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Beckett gets pneumonia after her waterboarding incident in In The Belly of The Beast. I love your writing!

The shivers take hold when they leave the precinct together. She’s still wearing that oversized sweater and her hair is a mess and she keeps such a fierce strain on her jaw line, he is scared she will break herself apart.

He notices the tremors in her shoulders when they enter a cab and he wraps his arms around her shoulders as she leans into him, face pressed into the crook of his neck and he prays that maybe if he holds her tightly enough he can stop the fall.

She breaks when they enter the loft. She folds into herself as if her spine wasn’t able to carry her weight anymore and he sits on the floor right next to her, backs pressed against hard wood and cradles her into his chest. Her entire body is shivering, undulating like a raging ocean and even her eyes hold a hurricane.

He whispers sweet words like, “It’s okay” and “You’re safe”, but you can’t ease a storm with whispers.

She watches the video over and over and he makes tea and when she comes to bed her skin is callused and glass-like and he doesn’t know how to make it better.

The coughs start in the night and have him waking up to her arched- up back and gasping lips for better air and all he can do is run soothing lines along her back. When she finally settles against him her skin is fire.

The next morning she is bending over with coughs that seem to hold the strength to shred her insides. She clutches at her chest as if to rip herself apart and when she falls back against him he sees the tears in her eyes.

He tucks her into the one additional blanket he kept at the foot of their bed but even then the tremors don’t subside and her coughs seem to come out flat and empty as if there wasn’t enough energy left to perform this task.

He starts to get up but is stopped by her fingers wrapping around his arm, keeping him in place.

“Don’t leave” her voice is rough and he stays for a second longer.

“Kate, you need some water and aspirin, I’ll be right back I promise”

“Please” he never knew words could have so many edges and her eyes don’t seem to see him at all. They flicker and dance with images that make his chest tighten and he strokes her hair until she falls back asleep.

The next time she wakes up he has a glass of water but she startles away from him, fists clutching his shirt.

“Please, no” her voice sounds foreign on her chapped lips, “Please stop”

The worst is that he knows exactly where her feverish dreams have taken her.

“Kate, it’s me” it takes her a while to recognize him but she manages to swallow the aspirin as well as the water before she falls back asleep.

He stays there the entire time and holds her close, whispering in her ear whenever she whimpers and trailing words up and down along her spine whenever her breathing picks up.

The next time she wakes up the coughs have her pressing her palms against her mouth and heaving for minutes and when they finally pass she falls back into his chest as if her ribcages had disintegrated.

She looks up at him and her eyes hold more than both of them can take, “I hate this.”

He kisses her cheek and presses his hand atop her chest right above her heart.

She sniffles and occasionally singular coughs fall from her lips and echo through the silence but he knows they’ve survived the worst of it.

Her eyes flutter closed again and he leans in to her ear and whispers the only words he knows. The only words that hold enough hope to let the rest fade, “I love you.”

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I love expressions in your art style, and I love the variety they come in. I think what I'd like to see more of/more practice with would be The Squint. I think it was an expression that drew me to your blog, but there was definitely room for improvement considering the dramatization of the face (If that makes sense?? Imagining the sort of cartoony movement and stretch in facial expressions I guess??). I guess I'm saying that I'd love to see more dramatic facial expressions in general! Keep it up

The Squint

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omg! What was your experience with Maks

Basically I walked right up to him and hugged him and then like got all up in my head and got embarrassed and he started laughing at me.

I said hello and stood staring at him like an idiot then like he was trying to get me to come take a picture with him and I just planted my feet staring at him and he grabbed my elbow and was like, “Come here baby.

SO I FUCKING DIE. And I go to him and he put his arm around me (he smelled so good though) and he was laughing at me and then all of the sudden people started taking 100000 pictures of us and I freak out more and people were yelling like, “Good picture,” “Great smiles” blah blah and I say (because I like to think I’m witty) well I’m standing next to a good one, and gesture to Maks and he literally burst out laughing and so did everyone else.



At the risk of being a huge dork, I wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who read, you are super nice and I love you, but especially thank you to these people, who are mostly artists and generally better than me so you should check ‘em out (if they didn’t send you here which is likely)

JACK GROSS, who is wise and wonderful and great and helped me re-plot this dumb thing

GABBY and SARA for being generally supportive and wonderful in the real life and because they’re cute

and to some people I don’t know IRL: MARY, who reblogged like every page and made me feel loved, but also users scrumss and eltsia (who I drew once! she’s very pretty) and punkh4zard and like, a good handful of really nice people.

I know it’s really silly to make a production out of this, but it remains one of the few creative projects in my life that I’ve carried on to the end with any degree of ‘success’. THANKS FOR READING MY DUMB COMIC!  I LOVE YOU!