thanks though

yungmeduseld replied to your post: pyraxis said:Could you post that …

i liked that story very much

Don’t say that or else I’ll take another inexorable step towards my destiny of writing corny historical fantasy novels for the rest of my remaining years. I was hoping to put it off for at least another decade, by which I time I hope to accumulate adjectives like “venerable” and possibly, “silver fox”, although that last is already a genetic reality.

If all it takes is forcing two of my least favorite historical figures into acceptable proximity to posthumously annoy the crap out of each other, my fate’s probably been sealed for decades.

500/600 FOLLOWERS!

So…. I’ve hit 600 followers, and 500 followers a week or two ago

jfc i don’t even know  why you people follow me, but thank you nonetheless

so of course, i have some people to thank

and because there’s so many i’m literally going to put them all together, and if you’re in there, i’d hope you know why im thanking you and stuff

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I’m sorry if I didn’t add you! I’m typing this @ nearly 5 in the morning. and I cba to think at this point in time

I appreciate all of you guys so much

and hopefully, I can get a few imagines out this weeeekenddddd~~~

Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to take a shower