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FU CK YES!!! time to ship Gross Old Boys!!!

send me a pairing and i’ll tell you who:

falls asleep on the couch: both? they split a nine pack of beer and watched The Duchess Approves and yelled at the characters and probably cried at the end and fell asleep in a snoring pile

makes friends with the neighbors: i mean theyre both mean old curmudgeons but rick sanchez is 99% salt and vinegar so stan’s a lot more likely to at least throw out the occasional “how’s it hangin mike”

is the adventurous eater: rick’s eaten cuisine from all over the galaxy and ever multiverse, he’s eaten blue tentacles and giant bugs and tasted tastes man was never meant to taste, stan just wants his usual at the diner every day

hogs the covers at night: they both try but stan is stronger and Wins

forgets to do the dishes: rick is almost always too busy building a quantum defuckulater to give a shit, stan is long-suffering

tries to surprise their partner more often: again, i think stan is a creature of habit and comfort whereas rick is a Crazy Motherfucker. half the time the surprises are not pleasant

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: both? theyre gross? if anyone gets around to it its usually stan

stays up til 2 AM reading: rick gets a little too deep into a Glarbulon romance novel, growls wwhen stan attempts to take him to bed, is still sitting at the table the next morning having clearly been crying over the book half the night, denies

sings in the shower: stan does and doesn’t care how much rick bitches about it

takes the selfies: rick: babe lets take a selfie with squanchy its go-onna be sick!! stan: what the fuck is a selfie. take me home

plans date night: rick if he promises his date idea won’t start any intergalactic wars or permanently scar them psychologically

Family Matters- A Guns For Hire Fanfic

This is my first “official” contribution to synnesai’s open Guns for Hire AU. All the art for the AU can be found here, the writing contributed so far can be found here, and here. 

The first introduction of the Ai family.

Family Matters- A Guns For Hire Fanfic

It wasn’t often that they collectively seemed to have a day off. There were always jobs and assignments and recon work to be done. Sometimes it felt like they only even saw each other in passing through the base or when paired up on jobs. But every once in a while, they all managed to find themselves free, and those were some of the best days.

Everyone left the gear off and the weapons were, well not put away, but at least they weren’t armed to the nines, most kept it down to simple knives and things. It was one of the few times that they actually all felt like they could relax and just be with each other.

Wash absolutely loved the few days off they all managed to snag.

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