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E2 Levi or S2 Erwin for the expression meme, if you like *v* thank youuu~

Idk if this was intentional but the opportunity was too good to not do both at once :3 Thank you for the ask!


happy trans day of visibility!! honestly somewhat nervous posting this because i have often battled with feeling valid in how i identify… and sometimes still do. but slowly i’m beginning to see more and more people who i can relate to and identify with and hearing their experiences has played such a big part in helping to motivate me to move forward and embrace who i am… and also just not feeling so alone. so i want to thank everybody who has been a part of that! even though you may not even be aware of it ;) visibility is SO important. so i hope people know that they are not alone, there are many faces and many experiences and you are ALL valid.


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Memory :3

Thank you for the prompt! This song was the first thing that came to mind when I saw your prompt. So I hope you don’t mind the way it turned out! xx

Prompts are now closed. Thanks everybody! :)



Me-mory-yyyy…. all alone in the moo-oooon light…. I can smile at the old daaayssss…..

Sherlock sighed as he folded the newspaper into quarters, and then again into thick, un-quarter-able quarters from sheer frustration. 

“What’s the matter, dear?” said Mrs Holmes as she brought a cup of tea out for her son, “You’re going to crumple that paper if you do that.”
“If you stopped belting out show tunes in my flat I might be less inclined to crumple things,” he muttered under his breath.

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