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Is anyone else highly fucking offended when people post TF things but Carol is never in them.

Bitch shes fucking OG TF. Before Rick so you can fucking fite me.



Sorry I ruined the serious moment, oops

Apparently there was a little ‘Easter Egg’ in the Age of Ultron movie~ I couldn’t help myself but to draw out this scene the way I had pictured it in my head.

Little explanation:

When Tony was about to slide in his new F R I D A Y chip to replace J A R V I S there were two other chips by his side labelled ‘J O C A S T A’  (A comic reference involving Ultron’s ‘mate’) and ‘T A D A S H I’.

I just wanted a chance for Tadashi’s consciousness to survive somehow and took advantage of this AU opportunity. Nerd AI, anyone?

I showed this to a couple of my friends as I was working on this and some of their reactions were hilarious. But I assure you that Tadashi isn’t supposed to look like a Vocaloid, it was my unfortunate color choices that made it seem that way. I HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN WITH THIS.

I gotta thank my compadre Stephy for inspiring this comic (and a possible sequel ?? Maybe) and also soakedwithink for helping with some of the little details and inspiring me for the little ending sequence~

P.S. I find Nerd! Dashi too cute for words. Yes, AI!Dashi’s eyes are blue. Deal with it.

P.S.S. Tony’s personality is a lot like Hiro’s (in my opinion)

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how old are you: 23 with a underage looking face

what’s your current job: I’m a nurse going to college and work part-time in a cinema in the evening

what’s your aesthetic: I go from hobo to goddess of the night in less than 20 minutes, my asthetic is very adaptable

do you collect anything: I collect borrowed-and-never-returned socks

what’s a topic you always talk about: politics, philosophy, my love for animals, fiction, true crime, history, sports, travel

what’s a pet peeve of yours: people who munch

good advice to give: never surrender!

three songs you would recommend:
Kill - Jimmy Eat World
Butterfly - Crazy Town
Changes - 2pac

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All I ever wanted was home.

modern au daenerys targaryen + jorah mormont
in which they’re on the run (insp.)

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