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“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”


A pokemon AU in the works…!

@kyosuke-kugas​ paired Kenma with Swadloon and nothing fits better. TvTb

‘HCF’ For The New Yorker

Illustration I did for a review of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, about hackers in the 80′s technology boom. HCF is old computer command which sends the code into an inescapable loop forcing you to either shut down or let it overheat, kind of a metaphor for the times, so I of course decided to show them as the program and have them glitching out in pixels. 

Thanks to AD Christine Curry!

hey guys

ik its not that big a deal seeing some of my mutuals with hundreds or nearly thousands of followers but this blog was started in october and in four months its gained 50 followers. im just kinda proud and maybe i’ll reach my goal of 100 by this october (a year since its start)??? thanks to all my followers and close mutuals,, @angelgrace-demonface @yhsxoi @campfire-kids @phanicornundertherainbow @just-your-average-weird-person

 random headcanon that i’m pretty sure i put on my old blog but reminder that christine has a CRAZY sweet tooth especially chocolate. she has no self control when it comes to chocolate and raspberries and she usually visits the bakery by the opera house with meg to pick out a pastry for them to share 

my baby @jesusslutty-moustache tagged me in the “20 followers i’d like to get to know better” meme! thanks bebe ♥ 

name/nickname: christine, nickname chris (which i prefer big time, also “chrissy” is the ugliest piece of shit variation of this name to ever exist pls dont ever call me that lmao)
gender: fem
star sign: libra (leo moon and scorpio rising)
height: 168 cm or 5′6′’
sexual orientation: ace
hogwarts house: gryffindor (fun fact my patronus is a lion lmao can u believe…)
favourite color: pink (also turquoise, violet and grey)
favorite animal: dinosaurs, penguins and goats, in that order
average hours of sleep: on a week day between 6 and 4 hours with tendency towards the latter, on the weekends up to 8 hours if i can manage, if its a hockey night maybe 3 hours bye
cat or dog person: both, i have a cat tho!
favourite fictional characters: kyle (south park), daenerys & sansa (got), orochimaru (naruto), aizen (bleach), hibari (khr!), harry (harry potter)
number of blankets i sleep with: 2 when its cold, one of them being a rly soft wool blanket bc my ass is freezing. germany is the new russia it seems
favourite singer/band: if im picking only one of each… band is gnr, singer is corey taylor
dream trip: through europe (especially countries with lots of historic sights), through certain us states, japan
dream job: astrophysicist
when this blog was created: dec ‘12, didnt start using it properly till early ‘13 tho
current number of followers: twenty away from 7,4k
when did your blog reach its peak: hm i think ‘13/’14?
what made you decide to make this tumblr?: i originally created the account bc i was looking for superbat images lmao and once i actually properly used it i started out as a mötley crüe and gnr blog haha

alrighty! idk if ill manage to tag 20 ppl but here it goes! (obviously dont do this if u dont wanna or already did!) @anankinskywalker @stmkos @vladimemeputain @mattmurdick @saul-buttson @saulhugson @princess-consuela-bananahamock @davemustaineismyhusband @starvewars @kylux @izzystradlin @skeletors @ermithecow @borntobeafan @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @duffmckagan @casekt @shortstackedkyman @medusaesthetics ok i lost count! if u wanna do this just say i tagged u! have fun! ♥

anonymous asked:

Cheiloproclitic + Capernoited, e/c? Maybe a bit of tipsy Christine? Thank you!!

Cheiloproclitic - Being attracted to someones lips.

Capernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy.

To say that I enjoyed the combination of these prompts, Anon, would be an understatement. I LOVE it, plus tipsy Christine has always been quite popular, though this is a different incarnation of her, being set in the composer AU. At this stage she and Erik have been married for several years (and there is, dare I say, the possibility of a companion piece, detailing what happens when they get home but I’ll say no more on that for now.)

Anyway, Anon, I hope you and anyone else who reads this little thing enjoys it.

Send me a word from this list and I will write a ficlet!

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