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I was tagged by @firequeensrules. Thank for this tag, you’re amazing and I have been wanting to rant about anime for a while so here we go. This one has one of my favorite questions ever.

1. favorite anime?

Okay, so Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will probably always have the most special place in my heart but I honestly can’t make up my mind anymore, so I’m gonna add Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Haikyuu!!, Psycho Pass, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Nana, and Kekkai Sensen. I’m also thinking of adding Sangatsu no lion because that one really hits home for me, I’m only halfway through that one, anyway I could watch this list of anime over and over again.

2. your worst anime?

Pfft, okay so I’ve had my list of trash anime (some of wish I unashamedly love), but my personal least favorite is High School of the Dead.  I just …. no. I fucking hate it. 

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?

Yes! If I really love the anime (which I watch most of them all the way through to the end because I hate watching stuff I don’t like) Then I’ve most likely also read the manga. I usually love the manga much more than the anime because it captures a lot of things that an anime can’t.

4. most favorite genres? 

Shounen, Seinen, Action/Adventure, Josei, Sports, Magic/Supernatural, Sci-fi, Psychological, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, and Drama. Almost everything pretty much. I love alternative and unconventional anime the most though.

5. least favorite genres?

I hate ecchi and hentai with a passion. If the plot of a ecchi anime is REALLY, REALLY GOOD, and I mean REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD, then I’ll cringe through it. Otherwise they both make me feel sick for the most part. I don’t hate shoujo, but I also have a very particular taste when it comes to that one, they either have me on the edge of my seat the entire time or bored to death. I usually don’t like romance unless it’s really funny or heartfelt:Like I love doukyuusei, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun so much, but most other romance anime is just bleh. I also hate harems. I don’t care if it’s reverse or not I hate them. 

6. favorite character? 


7. least favorite character?

Gosh. Probably Izaya Orihara from Durarara. I also have a long list of characters I hate though. 

8. qualities you like in a character?

Complexity, complexiTY, COMPLEXITY!!!!! I LOVE COMPLEX CHARACTERS WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! I also love headstrong characters, really sweet and caring characters, characters who make serious deep sacrifices (I have a huge soft spot for them especially), I like the “underdog” characters who are bad at socializing, RELUCTANT BUT CAPABLE FIGHTERS who are willing to protect what they love but also hella peaceful, tsundere characters, angry characters, lovable dorky enthusiastic characters, big brother characters, really shy characters, scary but actually a softie characters, very clever characters, talented characters, playful asshole characters, sadistic characters (because I’m a masochist) , very intelligent characters, hardworking characters, super nervous characters, super confident characters, very loyal characters, those characters who aren’t good or bad, VERY VERY EMOTIONAL CHARACTERS, logical and calculating characters, characters that are done with everyone’s shit, and most importantly characters who are willing to change or who go through major MAJOR character changes.

I probably missed some but there you go.

9. short or long anime?

Doesn’t matter to me. If I like it I’ll finish it eventually. 

10. anime or manga?

Manga over anime most of the time but it really depends.

11. how do you choose the anime you watch? 

I usually research before I dive in, then make my own assessment after watching, I don’t wanna accidentally end up watching something like Boku no Pico. I usually watch things through to end if an anime seems promising. 

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?

Both. Depends on the intro. Like I didn’t skip Guren no Yumiya once.

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

UH, I WILL DO IT ANYWAY. Though I hate anime too, so I’d understand.

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?

Yes. And I’ll probably never finish. Doesn’t take long for me to decide.

I tag: @fadeslikewhispers , @kingraspberry , @mandalorian-mayhem , and @shizukv , @somethingofadream and everyone else. I’m very curious about your opinions. 

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Way to miss the point, but go off I guess. Narries have no issue dismissing 'don't go a man' in that interview, as it fits their view of their 'ship'. You may not believe you are tin hatting, but I've seen 'Narry is Real' & 'Narry is Love' on your posts. Your followers can be just as influenced as those in the 'big larry' blogs you despise so much. I am for the most part an outsider, trying to understand the fandom. I am not convinced of much, other than Niall is Irish, Louis has acknowledged...

…having a kid with Briana, and the boys are family. I think the dynamics between each of the boys is different, and I do notice a closeness between Harry and Louis, particularly in the early days, that is different to the dynamic with the others, and I can see glimpses of it still in later interviews. But it doesn’t mean they have anything more than Friendship. And I don’t see anything between the other boys to indicate that either. I only noted it more with h&l due to the animosity from…

…fans and media alike. It didn’t make sense to me that people were saying they hated each other, when they were still able to share jokes in interviews. Something didn’t add up. I have looked at interactions between all the boys, and see no difference with Larry, Narry or any other ‘ship’. I do think Actions speak louder than words, and don’t see the anger in Louis’ actions that his Twitter denials seem to express. I can’t help but question why his twitter persona and physical persona…


Do you even hear yourself when you think?

Because first of all, it’s crystal clear that you know nothing about me or my blog. Or my tags. My “Narry is real” tag was not created because I tinhat Narry. It’s in part because their friendship is real, whether people want to say it’s a platonic or romantic ship. You’d know that if actually knew anything… My followers are fine with it, very few question it – in fact, most of the people that do question it are people like you who come into inbox an accuse me of “being just like Larries” when that is so far from the truth. You know nothing about me, so stop making assumptions and acting like you do.

Second of all, you went from accusing me of tinhatting to basically saying you get why Larries tinhat Larries… So your credibility with me just flew out the window, Anon.

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Beckett gets pneumonia after her waterboarding incident in In The Belly of The Beast. I love your writing!

The shivers take hold when they leave the precinct together. She’s still wearing that oversized sweater and her hair is a mess and she keeps such a fierce strain on her jaw line, he is scared she will break herself apart.

He notices the tremors in her shoulders when they enter a cab and he wraps his arms around her shoulders as she leans into him, face pressed into the crook of his neck and he prays that maybe if he holds her tightly enough he can stop the fall.

She breaks when they enter the loft. She folds into herself as if her spine wasn’t able to carry her weight anymore and he sits on the floor right next to her, backs pressed against hard wood and cradles her into his chest. Her entire body is shivering, undulating like a raging ocean and even her eyes hold a hurricane.

He whispers sweet words like, “It’s okay” and “You’re safe”, but you can’t ease a storm with whispers.

She watches the video over and over and he makes tea and when she comes to bed her skin is callused and glass-like and he doesn’t know how to make it better.

The coughs start in the night and have him waking up to her arched- up back and gasping lips for better air and all he can do is run soothing lines along her back. When she finally settles against him her skin is fire.

The next morning she is bending over with coughs that seem to hold the strength to shred her insides. She clutches at her chest as if to rip herself apart and when she falls back against him he sees the tears in her eyes.

He tucks her into the one additional blanket he kept at the foot of their bed but even then the tremors don’t subside and her coughs seem to come out flat and empty as if there wasn’t enough energy left to perform this task.

He starts to get up but is stopped by her fingers wrapping around his arm, keeping him in place.

“Don’t leave” her voice is rough and he stays for a second longer.

“Kate, you need some water and aspirin, I’ll be right back I promise”

“Please” he never knew words could have so many edges and her eyes don’t seem to see him at all. They flicker and dance with images that make his chest tighten and he strokes her hair until she falls back asleep.

The next time she wakes up he has a glass of water but she startles away from him, fists clutching his shirt.

“Please, no” her voice sounds foreign on her chapped lips, “Please stop”

The worst is that he knows exactly where her feverish dreams have taken her.

“Kate, it’s me” it takes her a while to recognize him but she manages to swallow the aspirin as well as the water before she falls back asleep.

He stays there the entire time and holds her close, whispering in her ear whenever she whimpers and trailing words up and down along her spine whenever her breathing picks up.

The next time she wakes up the coughs have her pressing her palms against her mouth and heaving for minutes and when they finally pass she falls back into his chest as if her ribcages had disintegrated.

She looks up at him and her eyes hold more than both of them can take, “I hate this.”

He kisses her cheek and presses his hand atop her chest right above her heart.

She sniffles and occasionally singular coughs fall from her lips and echo through the silence but he knows they’ve survived the worst of it.

Her eyes flutter closed again and he leans in to her ear and whispers the only words he knows. The only words that hold enough hope to let the rest fade, “I love you.”

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omg! What was your experience with Maks

Basically I walked right up to him and hugged him and then like got all up in my head and got embarrassed and he started laughing at me.

I said hello and stood staring at him like an idiot then like he was trying to get me to come take a picture with him and I just planted my feet staring at him and he grabbed my elbow and was like, “Come here baby.

SO I FUCKING DIE. And I go to him and he put his arm around me (he smelled so good though) and he was laughing at me and then all of the sudden people started taking 100000 pictures of us and I freak out more and people were yelling like, “Good picture,” “Great smiles” blah blah and I say (because I like to think I’m witty) well I’m standing next to a good one, and gesture to Maks and he literally burst out laughing and so did everyone else.