!”
    • “Why didn’t you tell me???”
    • “Figured she’d tell people if she wanted them to know…”
  • welp he was supposed to be rehearsing all day but he wasn’t about to spend all day w/o you
  • so he told his director who totally understood and then left
  • showed up with a dozen roses
    • “Happy Birthday, my princess.”
    • “How did you–”
    • “I saw your phone - I’m sorry. But you deserve to be spoiled today.”
  • spent the rest of the day doing just that


  • bright and early, Seven was calling him
  • he figured this boy needs all the help he can get
    • “Today is what?!” omg what is he going to do he’s got nothing planned!
  • spent all morning shopping - flowers, groceries, he has everything put away before you’d even had your usual morning call
  • when you did call, he hoped you’d mention your birthday but you didn’t
  • he invited you over and you happily agreed
  • you were totally shocked when you arrived and his apartment was decorated for your birthday
  • and something smelled wonderful
  • greeted you at the door w/ a kiss and flowers
    • “Happy Birthday, MC~!”
  • he cooked two of your favorite meals for lunch and dinner and you spent all day cuddling and watching romance movies


  • she had asked you a while ago because she kept all the files of RFA members up-to-date
  • she’d made a note on her calendar and had it remind her a week in advance there’s no catching her off guard
  • but you hadn’t mentioned it since? to her or any of the members?
  • you forgot she knew tbqh
  • she assumed this meant you didn’t want a huge fuss but she wanted to do something
  • she ended up making a small cake for you the day before to wake up to the next morning
  • and she turned off your alarm she had worked through enough birthdays and you deserved the day off
  • closed the bakery early to spend more time with you
  • you couldn’t believe she remembered! you didn’t think you could love her any more but you were wrong
  • spent the rest of the day cuddling under blankets watching whatever you wanted to watch Zen’s musicals were definitely part of it tho


  • you had pointedly not told him bc you knew it would be over the top and you felt guilty
  • the boy already buys you basically anything you show the slightest interest in
  • you breathed in the direction of a designer toilet seat once and it took like three hours to convince him it wasn’t a hint that you wanted it does anyone need something like that jfc
  • but he found out on the day of, when you got a call from your parents singing Happy Birthday to you
  • you were embarrassed
    • “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it…”
  • too late, he had already picked up his phone
    • “Jaehee, cancel all my plans for the day. It is MC’s birthday.”
  • bc it’s Jaehee, she foresaw this outcome and had not scheduled him anything today anyway
  • he made you strawberry pancakes and served them to you in bed
  • had the chef make your favorite meals the rest of the day
  • bc he couldn’t resist, he bought you a new dress and jewelry to match but otherwise did a good job respecting that you didn’t want it to be a spectacle


  • he knew of course, he’d known since day one
  • but you didn’t know he knew
  • which means his surprise party would be extra surprising he only hoped you liked that kind of thing
  • sent you on a scavenger hunt while he got everything ready, your party was totally space-themed
  • by then, you realized he knew
  • but you thought the scavenger hunt was it
  • so when it led you to his house, you were just expecting him with a goofy grin and honey buddha chips or something
  • then the door sang Happy Birthday to you which you loved
  • when you came in and all of RFA yelled “Surprise!” you almost cried
    • “I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was expecting anything so I didn’t tell anyone…thank you so much.” you felt so special
  • lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and making everyone tell you two to get a room


  • you were cooking lunch when you finally said something out of necessity
    • “Oh, my parents are insisting on taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight…I’d love it if you came, too.”
  • you heard him set his pipe on the table and you turned around
  • he was silent for a moment
    • “…It’s your birthday?”
  • he looks hurt oh no this is not what you wanted
  • you had started to ramble, wanting him to understand
    • “Oh, I didn’t tell anyone! It’s honestly…just another day for me. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”
  • he made his way to the kitchen and placed a kiss on your cheek
  • felt around for your hands and laced his fingers through them
    • “Of course I’ll go to dinner with you. But can I make the day at least a little special for you?”
  • how can you say no to that
  • so you two dressed up and took lots of pictures together and he takes lots of you
  • they turned out amazing even with his limited vision


  • woke up w/ a groan and Saeyoung standing over him
    • “So what are you gonna do for MC for her birthday?”
  • what
  • was he supposed to know it was your birthday?
  • is that a thing he’s supposed to do? shit
  • deadpan stare, Saeyoung was almost sure he was gonna get punched
    • “…got any ideas?”
    • “Oh! Oh! Tons!”
  • he turned them all down
  • in the end he went with something pretty simple
  • surprised you with ice cream and your favorite cookies
  • and promised to do whatever you wanted all day pls don’t abuse it
  • you were super touched and looked at him with surprise
    • “But…how did you know? I didn’t tell anyone.”
  • you both ended up glaring at a snickering Saeyoung
  • while you were both secretly grateful bc it was a really nice day 
Sisterly Love, LMM/Reader

Prompt: I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend + Lin-Manuel Miranda

Words: 1391 (WOW, so long!)

Author’s Note: The longest fic I’ve written so far! I honestly love writing for Lin so much, it’s so easy because he’s literally the love of my life???

Warnings: Like one curse word? Responsible drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids).

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

You had been independent your whole life - an occasional date here or there, maybe a relationship once in a blue moon. This led to a lot of nagging from your family, especially your older sister. She was lucky enough to find her girlfriend - now fiance - freshman year of high school.

This led her to believe it was her duty to set you up with your soulmate. You allowed her a few blind dates, but moved to New York when a job opportunity arose.

You were very grateful for the work and for the escape. That didn’t stop her from sending texts or calling you about a ‘special someone’.

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Draco Malfoy; The Fifth of June

Happy Birthday Draco Lucius Malfoy


You looked up it was June 5th. Your fifteenth birthday, you were still at Hogwarts with a book and a box with a present. The box was filled with three knuts and a hand made scarf. You smiled at the gift. Your family was to say not the wealthiest of wizards and witches. When you got accepted into Hogwarts; they had to provide money for all your supplies. Every birthday consisted of your dad working hard enough to buy a small cake for you with one candle always on the top.

‘Dear Y/N,

Happy Birthday, my dearie. Grandma made you the scarf and I hope the money is enough for a small snack. We all love you.

- from everyone at home’

You put the scarf your grandma made, around your neck and decided to leave the Ravenclaw Common Room to go to Hogsmeade. You wore your robes since they it was the warmest thing you had. The only robe you had. You sighed and walked out of the dorm you shared with two other girls. A group of Ravenclaws were laughing, you knew most of them and they knew you, but weren’t your friends. No one knew it was your birthday except one person. You were heading to Hogsmeade to meet that person.

You entered Hogsmeade, it was raining white. The artificial snow felt so real. The snow freckled your hair, the coldness made your cheeks and nose a Santa red hue. You went to madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and entered with a smile.

“Y/N. How are you my sweet!?” Madam Puddifoot asked. You grinned, “I’m fine, thank you.” You replied, putting on an apron. “I’m here to help.” You told her. “No, no, you aren’t. You think I forgot? It’s your birthday today!” Puddifoot exclaimed. “And I made you a treat.” Madam Puddifoot took out a cupcake with a milkshake. “No, thank you I’m fine I can assure you.” You refused her treat.

“Sit down and eat.” She ordered. You grinned and sat down slowly munching on the cupcake. Your hands a tad pink and numb due to the immense coldness. Your hair getting wet in certain spots, because of the snow melting at the warm temperature.

Meanwhile, a platinum blonde Malfoy was celebrating his birthday the worst way possible. With Pansy. Pansy dragged him to Madam Puddifoot’s for his birthday. Pansy excused herself to the ladies room giving Draco a peck on the cheek. Draco eavesdropped on your conversation with Madam Puddifoot.

“… You think I forgot? It’s your birthday today!” Madam Puddifoot exclaimed. Draco saw how you refused her offer of the treats, then your body in a relaxed position eating a cupcake. He studied you more, how you wore your robes instead of a heavy jacket, you weren’t even dressed to the correct weather, he saw the scarf that engulfed your neck and recognized that it was handmade since it was made sloppily.

“Happy birthday Y/N.” Puddifoot cooed. “Thank you so much.” You cried. Tears flowed down your warm cheeks, you coughed and grinned. Madam Puddifoot hugged you over the counter.

Draco didn’t foreshadow what was so kind of a woman giving food to you that it’ll make you cry.

“My father always worked so hard to just afford a small cake for me, my mom, my grandma, and himself to eat for my birthday. Heh, I wasn’t exactly the wealthiest of wizards and witches.” You sniffed, “So thank you. Haven’t received a proper ‘happy birthday’ in a long time by anyone else except my family.”

Draco then saw a part of your face. Then it hit him. You were her.

During Draco’s second year, he had a liking for a young, H/C girl that was in his year. They talked for awhile, having random encounters, sometimes they’ll long deep conversation and laughs with each other. That’s till Draco was told by her that she was actually a muggleborn witch. Draco being so biased and a believer of blood purity, he spat at her slurs and shoved her off to the side. Then they never talked again.

Draco never really liked anyone then, and was actually heartbroken. Draco went out of the tea shop. Draco decided to ditch Pansy either way.

Draco went to all the shops to find a gift for you. To make up for his horrible words and doings. He went into a jewelry shop, filled with some antiques.

“Hello my boy. What can I get for you?” An elderly man asked. Draco nervously said, “Well what can I get for a girl. A girl’s birthday. I’ve hurt her feelings long ago and-,”

“You like the girl don’t yah?” The man chuckled. “Well I’ve never offered this to anyone, but I’ll do this since I don’t have any reason not to. This young man was made by a witch, she made this for her husband, sadly they both died together in some accident. It’s not cursed, but it is tied to some source of power. It’s said to connect the next owner to its lover. Soulmate. Here you go.” The man handed Draco the necklace.

Draco payed the man and left the shop. He went back to the tea shop and saw you sucking on the straw of the milkshake. Draco slowly crept up on you. “Y/N.” Draco called out, you turned around in surprise. “Hello, who are you?” You questioned. “I’m Draco. The arrogant boy that hurt your feelings in second year. Happy birthday.” Draco gave you the necklace.

Your mouth ajar, your mind trying to render what happened.


“You stupid Mudblood I never want you in my sight!” Draco yelled at you. Your eyes watered, “OK.” You walked out not looking back, fearing you’ll break down in front of him.

|Retrospect End|

“Draco Malfoy.” You muttered. “How did he know it was my birthday?” You mumbled. “I was eavesdropping.” Draco sheepishly grinned. “Thank you Draco. Happy birthday to you too, I didn’t really know it was your birthday till Pansy screeched the whole song out loud.” You and Draco laughed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything.” You pouted. “It’s alright.” Draco said, you looked up into his eyes. You pecked his lips and pulled away slowly. Draco stayed stunned, blinking quickly. He looked down at the necklace and put it over your head pulling your hair out of the way.

“I love you.” Draco blurted. It and out of his own mouth and he didn’t know what was happening really. “I love you too.” You whispered.

“Happy birthday Y/N.”

“Happy birthday Draco Malfoy.”

Five Years Later

You laid in a hospital bed at Saint Mungos. Exhausted, happy, and proud. It was a long trip and an incident that happened. You and Draco were fairly young and just engaged.

You heard loud cries that echoed, a nurse brought in a small baby wrapped into a baby pink blanket. Draco clutched your hand. He was sweating, nervous after going through so much as you did.

“We did it.” You muttered. “We did.” Draco sighed. “Here’s the little girl.” The nurse gave you the baby, that immediately hushed down to low whimpers.

“Happy birthday, Araceli June Malfoy, happy birthday to you.” You and Draco cooed in unison.

“Happy birthday Draco.”

“Happy birthday Y/N.”

Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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You Deserve The World

Summary: Dan is deaf and doesn’t have many friends at his school. Phil is the new kid who meets Dan on his first day. They instantly bond the moment Dan learns that Phil knows sign language. They become best friends because of this.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 3,320

A/N: This is not Christmas related whatsoever but us admins over at phanfictioncatalogue are doing secret santa again this year, so this is my fic for @phandommother aka my child. Merry Christmas, Julie! Hope you like the fic <3

A/N #2: I’m not an expert with hearing aids or sign language so I apologize if anything in this fic is incorrect. Please message me and I will happily change if anything is wrong, and also… italics will be Dan and Phil talking in sign language :D

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Every Day (Part 2) - Calum Hood

Thank you to those who requested a part 2 for this! Hope you enjoy it :)

Part 1 

SUMMARY: Somehow along the lines of their relationship, Calum and Y/N fuck up and Y/N is tired of a failing relationship lingering on. She ends things but Calum is dumbfounded and tries to fix it with constant pleading. She doesn’t budge and so Calum’s logical idea is to send her a bouquet of flowers every day for every day that he loves her. 

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful. In which the only “event” was opening your front door and finding a bouquet of flowers laying there. Every. Day. 

On Day 8 and every day after that, Calum started sending bigger cards. Like the regular sized cards that you’d buy for someone’s birthday or graduation instead of the small notecards that usually came with bouquets. He wrote that he upgraded to a bigger size because “if I just wrote the number of days then I’d be counting down the days until I die. So I decided to write more than that. That way it’ll feel like I still get to talk to you… Even though you most likely won’t write me back.” 

Despite this going on for just a short time it’s become a part of what you do everyday. Wake up, open the front door, and pick up the flowers that he left there. You didn’t really react to it much other than reading the card and putting the flowers in some water. You didn’t text him, call him, or track him down. All you did was anticipate the next day. You thought to yourself that maybe these are just baby steps to talking to him again. But right now you wanted a bit of space. Ironic since he’s been giving you a bit of space the past two months. 

You also thought initially that maybe he just got them delivered to you (he admitted this also on Day 8 when he upgraded to bigger cards) but no he actually wakes up everyday, buys a bouquet of flowers (a different kind each day), goes all the way to your house from wherever he is, and leaves it right at the foot of the door. 

You have to give him props though for always seeming to go at a time where you aren’t leaving your house to go out. He didn’t really have a plan either since each time was different. He didn’t always go at noon or at night. And you were kind of grateful for that because it would’ve been slightly awkward if you caught him setting them down. 

He knew you were hurt and still are but he accepts the fact that you guys are broken up but he’s determined for a second chance. Some days you wished something tragic and scandalous happened to your guys’ relationship just so that there seemed to be a good enough reason as to how you guys ended like this especially after being together for four years. But no, really what had happened was that you two argued, he turned into a sarcastic smart ass so you stopped trying to talk to him and he seemed to act like he didn’t mind. The two of you got so used to the lack of communication that nothing was ever resolved. You guys had those two months to try and fix things but was it too late now? 


I moved back in with Ashton the night Y/N told me to leave. I left at her request and didn’t push it any further seeing how tired she looked, and I don’t mean I want to sleep tired but more so this relationship is draining me tired. Every argument we had she would cry and yell at me. This time around she still cried but never once rose her voice at me. And that was more scary than anytime she has ever screamed at me. 

“I don’t know mate, do you think I’m the one to blame?” I asked Ashton as we sat at his table eating breakfast. I haven’t really told him the whole story rather than “Y/N and I broke up but I need to go buy her flowers everyday.“ In which he looked at me as if I went crazy. 

"No, I think the both of you are to blame. You guys both stopped talking to each other and both didn’t really do anything about it." 

"Yeah I guess you’re right. I just can’t help but feel overwhelmingly guilty. Because to be honest…” Ashton stopped eating and looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “I kind of liked feeling like I wasn’t in a relationship. There was no obligations or responsibilities I mean I don’t know if that’s normal for couples to feel like that every now and then. But- you know I liked not having to worry about her whereabouts and if she was having fun at a party I dragged her too or at some dinner with friends. I liked not having to text her where I’m at, what I’m doing, or some other shit I don’t know. My mind is just a mess. I just know I definitely don’t feel that way anymore.” I slumped back in the chair, looking at the food that I didn’t even want to eat anymore. 

Ashton looked down, trying to figure out what the best thing is that he could say to me. “I mean, it makes sense I guess. Kind of like how parents want to get away from their kid every now and then. You know just go on a vacation with their husband or wife, go on a date night, or have some alone time but at the end of the day they’re always gonna think about their child and love their child. So yeah, I think everyone needs some space once in a while." 

"But it was two months Ash,” I commented back, “parents probably don’t go on vacation without their kid for two months until they’re old enough to look after themselves or moved out already. They probably just go on a weekend getaway or whatever.” I saw Ashton’s face react to what I said, knowing that I did make a pretty a good point. But it was true. Two months was way too long to neglect a significant other. "You know when I walked in and she was FaceTiming her best friend that was probably the first time I heard her voice sound quirky and hearing her giggling. And I wish she was doing all that to me but the moment she turned around and saw me she completely changed her attitude. Then that’s when she told me.“ 

"And your plan is to leave her flowers everyday at her door?" 

"Well yeah. I know her. She’s not gonna want to talk to me. So my plan is to indirectly talk to her." 

Ashton nodded and grabbed both of our plates to clean up. I got up myself and put my shoes on, needing to go to the florist since today was a particular special day. 

Y/N’s POV 

Today was your birthday. You weren’t doing anything to celebrate besides hanging out with your best friend. He insisted on flying over to spend a little over a week with you saying it was no big deal. You asked him to at least stay with you to help him cut down on expenses from paying for a hotel. 

"Flowers huh? Sounds pretty romantic." 

"Well he does have quite a lot to make up for for not being so romantic the past months." 

‘A lot to make up for’? So you’re gonna give him another chance?“ 

You looked at your best friend sitting in the passenger seat, thinking to yourself that maybe that wasn’t the nicest choice of words. "It’s complicated,” is all you said back to him. 

“Y/N, you guys were together for four years. That’s a long ass time. I just could never picture you guys being broken up." 

"Well we are.” You said sternly. 

“For now,” he said back quietly. And you looked at him again and saw a little smirk on his face. 

After picking him up from the airport, you just parked in the driveway since you’ll be going out later anyways for a birthday dinner. You opened the front door as he rolled in his luggage. 

“Oh shoot, I forgot to fix up your room.” You told him, quickly realizing that you left the bedsheets in the dryer. 

“Oh that’s no problem, no rush.” He followed you to the guest room to put his suitcase away. As soon as he set it down, he patted his pockets looking for his phone but thinking he might have left it in your car. “Y/N I think I left my phone in your car." 

"Huh? Oh my keys are on the counter,” you said gathering all the linen out of the dryer. 

Y/BF/N left you busy fixing up the guest bedroom to get his phone. He grabbed your keys and went out the front door only to open it to a surprise. 

“Woah Calum?" 

"Y/BF/N?” He quickly shut the door so you wouldn’t hear them. Y/BF/N just caught Calum dropping off the flowers. And not just one bouquet, but seven. 

“Uh- You probably know but uh- the flowers are kind of-” Calum stuttered. 

“It’s alright Cal, she told me what happened.” He walked to your car to get his phone. “Um, but I’m here for her birthday. I don’t want you to think that I like moved in or something and we started-" 

"Oh yeah no, no. It’s cool. I would never think that about you,” Calum said setting the bouquets down neatly at the door. 

Y/BF/N stood there closing the car door after finding his phone, feeling completely awkward that he felt the need to clear the air in case Calum thought Y/N moved on to her best friend and he backstabbed Calum. 

“Okay, great, well now I feel awkward,” Y/BF/N said back to him and Calum laughed at that. 

“Yeah, well, can you just make sure she gets the flowers,” Calum asked pretty sadly, embarrassed that your best friend knew the state of your guys’ relationship. 

"Yeah man, I gotchu.” Y/BF/N patted Calum on the back. 

Calum and Y/BF/N weren’t exactly best friends but they weren’t acquaintances either. They said a quick goodbye before Y/N would get curious as to why it’s taking so long to find his phone. He opened the front door again and called out for her once Calum was completely gone. 

“Y/N! You have a delivery.” You walked out of the guest room to see Y/BF/N standing there with bouquets of flowers at his feet. He bent over to pick them up, closing the door with his foot, and setting them down on the table. 

“He was just here?" 

"Yeah, he looked pretty fucking sad Y/N." 

You ignored his comment too busy looking for the card that was always there. You immediately found a white envelope in the bunch of red roses and brought it over to the couch. Y/BF/N followed and hunched behind you from the couch. He peeked over to read it and you didn’t pull away to keep it for your eyes only. Seeing as you told Y/BF/N everything and they happened to have just awkwardly seen each other minutes ago, it was okay for you to let him see what kind of things Calum writes to you. 

You opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It read: 

Day 15 

"Today is your birthday… So on top of sending just one bouquet I thought I’d mix it up a bit and send you a bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and some other flowers that I forgot what the florist said. These bouquets are as beautiful as I view you. I always thought you were beautiful. And I hope I can see your beautiful face again. Happy Birthday Y/N." 

"Damn,” Y/BF/N said still looking at the card. “He. Really. Isn’t. Joking.” You laughed at him and put the card away while going over to put all the flowers in a vase. 

“Y/N I think I’m finally going to give you some advice." 

"Oh this should be good,” you said with a smile on your face. 

“Only because this is a sad situation for the both of you but… Calum’s trying. The both of you fucked up the past two months of your relationship but he’s trying. Don’t you think you owe him something back?" 

You stared at him, not really sure where he was going with this but wanting him to continue. "Like what?" 

"Like talking to him face to face? It would be easier for him than trying to fit what he wants to say on a card." 

"No, I don’t want to talk to him. I’m not ready to talk to him." 

"But you like getting these flowers Y/N. You like finding a card with them and reading each one and what he says. I saw how quick you were to find that envelope and open it. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have even bothered to bring in the flowers." 

Ok he had a point. You’re still mad about how things happened and how they ended but you had to admit this whole flower bouquet thing is a pretty sweet gesture. You looked down and leaned against the counter. 

"I may not have been here for each bouquet he sent and will send in the future but I am your best friend Y/N and I know you like getting them. I don’t like seeing you not happy." 

"I’m gonna start getting ready.” You said back to him, completely ignoring what he last said. But he was right. You aren’t happy but you were happy with Calum. But when things were in that “honeymoon phase” between you two. And now all you have are flowers and a card to look forward to from him. But why are you so scared to actually confront him and talk about it again? Like deeply talk about it. Because truthfully, you’re scared that things will gradually go back to what they came to be. 

The weirdest yet the most sensible way that Y/N could describe receiving daily bouquets from Calum was being in a relationship with a ghost who was alive. He was there but he was not. And they didn’t talk, but in a way, they sort of did. 

You celebrated your birthday with Italian food and wine. It wasn’t that extravagant but you did have a strong love for Italian food and wine. 

For the next week that Y/BF/N was here for was spent by watching movies, going shopping, eating out, and hanging with other friends. But of course he had to go back home. As you drove him to the airport you were feeling kind of sad that he had to go. You were having so much fun with him and having someone be at home with you that you didn’t want to be alone again. 

“Call me Y/N. Anytime. Any day. I mean it,” he said while hugging you. You softly told him goodbye and gave him a smile as you watched him walk into check-in. You got back into your car and drove back home. Back to a place that would be quiet and lonely again. You woke up pretty early today and decided to go straight to your bed for a little nap. 

Once you woke up again it was around 5:00 and you decided to start making dinner. It has become a habit to turn on the TV whenever you were doing anything. Hearing talking in the background didn’t make you feel so alone in the house. You ate dinner in front of the TV and spent the rest of the night on YouTube and FaceTiming your best friend when he had finally landed safely. And before you knew it, you were back in bed. 

“God living alone is so boring,” you thought to yourself as you pulled back the covers. You stayed up a bit scrolling through your phone until you realized something, making your eyes go wide and letting a gasp escape your mouth. 

You quickly got out of bed, ran down the stairs, and opened the front door. You thought back to today’s activities. Going out to check the mail. Driving to get breakfast with Y/BF/N. Dropping him off at the airport. Coming back home and napping. Cooking dinner. Watching TV. Talking on the phone. But nothing. You stared at the ground outside for a while and thought that if a neighbor saw you right now they’d probably think you look crazy. 

But you had a good reason to feel a little crazy right now. 

You hadn’t received a single bouquet of flowers that day.

And there’s part 2! As always, let me know what you think and if you want to read a part 3!

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BBRae Week: Day 5

Casual Love vs Marriage

Yeah, both.

Friday nights were drinking nights.

No matter how busy their lives got, or how complicated, that was never likely to change, and it was something the group was rather vigilant on.

It had been a year that Kory and Richard were married, and the crew wanted to do something big for their best friends, to help celebrate when they got back from their anniversary getaway.

They’d made reservations at the couple’s favourite bar, invited everyone that had ever befriended them, and pooled in some hard-earned cash to buy out most the beer and liquor the place served.

Raven, Terra, and Karen had volunteered to show up early and put up a few decorations before anyone got there. Luckily, the original gang had spent so much time and money at this bar, that the owner had virtually no qualms with helping them out, especially when they’d often left him and his staff a generous tip by the end of every night.

It also helped that their presence, being former Teen Titans, drove in revenue and attention to the otherwise quiet establishment. It was always a full house any Friday the team decided to hit it up for their weekly drinking and socializing festivities.

“You know, it doesn’t look too shabby,” Victor had remarked when he’d stepped into the closed off area of the bar the girls had been decorating. His mechanical fingers rubbed at his chin as he contemplated the room around him.

“You say that like you almost expected it to look like shit,” Terra scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

[but there’s more under the cut!]

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Oliver’s Birthdays

General | Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | Fluff | Read on AO3

A/N: A happy birthday fic that somehow became a story last night. Hope everyone enjoys it! 

He wakes up to someone pounding on the door, repeatedly screaming, “Ollie! Ollie!” It’s five. Because the only thing better than Thea’s own birthday is her older brother’s special day. Mostly so that she can ruin it for him. But today he smiles. It’s his fourteenth birthday today. Only two more years and he can get his license. And today his dad promised to take him fishing.

“I’m coming, Speedy.” He rolls out of bed, nearly bonking his head on the nightstand, and runs to the door. Thea’s standing outside, in only her Cinderella underwear, bouncing up and down. She’s holding a present that’s so crudely wrapped he almost laughs. But he doesn’t, and instead, scoops her up and carries her back to his bed. “What’s in here?”

“Your…pre-sent.” Usually, it comes out as ‘pwesent’ but today she says it correctly. Mostly because he spent the past two weeks teaching her. “Open it!”

He chuckles as he unwraps it, smiling when the present falls onto his lap. It’s a tiger. The wooden one he told Thea was cute when they went to the zoo a few weeks ago. “Aw, Thea. It’s adorable.” He cuddles her close to him, laughing when she erupts into a fit of giggles. “Thank you.”

“You like it?”

“I love it.”

He wakes up with a hangover on his eighteenth birthday. A hammer pounds inside his head, which sends him to the bathroom to throw up. He should be used to this by now. It’s not the first time he’s partied all night. But the first birthday that begins with him lying on the tile floor, shivering.


His mother.

“Not now, Mom.”

“Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah. I’m fine.”

There was a pause, but then she says, “Well, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I need to go to the office, but Raisa has waffles downstairs.”

The mention of his favorite food makes him throw up again. This time, his mom knocks hard on the bathroom door. “Oliver, are you all right ?”

She has to know what he’d been doing last night. But she’s too blind. Oliver wipes the puke off his lips and pushes himself up. “I’m okay, Mom. I promise. Just a little…sick.”

“Okay. Well…happy birthday. Your dad and I love you very much.”

“Love you too.”

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As a baptan stan, every time I see people say things like “b.a.p would have been as popular as bts is right now if it wasn’t for the hiatus” or “b.a.p fans left and became bts fans because they got bored of waiting during the hiatus” I kind of want to bash my head against a real living version of the stupid ass tsent tree logo. 

I mean of course the hiatus did come at a bad time in terms of where they were in their career, and some fans did leave, so ultimately it did harm their popularity. But seeing this repeated everywhere sheds unnecessary negativity on the hiatus which we really don’t need because there’s already enough of that. B.a.p filed a lawsuit because they were being mistreated and taken advantage of by their shitty company, and were on hiatus for so long because said shitty company played dirty and kept postponing things and dragging it out. (Also please don’t ever wish b.a.p never took action to protect themselves for the sake of maintaining their popularity - wouldn’t it be hypocritical for a group known for their musical themes of social justice and standing up for what’s right to stand down when it came to their own matters and let themselves be used like that? Of course we don’t know exactly how things are now, but if they have money to buy cars and get time to go on holiday and see their families etc, it’s definitely better than before. Popularity is not more important than health etc.) 

Do you really think that a company who still pays their managers two months late, and announced a world tour out of the blue even though b.a.p members on several occasions said that they wanted to stay in korea in 2017 and focus on domestic activities (at least someone knows how to promote), would be able to put in half the thought and promotion that bighit has been doing since day 1? Of course nobody could predict the extent of the immense popularity bts has acquired (and several other kpop groups, or kpop in general recently), but bighit has been consistently marketing bts so well even since before debut: they were inevitably going to have a strong breakthrough of some sort.

Since everyone seems to be so eager to keep comparing the two groups (??????? never understood it and the pettiness shown by some fans from both sides????? please don’t be a loser thank you), let’s compare the management and marketing for a minute instead. 

Awesome things bighit has done to show they actually care about their group: 

  • constant presence on social media (twitter, facebook, youtube!!!!!!!! personally what made me really pay attention to bts back in 2013 was their bangtan bombs - humour reaches people where music taste might not)
  • actual dance practice videos!! (it’s ridiculous how easy it is to get views on youtube and yet we only have 2 proper b.a.p dance practice videos???)
  • focused on constantly promoting in korea without running the bts members into the ground and instead waiting for good times to go on tours, thus establishing a strong fanbase in korea (very important!!!!!)
  • don’t want to go on variety shows? make your own! bts run and gayo videos on v app - cheap and easy way of keeping fans interested during times when there’s not much new content

Stupid ass things ts did before the lawsuit (aside from the whole mistreating them thing y’know) that limited b.a.p’s popularity from the start and showed that they didn’t give a shit about their main money-makers:

  • not doing any of the cool things above that bighit does
  • no but seriously where the FUk are the dance practice videos???? listen this loses ts out on millions of youtube views I don’t understand what’s so hard? about filming them doing what they do all the time? and posting it?

Stupid ass things ts does now after the hiatus:

  • hahaha international fans = $$$$$$ right? milk out the international fans and throw b.a.p on an impromptu world tour when you’re in debt why not
  • it’s not like b.a.p is a korean group living and promoting in korea right? not like appealing to potential korean fans matters right? of course not hahahah :))
  • only gave b.a.p two-ish weeks to promote wake me up instead of the usual four (+ extra week of follow-up promos) to squeeze in said world tour
  • literally does not know how to promote - spends a load of money making nice music videos but then doesn’t seem to care about getting people to watch them

So basically, even if the whole mistreatment/lawsuit/hiatus thing hadn’t happened, and music styles/member personalities/etc aside, as long as b.a.p was with ts to begin with, you can’t really say they could have been as popular as bts. If they had debuted with a better company - well that’s too much guessing - we really can’t know what might have happened then. People really like to exaggerate how popular b.a.p was before the lawsuit and talk as if the hiatus completely destroyed them - really not the case. To quote something I wrote on a previous post:

people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others 


So final remarks:

  • let’s please stop comparing everything b.a.p ever does to bts. and before you somehow call me out for doing that on this post, the point i’m trying to make is they’re really not the same and bts’s success was not a direct result of b.a.p’s hiatus. sure, it might have made a tiny impact in 2015, but right now? really? nope
  • b.a.p hasn’t been frozen in time since 2014? they’ve been active and gaining fans for the last year and a half. take a look at b.a.p mvs’ youtube comments and see how many people are curious and wanting to learn more. see how many new b.a.p blogs are popping up on tumblr. see how many more people are starting to make gifsets etc. see how many more views their comeback stage for wake me up got compared to any of their other post-hiatus comeback stages.
  • neither b.a.p nor their fans need pity

and on the bright (?) side, some slightly nicer things ts has done recently / since the hiatus:

  • this 찰떡B.A.P series on youtube and v app - posting fun videos at times when there’s no new content thus keeping a constant stream of it to keep fans entertained (finally)
  • letting the b.a.p members have more creative freedom. letting yongguk and sometimes zelo and the other members control their music, their concepts, their music videos etc clearly resulted in better quality music.
  • let jongup have blue hair
  • ;) semi out

For everyone who asked.


He rattles up the driveway, the rattling a function of his automobile rather than the O'Keefes’ smooth asphalt. He parks under the basketball hoop, blocking the garage.

Fallen branches litter the yard. A shutter is down from one of the dormer windows, and the landscaping looks threadbare in places. A Japanese maple is split down the center.

Henry is gathering this debris from the storm, hauling it into a large pile in front of the house. He wears a Princeton sweatshirt and jeans, a Nationals cap pulled over his hair. He pauses in his work to greet Mulder. There are wet leaves on his hands.

“Didn’t expect to see you,” Mulder says, stepping over a rake to shake hands. “I was planning a drop-and-dash.” He holds out Scully’s wooden umbrella, her jumper cables.

“Well, you can just, um, set that stuff on the bench I suppose. Dana’s in surgery all day, but I can put it in her car when she gets home.” Henry jams his hands in his pockets, rocks back on his heels.

“Okay,” Mulder says. He lays the items on the bench, then surveys the yard with a kind of awe at the destruction. “Hell of a mess.”

Henry sighs. “I know they were calling for it, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for what we got. You know Dana has a big crack in her windshield.”

Mulder’s eyebrows go up, as this is news to him. “She okay?”

“Oh, she’s fine, but she was pretty shaken when she got home last night.” He studies Mulder carefully. “Must have been a rough drive home, huh?”

“Must have been.”

They are silent for a time.

“You need any help cleaning up?” Mulder asks. “It’s the least I could do after you were nice enough to buy me birthday champagne.”

Henry shakes his head. “No, thank you for the offer though. Glad you had a good night despite the weather. You’re hard to shop for, though Dana said you wouldn’t want a gift.”

Mulder looks away. “I don’t need much.“

Henry picks the rake up, leans on the handle as he presses the tines into the soft earth. “I love my wife,” he says. “And so do you. Some people might say that puts us at odds, Mulder.”

Mulder meets Henry’s gaze. “It would be an understandable, if incorrect assumption.”

Henry shifts. “I don’t want to be at odds with you. You….you’re her friend. You represent a part of her life I can never fully understand. When I lost Joan I thought I’d…well. I know we all have our ghosts.”

“Nothing happened last night, Henry.”

Henry stiffens. “Pardon?”

Mulder holds his hands out, open. “I feel like I need to just say it, okay? Nothing inappropriate happened. My battery was dead and we realized we both had too much too drink, so we waited the storm out in my car. Her phone got wet and ruined so she couldn’t call. She adores you and your kids and that Ewok of a dog.”

Henry closes his eyes for a long moment, then opens them. “Thanks for bringing her things back. I’ll tell her you came by.”

Mulder nods. He gets into his car and backs down the driveway, navigating fallen limbs as he does. On the radio, Tom Petty’s singing about his last dance with Mary Jane. Mulder turns the volume up and sings along.

Nagi Bday Card (2017) Rabicha Spoilers

I wanted to post this on 20th but part 3 got me and I’m so slow at training cards.. Nagi, happy birthday! We love you!!!💛 

*warning* kinda spoiler-ish and bad english hahah

Part 1

Last year, they couldn’t celebrate Nagi’s birthday properly because he had to return to Northmare. 

Nagi: I wanted to have a match with Iori, see Yamato’s embarrassed face, eat Mitsuki’s dinner, watch Kokona all night with Tamaki, have a tea party with Sougo, and take lots of photos with Riku. 

Nagi: But all of these weren’t granted in the end. 

Tsumugi: Nagi-san… 

Tsumugi: Let’s do all of them, this year for sure! 

Nagi: Can we? 

Tsumugi: We will!!! 

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The Grumpiest Birthday Boy (Logan Howlett x Reader)

Summary:  You’ve been close to Logan for a very long time and you know how taxing his day job is. You’re also one of the few people who know Logan’s actual birthday, so when that exciting day rolls around you decide to buy him a cake and have a small celebration.

Warning: Language

A/N: This one is a little shorter than normal. Hope you enjoy. 

Originally posted by ragazzadibossi

The world was an ugly place, especially on the fringes of the cities. It took a toll on everyone, but no one showed the weight of the world like Logan Howlett. You’d known Logan for a long time, and you watched as the world etched more and more cracks into his face and dyed his hair gray. You were one of the few who knew about him and his hidden mutant friends. You battled through his grumpy and combative nature and discovered the hidden kindness.

It took you nearly an entire year of subtle hints and persistent nagging to figure out Logan’s birthday. He liked to use the excuse that he didn’t remember his birthday—that he had never celebrated his birthday. But eventually he gave you a date. It was probably made up, but you held on to it. You were determined to celebrate with him. Maybe to offer some kind of brightness in his otherwise grim existence.

On the big day you handmade a birthday cake that any bakery would be proud of. It was perfectly golden and round. Even the icing you added turned out perfect. It was even, smooth, and tasted delicious. By the time it was finished the sun was beginning to set. Getting to Logan’s hide out was a task of its own. You had to take back road after back road, traveling over dirt roads and watching your back for anyone who might be following you. By the time you got to the old warehouse and fallen silo the stars are high in the sky.

You see Logan walking from the silo to the warehouse when you step out of your car.

“Hey Logan!” you call out, carefully carrying the cake container.

The man turns his head to glance at you before continuing on his way. You follow behind him, knowing that he would slow down enough to let you catch up. You’re by his side as soon as you step into the warehouse.

“Why’re you up so late? Don’t you normally go to sleep at like six.”

“I stay up late on special nights.”

You squeeze past him and make your way further into the warehouse. Caliban is nowhere to be seen and you’re thankful for the moment alone with Logan.

“Oh? And what’s so fucking special about this night?”

“Well if you’ll remember about two months ago you told me your birthday. Now before you say anything, I know that you told me some random day so I would stop nagging you, but I really wanted to do something special for you.” You set the cake container of the first open flat surface you can find. “So I made a birthday cake and figured we could have a little celebration.”

You hear a deep grumble come from Logan’s chest. “I don’t want a fucking celebration.”

Before he can walk away you grab his arm and tug him closer to the cake.

“Come on. I spent all day making this cake. Are you really going to waste all of my hard work?”

Logan glances at the cake, but still doesn’t seem interested in eating it.

“It’s really good. I promise.”

Logan grunts before finally conceding and moving closer to you. You whip the top of the container off of the cake and present it with a flourish.

“Help yourself! I even remembered to bring forks. No plates though.”

You hand Logan one of the forks that was taped to the top of the container. You watch with anticipation as Logan digs the fork into the cake and takes a bite. Maybe watching the man eat was a little creepy, but you were just excited.

“Cake’s all right.”

He takes another fork full of the cake.

His reaction is less than exciting, but in your experience you know the importance of even the smallest amount of praise. And the fact that he’s still eating is the greatest compliment he could give. 

“So are you just gonna stand there and watch me eat or are you gonna come and taste it for yourself.”

You smile to yourself before stepping next to the man and using your own fork to dig in. It wasn’t much of a celebration, but at least you could make Logan’s night a little better.

Original Request:  My heart is still in pieces after seeing Logan. Could you write an insert where the reader!human surprises Old Logan with a birthday cake after a late Uber shift. Its been so long since someone remembered his birthday. Something sweet in the dawn of night :)

always say what’s on your mind

pairing: yugyeom x reader
genre/warning: no warning. maknae fluff.
word count: 831
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘bibia be ye ye’ from his new album divide.
a/n: this one kind of ran away with itself. a bit longer than intended. 

The captain comes over the intercom to let everyone know that you will be landing in Malaysia in twenty minutes. You glance out the window and squeal. It’s beautiful. You can’t wait to spend all day on the beach.

After getting your luggage you head to exit but stop when you hear someone shout your name, you look around to see Kim Yugyeom waving a sign with your name on it. A chuckle slips out, and you race to the giant who is acting like an idiot. You throw your arms around him, and he picks you up. You squeal and smack him until he puts you down. “Yugie, I don’t know how I can thank you for this.”

“It’s the least I can do. I owe you for missing your last three birthdays.” You nod in agreement but laugh so he doesn’t take it too seriously. Yugyeom is one of your best friends, but because of his crazy idol schedule, he hasn’t been able to spend your birthday with you. This birthday looked like it would be the same because the boys had a concert in Malaysia on your birthday. You weren’t upset. You knew he couldn’t control his schedule, and you’d been ready to wish him well when he pulled out an airplane ticket. You’d freaked out and hit him a couple times, but now you were here.

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RFA: Walks In To Zen’s Shower

[Warning: May contain spoilers, read at own risk]

I elaborated all the point-form scribbles from random scribbles that I typed in my notepad awhile back. Here’s RFA members + V + Saeran’s reaction with MC as Zen’s S/O. It’s my first attempt, hope you guys like it! - Mod Yoo.

The RFA is having a post-celebration for yet another successful fundraiser party from the night before. This time it’s Jumin’s turn to be the host. As expected of the corporate heir, he had already hired some of the country’s top culinary professionals as the occasion’s personal chefs, to collaborate with his private chef to serve up a special luncheon. Halfway through the luncheon, Saeyoung “accidentally” spilled not 1 but 2 cans of Dr. Pepper (he brought a carton over, very surprising) that he furiously shook in an attempt to prank Yoosung, who somehow manage to pull off a quick dodge since boy plays sports, and the drinks unloads ALL onto Zen’s back, he didn’t anticipate it cos he’s busy feeding MC. Saeyoung let out a quick yelp and took off running after Yoosung while Saeran ponders about having such a dorky twin. Groaning with frustration, Zen is left with no choice but a bath to get rid of the sticky, sugary mess he’s in. “Feel free to utilize one of my guest bathroom, it’s all yours.” Jumin said sniggering but continued: “I’ll have Driver Kim get a new set of clothes, it shall be ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.” Barely able to keep himself from yelling at Saeyoung and Jumin, Zen mutters quiet thanks and excuses himself from MC to go in for a shower. *Personally, I feel like Zen would be the type of guy that takes long bath, to ensure every inch of his perfect skin is taken care of; plus, he’d totally make full use of those luxurious products simply laid out in Jumin’s guest bathroom.*

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