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Abstract Lust (Night ver.)
Eren Yeager
Abstract Lust (Night ver.)

Another Character Image Song of Eren, only released at the Tokyo International Forum on the 3rd of July, 2016! It features Eren’s seiyuu, Kaji Yuki and is composed by Kohta Yamamoto, who has been recently involved with Sawano in composing the newer Character Songs for Season 2.

This is the Night version of the song, while there is also a Day version.

You can also hear the lyrics “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” in the chorus, which may or may not be a foreshadow to Season 2′s OP, as it was an iconic phrase during Season 1.

But Korean’s easy? Ehhh..

To avoid harshness or directness of questions or statements in Korean, there is a lot of grammar used to soften language. One piece of grammar that I could never quite grasp was 뭐뭐~(ㄴ/는)걸. This is actually a conjunction (but), so generally the first sentence is assumed.
So lets compare it to a few other easier bits of grammar.

~네 – Direct statement / question
맛있네? - “But this is tasty?**
맛있 -  “This is tasty.”

~(ㄴ/는)데 – Contrasting statement / question
맛있는데? – “But this is delicious?**
맛있는데 – “This is delicious, but~”

** - These are rhetorical answers that provide a passive form of contradiction

~(ㄴ/는)걸 – Indirect supposition
맛있는걸? – “It tastes better than I expected.”

Basic Conversation:
A: 벌써 11시네?
B: 피곤하네 ㅠㅠ
A: 그래도 졸리진 않은데?
B: 피곤한데 더 놀고 싶어
… 놀고싶은데 피곤한걸
A: 그럼 너 이제 자야겠는걸?

A: It’s already 11 o’clock?
B: I’m tired ㅠㅠ
A: Still, are you not sleepy?
B: I’m tired, but I want to hang out more.
… I want to hang out, but I’m more tired than I expected.
A: Then you should probably get some sleep now?

So as you can see, a lot of the meaning comes from the intonation of the speaker. (ㄴ/는)데 can be positive or negative depending on the inflection in the person’s voice or following comments. However, (ㄴ/는)걸 is an indirect way to speak (as if you’re speaking to yourself) to soften unexpected negative answers.

Ex. “먹을래? (Want to eat?)” “이미 먹었는걸?” This may seem like you’re saying “But I already ate?” but is really an indirect way to say “Sorry, I already ate.”
As a native English speaker this may seem weird, but these are the nuances that help us truly become fluent. :) This form is very informal so use it among friends.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Some things I liked in "Markiplier makes a ballista"

- ok but what is a ballista am I missing something?
- Tyler stands up and looks at least 7ft tall
- please don’t wink omg I am dead
- dancing hips
- Ethan’s ballista fact (very informative pal thank you) + Tyler looks like he’s trying not to laugh
- mark’s running commentary but Tyler is concentrating in dead silence
- no I didn’t shit my pants…I will though
- OH NO!! GUYS!…there’s no toilet paper
- that accent that always comes out in challenge videos
- like Ethan sounds like chekov
- blunicorn
- mark did it upside down omg
- this is MY string
- Ethan’s panic “CAREFUL!!”
- Tyler’s super mischievous grin and saying “I don’t know” in the same breath so innocently
- mark screaming at everyone
- mark’s puny shot
- how much are Amy and Kathryn laughing behind the camera?
- Tyler, pencils down jeez
- wrist mounted ballista (alright ezio chill)
- the boys are actual children
- the girls are the real winners yay


得到亲切的人的帮助,做(制作)了为 weibo-微博 我的帐号。


I got help of a kind person and made my WEIBO account.
You can share my pictures in WEIBO from here.
I will study Chinese little by little..
Thank you very much.

Subtly Gets You No Where

Longer title: Subtly and care get you no where when the person you’re trying to subtly and carefully woo thinks too negatively and won’t pick up your clues and it’s subtly driving you insane.

Pairing: Romantic Analogical (or platonic until the end)

Warnings: Some negative self talk, disappearing talk, very minimal. Some swears?

It seemed to start sometime after their first debate. Virgil would just be sitting around in his room or even venturing out to the commons in the odd moments he felt courageous enough to curl up on his extra cushioned rocking chair when he would be sought out. That itself annoyed him but he wouldn’t complain. It felt nice to be wanted.

He’s on his bed with his phone open to some simple word search app to keep his mind occupied. The voices in his head are quiet for once so he enjoys the silence without music while he can. His eyes scan the screen for the proper order of letters when there’s a knock on his door. He jerks at the sound but calms seeing who it is.

“Good afternoon Anxiety,” Logan greets him with whatever time of day it is, his hands clasped gently in front of him. Virgil wonders if it really is a ‘good’ afternoon. Then wonders what time it is because he’s sure he hasn’t been in bed all day. The clock on his wall that spins out of control is no help and his phone glitches over the time, so he believes Logan’s statement.

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Stay Professional! Part 5

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Summary: Jungkook offers you a job as an apology for his rude behaviour and hopes to get to know a little more about you- despite the rough first encounter, he finds himself pondering and wondering about you. Is this much more than a just a professional relationship? 

A/N: This is going to be longer than usual because I having been updating! (My laptop is in a dodgy state so please bare with me for late updates. As always, thanks for reading!) 

“I was calling to let you know that I’m interested in the job offer.” 

Jungkook’s face brightened up despite his eye-bags heavy on his delicate features. “That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll call you as soon as I find a spot for you.” 

The sweet velvety voice that belonged to Jungkook was completely different to what you normally heard during your time at his company: his pleasing low and cool tones that surely charmed the entire office. His gentle chuckles were indescribably sexy yet it possessed a slight ring of innocence to it. You’d never thought that he would be so sweet- so suddenly reassuring and loving. It was completely different from what you originally thought of him- stuck up, stunning and selfish. Stunning was in-fact, still a fact. 

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What’s it like to date Jasper Hale {Requested}

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Ask Anything: {Here}

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Requested by: Anonymous

  • You are a classical musician from the 1600′s.
  • You played the Violin.
  • You meet him through Edward.
  • “I love you” “I know” “What C’mon that’s cheating I didn’t even know if you even liked me back”
  • “If I didn’t like you I would have ate you already” “Oh honey you already ate me” *Cue mental images* “NO STOP WHY DID I READ YOUR MIND”
  • “That’s what you get Edward” “What did you show him” “We can reenact it”

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ok so hear me out: College!Binu ft. laundry & extra 4stro

  • binu living in opposite towers in a residence hall but on the same floor so their windows essentially face each other 
  • so literally every morning when Bin wakes up he gets to rest his eyes on the beauty that is nerd!Eunwoo getting ready to get to class
  • and also gets to hear the sheer noise that is MJ/Sanha
  • ok so naturally Rocky and Jinjin being the ever-observant roommates catch him staring more than once out the window at the beautiful boy with the glasses from the east tower 
  • and endlessly tease him about it 
  • but Bin doesn’t even try to defend himself or his rep as a Bad Bad Boy™ because honestly he is also a Hoe™ for beautiful things he’s not going to deny himself this pleasure 
  • until one day eunwoo looks up from where he’s studying by the window
  • and catches bin’s eye and smiles
  • and bin immediately chokes on his coffee because what the hell it’s one thing for someone to be this pretty but it’s another thing for someone to have an amazing eye smile smh iLLEGAL 
  • ‘hyUNG HE SMILED AT ME’ @ jinjin 
  • jinjin: ‘yeah sure son u sure u aren’t dreaming’ 
  • rocky: ‘no hyung idt bin is lying he’s still looking this way’ 
  • bin: (spluttering) ‘whAT DO U MEAN HE’S STILL LOOKING THIS WAY’ 
  • and rocky and jinjin are just cackling because Bin is such trash for this boy from the east tower and he doesn’t even know his name
  • also that one time when Bin tried to take a photo of Eunwoo sitting at the window in the evening because the way his face was lit up was breath-taking but his flash was on and he had to duck away before he Got Caught™
  • ok so over at the east tower this is how it goes 
  • sanha: ‘hyung that creep’s from west staring again’ 
  • eunwoo: (still staring very hard at his textbook) ‘yeah he’s incredulous about how loud two smol beings can be’
  • (background sanha: ‘bitch i’m taller than u’) mj: ‘yeah well i think he’s starING AT YOU EUNWOO I THINK SOMEBODY HAS A CRUSH ON U’ 
  • eunwoo: (pushing up his cute ass glasses) ‘yeah well he’s p cute too’ (goes back to his work) and for once mj and sanha are stunned into silence
  • and so mj and sanha make it their Mission to wingman eunwoo and rocky and jinjin make it their Mission to wingman bin 
  • ok so one time jinjin and rocky are in the dining hall to grab dinner & they run into the terror twins 
  • sanha: ‘omg it’s u it’s u ur the one eunwoo hyung keeps looking at’ and gets hit by myungjun bc 1) why can’t this boy shut his mouth and 2) he mistook rocky for bin which is frankly q a feat they look nothing alike
  • and so after many clarifications and shouting over each other 4stro settles 3 facts: 
  • 1) nerd boy’s name is eunwoo and he thinks badboy from the west tower is ‘p cute’ 
  • 2) said badboy’s name is bin and he wears too much eyeliner and snapbacks and he’s been pining away at the east tower for the longest time trying to secretly catch a glimpse of eunwoo 
  • 3) both bin and eunwoo need to get their shit together 
  • upon finding 1 out bin lets out an embarrassing squeak that he swears never happened and disappears into his blanket fort because even though he tries to be a Bad Bad Boy™ he is actually just a soft pupper 
  • now he knows beautiful boy’s name!!!! eunwoo!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!! just like him!!!!!!11!!1!!1 amazing
  • he is so soft for eunwoo it’s incredible 
  • and when eunwoo finds 2 out all he does is push up his glasses and blink confusedly @ mj and sanha bc thank u very much but what is he going to do with this information 
  • and so now that 3 has been established by 4stro, 4stro decides???? they need???? to have a game plan???
  • so plan number 1 is set into motion they send both eunwoo and bin down to the printer at the same time because somehow both sanha and rocky needed to get a worksheet printed At The Same Time How MystERioUs!!!
  • but because bin is grumpy at having to tear his gaze away from the window he is down and back up with rocky’s worksheet in a flash 
  • and eunwoo just stares weirdly at sanha’s very hopeful expression and question of ‘so did u meet anyone,,, special??? downstairs????????’
  • the answer is no 
  • and so plan number 2 is set into place mj and jinjin send eunwoo and bin to the dining hall to fetch cookies because ‘don’t question ur hyung u lil shit just get me the cookies’
  • and so bin goes down grumpy as usual to grab a cookie for the most annoying hyung in the world
  • he doesn’t see eunwoo but hoo boy eunwoo definitely sees him 
  • and he sees the way the crowd in the dining hall parts for this gorgeous boy and the way this group of girls excitedly start whispering and the way some people’s gaze lift from their food as he walks past and the way the lights flash on bin’s ear piercings
  • and he sees the way bin carefully puts a couple of cookies into a box (how can someone??? who looks so tough??? be gentle with cookies????? he finds out later that it’s only bc bin hella loves food)
  • and he sees the way bin commands attention even though all he’s doing is being hella grumpy and decides then and there that he cannot Deal with talking to bin when there are So Many People watching so he just hides behind a pillar and waits until Bin strides back out the hall 
  • and so when eunwoo gets back up he just stares weirdly again at mj’s very hopeful expression and question of ‘so did u meet anyone,,, special??? downstairs????????’
  • the answer is no and a very suspicious eye twitch because angel eunwoo cannot lie to save his life 
  • but from that point on eunwoo just keeps staring shamelessly out his window into the room in the opposite tower and ducks his head whenever bin looks his way
  • bin swears eunwoo is staring at him but he figures it’s just him projecting onto eunwoo 
  • at this point mj and jinjin are so dOne with their dongsaengs like u lil shits please 
  • so one night sleepy baby bin is hauling his laundry down to the laundry room because hell he doesn’t have any clean clothes for tomorrow so even though it’s 11pm he gotta do that shit 
  • and he’s in his soft pajama pants and rattiest hoodie loading his clothes into the washing machine when eunwoo comes round the corner 
  • wearing the softest sweater and his cute ass glasses and carrying a neat laundry hamper 
  • like literally who folds their clothes before putting them into a laundry hamper fricking cha eunwoo that’s who 
  • and so sleepy baby bin is just dumping his clothes in and eunwoo just freezes because this is the Grumpy Bad Bad Boy™ in the west tower but instead of being in all black he’s wearing his huge ass glasses and he’s in his pjs and he looks so soft and huggable eunwoo wants to cry 
  • but bin suddenly looks up because ??? shit he forgot to bring detergent down and he doesn’t want to go all the way up to the 12th floor to get it he figures he might as well borrow from whoever just walked in and he looks up and 
  • eunwoo lets out an embarrassing sqUEAK 
  • and grumpy baby bin turns red so fast like whAT WAS THAT SOUND DID THAT RLY COME FROM EUNWOO 
  • o good lord it IS eunwoo what do i do what do i do whAT DO I DO
  • ‘HiCanIBorrowDetergentPlease&ThankYou’
  • and eunwoo’s frozen and he can’t say anything because 1) wtf the guy he’s been staring at for the longest time just talked to him and 2) he,,, can’t understand,,,,,,,,,,,, 
  • and so bin clears his throat and has to squeak out ‘hi can i please borrow some detergent i left mine upstairs’ in a slightly calmer voice
  • he lies, he’s not calm at all 
  • and when eunwoo, wide-eyed and wondering what he did well in this life to have the most gorgeous boy he has ever seen acknowledge him and use his detergent, hands him his detergent bottle, bin flushes red 
  • and because we all know bin is smooth af he says something like ‘i can totally make it up to you with a coffee tomorrow?’
  • or rather, he thinks he says something like that
  • because it went more along the lines of ‘ah coffee yes tomorrow????’
  • and poor baby eunwoo??? standing there in his soft sweater and his glasses being all confused???? doesn’t understand what bin is trying to say???? me too eunwoo me too 
  • until bin clears his throat and flushes even redder and holds eunwoo’s detergent bottle back out to him goes ‘can i make it up to you with coffee tomorrow?’
  • he wants to stab himself wtf who asks the most beautiful person in the world for detergent and then coffee
  • and it’s eunwoo’s turn to stand there mildly shocked (read: hella shocked) and accepts his detergent bottle back with a quiet ‘yes, alright’ and a small smile
  • bin is internally combusting 
  • eunwoo is also internally combusting 
  • so when bin flies back upstairs and screams at jinjin and rocky they smack him on the back and coo at how Grumpy Bad Bad Boy™ binnie finally gets his first date with nerd boy from the east tower 
  • and before eunwoo can even open his mouth mj waves a text from jinjin in his face and screaMS EVEN LOUDER AT EUNWOO ABOUT HIS BABY ANGEL EUNWOO GOING ON HIS VERY FIRST DATE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bin can totally hear it but he’s grinning to hard to care
  • i’m grinning too hard to care
  • i just 
  • i rly love binu 
  • i rly love astro fluff
  • moral of the story if you see a cute guy in the laundry room please talk to him
  • not that i have ever i hate myself
  • inspired by the cute sleepy boy i saw in the laundry room at 1am this morning
  • for hwarang hoe @nataliekaytbh ily u smol tol child
“I thought I lost you” [Riley & Lucas one shot]

Requested by and dedicated to @ouat2011

Prompt - “I thought I lost you”

Songs I listened to while writing this - Fingertips by OneRepublic and The Night We Met by Lord Huron

In seventh grade, when Riley Matthews heard Lucas Friar speak French for the first time, she promised herself to learn it as well, with the help of no other than Lucas. However, she couldn’t find enough courage to ask for his help until junior year of high school. She knew she could just take classes, but something about one of her best friends speaking the language of love fascinated her.

Maybe it had something to do with the crush she had had on him ever since their project in the library in seventh grade, who knows.

You see, since Lucas Friar moved to New York City, the two of them had always had this unofficial thing going on. Of course, in eighth grade they gave it a try, but after a day, a few hours to be exact, of being in a relationship they realized that they weren’t ready to take that step. So they remained friends, and as the days passed by, their bond just got stronger and stronger.

Seasons changed, and what seemed like the best days of their young lives, the days they called themselves kings, ended. A few months and one summer break later the group of six friends and the entire class of freshmen had become worms who were trying to find their place in the hallways of Abigail Adams High. Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Zay and Isadora – each of them were forced to face the changes and adapt to them, but for some, Riley especially, it was nearly impossible, at least in the beginning of it all. If that wasn’t enough, the group of friends started drifting apart – new hobbies, new friends, less and less time to spare for the original group. Riley, the ray of sunshine of the clique six, couldn’t keep up the façade, couldn’t and didn’t want to pretend that what was happening at that time wasn’t affecting her. She thought they were better than that, better than some stereotype – she didn’t want to believe that their group of friends would fall apart just like that.

You know who was the one to assure her that they would never fall apart as long as Riley was there to hold them all together? You know who was right about it?

The one and only Lucas Friar.

Riley didn’t know how it was possible, but she was sure of one thing – Maya wasn’t her only extraordinary relationship; Lucas was one too, and yet she realized that in some way it was different; it was a little bit more.

But knowing that made it difficult to act on it – she was afraid of ruining what they had been building for the last four years they had been in each other’s lives.

If only she knew Lucas felt the same way about her.

Neither of them could imagine going on with their day without talking to one another, about nothing, but at the same time about everything, or making the other one smile and laugh, being able to see and hear it, even if at times the only way to do so was when they Skyped each other…

“You sure about this?” Lucas asked watching Riley fasten her seat belt before she turned to him and smiled.

“Lucas, we’ve done this like a hundred times already, I’m sure,” she laughed before pecking his cheek as she started the engine of her parents’ car.

“Drive safe, yeah?” he asked with concern lacing his voice before he pushed a strand of her brown locks behind her ear, unknowingly sending shivers down Riley’s spine. Something about him that night seemed different…

And she was sure it had something to do with a sheet of paper she found on his desk….

Or one particular sentence he had written on it that made her heart beat faster.

“Always,” she promised.

“I’ll talk to you in a few,” he called out as he backed away from her car.

“You better!” Riley yelled back with a wide smile on her face before closing the window and driving out of Lucas’ family’s driveway.

For a couple of minutes Riley drove in silence, but before she knew it, a sound of someone closing the door reached her ears and a small smile adorned brunette’s features.

Salut ma chérie,” Lucas spoke.

“Hi,” Riley chuckled and she just knew that he was smiling on the other side of the line. “So, how are we going to do it this time?”

“How about I tell you a simple phrase in French and you tell me its translation.”

“Works for me, Mad Dog the tutor,” she teased.

“Tais – toi!” Lucas groaned making Riley laugh out loud.

“Okay okay, let’s do this,” the brunette girl said after a few more seconds of laughter.

“Okay,” the blond boy agreed and pulled out a list of phrases he had written earlier in the day from his biology textbook. When Riley came over that afternoon, their main goal was to get some homework done which included Lucas tutoring his best friend, but they got so caught up in talking and laughing with each other or from one another that before they knew it, it was time for Riley to go home. “Let’s start with something you knew even before you met me – bonjour.”

“Oh come on! Don’t go easy on me. Bonjour can be translated as good day, good morning, but most of the time people use it just to say hello,” Riley explained without a doubt in her mind.


“Good evening.”

“Bonne nuit.”

“Good night.”

“And when is it used?” Lucas questioned smiling to himself.

“Only said when going to bed?” the brunette said, this time with a bit of hesitancy evident in her voice.

“Is it your answer or are you asking me?” he asked amused.

Riley thought for a while, trying to remember everything she had revised the previous night.

“My answer,” she told him confidentially.

“That’s my girl,” Lucas said proudly. “S'il vous plaît.”

“Formal way of saying please.”

“And what would be the informal phrase to say the same thing?”

“S’il te plaît.”

Lucas loved hearing her speak French. After every tutoring session, whenever he closed his eyes, he imagined them in Paris, walking around the city of love hand in hand, their eyes full of love for each other. Sometimes, when he looked at her laying on his bed after their study session or when they made eye contact in the middle of a class, he could swear that the way her eyes were sparkling was the exact same way the girl in his daydreams would look at the older version of him.

“Merci beaucoup,” he said turning the sheet of paper he was holding in his hand around.

“Thank you very much.”

“De rien.”

“Informal way of saying you’re welcome,” she said. When he was about to interrupt, she continued, “Je vous en prie, formal.”

“You’re good,” Lucas chuckled. “Okay, smarty pants, let’s see, what else… À toute à l'heure!”

“See you later.”

“A demain.”

“A very easy one if I may say, you literally say it every day. See you tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah?” he questioned. “I didn’t even realize I was using it outside of our tutoring sessions,” he confessed scratching the back of his neck.

“Are you kidding me?” Riley laughed. “You talk in French like half of the time if not more!”

“Je suis désolée?”

All he heard in response was the sound of her melodic laughter.

“Où es – tu maintenant chérie?” he asked.

“Halfway home, I think,” she answered knowing that it was exactly what he had expected her to do instead of translating the question. “It’s hard to tell, all I see are trees, it seems like I’m the only one on the road right now, it’s a bit strange to be honest.”

“Maybe we should stop this until you’re out of the woods?” he asked worriedly, feeling the knots tie in his stomach.

“No, it’s okay, let’s continue. Besides, there are only a few phrases left,” she said.

“How did you know that?” Lucas asked as he looked down at the piece of paper he was holding in his hands.

“I may have seen your draft when you went to get snacks,” Riley confessed biting the inside of her cheek, the corners of her mouth turning upwards.

“That’s cheating! I knew there had to be a reason you’ve been doing so well today!” Lucas exclaimed chuckling.

“Hey! I’m not that terrible!”

“Of course you’re not, Princess. You’re the opposite of it,” he whispered before clearing his throat. “Je ne comprends pas.”

“I don’t know,” Riley answered automatically although her mind was trying to process whatever she had just heard in the tone of his voice.

“Close, but not exactly,” the blond boy noted. “It means I don’t understand while Je ne sais pas, which, by the way is the last phrase on my list, stands for I don’t know,” he explained before looking down at the crumbled paper, tracing the letters of each word of the actual last sentence he wanted, but was too afraid to say out loud.

“Oh, okay, I’ll try to remember it,” she said quietly before taking a turn to the right. She knew he had just lied to her; it wasn’t the last phrase on his list, but she wasn’t sure if she should say anything about it to him. Maybe it was just a phrase, maybe she was reading too much into it…

“You know there was one more phrase on that list, don’t you?” Lucas sighed.

Riley swallowed, her hands suddenly started shaking.

“Yeah,” she whispered, “I just don’t understand why – “

“I don’t want you to translate it, Riley,” he interrupted, “I want you to know it,” he said softly.

“Je t’aime, Riley Matthews. I think I have for as long as I can remember,” Lucas confessed.

But all he heard in return was a scream followed by the sound of a crashing car.

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Ok so we all know keith would in fact give up everything to help people in anyway he can right? right ok so imagine-

Keith as a blood donor with O negative blood, Keith donating as much as possible without hurting himself before the whole voltron thing.

Keith overhearing Allua and Coran worrying over if using ancient atlean donated blood in the healing pod will affect the paladins negatively when they have to use it and Keith mentioning to them that he’s a universal donor and offering to let them use his blood, after telling them how blood donation works on earth.

turns out keith really is a Universal donor as his blood can also be used for several alien species in the same way it works for humans and among those species includes atleans and galra (and also arusians and some kind of slug alien among others? Keith isnt sure how he feels about that)

Hunk once walked in on keith having his blood extracted and panicked for a good five minutes before he was told what was going on and why it was happening, then Hunk became really interested in what was going on and listed off facts he new about blood and medical stuff like how to replace a liver or a heart.

Keith seeing a alien clinic at a space mall asking for blood donations and immediately walked in there, had to be saved by the team becouse these aliens know nothing about how much blood is able to be taken from a human and keith is basically a gold mine of life saving blood, the alien doctors were very apologetic.

Keith gets a little loopy the first few times they draw blood becouse Allura and Coran dont have a exact measurement for when to stop and this leads to mainly him being sat next and leaning on a pidge or being put on a space couch to take a nap and chug a bowl of space goo.

the other paladins also donate blood to the castle blood bank, with less frequency since one paladin loopy on blood loss at a time is enough thank you very much but the information they gain from each donating blood in incredibly interesting.

Lance was the second person to start donating blood becouse he also was a donor back on earth and keith will not beat him at anything he swears on it, also it makes him feel better knowing they have the extra blood if needed and wont be short in a dire situation involving aliens keiths blood isnt compatible with.

Pidge is next to start donating becouse she’s curios about the process and also what her blood type is compatible with

Hunk goes next becouse he feels like he could donate more at a time then keith or lance and he is also very curios about what his blood type is compatible with.

Shiro is last, for obvious reasons and the whole team is there supporting him and his decision when he decides to do this (closes his eyes while the need is in him and listens to the teams encouraging words, best way to fend off medical horror flash backs)

Hunk- AB (compatible with both galra and atleans)

Shiro- A(compatible with most galra which adds another layer of horror to his imprisonment) 

Pidge- b(compatible with atleans)

Lance- O positive (compatible with a completely different list of alien species)

thank fuck they all donate regularly becouse the times they save prisoners from prison ships that require a blood transfusion is horribly vast.

I dont know why I did this all I remember is thinking keith would donate blood then things spiraled out of control

lunaaltare  asked:

married samsteve + domestic fluff + dramatic pancake vs. waffle discourse

Sam pokes him in the chest. “You are dead wrong. Admit it.”

“Absolutely not! Waffles have been better than pancakes since before you were born!”

“Oh and you’d know. Since you’re like, what, 107 now?” Sam grins when he says it, teasing.

“I am ninety-nine, thank you very much.” Steve informs him. He uses a fork to pry the waffle out of the waffle maker. It’s perfect- nice and golden brown. Steve once managed to make chicken so disgusting that Sam made him sleep on the couch for a week, but he knows how to make a waffle. He places it on a plate and hands it to his husband. “Breakfast is served. Or is it dinner? I can’t remember since I’m so elderly and frail.”

“You’re a pain in my ass, that’s what you are,” Sam tells him. “A pain in my ass with bad taste!”

“Is that why I married you then?” Steve can’t help but smile at his comeback. He smiles even harder when Sam’s rendered speechless for a moment.

“No, you marrying me was the best decision you’ve ever made. Now making waffles instead of the much superior pancakes? That’s your bad taste showing.”

“What do you have against waffles, huh?” Steve adds more batter to the machine and closes the lid. When he looks over to Sam, he’s got his hip rested against the counter, bending over it to cut his waffle up properly. “What did waffles ever do to Sam Wilson?”

“They weren’t as delicious as pancakes. Never have been, never will be.” Sam takes a happy bite of his waffle despite his trash talking.

Steve ambles over to him and leans over to press his chest to Sam’s back lightly. “You take it back,” Steve tells him. He wraps his arms around Sam’s middle, feeling much sweeter than his tone portrays. “You’ve betrayed me.”

“If anyone’s the traitor in this marriage, it’s you,” Sam says with a mouth full of food. He twists his head around to probably insult Steve again, but Steve stops him with a little kiss instead. “You’re using unfair methods to gain your advantage and I won’t stand for it!” Sam leans in to kiss Steve again, deepening it a little. His mouth tastes like syrup as his soft tongue slides into Steve’s mouth. Steve can’t help the pleased hum that he makes at the feel of it. After a minute, Sam breaks them apart. His breath is hot against Steve’s lips when he says, “Your waffles are burning.”

Steve swears and rushes to the machine. He’s already started enough kitchen fires for one (very long) lifetime.