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Who remembers THIS quote?

“They had you wrapped up like a present yesterday. Like you were his reward.”

Remember Feyre’s response? “So?”

Remember how angry Rhys was at the response? I can agree with him. Because Feyre was so sick that she honestly didn’t care that Tamlin practically owned her. She didn’t care that she was his goddamn REWARD, as if he had done some heroic thing. As if he hadn’t sat and watched while Feyre faced trials and was dying in the dungeons. She hated herself so much and was so reliant on Tamlin and Ianthe that Tamlin could’ve hit her and raped her and done whatever else to her, and she probably would have fought back the first few times, but would stop fighting after a while. So some people say there’s nothing wrong with her response. I say that EVERYTHING was wrong with her response.

And you know what? Here’s another reason I love Rhysand: he brought back that fight in her. Even the first time she came to the Night Court, she fought him because she loathed him. She gained her power back slowly because he helped her realize she never lost it in the first place. And when she grew to like him, that fight didn’t fade. In fact, it thrived. She healed because Rhys helped her understand she was sick. And when she wasn’t sick anymore, and was able to see that she’d been wrong, he stayed with her. Bonded with her. Loved her. Tamlin hated the fight in Feyre and wanted to stop it; Rhys embraced that flame and fanned it to make it grow.

And you know what? If Feyre looked back now and remembered saying “So?” in response to Rhys’ observation, I’m sure she’d be horrified about it. Her strength is the most imspiring thing in the whole ACOTAR series to me. Yes, the whole “Court of Dreams” thing is wonderful, and having friends as amazing as the Inner Circle is cool, too, but nothing is as awesome (and I mean “awesome” in the old way, not the new) as seeing Feyre overcome her demons, love herself, and become such a strong figure. I aspire to be like her one day. So thank you, Sarah J. Maas, because you did more for me through your stories than most ever would’ve bothered to in real life.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” - Alice Walker


Pandora Hearts Positivity Month // Prompt 30: Beginning/End

main characters + first and last scenes

Come on down to recording town we got the whole gang here we’re not sitting around!
Take that frown and turn it upside down I’ve got the mic and I’m comin’ down!
Come on down to recording town where the magic is made and we wear the crown!
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow, come down, don’t drown this is our playground!

So, how ‘bout that chapter 2 huh? 


                                          5th April

Cobain (1994)
Staley (2002)

1994: on this year, bid farewell to this world, a great singer, misunderstanding and good guitar player. The world misses him.
2002: The year when world lost one of the best voices of all times. World miss and needs you, Layne.

The days when Grunge died.

                                          R.I.P. Both

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Malec was at 45% when I voted. May I ask for some malec and Madzie cuteness? :)

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s only a week, Alec.”

“I know, but think of what could happen.”

“This was literally your idea,” Magnus pointed out, and Alec groaned. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know that. He remembered damn well his brilliant idea that they should send their daughter away for a little bit of education and broadening of horizons. He just hadn’t realised how hard it was going to be.

It was late at night in the middle of a remote manor in the middle of the Scottish Highlands. It was so remote, in fact, that Alec struggled to resolve the fact that mundanes had built this. All the way out here. But rather than being full of mundanes now, it was acting as a warlock school for the week. Almost like a summer camp. Magnus had mentioned it idly, since the school had requested he drop by and take a class. It had been Alec’s idea to send Madzie.

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