thanks to all the people who signed up today!

Spoilers via JR Ward about V and Butch at the signing today….


Especially when so many people stuck their noses up at Vutch fans and people who thought it all was a little weird how things went down.

Second Wave of Sign-ups

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our artists who have submitted so far! We’ve gotten such a wonder array of artworks from so many different people. It is so inspiring and motivating to see all this creativity and artistry! So thank you thank you thank you!

Okay, so. We do have a number of claims that were unable to be filled. We are compiling the list today. Tomorrow, SUNDAY AT 1:00PM EST (that’s eastern standard time..aka the timezone that New York, Toronto, Florida…part of Brazil? is in) the list will be posted for people to sign up for.

If you would like a refresher on how to sign up, look at this guideline HERE (ignore step one, it’s the wrong link)

If you are interested in signing up as a pinch-hitter (someone we can contact in 2 weeks saying “AAHHH we need this very important scene to be drawn! Can you do it??) please DM @gilove2dance

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I know I posted earlier - But this really was such a monumental moment in my life. 3 hours of waiting for all of about 20 seconds, but it was absolutely worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Gerard, and My Chem in general, have done amazing work, supporting and rallying for so many who awkwardly struggled through finding purpose for their life. Both times I’ve seen Gerard perform live, he’s always had an aura that dismissed any insecurities that even he has admitted to having. And in doing so, many others were able to forget about their insecurities as well, if even for a little while. Gerard’s lived the life that so many of us have - From struggling young adult with no purpose, to someone who wakes up loving what he does for a living. Not everyone is so fortunate, but through his music, through his writing, and through just living his life - persevering, Gerard gave many people, myself included, something that each of us struggled to find each day. He gave us hope. I couldn’t be more proud of how far he’s come, and who he is today. I couldn’t tell him all of that in those 20 seconds. In those 20 seconds, I was able to shake his hand, thank him for coming out to sign autographs (ticket proceeds for which were donated to Duke’s Children Hospital), thank him for the amazing work he’s done, and to never give up. In response, he thanked me, and asked me to never quit reading, and never quit listening. I’m really glad that he was so humble. I’m saddened by the fact that I wasn’t able to see his panel this weekend (I didn’t even know of it), but I hope the person who took my would-be spot gained a little knowledge, a little hope, that they needed. What an amazing moment. #gerardway #nccomicon

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How I prepared myself for the Master in Law

        I improved my English before I did a summer school

Okay, so my English wasn’t that good. I could make myself clear on vacation trips and I could blog on Tumblr, but still my English sucked. And that’s why I chose to sign up for a summer school. It was a lot of work to catch the summer school I really wanted. I had to write a motivation letter and I needed to fill in a lot of information. But I succeeded and I got a ‘go’. And then I started to panic… Am I really good enough to participate this summer school? Do I need to study before I go? Is my English too bad? So I decided to prepare myself for this summer school. I wanted to study Maritime and Transport Law, the subject the summer school was about. I also wanted to improve my English. This was all in July 2016. So my finals ended the last days of June, I got my degree in the beginning of July and then I wanted to celebrate this great milestone in my life! Weeks of happiness flew by and suddenly it was like a week before my summer school when I realized I didn’t study at allllll… So I felt guilty. But then I decided to improve my English and let go of studying law. I checked many langblr’s on Tumblr and this is how I improved my English. I discovered some great websites to improve your English at home. So thank you langblr’s, you’re the best! After a few nights of listening English tutorials, I was ready! I felt confident because I knew I practiced my English, so I met a lot of great people and I wasn’t afraid to talk. Happy ending!

        I did a summer school

Everyone should sign up for a summer school NOW! Really, you’ll learn a LOT. Especially if your mother tongue isn’t English and you choose a summer school taught in English: you’ll even THINK in English after just a few days. I would really recommend you to participate a summer school, even if it’s just once! Do it! Thank me later!

        I borrowed books from my friend who graduated his masters

So this is actually what I’ve planned to do today. I’m going to borrow all his books from the first semester of his masters. I only have left about 2-3 weeks off now, after that I need surgery and then school year starts. So I thought maybe I can already start studying, because after my surgery I’ll need many weeks to recover. And I really don’t want to mess up my first semester of my masters. But even when you don’t need surgery, it’s a good idea to start studying before semester starts! I admit it: I never did it before, but I’m sure it will help me!

        I bought school supplies

I didn’t get everything I need yet, but I’m working on it. I bought some cute stuff at Flying Tiger! A pink note block, veeeeeeeeery cute pencils with funny texts on it, washi tape with hearts and some sticky notes.

        I fixed my computer problems

This is so important guys. Do it BEFORE semester starts. You can’t afford to lose time because of computers. And you really don’t want to be frustrated about it during semester.

        I cleaned my work space

Clean desk, clean mind, guys!

        I enjoyed every minute of my vacation

Yeah, I really did. I enjoyed my vacation like it was my last. Why? Because for me it was the first summer ever without exams and after 5 years I really needed vacation. For 5 years the first thing in the morning I was thinking of was law school and every night it was the last thing on my mind before I went to sleep. And that is just not healthy. You reaaally need some time off. You need a happy, stressless mind, sometimes!

        I read books

I like to read. But during semester I already need to read soooooo many law school books, so I never read other books. Now I finally had some time to read. I still need to finish these books so I better keep reading!

         I picked a dorm room

I’m moving. Again. Last year in September I finally moved to a dorm room, for the first time ever. But due to circumstances I needed to move in April to another dorm room. Then in June I needed to move AGAIN to the first dorm room. And in two weeks I’ll move AGAIN to another dorm room. I didn’t even got a chance to see this dorm room so I’m quite nervous and excited for this one!

        I spend lots of time with my friends

During semester I’m really focussed on school. I’m actually quite embarrassed to say this but I don’t care that much about friends during semester. I really love them. And if they’re sad or hurt, I’m sad or hurt! But I’m not that much into partying during semester. So I don’t see my friends that often during semester. They’re always mad at me because I don’t spend time with them that often during semester. Sorry guys, but love y’all! So this is why I spent almost every day of this summer with friends!

        I began blogging again

Studyblr’s are soooo inspirational. Really, I learned so much from you guys! In high school my grades were fine, but in university my grades were so bad. And okay, I was very ill and that’s the main reason why my grades were bad. BUT last year I improved my study method and I learned to plan better from you guys, from our studyblr community. I was really motivated by all of your posts too. And that is how I managed to get GOOD grades and this year I finally got my degree! (Bachelor in Law) So thank you so much! 


shinee world japan blog update ♡ 160519

everyone, was it fun today? it was really fun for all of us, too. we were at tokyo dome again after only a year and, since i was able to see all of your smiles, it was a happy time. i’m really thankful to all of the people who attended the tour up to now and, although the tour finishes with today, i plan to meet with you all again. please wait until that time comes. - jonghyun (source: shinelikeoxygen)