thanks sophia also and your dad for letting you guys give this to me


Summary: Steve are told to take his Nieces and nephew out for trick or treating. He stumbles upon you and your daughter and the evening turns out so much better than Steve could imagine.

Warning: CUTE STUFF 

A/N: Here’s my Steve writing!! I hope you guys enjoy it! 

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Steve was sitting on the couch in the living room while the rest of the avengers all scattered around, trying to get their children all together for trick or treat. They all have gathered the children to get pictures and last minute touches on their costumes before Steve was to take them out for trick or treating. The parents all wanted to finally have a night out and since Steve didn’t have a kid, or even a girlfriend for that matter, they pretty much voluntold him that he was to be walking them all around this year. Which he didn’t completely mind. It was just that he thought he was gonna be out partying along side his friends.

Steve stands up and makes his way to the mirror. He takes one last look at himself in his costume. Being a vampire was all Natasha’s idea and he didn’t actually hate it.

“You look great Uncle Steve!” Luci says as she comes and stands next to him. Luci was oldest of the three kids Steve was to be taking out tonight. She was about 9 now and the other two were 6 and 4. Perfect ages to be taking out for trick or treat.

“Thank you sweet heart,” Steve smiles as he looks down at her. “You look great as well Luci! Love your Pirate princess costume.” They both smile at each other before they hug and then return to the group.

“Okay, we will be back pretty late Steve, Thank you once again for this!!” Natasha says as she hugs him quickly, then hugs her son and takes Banner’s hand and leads him to the elevator.

“Seriously, thank you Steven,” Wanda also thanks him before kissing and hugging her daughter. Vision takes her hand and is soon following behind Natasha and Banner. Bucky and Caitlin, his wife, are following close behind. Joining alongside of them is Tony and Pepper. Clint was back at home with his wife and kids, so they unfortunately were to not be joining the group this time around.

“This means a lot man! We will see you later spidey child!” Peter says, smiling then hugging Luci and soon grabbing Kathryn’s hand, his wife, and joining the group in the elevator. Steve and the little ones all wave before the group disappears behind the doors.

“Uncle Steve, are we the next elevator?” Sophia, the youngest of the group asks, tugging at his cape.

“Yes we are!” Steve answers, sending her a warm smile. “Now, does everyone have their buckets?” They all nod and hold up their buckets. “Does everyone have their jackets?”

“Are you going to be holding them for us?” Chris asks, pulling at his sleeves.

“I can for now, but you must put them on the moment the sun goes down, okay?” Steve asks, pressing the button for the elevator. They all nod once again before the door opens, allowing them all to enter. Luci presses the first level button and all soon make their way down to the first floor. “When we get out of the tower, please hold my hand or onto my cape.”

“Okay!” They all say just as the door opens, allowing them all to exit and head towards the door.

Sophia and Chris wrap their little hands in Steve’s hand while Luci grabs a hold of his cape. They soon make their way towards the houses that are passing out the candy. They reach the first house and soon take off up the stairs. Steve stands back, watching them as they share smiles and please and thank yous. They soon are making their way back to Steve and to the next house, repeating the same words each time.

They are soon making up the second street. The little ones start to make up the stairs as your daughter runs up right behind them. You and Steve stand silently as you guys watch the little kids all gather around the bowl of candy.

“So, which one is yours?” Steve finally asks, looking back at you. You smile as your eyes follow your daughter in her little black widow costume.

“Samantha, she’s the one dressed like Black Widow! What about yours?” You ask Steve. He smiles as he looks up at his nieces and nephew.

“They are my nieces and nephews. Sophia is the little Belle, Chris is the Little Ninja, and Luci is the one dressed like the pirate princess.” Steve explains, looking back at you once again. “I like your vampire costume.”

“I like yours as well,” You smirk as you look him up and down. “So where all are you guys headed?”

“Well, we are going to head up this road but if you want to join us, i know i would like the company,” Steve explains as the little ones soon come back to you guys.

“Lucky for you, we are also heading up this road,” You say as you place your hands on your daughters shoulders.

“Good,” Steve says as his little ones come up to him. “I’m Steve by the way, i don’t think i said that yet..”

“Y/N, It’s nice to meet you Steve. And this is Samantha,” You say, causing your daughter to smile as she nods her head at the group.

“It’s nice to meet you Samantha, These three are Luci, Chris, and Sophia.” Steve explains, causing the group to also smile at the girl.

“Shall we keep moving?” You ask, moving out of the way for the little ones. They all yell excitedly as the take off to the next house. Steve lets you lead him as you two trail closely behind the children.

“So.. I do not want to sound rude or to peer into your life. Especially since we just met and all. But i um… notice dad is nowhere in sight..?” Steve stumbles over his sentence. You just smile and shrug.

“Dad got me pregnant just after i graduated college. I thought we were gonna get married but the moment i told him i was having her, he skipped town and has not been seen since. I don’t mind you asking about it. I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks. I have raised Samantha perfectly without a man by our side…” You explain as the kids come running down the steps of another house and compare their candy. They soon take off once again.

“I respect that.. Not everyone needs someone to be by their sides at all times.” Steve answers, grabbing at his neck nervously. You pick up on his nervous tick quickly and are soon trying to correct it.

“It’s not that i don’t want someone by my side. It’s just people are always questioning and trying to advise that i need someone by my side. And no offence, but we just met and i don’t really need a stranger telling me how to live my life. Now, if you were to ask me for coffee and we got to know each other and you became the man of the house, then i would take your advice.” You explain once again.

“Look, i don’t mean to come off as someone who is trying to tell you how to live your life. Samantha is a beautiful individual, a mirror of her mother might i add. I just was curious. I would love to take you out to coffee and get to know you.” Steve answers once again, sending you a nervous smile.

“I would love that as well.” You smile back at him, you two continuing behind the kids. A good hour passes before the little ones are soon zipped up in their coats and getting tired of walking around. The group stops to get some hot cider from one of the families that you know and take a quick break. Steve walks away from the group to get a hold of one of the mothers but soon returns with an angry look.

“Everything alright?” You ask, getting a tad worried.

“None of the parents are answering. I can’t talk them home to an empty tower because they will just be running around, eating candy…” He trails off, looking down at the group of children.

“Why don’t you come to my place? Samantha and i usually get home, dump her candy on the coffee table and sort it out. I then pop popcorn, put in It’s the great pumpkin charlie brown, and we snuggle while snacking. What’s adding three more kids and another adult to the mix?” You ask. Steve looks back at the group of giggling children. He stands silently before whipping his phone out again. You guys stand there as he types away on his keyboard.

“Okay, i am down. I just texted Natasha.” Steve says, smiles spreading across both of your faces. “Guys, we are gonna go with Y/N and Samantha. Sound good to you?” You guys earn excited yes’s as they all get up and grab their buckets of candy. Steve gathers the cups quickly and throws them away.

“Follow me!” You exclaim as Samantha grabs your cape. She then grabs Sophia’s hand who grabs chris’s hand who grabs Luci’s. Steve walks closely behind the group as you all make your way to your apartment.

Once you guys reach the apartment and are inside, Steve helps the little ones get their jackets off and headed towards the living room.

“You’ve got a great place here!” He calls out as you make your into the kitchen to pop the popcorn.

“Thanks!” You call back, grabbing the popcorn box from the cabinet. You unwrap two bags and place one in the microwave. You hit the popcorn button then go searching for your big bowl. You pull out the bowl and set it on the counter. The microwave soon signals that the first bag is done. You pull it out and put the second one in. Once the popcorn has started, you open the first bag and the steam comes streaming out. You smile at the smell and soon pour the light puffs of deliciousness into the bowl. The microwave beeps once again and you soon grab the second bag out. You pour it’s contents into the bowl and make your way to the living room. You reach the doorway but soon stop in your tracks. The scene that has taken place in the living room just melts your heart. Samantha has made her way onto Steve’s lap with Sophia while Chris and Luci stand super close so they can all sort out and trade their candy.

“Hey!” Steve says, causing you to drift from your quick happy moment. You place the bowl of popcorn in the middle of the coffee table.

“So it seems we all have made ourselves comfortable…” You trail off, giving Samantha a look.

“It’s perfectly okay! Living with these little ones has taught me that i will always have someone in my face.” Steve says, causing the group of the kids to all smile at you. You smile back as you move to the TV. You go searching through your movies before you find the usual Charlie Brown disk. You open it up and and take the disk out. You turn the DVD player on, place the disk in the tray. You close the player and return back to the couch with the remote. Steve picks Samantha and Sophia up, making his way to the couch. He sits down next to you. Sophia sits down in your lap and Samantha stays in Steve’s. Chris and Luci gather around on the floor between the couch and coffee table. You press play and settle into Steve’s side with Sophia settling into your lap.

It was about half through the disk and the children are all asleep. You and Steve sit silently, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. Your head lays against his chest, loving the feeling of it moving up and down. His scent of warm amber invaded your nostrils causing your senses to slowly fall asleep. Steve smiles as he lays his head on top of yours, sighing contently. This for sure was worth missing some Halloween parties.

Human: A Teen Wolf Fanfiction - Chapter 11

based on an original character, Sophia Tuteur.

Sophia Tuteur is Scott McCall’s cousin. They are both the same age, and she has been living with Scott and his mom since she was eight years old, since her parents are always on the road due to work.
This is Sophia’s point of view to everything going on.

(Story does take place in the same timeline as the show.)

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“Faster?” Scott asked in the driver seat of Derek’s Camaro.

“Much faster.” Stiles said in the passenger seat.

Scott pressed his foot down on the gas. We were currently being chased around town by the hunters, keeping them busy and away from Derek, who was also currently being chased.

“Scott you need to go faster!” I exclaimed from the backseat.

“If I go faster, I’ll kill us.” Scott stressed.

“Well if you don’t go faster, they’re gonna kill us!” Stiles yelled.

“Hold on. They’re gone.” I said my body turned towards the back window.

“We need to hurry and get to Derek before they do.” I tell them.

We arrive to the iron mill just in time.

“Get in!” Stiles yelled at Derek, quickly joining me in the backseat.

As soon as Derek gets in the car, Scott drives away.

“What part of laying low don’t you understand?” Scott yelled at him as we were in the clear.

“Damn it! I had him!” Derek proclaimed.

“Who, the Alpha?” Stiles asked, leaning forward.

“Yes! He was right in front of me, and the friggin’ police showed up.”

“Whoa, hey, they’re just doing their jobs -” Stiles defended.

“Yeah, thanks to someone who decided to make me the most wanted fugitive in the entire state.” Derek stated.

“Can we seriously get past that? I made a dumbass mistake. I get it.” Scott said, annoyed that it was brought up again.

“Anyways, how did you find him?” I asked, getting us back on subject.

Derek hesitated in answering the question.

“Can you try to trust us for at least half a second?” Scott asked.

“He trusts me.” I boosted, leaning forward also.

“Yeah well he needs to trust both of us.” Stiles stressed, Derek turned his head to glare at him.

“Or just him. I’ll just be back here.” Stiles timidly said, sitting back down in his seat.

“Look the last time I talked to my sister, she was close to figuring something out. She found two things. The first was a guy named Harris.” Derek revealed.

“Our chemistry teacher?” Stiles jumped up, interrupting him.

“Why him?” Scott asked, turning his head slightly before turning back to the road.

“I don’t know yet.” Derek said.

“What’s the second thing?” I asked.

“Some kind of symbol.” Derek explained, showing us a picture of the symbol, causing Scott to jump in his seat.

“What? You know what this is?” he asked Scott.

“I’ve seen it on a necklace before. Allison’s necklace.” He discloses.

“Well why am I not surprised.” I announced, sitting back down in my seat.

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FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO!!!  Four hundred and thirty two of you have decided to stick with me despite it all. I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all of you or why you’ve stuck with me, but I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful to be able to write one of my favorite characters with extraordinarily talented writers such as yourselves. It’s an honor, a blessing, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of followers. Some of you have now become close friends of mine who I don’t know what I would do without now. It’s crazy to think how lucky I am to have met you let alone write with you. Right now, things have been very tense within the fandom and we could all use a great bit of positivity–as a whole the human race needs some love. So with my bias list, I’m going to share some love because I feel that love from all of you and I want to share it. 

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Dad Duties

Hey guys. So this is something completely different to what I usually do. I’ve attempted a few fanfics in the past but never completed them so when I got the urge to write (and Beenzino feels) I thought I’d have a go at writing a scenario kind of thing. I’ve never done this before so it might be really bad. If it is, I apologise. It would be great to hear your feedback~ 

Word count: 2613
Note: So I named the baby Sophia but feel free to mentally change the name.

(This is not kinky in anyway like the name may suggest to some people, aha)


“Hey babe, thanks for looking after Sophia. All her things (nappies, wipes, spare clothes ect.) are in her bag which is in the hall. There’s food and stuff in the fridge for her but there’s nothing for us. I won’t be back until later so I won’t have time to go shopping so it would be a huge help if you could go and get a few things. I’ll text you a list later. Please don’t let her draw on things and don’t forget to put her down for a nap. I love you. Y/N xxxxx”

Sungbin read through the note you’d left for him on the work top. You’d been called into work at the last minute so you hadn’t had time to find a babysitter. Sungbin wasn’t due at the studio today so he said he’d look after Sophia. Last time he’d offered, your beautiful little girl turned into a little gremlin as she began teething. Sungbin panicked and ended up taking the teething monster to your parent’s house, where you mum explained to him that Sophia was simply teething and not staging a “protest of rebellion” against her dad like Sungbin had first thought.

Sungbin placed his coffee cup under his coffee machine as he went to Sophia’s room to see if she was still asleep. He silently tip toed over to her cot where she lay, eyes squeezed tight, her chest softly rising up and down. He still couldn’t believe that he’d made that. The gorgeous little girl asleep in front of him was his. He always thought that Sophia had her mum’s looks but there was no doubt that she had her dad’s ears.

He left Sophia to sleep so he could drink his morning coffee and shower before all hell broke loose. He checked his emails and sipped at his coffee, also checking if you’d sent him the list of shopping you needed. Still without the list of shopping, and with Sophia still asleep, Sungbin jumped into the shower. He made sure he was quick incase Sophia suddenly woke up.

Just as he left your bedroom after getting changed, Sungbin could hear Sophia stirring. He made his way to her room where she was placing her legs in the air and grabbing onto her feet. He let out a little giggle as he approached the cot.

“How’s my little monkey?” he asked, picking her up into his arms. He made sure to get her favourite blanket from her bed, then took her over to the changing table. He gently placed her on her back and got a fresh nappy from the draw underneath. Sophia continued to kick her legs up in the air, making it difficult for her dad to change her nappy. “You do make things awkward Sophia,” Sungbin chuckled.

After battling with Sophia for longer than expected, Sungbin finally managed to dress, change and feed her. He was now just waiting for the shopping list you said you’d text him.

He was sat on the sofa with Sophia on his lap, looking at the view from your apartment window. You were lucky enough to live in a spacious apartment on the outskirts of Seoul. It was only two bedrooms but it had plenty of space for the three of you. Although, Sungbin often said how he wanted to move to a proper house now you were a proper family.

Sophia sat facing her dad, her small hands gripping on to his nose. Sungbin loved spending time with his daughter, he felt like he didn’t get to do it often because he was always in the studio. He often got annoyed with himself when a friend or family member had to look after Sophia because he couldn’t. He felt like he was a failure of a dad, he couldn’t even spend time with the tiny human that was his world. You always reassured him that he was an amazing dad and although it felt like he was always away from his family, it subsequently benefited you all. Even though you had a job in the fashion industry, and were a model on the side, Sungbin was the main breadwinner. Without him, you wouldn’t be able to have half of the things you did.

It was around 10:30 when Sungbin finally received the shopping list you sent him.

“The Mrs 👌”

“I hope you two haven’t trashed the place. I’m super busy at work, so sorry I didn’t text sooner. Can you get something quick and easy for tea, I’ll cook it when I get home. We also need milk, someone of those healthy bar things and some orange juice. I don’t know what time I’ll be back but give Sophia a kiss from me. I love you both xxxxx”

Sungbin grinned at the phone as he read over your message. He started to type a reply just as a sticky hand reached out and grabbed the phone, causing the message to disappear from the screen and a “calling Steve” notification to appear. “Uncle Steve, ‘ay,” Sungbin chuckled. The phone let out a dialling noise and he let it continue, he knew Steve wouldn’t be bothered by him ringing him.

“Hello,” Steve answered. Sungbin put the phone on speaker so Sophia could hear his voice.

“Hey, Sophia decided that she wanted to speak to you,”

“Hey Sophia!” Steve shouted down the phone.

“Are you going to say hello to Uncle Steve?” Sungbin tried to encourage Sophia to say something, to which she replied with a mumble.

“How’s my favourite girl? Wait, how come you’re with her?”

“She’s good. Y/N had to go to work at short notice so I stepped up to dad duty,”

“Oh right. So you’re spending the day dressed as a princess and going to teddy tea parties,” Steve chuckled.

“Something like that,” Sungbin laughed. “I’ve actually got a shopping trip to do. I feel like it’s a full on military operation, I don’t know how Y/N does it,”

“She’s amazing that girl. You’ve found a keeper there,”

“I’m a lucky guy. I don’t deserve here. I definitely punched above my weight,” Sungbin looked to the side of him where Sophia was sat playing with the TV remote. He was such a lucky guy to have the most beautiful child with the most beautiful woman.

“So when are you going to make it official Mr Lim?” Steve asked, chuckling to himself.

“It’s always you that brings this up Steve. You know I’m thinking about it, I’m just waiting for the right time,” just as Sungbin finished his sentence, Sophia began to cry.

“Did you just get your daughter to cry on cue?” Steve laughed uncontrollably.

“Do you think I could train her to do that?” Sungbin laughed too. “I think she’s bored. I might go shopping now then put her down for her nap when I get back,”

“You sound like such a dad,”

“Funny that,” Sungbin replied sarcastically. “Right, we’re going to go now. Say bye to Uncle Steve Sophia,” he moved the phone in front of Sophia and she mumbled something enthusiastically.

“Bye Sophia!”

The phone call ended and Sungbin got Sophia ready to go to the supermarket. He grabbed her blanket from the sofa and put it with her bag out in the hallway. He filled up a sippy cup and grabbed some rice cakes from the cupboard. He wasn’t going unprepared. He didn’t want to go into battle without the necessary equipment.

20 minutes later and Sungbin and Sophia were on the way to the supermarket. Admittedly, Sungbin’s sports car wasn’t the most suitable transport for a young child but it would have to do. Most of the 20 minutes was spent trying to strap Sophia into her car seat, but he got there in the end.

They arrived at the supermarket with Sungbin receiving a few glares as he pulled up in the parent and child parking bay. His Porsche did look out of place with all the other ‘family’ cars but they both did the same job. Sungbin didn’t usually have Sophia in his car, you usually shared the white Mercedes that was known as the ‘family car’ but you’d taken it today so Sungbin had no choice but to use his car. There was always a carseat in there, just incase the Porsche had to be used.

Sungbin carried Sophia out of the car and grabbed the baby bag from the boot. He walked towards the entrance of the supermarket, Sophia resting on his left hip with her blanket hanging down, the baby bag on the opposite shoulder. He got to the trolleys and carefully placed Sophia in the seat, making sure she still had her blanket and he placed the bag next to her.

Resting his arms on the handle of the trolley, Sungbin made his way around the supermarket. He kept grabbing hold of Sophia’s feet and tickling her, causing her to let out constant giggles.

He added things to the trolley that he didn’t need but he knew he’d make use of them, so it didn’t bother him. He’d put in a large amount of unhealthy food that he knew you’d hate; you were usually in charge of the food shop. You’d frequently tell him off on your shopping trips when he tried adding chocolate and other unhealthy things to the trolley.

Nearing the end of the trip, Sungbin was starting to get bored. There was only so much food shopping a grown man could take. He kept pushing the trolley and letting it go, watching as Sophia travelled down the aisle in front of him. Then he had an idea as he reached the ready meal aisle. He wasn’t going to buy you some crappy meal for tea, he was going to make an effort and make a meal for you.

Since you’d had Sophia, you hadn’t been on many dates. Both of you had put all your time and effort into looking after Sophia so you never had the time or energy to go out.  So Sungbin was going to bring the date to you.

“We’re going to surprise Mummy,” Sungbin whispered to Sophia who was more interested in sucking on her fingers.

After almost searching the whole shop, Sungbin finally decided on pizza. He picked your favourite and also got a bottle of wine. He found your favourite cheesecake dessert and got some yoghurts for Sophia; he couldn’t leave her out.

Finally, the two shoppers made it to the checkout. The trolley was pretty full and Sungbin felt proud of himself. He’d bought food and he hadn’t lost the baby. This was an achievement. He paid for the food and made his way back to the car. He filled the boot with the shopping and pushed the trolley to the side of the car. He threw the baby bag on the passenger seat and his phone and car keys on the driver’s seat. He opened the car door behind the passenger just as his phone began to ring. He slammed the door shut and raced round to the other side of the car and quickly answered. Just as he answered, the line went dead.

Sungbin put the key in the ignition and started the car. A small roar came from the sports car as the engine warmed up. He put the car in reverse and turned behind him to check for oncoming traffic.

“Shit. Sophia!” Sungbin shouted as he looked at the empty car seat sat on the back seat. He’d left Sophia in the trolley.

Sungbin switched off the engine and ran around to the trolley that was exactly where he’d left it. Sophia was happily sat in the seat of the trolley, chewing on her shoe which she’d managed to pull off. Sungbin lifted his daughter from the trolley, taking the shoe from her mouth.

“Mummy is never to find out about this. If she asks, the trip to the supermarket went smoothly. I definitely didn’t leave you in the trolley,” Sungbin mumbled to Sophia as he strapped her in her car seat.

Once Sungbin was sure he hadn’t left anything behind, he drove back home. They arrived at the apartment block and were faced with their next challenge. How were they going to get all the shopping back to the apartment? It would take at least 2, maybe 3 trips to get all of the shopping back to your apartment. Sungbin couldn’t leave Sophia alone, he’d already done that once today and felt super guilty about it.

“I’ve got this,” he mumbled to himself as he stepped out of the lift on the floor of your apartment with Sophia in his arms. Sungbin unlocked the door and quickly searched for Sophia’s pram. Luckily, the pram wasn’t in the ‘family car’ as you’d been to the park the other day so the pram was brought back to the apartment. He placed Sophia in her pram, then pushed her back out of the apartment and back down in the lift.

Sungbin pushed the pram to the car, collected some shopping then took it back into the lift and up to your apartment; pushing Sophia everywhere he went. He was a genius. This was obviously why you only did the food shop on the days you were both in, to carry the food up to your apartment in one trip. Sungbin carried on his little idea until all the food was in your apartment.

After successfully putting Sophia down for her nap, Sungbin took a well earned rest. He messed around on his computer and text you to say the shopping was done. He continued to work on a few things on his computer as you replied to his message.

“The Mrs 👌”

“Thanks for doing the shopping. I hope you two didn’t get into too much trouble. Turns out I’m not going to be too late coming home so I should be back within an hour or two xxxxxx”

Sungbin took this as his chance to start his surprise meal. He wanted it to be ready as soon as you got home and he ideally wanted the now awake Sophia to be asleep. He put on the pizza and fed and bathed Sophia and got her ready for bed.

Just as he finished reading Sophia a bedtime story, Sungbin heard the apartment door open then close.

“I’m home!” He heard you shout.

He made sure Sophia was comfortable then made his way to the kitchen.

“You don’t need to worry about food, I’ve sorted it,” Sungbin said into your ear as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Takeaway?” You question him, knowing this was what he lived off when he was at the studio.

“No, I’ve cooked,” he replied proudly. “It’ll be about 2 minutes,”

“Aw great. I’ll just go and see Sophia, I’ve missed her,”

Whilst you went to check on your daughter, Sungbin set the breakfast bar up for you both to eat. He poured you a glass of wine each and placed them either side. He got the pizza from the oven and began dishing it up as you appeared from Sophia’s room.

“Oh pizza,” you said happily, noticing he’d got your favourite. “Oh, and wine,” you chuckled, “how posh of you Mr Lim,”

“I got cheesecake for dessert,” he grinned as he joined you at the breakfast bar. He sat on the barstool opposite you and picked up his wine glass. “Cheers,” he toasted, clinking his glass with yours.

“Cheers. So how was your shopping trip?”

Chapter 12

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! The storyline and characterizations are completely fictional. Any real life similarities are completely coincidental. Don’t be offended and don’t sue me.

Notes: Extreme Angst, homophobic slurs

Title: One More Chance

-            -            -

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Daddy 5SOS: Bully (Calum and Nebraska)

“maybe when you get the time you could do something about Nebraska being bullied and/or having no friends”

A/N: Enjoy this! As always, feel free to give me feedback, and/or a prompt. It doesn’t have to be Daddy 5SOS and it doesn’t have to be preferences. I also like writing these one shots! :)

Nebraska absolutely hated the seventh grade. Having no friends at school also sucked a lot, but the seventh grade was the worst. Because at least at home, she still had all her psudeo-cousins. Even if she was the youngest of them all, she still fit in because they had grown up together and loved each other. When Nebraska was in sixth grade, Kayla Hemmings had been in the eighth grade, and had looked out for Nebraska, since they were at the same school. But now that Kayla had gone on to high school, that left Nebraska here alone. And without the amazingly beautiful and popular Kayla Hemmings to talk Nebraska up and make her sound cool, it became blazingly clear how uncool she was.

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🐻 Winne the Pooh 🐻

Author’s Note: Thank you @theycallmebecca for being an awesome beta. I don’t know what I would do without you! And to @alievans007 for the prompt which I saw on my dash and when Becca sent it. I had to ask and she let me use it. I can’t forget @heather-lynn for making this banner! She’s seriously the best.

Warning: Fluff

“Daddy! C’mon!” Andrew tugged at Chris’s pants to get his attention.

“Hey there, Bud! What’s up?” Chris scooped up the three-year-old, tickling him.

“Daddy, stahp!” Andrew giggled. “You said I could show you what I learned.”

“What did you learn again?” Chris readjusted the toddler on his hip as they left Chris’s office.

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Is this Happening? Chapter 10

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


A/N: I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I try really hard to keep up with their actual timeline of events, where they go, awards, etc. Just to make it seem more realistic!

Chapter 10: Night Changes

Your POV

Even though I had the leaked FOUR album (whatever I’m human, don’t judge me), on the day of the album release, Madeline and I both got a copy of their CD and the vinyl record of the album.

  • I sent them a snapchat of us holding the CDs and vinyl record of the album saying: WE EXPECT AUTOGRAPHS NEXT TIME! 
  • They sent us a snap back almost immediately, making goofy faces or blushing faces: THANK YOU GUYS <3

In honor of their album being released, I decided to do a cover of Night Changes, but an acoustic version, and it was slower than their version, more of a ballad style. I uploaded in response to their video a week after the album was released.

“OH MY GOD Y/N! I LOVE YOUR COVER!!!” Madeline said quite excitedly as she bounced into my room.

“Oh gosh Maddy… You love all of my covers.” I hugged my pillow.

“NO! I mean YES! I do love all your covers, but this one is one of the BEST! It’s so good!!! You used a piano and a guitar, and it’s just… oh my gosh!” She squealed.

“Thanks Maddy, I just really love the song. Well… I love the entire album, can’t stop listening!”

“I’m going to tweet it to the boys!” Madeline said as she took out her champagne colored iPhone 6.

“NOOOOO! PLEASE DON’T!” I threw my pillow at her immediately.

“Well it looks like other people already have,” She said as she scrolled through twitter, “but since Niall, Liam and Harry are following me, my tweet will pop up on their feed!” She said as she stuck out her tongue.

I was completely embarrassed and hid my face in her back. “I hate you.” I mumbled.

Minutes later, Niall had retweeted Madeline’s tweet and texted her.

Niall: WHAT IN THE WORLD. THAT COVER IS AWESOME! The boys and I just all had a listen and we love it. DAMN IT MADELINE. WHO IS SHE?! I NEED TO KNOW.

“See! They loved it!” Madeline sang.

I turned completely red and covered my face.

“You should really consider telling them! Or Harry first!” She smiled at me. “If you want to keep your identity a secret from the world, I think that’s fine, but I definitely think you should tell Harry.” Madeline said as she walked out of my room. “Just think about it!”

Just as I was about to call Harry, he had sent out a tweet.

@Harry_Styles: Listen to this cover of Night Changes, it’s absolutely amazing. Very Classy. *link*

I was way too embarrassed but was really excited and happy that Harry loved the cover. I didn’t think I could contain myself if I called him, so I just went to sleep instead.

- - - - - 

It had been a little over a month since I met Harry Styles, and at times I still couldn’t believe he was slowly becoming a part of my life. Harry made it a habit to call me at least once a day, he tried to Skype me weekly as well, and every chance we both got, we texted each other. As each week passed, I became more and more comfortable with Harry, he made me laugh all the time, being corny and sweet. Overall he just made me really happy. Harry told me that he was going to prove to me that I’m not just another girl and that he would be willing to make it work and I didn’t fight him.

Harry: Hey, since I’m going to be in L.A. for the AMA’s, do you think I can stop by New York that weekend to see you? <3

When I read that text from Harry, my heart raced a little. Madeline and I already bought our plane tickets to L.A. for that weekend to surprise him and the other guys. I didn’t like lying, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Me: Awww Harry, I would love that but I’m swamped with tests that entire week! Thanksgiving break is coming up so we have our last rounds of tests before finals… I wouldn’t be able to see you at all, or spend time with you. I’m sorry :(

I felt so bad lying to him, but I knew that surprising him would make up for it. I texted Louis and showed him the conversation. Louis said he would ‘handle it’ and not to worry. 

Louis and I started becoming really good friends during the last few weeks. He and I got to know each other, and we were actually a lot a like. We were really goofy and we had the same silly habits and sense of humor. Our conversations consisted of gifs, gif sets, memes and just about their busy schedule and my boring life. It had first started as him needing help to pick a gift out for Eleanor, and since then our friendship just grew.

- - - - - 

The weekend of the AMA’s, the guys were flying into L.A. on the afternoon of the 22nd, so Madeline and I decided to fly in that morning before the guys so that we could spend time with Madeline’s parents who had just come back from Germany. 

After lunch with Madeline’s parents, we went back to their house and filled them in on what was happening with our lives.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic! There’s no harm in having fun and falling in love! Just as long as school comes first!” Madeline’s mom, Lisa, said as she winked at us. 

“Don’t worry about your father Y/N, if he gives you a tough time, I’ll handle him.” Madeline’s dad, Aaron, nodded at me as he held up his glass of scotch. 

Our parents became best friends with each other because of Madeline and I. Since both of our dad’s were businessmen, they found common ground immediately, also their mutual love for golf and football helped. As for our mom’s, like mother like daughter, we all had a passion for shopping, our moms shared a love for wine, pastries and interior design. Madeline’s parents and my mom were more free-spirited than my dad, so they always were talking him into cutting loose and letting things go.

Around 4pm, Louis texted me.

Louis: Hey our plane just touched down! So excited to see you guys! We are staying at the Four Seasons downtown btw. Top floor, Room 1004. 

Me: Same! Thanks for letting me know! What are your plans for the day?

Louis: We are heading to the Nokia Theatre for rehearsals and sound check, then just back to the hotel to rest, we are all pretty tired.

Me: Okay! Just let me know when you’re done and heading to the hotel, give me an hour heads up? Dinner is on us tonight! We’ll bring a plethora of food!

Louis: YES! I’m starving! I’ll keep you updated! 

After I read Louis’ text, Harry sent me a text.

Harry: Hey love, just got to L.A. How is studying going? Hope you’re not too stressed out!

Me: It’s okay! Been at the library all day, thank god for the 24 hour library on campus :) 

I tried not to text Harry much the rest of the evening because I knew he was busy and also I didn’t like lying to him.

Around 9pm Madeline and I picked up food and headed to their hotel. I was getting kind of nervous. I haven’t surprised someone like this before, so I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I was going to get.

“BLOODY HELL. I’M STARVING CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME FOOD GUYS?!” We heard Harry yell through the door as we approached their room. 

Trying not to burst out into laughter, we kicked the door a few times, we couldn’t knock since our hands were full with bags.

Of course Harry being the one who was about to leave, opened up.

“SURPRISE!!!!!” Madeline and I cheered as we both held our hands up with food and drinks.

Harry’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened, he was completely speechless.

“Miss me?” I smiled at Harry.

Harry threw his arms around me and crushed me against his chest, “I can’t believe you’re here…” He said as he rocked me side to side.

“Ha-Harry. Can’t. Breathe. Food.” But he didn’t care, he refused to let go. Luckily Louis took the food from my hands.

“HEY! What are you guys doing here?” Zayn and the other guys came out to see what was going on.

“Well we wanted to come and show our support, since we know you guys are going to win an award, plus Y/N wanted to surprise Harry.” Madeline explained as she hugged the guys.

“Oy mate. You’re not the only one that missed Y/N!” Louis tried to separate us. Harry finally loosened his grip on me and let me breathe. I hugged all the other guys.

As I hugged Louis, I smiled, “Thanks for helping me out! You’re the best!”

“No problem! You’re the one I should thank, Eleanor loved her gift!” He chuckled.

“GUYS CAN WE PLEASE EAT? I’M STARVING!” Liam whined as he started taking out the food. “I mean…thanks so much for the food! You guys are the best!”

After we all stuffed our faces, we all sprawled out on one of the king sized beds and couches.

“So I found out today that we are going to be in New York the whole week before Christmas.” Harry said as his head laid in my lap.

“Christmas in New York!” Niall tried to shout but was way too tired.

“You can still come with us after your break is over but you don’t have too now that I’ll be there for a week.” Harry said as he kissed my hand.

I nodded my head, signaling that we would talk about it later.

“Oh my god that food was amazing… I’m going to hit food coma…” Liam said as he texted Sophia.

- - - - -

Around midnight, Liam and Zayn passed out. Louis was in his room talking to Eleanor through Skype.

“Hey Maddy, it’s getting late, we should let the guys rest.” I was exhausted as well.

“Oh but wait Y/N, guess what?” Madeline said slyly as she looked at Niall who snickered.

I was way too exhausted to notice, “Hrmmmm?” I mumbled.

“I booked a room for you and Harry.” She said flat out.

“WHAT?!!?!?!?” Harry and I said at the same time. “NO YOU DIDN’T!” I looked at Madeline.

“Ssshh! Here are your room keys, it’s just down the hall.” Niall said trying not to laugh as he handed Harry the key cards.

Harry didn’t fight it, in fact he was all for it, “Thanks mate.” He grabbed his bags. 

I didn’t know what to do, if I said no, that would hurt Harry’s feelings. Harry took my hand and lead me down the hall way.

“Don’t be loud guys!” Niall said as he shut the door.

I turned bright red as we both walked.

After Harry opened the door and laid his bags on the table, he yawned, “I’m exhausted…”

“I’m so so sorry about this Harry.” I said as I shut the door and took off my shoes. 

“Don’t be, I’m not. I rather share a bed with you than Niall for a change. Don’t tell him I said that.” He chuckled.

“Oh okay…”

“Hey, don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen tonight.” Harry pulled me facing him, I smelled the cologne he was wearing as he wrapped his arms around me.

“I’ve missed you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me that you’re here Y/N.” Harry kissed my forehead.

“I miss you too Harry.”

Harry’s hand came up to the side of my face and slowly came forward to cup chin and lifted my face towards his. I looked into Harry’s intense green eyes, knowing he was asking for permission to kiss me. I closed my eyes and leaned forward.

As Harry’s lips touched mine, I felt shivers going down my spine. His lips were just as soft as I remembered and the kiss was slow and gentle. My hands came up to his chest and then up towards his shoulder as I took off his jacket and dropped it to the floor. 

I felt Harry’s tongue lick my lips, begging for mine and as I opened my kith and slid my tongue against his. I tasted the spearmint in his mouth, which weirdly turned me on even more. Harry’s hand came down to my waist as he slowly walked me backwards towards the bed. He took off my jacket and threw it to the floor. As I felt the side of the bed hit the back of my knees, Harry lowered me down as he laid on top of me, settling himself between my legs.

Harry’s lips left mine and made their way down towards my neck, kissing and licking it from one side to the other. I let out a soft moan, signaling that it was my weak spot. I ran my hands through Harry’s hair as he nibbled my ear and then back to my neck. 

He finally made his way back up towards my lips and kissed me again, this time more passionately. My fingers were in his hair but as the kiss became more intense, they traveled down his back and I knew that if we didn’t stop soon, something was going to happen.

I felt Harry’s lips curved upward and he pulled back and smiled at me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him as I reached up and tucked the loose curls that was in his face behind his ears.

“Thank you so much for coming here Y/N…” Harry mumbled as he kissed my cheek and laid down next to me, he pulled me into his arms and I laid my head against his chest.

“I missed you, I knew that I had to see you. I have to take every chance I get…” I sighed as I traced his sparrow tattoo that was showing because of the v-neck he was wearing. 

“Y/N… Can I take you on a date tomorrow morning?” He asked as he played with my hair.

I picked my head up off his chest, leaned over him and placed a kiss on his lips, “Yes” I replied. He put his hand on the side of my face keeping our lips together, wanting more than just a peck.

“We need to sleep if we are going to wake up early silly.” I said as I pulled away from him and laid my head back on his chest.

As I slowly drifted into sleep, I felt Harry tangle his legs into mine, “Good night Harry…” I whispered.

Harry was quiet for a moment then I heard his deep raspy voice reply, “Good night love…”

He hesitated, “Y/N… I think I’m falling for you…”

But I had already fell asleep, not hearing what he said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

WAHHHHHH FINALLY! I’m so sorry again everyone!!! I hope you guys liked it!

Let me know what you guys thought!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!

<3 M

P.S.: I really want to write a smut scene one of these chapters coming up! SOOOO I hope you guys are okay with that, I’ve just never written one so I’m super iffy about it, but I have to try right?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Warning: Angst

Summary: Chris and Sammie talk about the decision she has to make regarding her job. Chris pays a visit to her work.

Word Count:3503

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for being such a great beta and to @heather-lynn for her awesome suggestions!

After Chris had walked out from their dinner a month ago, Sammie had tried to go about her normal routine. She went to work with a smile on her face. She went to yoga three times a week now, and even started attending therapy on a regular basis. Going back to therapy was really not her choice. Kellie had threatened to call her parents and tell them if she didn’t start getting some help.

Keep reading

Love & Misadventures: Chapter 8

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


I was going to wait a few more days to post it but I just got to writing all day yesterday and I couldn’t stop! So here it is! Hope you enjoy! <3

Chapter 8: Steal My Girl

February 6th 2015

Harry’s birthday weekend blew by really fast and now he and the boys were in Australia, officially kicking off their fourth tour, On the Road Again.

Baby, please come to Australia…“ Harry begged as we skyped, his curly hair a complete mess since he had just woken up.

“Harry! I can’t! It’s too far for me to just go for a weekend! I have school… Which by the way, I aced all my tests this week, thanks for asking.” I brushed my hair, getting ready for a night out.

I know you’re a genius, I don’t ever worry about you and school. You have a perfect GPA.” He pouted. 

“I am not a genius. Hush.”

Okay fine, fine, but no matter how many times you say no, I’m going to keep asking you to come.“ He stuck his tongue out.

“No! Don’t do that because I feel bad every time! Please.”

Okay… Fine,” He sounded defeated.

“Excited about your first concert?” I smiled.

Yeah, I am!” He nodded excitedly.

“What songs from Four are you performing?”

“Clouds, Girl Almighty, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Ready to Run, Steal My Girl, Night Changes… And that’s it.

“Wait WHAT?! That’s it?” I was shocked.

I know, I know, it’s stupid, but it’s what the tour manager wants and Modest… Bullshit, if you ask me.

“Uhhhhh complete bullshit.” I sputtered, “Anyways, I need to finish getting ready for tonight, so I’ll talk to you more about the setlist later.”

Fine, just have fun without me at the club.“ He pouted again and I just rolled my eyes.

“I love you.” I said and blew a kiss in the camera.

I love you more.” He blew a kiss back.

I closed my MacBook and headed into my closet.

Derek had invited Madeline, Oliver and I out to a club that was hosting a new up and coming artist that Derek was going to produce.

Around 9pm a limo was waiting to pick us up in front of our building, Oliver was still trying to adjust to the crazy life style and I didn’t blame him, I still wasn’t use to it either.

When we entered the club, Derek lead us to his table where he introduced us to his beautiful girlfriend Elsa.

“Hi! You must be Y/N! Derek has told me so much about you!” Elsa quickly encircled me, there was an accent in her voice, so she definitely was not American.

“Hi! It’s nice to meet you, these are my friends, Madeline and Oliver.”

She hugged them as well. She seemed very friendly, which probably had to do with the vodka cranberry that was on the table.

“Do you work for Sony as well?” Madeline is always so curious.

Elsa let out a little laugh, “Oh no! I’m a-“

“Elsa there you are!” We heard a familiar voice call and all of us turned our heads.

“Nadine?!” I was shocked, “What are you doing here?!”

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened, “Y/N! Whoa! You’re here… and Madeline and Oliver! Hi! I actually live here in New York too!”

“That’s cool! Derek invited us!” Madeline explained.

“Elsa invited me, we work together, and well she’s my best friend.” She smiled as she took the seat next to Elsa.

Madeline, Oliver and I exchanged looks.

OH, that explains it then.

“Great everyone knows each other, now let’s check out my new artist.” Derek nodded towards the stage.

- - - - -


Does Harry Styles’ have competition?

Recently his new lady friend that we’ve been seeing him with, Y/F/N Y/L/N, has been spotted on numerous occasions with Sony producer Derek Lee, who has been rumored to have dated Victoria Secret Angel, Elsa Hosk.

Maybe she’s keeping her options open like he is?

On another note, she has also been seen all around campus with a fellow classmate, his identity has yet to be confirmed. People have reported that the two are always together around campus, at work, in the library or out and about at coffee shops.

Poor Harry Styles, why does everybody want to steal his girl?

Styles, who just celebrated his 21st birthday with Nadine at his side, just left to Australia for his 8 month tour! Wonder if we’ll spot Y/N or Nadine at any of the shows.

Does Y/N really belong to him?

We’ll keep you posted!

Published February 9th 2015

- - - - -

February 9th 2015

Harry’s POV

After two shows in a row in Sydney, we had a couple days off before we headed to Melbourne. 

It was Sophia’s birthday, so Liam flew her to Australia and rented a yacht to celebrate.

We all had to sneak out of our hotels and onto the yacht to avoid the fans who have taken it upon themselves to wait outside for our every move.

Zayn and I secretly boarded the yacht and stayed below deck while the rest of the guys, their girlfriends and some others were already drinking above us. We wanted to wait until we were a bit further from shore to emerge.

“Here Harry, you look a bit frustrated.” Zayn handed me a crown on the rocks and sat down across from me with his own drink in his hand.

Nadine had just sent me a link to a stupid article that just came out in the U.S. about Y/N.

“Can I ask you something Zayn?” I took a few sips.

“Yeah of course.” He nodded.

“How do you and Perrie do it? How do you guys make it work with the long distance? Because hell I never had a girlfriend during tour… Wow that sounds pretty bad now that I’ve said it out loud.”

Zayn let out a hearty laugh, “Well, trust is a big key. Also just always making time for each other and reminding each other that you guys are important to each other… that even without the fame and money, you guys would still love each other.”

“God I feel like I get jealous of every guy in her life, I don’t fucking know what’s wrong with me. I do trust her but I still just get angry.”

Zayn laughed again, “It’s okay mate, a little bit of jealousy is healthy. Perrie was like that with me too but then I assured her that she’s the one for me. I fucked up a few times but those mistakes lead me to know that Perrie was the only one for me. You know that Y/N loves you, right?”

I finished my drink, “Yeah, I know. It’s just that her dad doesn’t approve of me because of what I do, and he obviously wants her to be with Derek.”

“Hey, it’s going to be okay mate. It’s her life, and she wants to be with you, who gives a shit what he wants? Perrie went through it with my family, you know with her not being Pakistanian and all. My family gave us a hard time too but eventually they realized how happy she made me and now they absolutely love her. Just hang in there mate.”

“Thanks Zayn,” I stood up and refilled our glasses.

“Anytime, you can always talk to me.” Zayn and I clinked glasses and then continued talking about other things, tour related.

About half an hour later Niall came down to fetch us.

I finally felt the sun hit my face and I felt a bit better. Maybe it was the whiskey talking, but it felt amazing to be on a boat out at sea, in our own world.

Liam had food catered so we ate while we all drank and partied. It was really nice to be with all the guys again.

I was standing at the rail looking out at sea, when Niall came up to me.

“Harry! Mate! How are you doing?” He slurred.

“Good, you?”

“I miss Madeline but other than that I’m beating myself over the show last night, totally messed up.”

“Hey, why? The fans loved it, who cares when everyone’s obviously having a good time. You did your best! We aren’t perfect.” I put my hand on his shoulder.

“That’s true, you’re right. Harry you’re my best mate, you know that right?” Niall sheepishly grinned.

“Sssh! Don’t let the other guys hear that, they’ll get jealous.” I joked.

“What’s on your mind Harry? You looked bothered.” Niall’s face was red at this point, he had probably had well over ten beers.

“Ah just this thing I read that I read about Y/N and Derek and Y/N and Oliver.” I briefly explained.

“Oh yeah! That Oliver fellow! Madeline told me he likes Y/N or love…” He took a sip of his beer, “Or something…”

“WHAT?” I felt I just got slammed into a brick wall.

“Shit. I don’t think I was suppose to tell you, but you’re my best mate, I had too. Look it’s no big deal, Y/N loves you.” Niall tried to assure me but it was not going to work. I hit the rail and walked towards the bar.

“Come on Harry! Don’t get worked up!” Niall called after me.

Oliver is in love with her? Are you serious? I mean I’m not surprised because who the hell wouldn’t fall in love with her, she’s amazing. But did she know? Did she know and she was still hanging out with him every day?

I finished my fourth glass of whiskey and instead of pouring another one, I grabbed the bottle that was half full on the counter and took a swig.

“HE’S IN LOVE WITH HER?” I yelled out across the deck to Niall. I was pissed.

I promised her I wouldn’t go off on her about this anymore, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t go off.

“Oy! What’s Harry gone off about?” I heard Liam ask.

“I told him something that I am now regretting…” Niall shook his head.

“What is it?” I heard Zayn ask.

I made my way over to my friends. Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Sophia, Matt, Josh, Sandy, Jon and Dan were sitting in a circle, drinking at the nose of the boat.

“What’s wrong Harry?” Eleanor said as I sat down, my face gave away that I was angry. 

“Guys can you give us a minute?” Louis politely asked the others and they completely understood and made their way to the back of the boat.

Now there was just the guys and Sophia and Eleanor.

“Oliver’s in love with Y/N! Like what the hell.” I threw up my hands and took another swig.

“Come on man, who cares? She’s with you, mate.” Zayn calmly said.

“Harry, there’s no reason to get upset. She’s in love with you.” Sophia tried to comfort me.

“Fuck. Sophia, I’m sorry, this is your birthday. Forget it. Don’t worry about me. Happy Birthday.” I hugged her.

“Hey, we’re all family, of course we worry.” Louis said and patted my back.

“Forget it, let’s drink!” I held up my bottle and everyone joined to make me feel better.

Louis’ POV

About an hour passed and at this point we were all a bit drunk, Harry more than others. We had just sang Happy Birthday to Sophia and our friend Matt and had cake.

He was dancing and laughing for a bit at first but now the alcohol was just making him sad and angry.

“She’s- she’s” He hiccuped, “she’s the best and of course guys would be in love with her, she’s fuckin-,” He hiccuped again, “amazing.” 

I just shook my head. I have never seen Harry so worked up over a girl, EVER.

“RIGHT NIALL?” He threw his arm around Niall’s shoulder.

“Sorry mate, I have to disagree, Madeline’s the best in my eyes.” Niall was actually probably just as drunk as Harry. He had his phone in his hand and I swear if he dropped it in the water, I would never let him forget.

“Oliver’s got nothing on me! I’m THE Harry Styles!” Harry shouted, as Niall attempted to record it on his phone.

Zayn started laughing, “THE Harry Styles? What’s so special about him?”

“Oy! Harry! Shut up mate!” I handed him a glass of water.

Niall busted out into laughter, and kept recording Harry’s tangent until he dropped his phone on the floor.

Liam picked it up, “I’m going to hold onto this until you sober up!” He shook the phone at Niall.

“Oy! Give me back my phone!” Niall tried to chase after Liam but was too drunk so he just gave up.

“She belongs to me! Na~na~na~na~” Harry put his arm around Niall’s shoulder and sang. 

Oh my god he is a fucking drunk mess. I sat down next to Eleanor who was laughing her ass off watching Harry and Niall.

“I love you,” I kissed her cheek.

“I love you too Louis.” She laced her hands in mine.

Eleanor and I sat and talked for a bit until Niall started shouting loudly, which caught our attention.

Niall’s back was turned to me but he was holding what I thought was a phone up to his ear and shouted, “Madeline! Madeline answer me! Hello? I miss you baby! Why aren’t you here?”

I thought Liam had taken his phone so I shot Liam a confused look and he shrugged. 

It wasn’t until Zayn threw his arm around Niall’s shoulder and turned him towards us that I realized that idiot was talking to his shoe!

We all bursted out into uncontrollable laughter watching Niall ‘talk to his girlfriend.’

“Let me- let me- call Y/N.” Harry fell on a chair as he yanked out his phone.

“Nope!” Sophia snatched it out of his hands before he could even unlock it.

“You promised her you wouldn’t blow up at her anymore. She told me the other day, so don’t you dare Harry.” Sophia scolded him.

“Fine!!!” He threw his hands up and laid down.

“Why isn’t Madeline responding to me?” Niall let out a fake sob.

“You idiot! That’s your bloody shoe you little leprechaun!” Josh laughed as he took the shoe out of Niall’s hand and helped him put it back on his foot.

“I wanna talk to my girlfriend!” He whined.

- - - - - -

Your POV

“Oh my god Y/N!” Madeline rushed into my closet as I was undressing, it was 3 in the morning and we had just got back from the club.

“What?” I pulled a tank top over my head. I was still slightly buzzed.

“I told Niall something I shouldn’t have… And he told Harry and…” She trailed off looking guilty.

“What? What did you tell Niall?” I shot her a confused look.

“Uhhhh Oliver… Oliver… He… told me he had feelings for you.”

“When did he tell you?”

“Harry’s birthday party, wait… you knew? You knew and you didn’t tell me?!” She hit me in the arm.

“Ouch! I didn’t tell you because he asked me to pretend like I didn’t know!”

“Bitch! Okay anyway, so yes I might’ve drunkenly told Niall that same night and I think- I’m pretty sure Harry knows.”

“Oh god, show me.”

Madeline pressed on Niall’s snapchat name and a video started with Harry dancing on the yacht and looking directly at Niall’s camera.

“Oliver’s in love with Y/N? Pfft! Everybody wanna steal my girl~ But he can’t have her because she belongs to me~” He sang and danced and pointed his thumbs at his chest. We heard Niall cracking up in the background and then we saw the phone fall.

I stared down at the screen for a second, registering what I just saw as my jaw dropped and then I looked up at Madeline.

“Oh my god, what did I just watch?” I covered my face with my hands.

“I can’t believe his stupid ass just sang that!” Madeline cracked up which made me laugh.

“Oh Harry Styles, what am I going to do with you?” I shook my head as I headed to bed.

- - - - -

February 10th 2015

The next morning I woke up and decided to skype Harry on my phone.

When he finally answered he sounded like hell.

Babe…“ His voice was hoarse.

“Well hello mister.” I hummed.

My head is fucking killing me.” He groaned.

“I bet.”

How was last night?“ He asked.

“I think I should be asking YOU that Harry.” I shook my head.

What…?” He was confused.

“I saw a very interesting snap of your drunk self singing.”

No. No you didn’t.“ 

“You’re right, Madeline did and then she showed me. Apparently I belong to you? Why did you get so damn drunk?”

Oh god. I thought I dreamt that I did that… And Niall told me Oliver likes you and I got pissed.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know how to respond.

Did you know that he likes you?“ Harry broke the silence.

I bit my lip, “Yes.” I gripped my phone knowing that he was about to blow up.

YES? You know how he feels about you yet you still hang out with him every single day?” I heard Harry rustle around his bed.

“Harry, Oliver and I talked about it, and he told me that our friendship means a lot to him and he wanted me to pretend like I don’t know, which is what I do. I don’t see him as the guy who has feelings for me, I see him as my best friend.” I tried to explain.

What the fuck Y/N. You- you basically are feeding his emotions by being around him all the time!“ 

Harry’s voice rose, he was definitely angry. The alcohol was obviously still affecting him. 

“No I’m not! I talk about you with him all the time! He knows I’m in love with you and he knows you’re in love with me! So what the hell do you mean I feed his emotions? He KNOWS I don’t see him as anything more than just a friend.” Now my voice was rising, are we seriously arguing? 

Being around the person you like, makes you like them more! Are you daft?“ He spat with an attitude.

"Excuse me? Did you just call me stupid?”

You obviously are disregarding my feelings about this!“ He brushed off my question.

"Okay Harry, how do you feel? What do you want me to do?”

I’m pissed that you didn’t tell me about how Oliver felt about you! I’m pissed that you constantly hang out with him now that I know he’s in love with you, I see him differently,” Harry growled.

“He isn’t in lo-” I started but was cut off.

What I WANT is for you to STOP hanging out with him!“ Harry yelled into the phone.

"I am not going to stop hanging out with one of my best friends! You told me you trust me!”

I don’t trust him! Okay first the Derek thing and now this Oliver shit. Seriously Y/N how many guys in your life is going to piss me off?

“Are you serious!” I threw my hands up in the air, “how about you just not get pissed off and control your emotions?” I huffed.

“You’re constantly around crazy fans and beautiful models, VICTORIA SECRET MODELS FOR FUCK’S SAKE and I gave you shit ONCE, when she spent the night at your place! So I had a good reason!” I felt my face turn red as tears started forming in my eyes.

God damn it, why are we fighting again?

Oliver spends the night at your fucking place all the time!

“With MADELINE there! It’s different! You and Nadeine are ALONE at YOUR HOUSE!” Now I was yelling and tears were streaming down my face.

Harry was raging at this point, “You know what? How about we don’t do this anymore?“ 

And with that I heard the call end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Preference #6: Divorced (because of another girl) w/ a Kid

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy. Also no hate to the anyone in this preference I just used whoever I though best would fit. This is basically you and him having a kid and after the divorce you kind of hate him.

Harry: You got out of your car holding your daughter, Darcy’s, gift. It was her birthday today and your ex-husband Harry was throwing her a celebration at his place. Since it was Darcy’s 2nd birthday and Harry just got off another tour, she got to spend her birthday at her fathers. You opened the back door and made your way to the backyard where the party was. When your daughter spotted you, she ran to you and gave you a hug. 

“Where’s daddy?” you asked kneeling down to your small little girl. She smiled and pointed over at Harry with his young girlfriend. You grabbed your daughters hand and placed the gift on the gift table then made your way over to where Harry was. 

“Well, this is nice.” You say approaching him and his girlfriend Kendall. You and Harry just recently finalized your divorce, it wasn’t a mutual thing mostly because he cheated on you but at least you had Darcy. This has been the first time in months, that you’ve seen Harry. You picked Darcy up since she was starting to fuss. “How was she last night?…and I don’t mean Kendall.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Darcy was very good like usual. How have you been (Y/N)?” he asked wrapping his arm around Kendall. 

“I mean after finding out you cheated on me it’s pretty crappy but thanks for throwing Darcy this birthday party.” You fake smile before turning around and walking away leaving the both of them shocked.

Zayn: You sat at the table beside Eleanor and Danielle watching Liam and Sophia have their first dance. It wasn’t as awkward as it would seem with Danielle since she was happy and supportive of them but it was awkward that your ex-husband Zayn was sitting across from you with his once again fiance Perrie. Perrie and Zayn broke it off before they got married and then after a while he started dating you then eventually got married. The marriage was fine until Perrie came back begging for him and Zayn being the dick he was chose Perrie even though we had a son who is a teenager now.

“Mum, you look beautiful.” your son, who was sitting beside you, whispered. You smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek which he groaned and wiped away. The song ended and you clapped and cheered for the happy couple. The next song started making your heart drop. It was yours and Zayn’s wedding song. “Isn’t this your wedding song?” he asked forwning.

You looked up at Zayn who was looking straight up at you. He smiled at you but you rolled your eyes. Unlike Danielle, you were not happy and supportive of Zayn and Perrie. She literally came out of nowhere and took your husband away from you and your son, Michael.

Zayn and Perrie walked over to you and your son. “You guys can dance together since this song means a lot to the both of you.”

You rolled your eyes, “No, this song might of been our wedding song but that doesn’t mean anything since Zayn literally left his family after you came.” 

“(Y/N) can we not do this here. It’s just a dance.” Zayn groaned pulling a very angry Perrie closer to him. 

Michael scoffed, “Dad, I love you but she deserves to dance with real man.” And at that moment you have never been more proud of your son.

Louis: You stood outside the principles office at your son, Luke’s, school. You saw your ex-husband Louis come in with his girlfriend Eleanor. 

“(Y/N)…” Louis said as we both stood awkwardly across from each other. 

You sighed, “Louis.” You say with a bit of an annoyed tone. “And you brought Eleawhore.” you mumbled under your breath. “And why are you here?” 

“The school called us since you didn’t answer your phone.” he answered stuffing his hands in his pockets. 

“I’m here now, so you both can leave.” You said pointing to the door. 

The door swung open and Luke walked out looking surprised his father was here. I gave him a hug and asked him how his day was and Louis just glared at me. 

Louis scoffed, “He got in trouble and you’re not even going to yell at him? Some parenting.” 

“Well, Louis if you weren’t busy screwing around with Eleanor you would know that your son just got an award for playing the lead in a play.” You snapped patting your confused son on the back. “C’mon Luke let’s get some ice cream, you can see your father next month that’s only if he remembers..”

Liam: You were sitting on the ground playing with your daughter Lea who was almost 3. You heard a knock on the door and groaned, your ex-husband Liam and his girlfriend were here to pick up Lea. You and Liam got a divorce before you found out you were pregnant but that didn’t change a thing he made up his mind and wanted to be with Sophia. 

“I packed up her bag with everything she needs.” You say handing Sophia, Lea’s baby bag. “I love you Lea.” You say kissing her cheek. 

“You get to stay with daddy and Sophia today.” Liam cooed putting his hands out to carry Lea but Lea shook her head and stuffed her tiny head into your neck. “You get to see mummy tomorrow.“ 

You smiled to yourself and kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry Lea, daddy’s just going to take you for a while. I’m not going to let you stay with the monster forever.” you say making Lea giggle and point at Sophia. “Yeah, I’ll make sure nothing happens.”

Lea nodded her head then reached out for Liam, who looked angry. “You can’t tell her to call Sophia a monster.”

“I never said she was the monster. You said it I didn’t.” You rolled your eyes causing Liam to scoff. “Lea’s afraid of your radiator in your apartment. She thinks it’s a monster.” 

"Oh.” they both said before walking away and into their car. Once they drove away you laughed. That was a total lie, Lea definitely calls Sophia the monster.

Niall: Today would of been yours and Niall’s 3rd wedding anniversary but instead you were divorced and he was probably spending his time with his girlfriend Barbara, who he left you for. Your son Sam looked up at you with a smile, he just turned 2 and he was the love of your life. You were at the cafe you and Niall would always use to go. 

“Dada?” he asked making you frown. 

You shook your head, “Dada’s not here anymore.” Niall left 7 months ago out of nowhere. You were hurt but you needed to focus on Sam. “He left us for that model.” 

“Dada!” Sam shouted pointing behind you. You turned around to see Niall and Barbara walk up to you and Sam.

“Shit.” you muttered under your breath rolling your eyes. He would decide to show up on this day. 

Niall picked up your son and kissed him on the cheek. “I missed ya buddy!” Niall said. 

“Why don’t you ever try to see him then?” You asked quietly to yourself but Niall and Barbara both heard you. Barbara has never liked you ever since you and Niall got married. 

Barbara sighed, “Sam needs to come over more often.”

“So you can take him away too?” You asked glaring at her. “It’s time for me and Sam to go.”

Niall shook his head. “No I barely get to see him.”

“And whose fault is that?” You nearly screamed. “Give me, my son.” You said making Niall frown and hand him over. “And by the way Happy 3 years Niall.”

He looked at you confused, “3 years of what?”

“3 years of me wasting my time being married to you.” you said before walking away with Sam in your arms. 

A/N: Well this was shit but hope you liked it.