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I am so sorry that I didn’t have anything planned… I have been so busy with college and finding a new job (since my current one sucks dick) and I have just been real tired from it all. I DO however have something special planned for the month of November, as a “Thank YOU”! for welcoming me here and being so kind and thoughtful! I will never forget it! I have made so many friends on here and I feel so happy to know that so much of you are here supporting me! I support all of you too! And I love each and every one one you!!!

Once again, thank you so so so much and I hope we can hit even bigger milestones from here!
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500+ Follower Watercolor Raffle!

Thank you all so much! Please read the rules and guidelines to enter :

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- Nothing TOO complex, please… I’m a beginning painter (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

1st Prize – 1 Winner :
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OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

3rd Prize – 2 Winners :
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OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

Winners will be chosen and posted on October 6th. Once chosen, either reblog the post and//or leave a comment so I can start painting! If I do not hear from you within three days of choosing, I will pick someone else! Again, thank you all SO much for supporting my art, and hopefully, there will be more of these raffles in the future (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

First of all, I’M SHOOK 
Second, thank y’all!! so much!!!! 

I’ve just hit a 10k followers milestone, which is A LOT! And so I’m gonna be taking some fandom requests for a few upcoming days as a thanks!! 

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(170925) shinee world 2017 five japan tour member message

jonghyun: this was our 3rd dome concert. i believe we were able to show everyone a different image from the arena concerts. the energy was really great, everyone’s strong emotions were conveyed. these emotions have really been a huge support for us since january. truly thank you. and so, everyone. are you prepared to continuously create stages with shinee? i’m ready whenever. even in the future, follow shinee that will keep on going.

key: we’ve had 29 concerts. it’s already the last day. i worried a lot about how to get closer to you all this dome concert, to let you all see us. but you helped us do that. thank you for singing, dancing and cheering with us from the beginning till the end. also, i was really happy that my birthday fell on a concert day. thank you for lots of love. i’ll definitely return it! let’s meet again!!

minho: i’m really happy to have been able to make new amazing memories during the arena and the dome concerts. the people who created this stage so that we were able to end our concerts safely till the last day: the staff, dancers, sha-band, and rino-san, the members. finally, shinee world, thank you so much! we’ll work really, really hard so please cheer on us! i say this often, but truly you all are always my hope!! 29 concerts, it was really a lot of fun. let’s all meet again the next time!!!!

taemin: i was surprised to learn that this tour had a total of 29 concerts. and it was so much fun that it felt like time passed in the blink of an eye. various things could happen in the future. even so, i still want to be together with you all so please continue to be with us. arena as well but the huge venues of the dome concerts have been an honour to perform in. but even if it’s not a huge venue, i still want more opportunities to meet you all anywhere so please wait. finally, the staff, and the shinee members, you have worked hard. and the fans too thank you!

※ in the picture, the “shinee’s 5″ pose was decided by key. following him, the rest of the members struck the same pose (laugh).

translated by romanceboys — take out with full credit

shitty graphic is shitty !! so today I passed 300 followers and since I’ve been on this blog just less than a month I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my beautiful followers for being here and giving me ideas and enjoying my spider son with me. you guys are the best. I don’t have anything original to say bc I’m just so overwhelmed and kind of surprised that people like my peter in the first place so just thanks. for everything. you’re awesome. tagged below are some of my favorite people in no particular order. whether you spam my notifications, stalk my blog, or chat me in my discord in the early hours of the morning, I love and appreciate you all.

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Holy shit!! Thank you so much guys! I can’t believe I have this many followers, it seriously blows my mind. I wanted to do a little shout out post to all of my favourite blogs and to those who always show me so much love on here. So many of you welcomed me from the day I joined and I want to send you all a huge virtual hug🤗

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I got a little carried away but I love you guys and anyone I forgot, i’m sorry and I love you❤️❤️❤️

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Hi, sorry to be a bother but since I'm new to the fandom and have recently caught up with :re, I was wondering if you've ever like analyzed that rotten womb poem that Ishida wrote and how it's related to the touken baby and stuff.

(Thanks to @makyun​ for the translation)

Thankfully, I don’t think it’s actually related to the Touken baby anymore, but more to do with the Kirishimas (given the art that was posted alongside it, shown below) and the lifelong struggle of being a Ghoul. This is all wild mass guessing here, but isn’t that what poetry’s for?

The term ‘Kirishimas’ in the following meta will include Yomo, despite not bearing any relation to Arata. Technically they should be called the ‘Yomos’, but it’s difficult to avoid superimposing Yomo’s face on Touka and Ayato in that mental image, so we’ll stick with Kirishimas.

Her womb smelled like it was burnt.

Hikari’s womb. Her death set the development of her children aflame.

The children who were meant to be born, died. The vision of the future convulses.

Touka, Ayato and Yomo are three characters whose lives have been especially affected by their Ghoulhood. Subject to prevailing rhetoric, they believe to some extent that they are a mistake. Their being a ghoul is responsible for all the tragedy they’ve experienced without their life, so here their ghoulhood is compared – fittingly, given the real-life mythological description of the species – with being undead. Because they are ghouls, the future convulses with tragedy.

Someone declared that they’ll crush only half of the broad bean.

Touka, Ayato and Yomo have all at various times tried to crush the CCG without acknowledging the fault carried on the part of the Ghouls as well. They can’t break down the world to create it a new in the same way that you can’t just crush half a bad broad bean - it must be the whole thing, or not at all. Bean imagery in particular comes from (Kaneki’s mental image of) Rize’s likening of people to coffee beans - you can read more about that in linkspooky’s meta for the poem.

The gene is in a severe bipolar state.
The nucleic acid sequence having no recollection of its own actions.

Perhaps again alluding to the genetic curse of Ghoulhood, which they have no responsibility for suggested by the lack of recollection of the nuclear acid sequence’s own actions. The bipolar state being the cause of Ghoulhood in the first place, or perhaps alluding to their various forays to the Human side of the spectrum – like Touka in the first manga’s second half, Ayato defying Aogiri to save Hinami and Yomo’s tolerance of humans upon joining Anteiku.

All of the fingers that were supposed to be connected from start to end, are scattered around; it’s annoying.

The fingers in the hand needed to reshape the world are scattered apart. Such is the state of the various characters of :re throughout the story until they can be united within Goat. The same is true of the scattered Kirishima family, which is assuredly better together.

If you look closely at the knot, you can see that it can be surprisingly easy to untie.

The knot being existential crisis and confusion. The key to untangling it is quite simple - love. In the image associated with this poem, it is the bond between the Kirishimas that is emphasised here. The knot of the Ghoul/Human conundrum that the series revolves around can be untangled in much the same way

I was always asked to keep the switch.
Go forward.
Go back.

The switch on Kaneki’s actions from Touka’s perspective. Become more Ghoulish (Kuroneki), don’t be so Ghoulish (Shironeki), stop changing all together (Haise). But the same rhetoric can apply to Touka’s own development: Become more human (1-79), become less human (79-143), stop changing all together (:re 1-53). Ayato’s and Yomo’s too.

I can hear my voice from the mouth.
That voice gave me a feeling of discomfort and it had become extremely disgusting but, no one noticed that and everyone was under the impression that it was indeed, my voice.

The voice of the monster inside, the ravenous beast of Ghoulishness – which, either masquerading in human society or in the presence of Ghouls at home with their identities won’t cause anyone but you discomfort, because you’re either the only one who recognises it or the only one who takes issue with it. Such is the Kirishima dilemma. Arata and Hikari’s efforts to live like humans saddled them with a lot of ‘Ghoul guilt’ that they have channelled in different ways – either subduing that nature through Anteiku or throwing themselves headlong into it in Aogiri.

Sin is irresponsible. I’m getting tired of being forgiven.

Touka thinks that a murderer like her should die. Ayato doubtless struggles with his own actions in Aogiri. Yomo has never forgiven himself for both allowing Hikari’s death and failing to avenge her.

My shoulders have even forgotten about my legs. 

They bear the weight of things they don’t even know if they can carry - making themselves targets for the CCG being the most obvious example.

I open the door with the side of my arm.

They rush towards a possible salvation, slamming it open with their shoulder in typical Kirishima reckless fashion.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

…But are suddenly held back, sorrow and hopelessness closing in on their hearts when they realise the path forward no longer exists. In Touka’s case, this was Kaneki’s ‘death’. In Ayato’s, the possibility of Hinami’s execution. In Yomo’s, his failure to kill Arima.

“Come on, come on! Come on, come on!”

Nice duality here in that it could be their own inner thoughts expressing their frustration, or the encouraging voice of their loved one pulling them forwards.

Go forward.
Go back.

Same dilemma as before.

I can hear my voice from the bones.

“Did you know that our voice is the mixed voices from dad and mom? No wonder it’s so disgusting.”

They fear repeating the tragedy their predecessors faced, recognising their own story in the bones and voices of their parents. Since :re is about breaking that cycle, it’s a wise fear.

I pinched my nose and jumped down without a pause. Just like how a child would when jumping into a pool.

 Again, their trouble with recklessness. In spite of their fear of repeating the past, often they throw themselves directly into the situations they try to avoid. Touka’s investigator-killing past, Ayato’s time in Aogiri and Yomo’s quest to kill Arima all reflect Arata’s fixation with revenge. The metaphor suggests their fixation is childish as well as dangerous.

Even the never-stopping rain,
even the never-breaking night,
even the never-ending agony.

It’s surely there, it’s just that it wasn’t there until now.

The three lives that began to spiral out of control with Hikari’s death. With each fresh tragedy it seems like a whole new layer of darkness, becoming easier to look back on lighter rainfall with rosy eyes.

Falling down, falling down.
It’s as if right has become left.

What’s right, what’s wrong? Is it good to be human? Is it good to be Ghoul? And which are they, now the lines are so blurred? They are lost in the plummet of confusion.

And on the brink of collision, I recall Björk’s song.

Now, Bjork has a lot of songs so I’ll go with the general consensus and assume this is referring to Hyperballad, since Ishida played it during his New Year’s livestream. The lyrics refer to someone throwing off items from a mountain so they can enjoy time with their loved one. This is very Ghoul and very Kirishima – they have to sacrifice people by the score so that they can live for the sake of spending that life with the ones they love. They must all feed on humans to survive, but for more specific examples – Touka felt she must kill investigators to protect Hinami, Ayato joined Aogiri to wipe out the CCG to protect Touka, and recently Yomo has disposed of Aura to protect Touka. The song also contains reference to suicidal thought, which I am sure they have all grappled with, considering their rather blasé considerations for their own lives.

Well, that’s just my take on it, but the words are definitely open to a wide range of interpretations, so who knows what lies ahead?

So… this happened:

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✧✧ Thank you so much everyone!! ✧✧

Look, I want to celebrate this special occasion and since in the past few days I’ve been working in differents series of gifsets, and didn’t find the right moment to start posting, I thought today was a good moment to launch the three of them as a part of my milestone celebration!

I really hope you all enjoy them! :)

And also…


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Here’s the notes that I made today. I still didn’t have much content but I figured out that was better to start doing my notes early and preparing myself for this new year. I’ll try post more during the week but I can’t promise anything.

I really want to thank you all for 1.4k followers! When I started this blog I never thought that I would have 100 followers!!! You’re amazing <3

  🎶- Angel by Fifth Harmony

Oh my gosh where did all you beautiful people come from?!!

Thank you all so much for following me aaaaaaa!!

I feel like I should do something special like an art raffle or something but I’ve never done one of those before and I wouldn’t know where to even begin,, ;;v;;

AAAAAAA just thank you all so much for liking my stuff and being awesome and wonderful and i’ll make sure to keep making the best content I can!!

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Okay first of all thank you all so much <3 I have never dreamed  i will got to 100 followers let alone 500 , and quite honestly idk what i have done to deserve it i don’t post regularly and my content isn’t all that great it’s actually a trash, so yeah i have no idea what did bring you here , and i have even less of it what have made you to stay, so again thank you all so much this means more to me then you can imagine  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

P.s. i will make two base sims (male and female ) as a follower gift this week (i know it isn’t much but i have no skill in making mods,poses or cc whatsoever so yeah that’s the best i can do :/ ) I also have sims requests open so if anyone is interested feel free to message me ^_^ (only for TS3 since i don’t own TS4)




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I had a really shitty day so seeing this made it tons better!


Whether you follow @shieldshockfanfic because of what Steve Rogers & Darcy Lewis do in the MCU movies, or because they’re unlikely heroes, or because they’re both dry-humored trolls, or because they do what needs doing, or because they’re outrageously sexy and/or cuddly…

Thank you for following @shieldshockfanfic.

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ARE YOU ALIVE!? D: I haven't seen you post in a while, hun, are you okay? hydrated? well fed? Not living on coffee and the rage of a thousand suns like I am? (Babies are exhausting)

hey, I’m alive! just barely

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’m nearly done with my second year at university and finals are coming up and I’m putting in a whole lot of practical hours, working at clinics, etc… it’s been hectic.

I have a short break these next two weeks, now, though, so expect a handful of updates! Thanks for your concern, anon, this was really sweet. I hope you’re doing okay, too.

Thanks to all my followers for being patient! Ily all.

1,000 (+) followers!! What?!

I’m not sure how it happened, but my happy little Sterek sideblog has now reached over 1,000 followers.  I’m very excited to have all of you hanging out with me, especially since I’m not a creator of fanfic, fanart, or even headcanons.  I share my love of Sterek and I’m glad you enjoy it!  I’ve decided to put together a small list of blogs that I have notifications turned on for, as well as, fanfic rec blogs that I adore.  Please keep in mind that I follow a ton of Sterek themed (or ones that post about Sterek) blogs so this is only sampling and in no particular order.  May they bring you joy, like they have for me:

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Sterek is Eternal!  

Need to take a break from Tumblr right now. Hopefully I will find my way back. I still have things I want to share and things from you I want to see! Thanks to all my followers and mutuals <3

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I'm so looking forward to your baby being so loved and so cherished. Having followed you for so long I have no doubt that you guys will do so well in raising him, that there will be no point at which he will wish for anything different. I wish you all the best in the coming weeks, and years. You're going to be brilliant dads.

Thank you so much - I hope so. We’ll try our best, anyway! And I wish people would just be a little more positive - saying ‘do you think he’ll give you shit for not having a mother?’ Is just. So insulting to same-gender parents. If we do a good job he won’t want anything different.

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i think it's funny because out of all the trans social media influencers you are one of like the 4 the most educational on trans issues and some of your fans that are cis still know nothing. It's funny because you know they're chasers because they're comparing you to Justin like all trans guys are alike let alone getting the same surgery. I have mad respect for you for dealing with ignorant people. Good luck on recovery!

ugh thank you so much, people don’t understand this. I divide my followers into these categories:


-people who wanna be educated

-trans people

-people who don’t really know whats going on but its okay bc they’re cool

-people who know wassup, and just think I’m cool

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted here; I’ve been busy with life outside and I’ve been working on my art a lot. It would mean the WORLD to me if you took a look at my new instagram page, BYJOSEKERRIGAN, dedicated to just my artwork. If you like it, pls follow me, as I need the follower count to reach out to people outside my circle. I am hoping to make this my way of living, as it’s a great passion of mine and not something that compromises my mental health. Anyway, thank you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful monday xx


aye,,,i really wasn’t tagged in any thing but i have announcements and this was the easiest way to announce my presence

a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶i̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶f̶e̶e̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶y̶s̶e̶l̶f̶,,,w̶h̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶'t̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶e̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶t̶e̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶m̶o̶r̶e̶  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

firstly, i haven’t really been around to reply to messages the last three weeks but i want y'all to know the move to Texas went well!!!! I’m not dead!!!! Which is a plus!!! It’s hella hot and it hasn’t rained in 3 weeks. Life is a nightmare. Thank you.

secondly, depending on if i have the guts to actually do this, i may remake my blog,,,despite having the amount of followers i do,,,and the fact i don’t want to lose my mutuals i feel like i have some bad juju surrounding this blog from certain people and i ain’t feeling it…

i hope everyone is doing okay :’( i’m tagging most of my mutuals (so sorry if this annoys you omg) just so you guys know i’m not dead…yikes..i love you guys a lot so i hope you’ve all been well and that you’re happy with what you’re doing 💕💫

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