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Yet another Shipping names illustrated (here’s part one & two) for those of you who just can’t get enough! (The rest of you will just have to manage, snorry). 

(Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions, and I apologize to all the ships I haven’t been able to think up anything for. I also apologize to Thor, since he’s been in absolutely none of these OPS)

Olicity One Shot~ My cure to writer’s block

So this will make no sense but a friend named Matty or as many know her @supersillyanddorky06 suggested I cure my writer’s block by doing a free write. The shot might be odd, or disorganized but that’s what it’s meant to be. I needed to free my mind and by doing this I did just that. Thank you my friend and thank you to everyone who has ever read a word that I’ve typed. It means more than you could possibly know. 

His eyes looked frozen, that she could clearly remember as his gaze carefully scanned over the her painstaking words. His parted lips and quivering fingers made her own body tremble with unspoken fear. She watched him carefully through the security cameras that lined the walls of now heavily guarded building. His downcast eyes and fallen chin made her softly touch the flickering screen. His lips moved soundlessly before his knees gave way; she watched in silent torment as he slowly slipped to the cold ground. The letter fell beside him limply as she whispered into her self made darkness, “I’m sorry Oliver…I’m sorry…” 

5 Years Later…

“Are you sure about this?” the quiet voice beside him beckoned somberly. 

Oliver’s heavy, light-less blue eyes raced upwards toward the tower’s glowing tip. He felt her supportive touch near the small of his back; her soft perfume floated around him like a warm blanket as his body shuddered from his own internal cold. He croaked with tears forever frozen in his raw throat, “I’ll be fine Dinah, but I need to do this, I need to say goodbye…” 

He felt her gloved fingers pressing firmly over his spine. Her hiccuped reply made his chest burn, “Did she know?” 

His chin fell instantly to his cavernous chest, “What that I loved her and still do?” he mused tiredly. 

“You’re never going to move on are you?” she asked as her hand raced up his chilled spine. 

“I tried and she left…” he snapped quietly with not even a small note of hidden remorse. 

Dinah’s sighs over the nape of his neck warmed him momentarily before the chill of her words made his blood run cold. “She left because you betrayed her trust by trusting Susan over her.” 

His automatic nod seemed rehearsed when he seethed with repressed anger, “She left me long before that day Dinah…” 

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Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus - emoji challenge.

So during my usual Sunday Stream, my lovely viewers got me started on a pavellan emoji challenge…. and this is the result.

amatus… you are such a charmer. 

….in other news I registered the tumblr name @wtf-amatus and plan to do wonderful things with it. ;D stay tuned!

thank you to @meowtownpolice and @arlymone for the emoji samples ;D And everyone who made the emoji suggestions XD They are perfect suited for this couple.

Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.23 A New Alliance

(AN/ Hey Folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand! Thank you to all you awesome folks who liked, reblogged, followed, faved and reviewed the last chapter. And thanks to everyone who suggested the name for a new bunny oc, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter….)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 23- A New Alliance

It had been a crappy week for Sandra Redfield, the twenty two year grey furred rabbit looked around her drab and messy bedroom while she waited for her old laptop to display her new emails, eventually it loaded and displayed messages all containing job application rejections. Sandra let out a sigh before grousing “Looks like it another week of working at the Golden Groundhog.” The Golden Groundhog was located in the canal district of Zootopia and owned by known gangster Professor Pordraic Rattigan, to an outsider it looked like a strip joint catering to those who desired both Males and Females of various species but if you were rich enough and knew all the wrong people you were let into the basement of the strip club which was a lot less legal, it was a brothel that dealt in every type of fetish desired. Sandra had started off as a stripper upstairs and proved incredibly popular with both other rabbits and inters who desired a bit of lapin but the management had introduced her to the basement brothel because they promised her more money, sure she did earn more but she had also had developed a nasty gambling habit, most of her earnings including her rent money went on betting websites, she was three weeks behind on her rent now and needed a miracle if she wanted to avoid being kicked out of her place. Add to the fact that she really wanted to get out of the escort business; ninety percent of her clients were regular mammals who just wanted sex but some were a little rougher, sure a little bit of bondage play was ok but some Johns were just sadistic and malicious. Sandra knew she needed to get out of this game as soon as possible before something bad happened, her plan was simple; get a new job, attend gamblers anonymous meetings and start a new life. But as with most things, that was easier said than done. Suddenly her phone began to ring with a cheesy pop song ringtone, she looked at the screen and saw that it was the landline number of the Golden Groundhog calling, she pressed the answer button and placed the phone to her ear and spoke “Hello?”

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Just a Few: Queer Nerds in YA


[Re]Introducing the Elven Queen, Elithien! Just a bunch of doodles of new designs and variations of dresses, crowns and hairstyles for the queen. I also tweaked her hair colour to be slightly more platinum and silvery. Also AT LAST I have finally given her a name. I’ve spent ages and ages on it, searching far and wide for all sorts of Sindarin names and coming up with my own. Elithien comes from the derivative of ‘Elia’ - meaning to bless and ‘calithil’ - meaning moonlight. It was originally Elithileth but it didn’t roll on the tongue nicely so feminineelf helped me rename it to Elithien to smoothen it out. Personally I love the name (because I worked so damn hard on it gdi) but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. I just felt I should give my own Queen a name. Also thanks to everyone who suggested me names for her! I really appreciate the effort <333 Although you can always let me know about your opinion on the name I gave her?

Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.15 Buttercups and Sunflowers

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge here aka Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand, thanks to all the lovely folks who liked, reviewed, reblogged, faved and followed the fic from the last chapter. And thank you to everyone who suggested names on tumblr. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 15- Buttercups and Sunflowers

Thumper felt nauseous the moment he woke up and as soon as he opened his eyes he was overcome with fear. He was hanging upside down from his ankles by a chain with his arms restrained behind his back and shirtless, he was hyperventilating as he took in his surroundings; he was in what looked to be in a dimly lit auto shop with greasy tools, engine parts with a few motorcycles and cars dotted around. Thumper tried in vain against the binds around his wrists all to the sound of his panicked heavy breathing “You’re wasting your energy.” A voice echoed through the room, it was an English accent.

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Hello, Operator?

a lot of people have been asking for a part two to my operator fic so i’ve gone ahead and i’ve written just that! im glad that you guys like that fic so much that you requested a part two! (its 2.6k words btw)

i apologize if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes i finished this at 10:55 pm and i’m sleepy and almost delusional! i still cant end smut fics right goddamn i need help on that…. (this is also very nsfw so i suggest you read this alone under ur duvet or something)

also, i’m slowly creeping up on 1k followers and i’m very excited/nervous/scared but thanks everyone who have stayed from the beginning to see my blog grow and grow! thank you all so much and i love you all very much!

[Contains: very very very dirty talk (you guys asked for it to be kinky so i tried my best), v light bdsm (only hands being tied up), a fuck ton of name calling (like a lot im not even kidding rn), just rough and kinky sex, begging/crying (dan begs so hard he cries), phil calls dan a bitch wowie!!!!]


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10 Things I Hate About You (Part Eight) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: well, hello again, my dearies! I know it’s been a while but as I said, I had the worst writers block, so I have learned to let it go until it flows back again and that’s how it happened :) I sat down today and finally managed to write it! :D so I hope you guys like it! I just want to thank everyone who sent their suggestion and all of you guys for being so patient with me! :D hope the waiting’s worth it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate it when you make me laugh… even worse when you make me cry

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 9] [Part 10]

“Alright, gentlemen, pay up” Sirius said with his famous Black smirk as he sat in front of the other two angry teenagers.

Amos sighed as he put out his money. “I gotta say, Black, I am impressed. I honestly thought Potter despised you too much to even give you the time of day” he said.

“Well, what can I say? It’s a gift” Sirius said arrogantly but this time, he felt a little guilty. He took Amos’ money and then extended his hand to Augustus. “McLaggen?”

“I’m not paying you, Black” he simply said erasing his smirk from his face.

“What? B-but I won! I got Potter before you did!”

“First of all, even if you got Potter, you only got Potter” he explained. “You’re ten girls behind me and seven behind Amos” he said getting the list out. “And second, the bet with Potter wasn’t becoming her boyfriend” he mocked him with a girly voice. “It was to sleep with her” he stated and Sirius felt his blood boiling.

“What makes you think I haven’t?” he said between clenched teeth. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, he was just sure there was no way he would let Augustus anywhere near (Y/N).

“Well, have you?” McLaggen asked with an arched eyebrow. Sirius opened his mouth to say something and the only thing that came out was…

“Y-yes” he said nervously. He knew this wasn’t right but he couldn’t back down now.

“You don’t seem very sure about that” Amos pointed out.

“My point exactly” Augustus said. “So, unless you can prove it, you haven’t won” he said as Amos took his money back from Sirius.

“Prove it? How the bloody hell do you expect me to prove it?!” Sirius said getting up and angrier every second. The truth was, he couldn’t care less about the bet or the fact that he was in last place. He only wanted to get out of this bet and make it clear that neither one of them could go after (Y/N).

“Well, I don’t know. That’s up to you” Augustus said shrugging his shoulders. “You could bring us her underwear” he suggested with a huge smirk that made Sirius grabbed the edge of the table so he wouldn’t punch Augustus.

“Or we could always ask her” Amos said making Sirius turn his face to look at him.

“Listen to me” Sirius said glaring at both of them. “I couldn’t care less about your stupid bet or if you’ve slept with the remaining part of low self-esteemed girls in this school” he said making both of them glare back at him. “But if either one of you get near (Y/N) I swear I will kill you with my bare hands” he threatened both of them.

“Sounds like we’ve got a little crush there, don’t we, Black?” Augustus mocked him.

“I am warning you, McLaggen” Sirius said furiously.

“Is that supposed to scare me?” he asked laughing at him. “I’ll tell you what, we’ll give you one week to prove to us that you’ve actually been with Potter or you lose the bet” he informed him. Sirius just kept his glare on the two of them before he grabbed his things, along with the bet list, and started walking away from them. “Oh, and Black” he stopped when he heard Augustus’ voice again but he didn’t turn around. “As long as you haven’t slept with Potter, either one of us still can.”

Sirius didn’t need to see him to know that he was smirking. 

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Episode 3 of Stardew Valley is up! We get a cat!

Thanks to everyone who gave me cat name suggestions, but alas there could be only one first, and that was @ducky-beth99!

Thanks to @toofarforward, @benaya-trash, @narcissistnech, and everyone who has given me ideas for the name of Stiles and Derek’s dog they’re all brilliant ideas and I love them!

For this fic, I’m going with the idea that  Stiles had chosen the same name as Damian Wayne’s dog, Titus, who was named after one of Shakespeare’s characters, so that catered to Derek’s interests too. That way, they both get to be dorks.

Originally posted by glassbonespaperskin

I’m bound to put dogs in a lot of other fics so I might take you up on some suggestions there.

Again, thank you for your help and your wonderful ideas. <3


A couple more pics of the diner work-in-progress. The first one shows the open kitchen, which is the idea I nabbed from Waffle House. I also dressed everyone basically the same (except for the cook who has a dirty white apron instead of the black) so it looks like a team of wait staff and hence a bit more diner-y.

I’ve already had to tweak some stuff, but the playtesting is zipping along. I’ll probably upload it tomorrow and start my next build! (Somebody stop me, please)

And keep the name suggestions coming! (I LOL’ed at “Sausage Shack” - thank you, @furiouslydecaffinated XD )

Just look at that staff all lined up and ready to serve you! Well, except for the manager back there on her phone. I’m sure she’s just checking the restaurant’s Simstagram page…

I’ve decided to call the place Goldy’s Griddle (with a credit to my sister for helping out). No relation to the real world chain of restaurants called Golden Griddle, heh. Thank you to everyone who suggested names! As much as “Sausage Shack” made me LOL, I just couldn’t do it. XD 

A general THANK YOU to the lovely people who left comments - @gladlypants, @bluebellsims, @endlesstales16, @mamabearssims, @zauglom, @w-sims, @krazyangelkat81, @thosefuckingsims, @pixelsbyjenny, @buckleysims, @murilala, @kates-hideout, @plumboasis, @martinessimblr, @allisas, @purzelsims, @starlightdiner, @publicwoohoo, @peanutbutterjay, @simsinwonderland, @ohhiplumbob, @furiouslydecaffinated, and @cqsims. Your encouragement means a lot! <3

Here we are then. A second part to the university AU that I never really intended to make anything else of, so we’ll see how this goes. 

I’ve changed the original to make it so Jily are already married and there’s some mild sexy stuff towards the end but nothing descriptive. 

It still doesn’t have a title so suggestions are welcome because all I can think of is being an arsehole and naming it after a hsm song at this point. 

Anyway, here we go then. Thanks for everyone who asked for more or talked to me about this. 

When Sirius knocked on his door at exactly 8pm the next evening, Remus was only half dressed.

“One minute!” he shouted, glad that they lived in the same house and he didn’t have to awkwardly go to the front door in his underwear.

Some time between their conversation in the early hours of the morning and now, Remus had remembered that Sirius was cool – a strange thing to think, he knew, but Sirius wore leather jackets and eyeliner and looked effortlessly handsome all the damn time. He knew that Sirius liked him, or fancied him at least, but what if he wanted to go to a trendy bar or café? Both Remus’ wardrobe and his self-esteem were a little unprepared for that.

So, he’d scrapped any hope of getting his course reading done in favour of a frantic search of his own wardrobe, and had spent longer than he’d like to admit pulling on different combinations of shirts and trousers.

Looking at himself one last time in the mirror, Remus shrugged helplessly at the black t-shirt and red checked button-up he was wearing. He looked more like a cowboy than anything else, or perhaps a lumberjack at best.

Still, Sirius was ready to go so it would have to do.

He took one more minute to attempt to flatten the sides of his hair into something that looked more tousled than dragged through a bush backwards, before finally deeming himself presentable, and stepping out into the hallway.

“Hey there,” Sirius said, leaning casually against the wall by his door and looking, as Remus had expected, irritatingly good.

“Hi,” Remus replied, “you all set?”

“Of course,” Sirius grinned, gesturing for Remus to walk ahead of him as they ventured down the stairs. They threw on jackets and were just about to open the front door when a horrible rumbling noise reached their ears, followed by the unmistakable sound of someone screaming.

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